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Welcome to

Our Guides,
Guardians and Friends

    Angels are our guides, guardians, and friends. They are also messengers, teachers, ministers, and healers. Angelology is the study of angels. And an angelologist is one who studies about angels. The angels are one of the three main, heavenly kingdoms of God. 

The Three Kingdoms

1. The Sons and Daughters of God --

who are lead by the lords or chohans of the rays.

2. The Angelic Kingdom --

who are lead by the archangels and archeiai.

3. The Elohim-Elemental Kingdom --

who are lead by the Elohim and the directors of the elements.

The Bible and Angels

Teachings will be given as time permits.

The Koran or Qur'an and Angels

Teachings will be given as time permits.

A Prayer to the Angels

       O angels, walk with me. Talk with me. Take my hand. Be with me. Love through me. Work through me. Pray through me. Serve through me.  (From the Hearts Center)

We Can Walk and Talk With Angels if we:

Love them or give them our love
Become as a little child
Purify ourselves
Develop humility
Have faith or belief in the angels
Pray to them or call to them

We can be "Commanders" of Angels

If we make the call to them.

Our Guardian Angel or Angel of Our Presence

Who are the Angels and

What are Their Names?

       Each angel has a name, which is a key to his or her identity and mission. Some of the archangels and their archeaii are given below.

The Archangels and the Archeiai

Masculine and Feminine Archangels

1st Ray --- Blue --- Archangel Michael and Faith

2nd Ray -- Yellow or Gold -- Archangel Jophiel and Christine

3rd Ray --- Pink --- Archangel Chamuel and Charity

4th Ray --- White --- Archangel Gabriel and Hope

5th Ray --- Green ---Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary

6th Ray --- Purple and Gold --- Archangel Uriel and Aurora

7th Ray --- Violet --- Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst

8th Ray --- Ruby --- Archangel Uzziel and Azalea 

Note: The archangels and archeiai are also twin flames or twin rays in love. 

Beautiful YouTube Video on 

The Seven Archangels 

We may click here for the Chart of the Hierarchs of the Three Kingdoms. In particular, we may look at the archangels and their retreats.

A Website with Pictures of the Archangels, and far more on the website, Marius Fine Art.

Note: A Book on the Archangels is on the website above.

On the Work of Angels Audio in English with Spanish Translation (29 minutes), and with English transcript. 29 min

Repetition of Their Names

       We can repeat the names of the archangels and archeiai 1 to 9 times each, for their presence with us.

Prayers to the Archangels
       I AM the power of the blue fire light transforming all life on the earth in the name of Archangel Michael!

Note: More will be given later.

Prayers to the Archeiai

A Rosary of Faith to the Seven Archeiai -- the Feminine Compliments of the Archangels has been given in the Hearts Center.

The Angels of the Seven Rays

1st Ray --- Blue --- guardian angels, angels of divine direction and protection, angels of faith (Help us, help us, help us!)

2nd Ray --- Yellow or Gold --- angels of illumination, education, and victory,

(Help us, help us, help us!) 

3rd Ray --- Pink --- angels of love or the cherubim, (Help us, help us, help us!)

4th Ray --- White --- angels of purity, discipline, and wholeness, or the seraphim,

(Help us, help us, help us!)

5th Ray --- Green --- angels of healing, truth, music,

(Help us, help us, help us!)

6th Ray --- Purple and Gold --- angels of peace, service, ministration,

(Help us, help us, help us!)

7th Ray --- Violet --- violet flame angels, angels of mercy and forgiveness,

(Help us, help us, help us!)

8th Ray --- Ruby --- ruby ray angels, angels of service, sacrifice, surrender and selflessness,

(Help us, help us, help us!)

Note: In order to get the personal help of angels, we generally have to make the call and ask for their help, unless someone else asks for us, however, it is generally better if we ask.

Mother Mary -- Queen of Angels
Prayers to Mother Mary
New Age Rosaries to Mother Mary

Prayers to Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, help us, help us, help us!

Archangel Michael's Rosary

How to Work with Angels

Various Angels

Micah -- Angel of Unity -- Angel Friend -- Son of Archangel Michael and Faith

A Prayer to Micah


Angel of the Resurrection -- a dictation or heartstream in audio form or written form through David Christopher Lewis of the Hearts Center

A Prayer by this Angel given to us to do during the day:

God loves me, and 

I know it. I believe it. and I feel it.


Angels of Deliverance
       These angels may deliver us from anything that is not of the light, and may deliver us into the hands of our God of light if we call to them.

