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Welcome to
Meditation or

         Meditation or contemplation is one of the many spiritual practices that we can do. It is a turning within, or looking within, or introspection to find God or peace, love, rest, and more.  It can be the finding of the "kingdom of God" or "consciousness of God" within us. It can be feeling the Presence of God within.

Meditation Made Relatively Easy
for the Many

         Meditation can be of great benefit to our lives, including the healing of our bodies, and far more. Meditation goes by many names, such as, contemplation, reflection or introspection.

       Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us. (The Bible) The consciousness of God is within us. The mysteries of God are within us. Let us go within (more) and find (more of) this kingdom, this consciousness, and these mysteries; and go within and find a greater rest, relaxation, peace, joy, and enlightenment.

       The word "introspection means "to look within", so meditation is "looking within," or "turning within" and "listening within."

       Prayer and meditation can compliment each other, so we may use them together, along with mantras and affirmations. In prayer, the emphasis is talking with God; whereas, in meditation, the emphasis is listening to God or the voice of God within. Meditation can also be for feeling the Presence of God within. 

       Some good statements or "mantras" we can use are:

Peace, be still and know that I AM God.

(The Bible, Book of Psalms) or 

Be still/ and know/ I AM/ (your) God. 

Where God is, there I AM.

Where I AM, there God is. 

I AM the Presence of God.

I AM the Presence of Light.

I AM the Presence of Love. 

       In meditation, we practice the stilling of our body, and the stilling of our intellectual mind or mental body so the higher mind, the mind of Christ or Buddha, or the mind of God may come through. Stillness can help bring us to have a greater health, happiness, and higher consciousness. Meditation can help us to develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit; especially, the gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and discernment (of spirits).

       In meditation we may receive progressive inspiration or revelation, and that is primarily how this website is being built. I, William Star, desire to be the heart, head and hands of the ascended masters or the great saints of heaven, and my "continual question" to them is: What do you want on this website? I strive to make a "good attunement", get some revelation or inspiration, and then you see this website, including this page on meditation. I can assure you that I do not get one great revelation, but small revelations or inspiration that gradually add up to what you see on this page and this website. Furthermore, I am continually revising and improving what I get.

       Meditation should be natural and easy . Let go, let it flow and enjoy it. Practice makes perfect. Practice brings progress. The proof is in the practice.

Meditation can help us to have:

greater light, love, life and laughter,

health, happiness, harmony, and higher consciousness.

Meditation should be relatively:

easy, enjoyable, energizing, and effective,

relaxing, rejuvenating, regenerating and revitalizing.

Things go better with meditation!

Preparation for Meditation

     Find the best place or most conducive place to meditate. Find a comfortable chair or do a comfortable cross-legged posture on the floor or carpet, or sit on the ground in nature. It is generally good to meditate in nature whenever we can. 

     Generally, we turn off all phones, electronic equipment, etc. except for a timer if we want to time our meditation or meditate only for a certain time -- such as, 15 minutes.

       If there is other people in the house, it may be good to inform them that we will be meditating and to respect our privacy or meditation time.

       It is generally good to set certain times for meditation, generally in the morning and in the evening. 

Prayer before Meditation

      We may pray or call to God, Archangel Michael, and other heavenly hosts to give us divine direction and protection during our meditation, and at all times.

Saint Germain's Teaching on Meditation

       "It will be my pleasure and privilege to teach you the use of these Higher Laws, and their application will enable you to release True Wisdom and bring about All Perfection.

       "The first step to the control of yourself—is the stilling of all outer activity—of both mind and body. Fifteen to thirty minutes—at night before retiring and in the morning before beginning the day's work—using the following exercise—will do wonders for anyone—who will make the necessary effort.

"For the second step:—make certain of being undisturbed, and after becoming very still—picture and feel your body enveloped in a Dazzling White Light. The first five minutes—while holding this picture—recognize—and feel intensely—the connection between the outer self and Your Mighty God Within—focusing your attention upon the heart center—and visualizing it—as a Golden Sun.

