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The First Ray

       The first ray or the 1st ray is also known as the blue ray, the blue flame or the blue light. It is one of the higher or spiritual rainbow rays.  

Qualities of the First Ray

Some of the qualities of the first ray or blue ray are:

divine power or the power of God, will, desire to do the will of God through the power of the Father, goodwill, faith, constancy, determination, protection, strength, courage, initiative and omnipotence. 

Some of the subjects associated with the ray are:
government, law, business or commerce, communications media, etc. 

Some of the main crystals that are associated with the first ray or blue ray are:
diamond, lapis lazuli, sapphire, and star sapphire.

Tuesday is the day of the week it is magnified, or the main day of the first ray, or blue ray.

Note: All the rays come to the earth each day; however, on one day of the week, one of them is magnified. The ideal is to wear something that is the "color or ray of the day", and to try to magnify the qualities of that ray in our consciousness. One way to magnify the blue ray and its qualities is to do the affirmations below. 

Affirmations of the First ray or Blue ray:

I am the blue ray, 

Burning bright, night and day.

I am the blue flame light,

Burning bright, day and night.

I am the pure blue light, 

Burning bright, day and night. 

I am the pure blue flame, 

Burning bright in God's name. 

I am a blue flame fire,

Blazing higher, blazing higher, blazing higher.

I am a bonfire of blue flame fire, 

Blazing higher, blazing higher, blazing higher.

Blue flame fire,

Take me higher, take me higher, take me higher.

I am a being of blue flame light, 

Burning bright, day and night. 

I am a being of blue flame fire, 

I am the power God desires.

Note: The words "burning" and "blazing" may  be   interchanged, or we may use the word "shining". 


El Morya is the lord or chohan of the first ray or blue ray. He is also known as the Master M.

El Morya is also chief of the Darjeeling Council, a council of 144 masters and more who help govern this planet and help work with the governments of the nations. 

El Morya is head of the Good Samaritan Order. To be a member of this order it is good to learn and practice first aid, CPR (cardio-pulminary resuscitation), and foot reflexology or foot-zone therapy.

"El Morya is well known as the Master M who worked with the Master Koot Hoomi in the late nineteenth century to establish the Theosophical Society and to spread the knowledge of higher truths to a wider circle among mankind. After his ascension in the late 1800s, he continued working for this same purpose, most notably through Nicholas and Helena Roerich in the early 1900s and recently through The Summit Lighthouse and Mark and Elizabeth Prophet beginning in the late 1950s."

"He also exemplifies the blue-ray qualities of leadership, proper use of power and speech, and ultimate surrender to the divine will. He can assist all students who desire to embody these virtues, master the throat chakra and receive the Holy Spirit’s gifts of the word of wisdom and faith in the divine will."

The Summit Lighthouse Minneapolis Teaching Center

The location of his main retreat is at Darjeeling India. The retreat is called The Temple of God's Will.

El Morya has another retreat in America at El Capitan (mountain) in Yosemite Park, Sierra Nevada, California, USA

El Morya's musical keynote is Pomp and Circumstance/Land of Hope and Glory

For a magnificent performance of Pomp and Circumstance / Land of Hope and Glory on YouTube, we may click here .

El Morya's retreat is The Temple of Good Will at Darjeeling India and the keynote for his retreat is: 
"Song of India" by Rimsky Korsakov (sung by Mario Lanza) 

Important Note: You may click on the following link to learn how to get a better video flow, and prevent YouTube videos from stopping and starting. You may click here.

El Morya's flower is the "forget-me-not". 

El Morya's main fragrance is the frankincense. 

The corresponding chakra of the first ray or 1st ray or blue ray is the throat chakra.

Books by or about El Morya: (to be given as time permits)


Music of the First Ray, the 1st Ray or Blue Ray:

Note: To listen to most of the music below, we can do a search on YouTube, and we will most probably find a performance of the music. 

The YouTube website is www.youtube.com.


Blue Ray Music:

Beethoven: The Heaven's are Sounding

Bruckner: Symphony #9

Respighi: Saint Michael, Archangel

Sibelius: Karelia Suite (Intermezzo)

Smetana: Die Moldau

Wagner: Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla

Wagner: Lohengrin Prelude Act 3

The following music are keynotes for:

El Morya -- Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance March #1

Temple of God’s Will -- Franck: Panis Angelicus

Darjeeling Retreat -- Rimsky Korsakoff: Song of India

Archangel Michael -- Dykes: Eternal Father

Banff -- Gounod: Soldier’s Chorus

Archangels Retreats -- Wagner: Bridal Chorus

Hercules -- Beethoven: Symphony No. 5

God of Divine Order -- Albinoni: Adagio

Surya -- Aloha Oe 

Himalaya -- Bizet: Intermezzo from Carmen

Godfre -- Elgar: Nimrod Variation


Salamanders & Sylphs -- Grieg: Anitra’s Dance

Gnomes -- Grieg: In the Hall of the Mountain King

Creation of the Universe -- Khachaturian: Adagio from Spartacus


Divine Direction -- Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #15

Throat Chakra -- Sousa: Semper Fidelis

Note: This list of the music of the blue ray was copied from the Summit Lighthouse website in Minneapolis. It was arranged in a better order for this website.