Angel of Deliverance

Angel of Deliverance Prayer

       O, Angel of Deliverance,I am one with thee.I soar with thee now in spirit To deliver souls here, there and everywhere From the darkness of this age Into the light of perfection and eternal joy.
Bind the forces of darkness that assail every soul! Release them! Deliver them, O God,Into your eternal grace,Into your supernal light in this hour.
I declare it! I aver it! It is so in the name of the I AM THAT I AM! And by the sword of the Archangel of Deliverance,It is manifest now. Amen. (from the Hearts Center)


Nine Choirs of Angels

Prayer to the Nine Choirs of Angels:
       O nine choirs of angels of the Most High God -- Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels -- come and be with us and be our guides, guardians, and friends.
       Help us in all that the Great Law will allow to do God's will and God's work on this planetary body. Heal our minds, bodies, and souls. 

The Seraphim (Angels of Purity) and Their Captain, Justinius 


The Healing Angels and Their Captain, Servatus

Violet Flame Angels
       Violet-fire angels, we love and accept your perfect work within us this day! (From The Hearts Center)


Christmas Angels and Angels of Easter


Listening Angels


Angels of Mercy 

       "Again and again I have witnessed how the angels of mercy will rush in to catch up each such spillover from the cup of life and try to create a state of harmony when individuals seem momentarily disturbed. So often mortals are not even aware of the outpouring of divine grace through the angelic hosts, for their eyes are not affinitized with the wavelengths of the “invisible” light radiations of these blessed servants of God. This ignorance of their existence does not stop the blessed angels from continuing to serve, for it seems to me that the less they are acknowledged, the more zealous they are in their attempts to make mankind aware of their presence so that they can bestow a greater measure of their service to life." 

Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 9, No. 42,- Beloved Kuan Yin, October 16, 1966 

The Cosmic being Joy and Angel(s) of Joy


Angel Deva of the Jade Temple


Angels of the Sacred Fire

Angels from the Great Silence

Angels of Victory
       Mighty Victory and your legions of angels, come forth, take command of our lives and this earth. 

Fearlessness Flame Angels of Ray-O-Light
Call: O God, O fearlessness flame, legions of Ray O Light descend.

Call: Legions of fearlessness flame: March! Come forth now and stand round these souls of light, round this land, and at every point upon the planetary body where this Chart of the Mighty I AM Presence is hung! 

"...I, Gautama Buddha, invoke the presence here of Ray-O-Light, legions of the fearlessness flame, and the corresponding bodhisattvas dedicated to the white fire of the Buddha, who themselves ensoul that fearless quality of devotees who will become the Buddha, who will become the Mother—because they are fearless!" Pearls of Wisdom

       And remember that fearlessness flame is a fiery white tinged in green. And so that flame, empowered by the white and the green, accelerates the action of fearlessness in your world.

       Thus be fearless and declare:
I AM fearless in the wisdom of fearlessness flame!
I AM fearless and fearlessness flame!

Ray O Light has also said that he is the "Angel of Divine Courage and Intrepid Oneness with God."

He can give us great keys of health and well-being. 

He says to make the following our mantra throughout the day:

With God all things are possible!


Inspiration Angels, lead by their chief, Inspira

 A Call: Inspira come forth, and inspire me and all others, give us the inspiration and motivation we need. 

These angels often work with Victory's angels and Ray O Light's angels, so we may call to all three bands of angels. 


Note: There are many more angels which we can gradually learn about, and make the calls to, or make prayers to them.


Do Angels Have Wings?

      The angel wings are "light" feathers composed of grace. (Lady Kristene)
       The angels "wing" their way to those whose hearts call with love.
       Their wings will grow or expand as they serve in love.
       Many of us are angels in embodiment; that is, we are of the angelic evolutions.


We may click here to watch The Angels Video Series on the Summit Lighthouse Website

Click Here to See Beautiful Pictures of Angels on the Website, Marius Fine Art. Click on Galleries.

Beautiful Teachings and Pictures of Angels


Pictures of Angels Help Children and Adults Attune to Them and Pray to Them

       Children and adults are more likely to pray, be inspired, and fulfill their divine plans if there are pictures of angels in the house, church and workspace. 

Stories of Angels

Books on Angels

       Angels of Light and Love by Lynn Fischer and Paintings by Marius Michael-George

       A Book of Angels by Sophie Burnham

Music and the Angels

       Hark, the Herald Angels Sing

       You are My Angel

Videos or Movies on Angels

Angels, the Mysterious Messengers


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