"The next step is the acknowledgment:—'I now joyously accept—the Fulness of the Mighty God Presence—the Pure Christ.' Feel—the Great Brilliancy of the 'Light' and intensify It—in every cell of your body for at least ten minutes longer.

"Then close the meditation by the command:—I am a Child of the 'Light'—I Love the 'Light'—I Serve the 'Light'—I Live in the 'Light'—I am Protected, Illumined, Supplied, Sustained by the 'Light,' and I Bless the 'Light'.

"Remember always—'One becomes—that—upon which he meditates'—and since all things have come forth from the 'Light'—'Light'—is the Supreme Perfection—and Control—of all things.

"Contemplation and adoration of the 'Light' compels Illumination to take place in the mind—health, strength, and order to come into the body—and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in the affairs of every individual—who will really do it, and seeks to maintain it.

"All the way down the centuries—in every age, under every condition—we are told by all who have expressed the greater accomplishments of Life that—the 'Light' is Supreme—the 'Light' is everywhere—and in the 'Light'—exist all things.

"That Truth is just as true today as it was a million years ago. As far back as there is any record of humanity, the Wise and Great Ones of all ages are portrayed with a radiation of 'Light' about them—emanating from the head and body itself.

"This 'Light' is Real—just as Real as the electric lights in your homes. The day is not far distant—when machines will be constructed to reveal the emanation of—'Light' about every individual—to the physical sight of any one—who cares to observe it. Such a machine—will also show the contamination—or discoloration—that becomes a cloud around the—'Light' of God—which the personal self generates—through discordant thought and feeling. This—and this only—is the way by which the energy—of the Great Life Stream—becomes polluted.

"If you will practice this exercise faithfully and—feel it in every atom of your mind and body—with deep, deep intensity—you will receive abundant proof—of the Tremendous Activity, Power, and Perfection—that abides and is forever active—within the 'Light.' When you have experienced this—for even a short time—you will need no further proof. You become your own 10

proof. The 'Light' is—The Kingdom. Enter into It and BE— at peace. Return to the Father's house. After the first ten days of using—this exercise—it is well to do it three times a day—morning, noon, and night.

"We often hear the complaint: 'Oh! I cannot give all that time.' To any who are of that opinion, I wish to say simply this:

"The time the average person spends in criticising, condemning, and blaming—people, conditions, and things—for not being something other than they are—if occupied with this recognition and use of the 'Light'—will make heaven manifest on earth—for the individual who dares to try and has determination enough to maintain it. Nothing is impossible. The 'Light' never fails.

"The 'Light' is God's Way of creating and maintaining Order, Peace, and Perfection throughout His Creation. Every human being on this earth can have all the time he wants in which to do this—when his desire to do it is intense enough. The intensity—in the desire itself—will re-order the world of people, conditions, and things so as to provide that time—if he earnestly wishes to use it for his upward climb. No person in the world is an exception to—That Law—for the intense desire to do anything constructive—when it becomes intense enough—is the God-Power that releases the energy necessary to create and express the thing desired.

"Everyone has the same supreme privilege of contact—with the All-Powerful Presence of God—and it is the Only Power that—ever did—does now—or ever will—raise the personal self and its world—above earthly discord and limitation.

"My Beloved Son, try this with great determination and know—God in You is Your Certain Victory."

from the book, Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King

Note: It is generally good to start with the meditation above and then progress to more.


       Saint Germain says that meditation is feeling the Presence of God; that is, feeling the Presence of Light, Love, joy, happiness, patience, toleration, peace, harmony and more.

Methods or Ways to Meditate

1.Visualization with the inner eye of the white light around us.

Visualization of whatever we want,

2. Listening with the inner ear to the inner voice, angels, etc.  

3. Repetition of a prayer, mantra, or affirmation;

4. Meditation on the Chart of the Presence, a candle flame, beautiful music, a sacred image or ascended master or angel, any topic, etc.

       The following list is a list of the topics that will be presented on this page on meditation. We may use these topics to learn to meditate, or to improve our meditation practice. 

A Relaxation-Meditation 
       Just relax, let go and let things flow. 