For additional musical keynotes and complimentary music of the masters


Some of El Morya's words are: 

"The trek upwards is worth the effort. The trek inwards is worth the effort."

"Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will realize that from the beginning we were winning, as I told you long ago." (And we will win again in the end.) 
Pearls of Wisdom
 Vol. 12, No. 23, June 8, 1969


"Faith" without works will doom people to a colorless heaven for the spiritual rainbow only shines for those who have helped others survive the storms of Life.

The common thread which runs through every sainted soul is personal sacrifice, an unreserved devotion to Divine cause, an unconditional surrender to the will of God, and the willingness to toil in God's garden that others may live. 

The head is the chalice of Divine Inspiration. The hands sealed to carry out Divine Instruction. The feet beautified to hasten the soul toward her Divine Destination. Become purity in motion through righteousness. Accept the challenge and learn to love!" El Morya

If we would like to see a picture of El Morya and learn more about him on the Summit Lighthouse website, we may click here. 

If we would like to see a "New Blue" picture of El Morya on The Hearts Center website, we may click here. 


Archangels Michael and Faith are the archangels of the 1st Ray. 
Their retreat is The Temple of Faith, Banff and Lake Louise, Canada.

Archangel Michael's keynote, Eternal Father, Strong to Save -- The Navy Hymn

To listen to the musical keynote of their retreat, The Soldier's Chorus from the Opera Faust, we may click here. 

If we would like to see pictures of El Morya, and the Archangels Michael and Faith, on the website, Marius Fine Art, we may click here.


The Elohim Hercules and Amazonia are the Elohim of the first ray or the blue ray. The Elohim are cosmic beings who are the creators of worlds.

Their retreat is located at Half Dome, Yosemite Park, Sierra Nevada, California, USA


The Rainbow Rays

The spiritual rainbow rays are the rays or lights that come from God. 

The rainbow rays have certain qualities, which are given below:

1. The 1st Ray -- the blue ray

power, will, faith, and determination of God, 

2. The 2nd Ray -- the Yellow or Gold Ray
wisdom, understanding, and illumination of God

3. The 3rd Ray -- the Pink Ray
love, compassion, charity, and adoration of God,

4. The 4th Ray -- the White Ray 
purity, wholeness, and integration of God,

5. The 5th Ray -- the Green Ray
truth, healing, and precipitation of God,

6. The 6th Ray -- the Purple Ray 
peace, service, and ministration of God, 

7. The 7th Ray -- the Violet Ray
mercy, forgiveness, and transmutation of God,

8. The 8th Ray -- The Ruby Ray 
integration or the great synthesis of the rays.

Each of us has a major ray and a minor ray.


The rays may also be divided or organized into subject areas or departments. This organization system is called The Rainbow Rays Organization System.

A very basic understanding of The Rainbow Rays Organization System is given below:

1. The 1st Ray (Department)
The Blue Ray

Government, Law, Business or Commerce, etc.,

2. The 2nd Ray (Department)
The Yellow or Gold Ray

Learning, Education, Education Methods, Study Methods, Research, etc., 

3. The 3rd Ray (Department)
The Pink Ray

Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, etc. 

4. The 4th Ray (Department)
The White Ray

Architecture, Building or Construction, Technology, The Internet, Manufacturing, etc. 

5. The 5th Ray (Department) 
The Green Ray

Abundance and Prosperity; Gardening, Farming and Agriculture; Health and HealingMusic Dance, etc.

6. The 6th Ray (Department) 
The Purple Ray

The Family, Marriage, Childbirth, Rearing Children, Sociology, Anthropology, Community Living, Etiquette, etc. 

7. The 7th Ray (Department)
The Violet Ray

Psychology,  Alchemy, etc. 

8. The 8th Ray (Department)
The Ruby Ray

The World's Religions,

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters,

Yoga, Tai Chi / Chi Kung (Qi gong),

Spiritual Practices,

Encyclopedias (of all subjects),

Library Science, etc.

Each of us has a major ray and a minor ray. To discern what is our major and minor rays, we can study the rays and then discern what we believe is our major and minor rays. We can also ask our Higher Self.

You may organize your personal libraries using this system, as I, William Star, have done. I believe that this system will be gradually developed into the main organization system used to organize public libraries, and will gradually replace the Dewey Decimal System and other systems. If you would like to talk about this system, or help me, William Star, develop this system, you may "Contact Us" by clicking here for my email address, post office address, phone number, and more.

