El Morya Speaks
on The Hearts Center

Beloved El Morya

Beloved El Morya
David C. Lewis
May 2, 2006 6:22 - 6:42 am PDT
Walnut Creek, California

Beloved Hearts of Fire,

            When you determine to be ensconced in the sacred fire, we may work directly with you. When you determine with a great desiring of all of the faculties and resources within you to do the will of God, then our light upon your brow does clear the way for your sure victory.
            We have sent our messengers to the West Coast with a number of others of you in support of a certain action this weekend past, and I come this morning to report to you that the mission that we desired to accomplish is fulfilled and ninety-two (92) percent of what we sought to accomplish through the invocations that you would give, the clearance work that was done by those who traversed San Francisco and the light anchored where you walked has bought time for many souls in that area.
            Certain contacts made both at inner levels and at outer levels will assist us in days to come in contacting many more among mankind. This messenger did sit before a camera crew on Sunday of National Geographic, and we streamed forth our light rays through his responses to questions given by an interviewer. We ask you now, beloved ones, to pray diligently in the coming twenty-one days for the will of God for the greatest portion of these responses to be made available through this alchemy that we, Saint Germain and I, have performed through the one chosen and a number of others chosen to bring forth this opportunity for your message to get across to many more among mankind through the media.
            We are creating new pathways through the streaming forth of the energies, the cosmic energies, that we now bear and that we now charge forth through our devotees, who, being constant, may be used in a greater opportunity to bring to mankind a message of hope and yet a message of urgency for change, for self-transcendence and for that which is required for earth to rise into the light of the new day.
            During the playing of this meditation music [before the dictation] this messenger did witness the rising of the sun here in California-at the beginning of this song the very first rays of the sun piercing the morning just above the horizon of the mountains and at the end of the song having fully risen as an orb of light just above the mountains. This we planned this day, for in this process, each of you also at inner levels also witnessed the light of a new sun-opportunity for your soul.
            On this my day which is also Omri-Tas' day, I ask you to dedicate the remainder of your time in prayer and as you are able throughout the day to weave the energies of calls to the Great Divine Director with me and Saint Germain. For we three desire to use all the resources available to us for the establishing of this new vision of The Hearts Center that we are about in this hour.
            Beloved ones, many of you have been given assignments at inner levels and some on outer levels through the messengers and from your own Holy Christ/Buddha Self. It is time that each of you consider what it is that you may lay upon the altar in terms of a tangible offering of words and wisdom in books and articles and pamphlets. Some have taken our message seriously and are moving forward to produce the results of your attentiveness to the message as received, meditated upon and conveyed through your own consciousness and heart. We need many angles and facets of these teachings presented to the world through an outlook at a certain level of consciousness, your consciousness, beloved ones, whereby those who resonate and vibrate at the level at which you do, may receive this wisdom.
            Therefore we remind many of you who have vowed before taking incarnation to leave a tangible manifestation of your work and service to life to strive daily to put into physical print, on the website and in other manners, the congealing of our message in a very practical way. There is urgency in this that I bring before you this day; and therefore gather together in your Hearts Centers and determine what it is that you may do for me, as the Lord of the First Ray, to bring forth not only my quips and messages but those of Mother Mary and those of many masters who have spoken time and time again for and on behalf of this mission.
            It is time that we publish, beloved ones! And the world must know more of this movement, more of your hearts and our hearts merged toward a sacred end: that being the salvation of many more sentient beings upon earth. Therefore commune with me daily, for some of you have left off of this activity; and determine once more with all of your being how it is that you may present something to the Lords of Karma for the staying action. For you see, if we, Lanello and I, have something to bring to the Lords of Karma as a tangible manifestation of your work, then we can say, "See here, beloved Goddess of Liberty, this is what our devotees are doing! They are taking action!" And yet there is very little on the outer in print that we can bring to them as evidence of your work in this hour.
            We ask the web team to meet on a weekly basis, for there has been, unfortunately, not the one-pointedness and the focus to accomplish in certain cycles and timetables all that we had desired to be up and running upon your website at this time, beloved ones. Therefore we ask a number of you who have the talents and the wherewithal to join this team, to do so, to make your understanding known to this team of how you can contribute. For the burden has been upon two or three or four to fully bring forth all that we desire. And these, almost as Atlases, carrying the full weight of the birthing of this great tool that you have, can no longer fully carry what we would see manifest through your website.
            I come now, this day, with a plea from my heart that many of you will step forward not only to listen to our words but to take action in very practical ways to allow our message to beam forth through the internet, through the media, through radio and television spots in preparation for the messengers' trip to South America in coming months, beloved ones.
            We are moving mountains for you; but we must have your calls to be the One first, and then to actually manifest that Oneness by being the One for us. We applaud the efforts of a number of you who have given to the nth degree of your resources, your supply, your time. You know who you are. And those of you who have dwelt in the shadows of simply observing and listening, knowing full well that this dispensation is true, must now step forward to give back to the master what has so freely been given to you from the depths and the richness of our hearts, beloved ones.
            Each of you is important. Each of you has a key to the puzzle. When one or another of the pieces is not placed upon the table, interlocking with all the others that are essential for the full picture to be seen, then there are gaps; and we must seek others to step forward to be those pieces, beloved ones.
            Therefore, on behalf of the entire Darjeeling Council, beloved Lanello, Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director, we are grateful for the work thus far accomplished. We are grateful for beloved Lord Lanto and his class and this new frequency that we see delivered to you that will allow many of you to come to terms with your own being at higher levels through the understanding of how you may walk fully within the light of your Presence at all times, feeling that energy, not being displaced from your true pathway.
            And we applaud every opportunity to bring both messengers together to work in consonance here and there where we will send you. For there is a miraculous light released when they are in physical proximity and working together. They do for us hold the counterbalance in the earth for the light of the sun that we bear in heaven.
            Blessed ones, I thank you for your devotion, for your constancy. And though at times you may slip, I am here for you. I will always be for you that surety and example for you to follow back to the Sun Source of all if you would have me.
            Bless you [and] seal you this day in the will, the wisdom and the love of the one God whom we adore.
            I thank you.

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