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I found the website, An Open Door of Love, interesting, and thought it may be of interest to you.

Here is a summary of the website:

This website is a "Mastermind" and "Masterpiece" in the making. There is a tremendous master plan for the website, and it can help all of us fulfill our divine plans.

It contains the following:

A beautiful Home Page, plus many areas of interest, such as:

1. Learning about Love -- The Path of Love -- Lessons in Love,

2. The Seven Major World Religions and More, and the Path of Love they Teach,

3. The Teachings of the Ascended Masters,

4. The Seven Paths of Yoga, and far more.

5. Tai Chi / Chi Kung Made Easy and For All,

6. A Listing of Some of the Best Spiritual Organizations on Earth,

7. The Spiritual United Nations -- The S.U.N.,

8. Inspirational and Motivational Teachings,

9. The Love of Music -- A List of the Best Music and Musicians is planned,

10. The Love of Art -- A List of the Best Art and Artists is planned,

11. Health, Happiness, and Healing,

12. Angels, Nature Spirits or Elementals,

13. Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations, and the Science of the Spoken Word,

14. Prosperity, Wealth, and Abundance,

and far more is planned.

Note: The website is a work in progress, and teachings are being gradually added to the website.

Always Victory and Always Love!

As above, I AM that Presence of Love,

So below, I AM that Love everywhere I go,

And as I AM that Love everywhere I go,

I will reap the Love that I sow.

God Bless You!

William Star of An Open Door of Love