One day there will hopefully be Rainbow Rays Libraries or Great Synthesis Libraries using The Rainbow Rays Organization System. These libraries will have a greater divine order, and help us to realize better what is our major and minor rays, and help us to fulfill better our divine plans or master plans. Also, bookstores can be organized using this system, which I have done in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, near the Tetons, that is, the Teton Mountains. Also, businesses, schools, universities, organizations, and governments may be organized using this system. Hopefully, this will gradually happen as we go into the Golden Age of Rainbow Light.

This system is correlated with, and complemented with, the teaching of Saint Germain from the Book Unveiled Mysteries. The teaching is about the Golden Age Civilization in the Sahara. The teaching is given below:

"At the time of this former civilization, the whole empire was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity. The King-emperor was a "Master of the Ancient Wisdom", and a "Real Cupbearer of the Light." He ruled by that "Light" -- and his empire was the living example of Perfection.

"For hundreds of years," Saint Germain continued, "this Perfection was maintained without army or navy of any kind. The control of the people was vested in the care of fourteen Ascended Masters of Light, two working on each of the Seven Rays. They thus formed points of focus for the Mighty God Activity to be made visible. Under these fourteen Luminous Beings were fourteen lesser Masters, who formed the heads of seven departments, controlling the activities of science, industry and art. Each of the department heads guided the work under his care by conscious and direct contact with the God in himself. Hence, direct from their Source did all direction and instruction come for those under them. Thus, Divine Perfection was constantly flowing through without any interference from the human.

"This form of government was most remarkable, successful, and satisfactory in every way. There has never been anything on earth since that time which has even approached such heights. In the ancient records, that have come down to the present day, this former civilization is always referred to as the Golden Age, and so it was in every activity of Life.

"In your beloved America in the not so far distant future will come forth a similar recognition of the Real Inner Self, and this her people will express in high attainment. She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth brilliant as the sun at noonday among the nations of the earth. She was a Land of Great Light ages ago and will again come into her spiritual heritage for nothing can prevent it. She is strong within her own mind and body, stronger than you think, and that strength she will exert to rise out of and throw off from border to border all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time.

"America has a destiny of great import to the other nations of the earth and Those who have watched over her for centuries, still watch. Through Their protection and love, she shall fulfill that destiny. America! We, the Ascended Host of Light -- love and guard you. America! We love you.

"A similar form of perfect government will come at a later period, when you have cast off certain activities... Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low. Everyone of them shall show you its golden lining. Back of the cloud that seems to threaten, is the 'Crystal Pure Light of God and His Messengers, the Ascended Masters of Love and Perfection' watching over America, the government, and her people. Again I say, 'America, we love you.'"

Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King


Two organizations that give accurate teachings on the rays are below:

1. The Summit Lighthouse

       Started by Mark Prophet in 1958 and joined by Elizabeth around 1960. They married and became Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
The Summit Lighthouse, The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, Summit University, and Church Universal and Triumphant are a four-fold organization. This organization has teaching centers and study groups all over the world. 


The Summit Lighthouse
63 Summit Way 
Gardiner, MT 59030 United States

       Their main center or Royal Teton Ranch is seven miles north of Yellowstone Park or Gardiner, Montana; and 45 miles south of Livingston, Montana

Telephone from within the USA:


Telephone from outside the USA:


Fax in the USA: 1-800-221-8307
Fax outside the USA: 1-406-848-9555 


Main Websites and Complimentary Websites:

A Beginning or Somewhat Introductory Website for the Summit Lighthouse 
Note: Please click on the pictures to the left and the four categories of:
"Site Contents", "Spiritual Tools for Families", "About Us", and "More" to see the full contents of this website. 

The Summit Lighthouse YouTube Channel 

A More Advanced Summit Lighthouse Website
In Español | Français | Português 

The Messengers of the Summit Lighthouse -- Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Another Website Dedicated to Our Beloved Messengers, 
Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and for the Victory of Our Planet

       Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a mystic, prophet, teacher, author, lecturer and world-renown spiritual leader. She has brought to humanity a great and living lesson in joyful and selfless dedication. 

Mother's Birthday Message (Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

An Understanding of Progressive Revelation, Progressive Inspiration, or Progressive Understanding

Rose of Light Speaks on The Call to the Practice of Love

The Summit Lighthouse Books

We may translate the Summit Lighthouse website into more than 50 other languages.
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Ascended Master Glossary of Terms 

A Beautiful Website on Sanat Kumara -- sanatkumara.info

Return to God through the Flame of the Mother
A wonderful website on various manifestations of the Divine Mother.

The Spiritual Transformation Network! 
For practical exercises of the light and the violet flame. 