A Relaxation-Meditation and Breathing with Awareness

A Relaxation-Meditation with Progressive Relaxation

A Relaxation Meditation with Awareness of the Heartbeat

A White Light Meditation – A Purity and Wholeness Meditation
       Saint Germain's Meditation from the book, Unveiled Mysteries  (given above)

A Pink Light Meditation – A Divine Love Meditation

A Golden Light Meditation – An Illumination Meditation

A Blue Light Meditation -- A Will of God Meditation

A Violet Light Meditation

A Rainbow Rays Meditation

A Meditation on the Chart of the Presence -- The Sun Presence of Love

A Three-Fold Flame Meditation

Meditation on God, the I AM THAT I AM, Allah, Brahman, or whatever name we use for God
       Relax, repeat the name of God we choose over and over and then gradually let meditation flow or happen. 

A Mantra Meditation

Mudras for Meditation

A Healing Thoughtform Meditation

A Meditation on Health and Healing
       A Meditation on What We Personally Need for Health and Healing
       Learn More about Health and Healing

A Divine Direction and Protection Meditation

A Divine Guidance Meditation

A Listening Grace Meditation – An Inner Voice Meditation

Kuan Yin's Sound Meditation

A Question and Answer Meditation

A Conversation with God Meditation

An Inspirational Meditation

A Candlelight Meditation

A Music Meditation

An Inner Music Meditation

A Stop, Look, and Listen Meditation

A Morning Meditation

A Sunrise Meditation

A 9 AM Meditation 

A Midday Meditation

A Sunset Meditation

An Evening Meditation

An Hourly Meditation

A Round-the-Clock Meditation – A God-Qualities Meditation

A Great Commandment Meditation 

A Second Commandment Meditation

A Golden Rule Meditation

A Loving-Forgiveness Meditation

A Loving-Kindness Meditation

A Meditation on Abundance – Meditate and Grow Rich

A Names of God Meditation

A Meditation on a Reading We Have Done from a Book or Magazine

Lessons in Meditation
       A Home Study Course Based on Yogananda's Teachings that covers stress reduction to advanced meditation.

A Mandala and/or Yantra Meditation

A Five Senses Meditation

A Thought Travel Meditation
       Where our thought is, there we are. 

A Relaxation-Meditation Meal

A Standing Meditation

A Walking Meditation

A Meditation in Motion

Mother Mary’s Meditation

A Divine Plan Meditation

A Meditation on Jesus, Buddha, or any Other Master

An Angel Meditation – A Meditation on the Angels

A Meditation with the Seven Archeai -- the Seven Feminine Archangels

A Temple Beautiful Meditation

A Healing Center Meditation

A Victory’s Temple Meditation

A Cave of Light Meditation

A Goal of Life Meditation

Meditation on "If Tomorrow Will Be the Last Day of Our Life"

A Meditation on the Art of Meditation or Methods of Meditation

A Combination Meditation

Meditation at the End of the Surrender Ritual

Meditation and the Mind of God and the Mind of Christ

Meditation and Progressive Revelation or Progressive Inspiration

Meditation or Dhyana Yoga

Testimonials and Stories on Meditation 

How to Have or Lead a Meditation Group

Books on Meditation

Websites on Meditation

Meditation Groups or Societies

Would You Like to Contribute any Teachings on Meditation?

Would You Like to Contribute Any Testimonials or Stories on Meditation?

Would Your Like to Share Your Response? – Your Heart’s Sharings

The Eternal Questions

       Who am I?

       What am I?

       Where am I?

        Why am I?

        When am I?

The Soul Questions

     What do I want?

     What is my purpose in life?

      Who is my twin flame?

       Who are my soul mates?

       Why did I come to this Earth?

        How can I make my ascension in this life?


My Personal Testimonial

About Meditation or Contemplation 

I wish you good fortune in your meditation practice, for truly –

Things go better with meditation! 

We Become What We Meditate On.

God Bless You, I Love You and God Loves You, 

William Star 

Always Victory and Always Love!


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