Four wonderful books:

Recommended books about the messengers that may be purchased from Amazon.com:

In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic On Fire for God - Adventures on the Mystical Path with Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Wind of the Spirit by E. Gene Vosseler. From modest beginnings, Elizabeth Clare Prophet rose to become one of the world's most compelling, charismatic and controversial spiritual leaders. Her life and accomplishments have been chronicled by others. But never,... Read more 

On Fire for God - Adventures on the Mystical Path with Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Alex M Reichardt 

All for the Love of God (Life with Mark Prophet, a Modern Day Mystic) by Alex Reichardt with Margaret Reichardt

The Mystical Path of the World Religions as taught by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Secrets of Prosperity -- The Laws of Abundance

The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity is a non-denominational spiritual fraternity for men and women in the tradition of ancient spiritual orders.
For more understanding.

Understanding Your Cosmic Clock

We may translate the Summit Lighthouse website into more than 50 other languages, with about a 85% to 99% accuracy. 
Just scroll down to the Google Translator or other translators, click on the translator link, and type in the appropriate information in the boxes. Use "http://www.tsl.org" for the URL or website address. 

Teachings from the Summit Lighthouse:

I AM come this day to set you free! to set you free! and to bring forth the activity of the Diamond Shining Mind of God within this Heart Center and within your heart center! And where you stand for the light of God, there I stand with you. And the center of the cosmic cross is at the spiritual heart center of your temple where your heart is a flaming sun center of devotion unto God. In the fiery vortex of the cosmic cross, there do I place my heart center that we may be one for the elevation of worlds. (Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 16 No. 37 - Beloved Archangel Michael - September 16, 1973)

Lightbearers of the World Unite! 
May you pass every test!
Always Victory! 
Love is the Key! 

Learn to love to do well, and you shall.


2. The Hearts Center Community

Experience the Masters Daily

What Is The Hearts Center?

       The Hearts Center movement is composed of many heartfriends whose mission is to sustain the balance of light upon the earth by first realizing personal enlightenment through one’s own God-source or Presence. With the ascended masters as our elder brothers and sisters on the path and as godly examples of selfless living, each of us has an opportunity to advance in personal discipleship toward the goal of the ascension through advanced studies of the wisdom teachings and in service to life through loving acts of mercy and compassion. We are a dynamic movement. We meditate and pray. We breathe spiritual fire. We dance and sing. We gaze at the morning sun and feel its radiance. We live for the light. Our services, prayer sessions and Meru University classes are never staid or wanting of inspiration. Everyone contributes in some way. We are a worldwide community of heartfriends, tied together by our love for God and the God-flame within each one. As a messenger, I, David Lewis, have a job to do, and that is to bring up-to-the-minute teaching, directives and inspiration from the masters to their students—supercharged with their cosmic energy which is always impelling us higher. Although the masters have a plan, they never seem to reveal too much in advance. This is to keep us on our toes but also because, by free will, we may choose to fulfill their assignments and projects or we may not, based on our availability, resources and desire.


The Hearts Center
P.O. Box 277
Livingston, MT (Montana) 59047 USA 

Telephone: 630-894-4410

Website: The Hearts Center


A large number of dictations (heartstreams) are posted on the website. They are free and open to all. We may look under "Heartstreams" on the navigation bar. 

There is a large amount of prayers and music that is free and open to all. We may look on the navigation bar under "Media Center", then "Prayers and Songs"

There are free Internet broadcast services most mornings and evenings. The morning services usually start at 7 AM Mountain Time, and go to about 9 or 9:30 AM Mountain time. They are free and open to all. There is usually a "broadcast box" to click on the right side of the homepage during the time for services, although we may have to scroll down to see it. Then we may have to click on various things about three more times. If we need help, call the number above, although help may not be available right away, so we can leave a message.

Teachings from The Hearts Center:

Beloved ones, there is always new thought, new understanding, and new wisdom.

May the Buddha be with you.
"Love is the requirement of the hour -- love in many manifestations, dear hearts. For there must be the expression of love through the particular flame that you are and that you bear, if earth is to see a Golden Age. When the golden rule is embodied and practiced fully by a majority of earth's evolutions, you will see the dawn of eternal joy. And God's joy will be reflected through the aperture of self of you as you become God through oneness, through acceptance and through that love that springs eternal as the flame within."
We may translate the Hearts Center website into more than 50 other languages, with about a 85% to 99% accuracy.
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Saint Germain Speaks on the Hearts Center

El Morya Speaks on the Hearts Center

Progressive Revelation by John the Beloved

Mother Mary Speaks on Healing

Mother Mary Speaks on Healing Again

Mother Mary Speaks on the Sun and Our Sun Presence of Love

Prayers, Mantras, and Songs of the Hearts Center

"Beyond 2012" Video on "You Tube" -- A Vision of the Golden Age of Aquarius with Art and Music


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A YouTube Video Song by Sissel


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A YouTube Video Song by Sissel

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