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Welcome to the Love of
Health and Healing

Back to Eden, Back to Nature,
and Back to God
Ways of Healthy Living

       Everyone of us can be well, happy and whole. This is our true nature. Every family can be well, happy and whole. Every home can be a wellness center, a happy center, and a wholeness center. Health, happiness and wholeness are our birthright. 

An Affirmation is a Good Beginning

     On the path of health it is good to begin with God -- with an affirmation, such as:

I AM well, I AM happy, I AM whole. 

Note: "I AM" means "God in me is."

       Health is wellness, health is wholeness. It is generally achieved by doing enough of the right things enough of the time. This understanding is very important. God and the angels can do their part in giving us healing, and then we must do our part by doing enough of the right things enough of the time.       

      It is important to realize that, generally speaking, health is achieved by a step-by-step approach -- a gentle and gradual approach. Little by little, and day by day, we can achieve health, happiness, and wholeness.

       In the short run, we can do a lot of things, both positive and negative, both eating well or poorly, and not make much difference, but in the long run, over days, weeks, and months, we will surely reap what we sow -- we will reap what we eat, drink, think, feel and believe.       

       Whatever we sow, so shall we reap. That is the law of sowing and reaping -- the law of karma.  So, what are the right things? Most of the right things are listed below in a relatively easy, enjoyable, effective, energizing, and enlightening approach. We can be healthy if we do enough of the right things enough of the time. Good results may take days, weeks, months, even years, but it can happen. With God all things are possible. Any disease, any problem can be healed. There is no such thing as an incurable disease. Any disease or health problem can be cured. 

       Mother Nature's Healers tells us to follow the laws of nature. It is just a question of doing them, hopefully, in love and thanksgiving. Mother Nature's healers are also part of the healers of the Great Physician. He speaks to each one of us and says, "Physician, heal thyself." Each one of us can be our own physician, at least to some extent, if we learn and practice the teachings below, and many other teachings on health, and the teachings of the Bible and other Sacred Scriptures. Each one of us can, to some extent, be our own naturopathic physician or naturopathic doctor to heal diseases through natural and spiritual means, through ways and means of healthy living.       

       Our health affects all areas of our life and affects others, so let's be healthy. The teachings given here a "high way to health" with positive results, positive rewards. It is Mother Nature's way to eliminate pain and suffering.  

       May God bless us all on our path to health, happiness, and healing.       

       Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth. ... I have no greater joy than to hear than my children walk in truth. 

(The Holy Bible, Book of III John 1:2, and Verse 4)

     "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison 

     "Let thy food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates 

      When you see links on the topics below, you will know that there is an associated teaching with that topic.

Understanding Ourselves
The Chart of the Presence

The Chart of the Presence

The Healing of the Four Lower Bodies

1. The Etheric or Memory Body

2. The Mental or Intellectual Body

3. The Emotional or Feeling Body

4. The Physical or  Flesh Body

Mother Nature's Healers --

Mother Nature's Way to Health

Introduction to Mother Nature's Healers

1. Fire Element or Plane of Fire
Sun Healing or Solar Healing
Mainly associated with the Etheric or Memory Body

Have Fun in the Sun -- A Gentle Sun

Sunshine and Its Benefits

       The sun, or sunshine, has many wonderful and subtle benefits of improving our health and energy level. The key is to remember is that it is to be done in moderation or balance. Generally speaking, an early morning sun or late afternoon sun, before sunset, is best. 

       Here are some of the ways we can benefit from the sun:

Sun-Bathing or Solar-Bathing:

In a gentle sun about 15 or more minutes a day as often as reasonable, or four or more times a week.

Sun-Walking or Solar-Walking:

In a gentle sun about 15 or more minutes a day as often as reasonable.

Sun-Water or Sun Tea:

Drinking water that has been charged by the sun, generally in a clear glass bottle for a day or more. Drinking sun tea that has been brewed in the sun for, at least, several hours. 

Dining on foods grown in the sun:

Dining on, or eating live foods -- live foods grown in the sun, preferably grown by ourselves, by our own hands. "Let live foods and live juices be part of your daily faire." (The Summit Lighthouse)

       It is good to bless or charge our food and liquids, with Our Sun Presence or Solar Presence, and to place the palms of our hands over our food as we do the blessing.

Example: In the name of my Beloved Solar Presence, I AM blessing and charging this food with thy light, life and love.

Sun Gazing:

At Sunrise or Sunset with Our Eyes Open for a "Short While", as long it is healthy or good for the eyes and/or body. Or we may do sun-gazing with our eyelids closed almost anytime.

Sun Meditation:

     ""I was reading the other night in "Electrons and the Elemental Kingdom" ... He said, "If you were to turn the beam of your attention into the physical sun, and spend undivided, thirty minutes or so, just contemplating the perfection that is there, there would ride back over that beam, light particles which would renew and rebuild your inner and outer vehicles into perfect health, vitality and well being. When the Master's attention is upon you, he is using the Sacred Fire. His attention is drawn to you the instant you think of him; therefore you have the Sacred Fire in action during the time of your contemplation. This forms a perfect connection over which his gifts and substance may ride.""

       "I was amazed when I read this because it describes so succinctly what happens both during sungazing and during the sunrise meditation. In both cases, we establish a two way communication with the sun... Our attention is the key to success with these techniques. As David said on August 23rd, “Attentiveness is an aspect of focus and of entering into and sustaining the light of Presence through our awareness. Being attentive means that we are engaged in clear seeing through our eyes and through our higher vision, through our mind, through a higher mental activity that is accepting of the mindstream of God through our hearts by allowing our hearts to be open, active, and accepting of the frequencies from our source that come continuously. Attentiveness is essential for all students on the path to have. It allows you to drink in the Light and what the teacher is attempting to convey... Placing your attention upon God requires conscious effort, a blue ray activity, which is focus. It is a discipline on the path and of the spirit that will bring you great joy when you realize that through this attention, greater light is and will always be yours." 
Copied from the Hearts Center website forum. 

The Sun Salutation or Sun Adoration
       This is a wonderful yoga exercise that can be done in a gentle sun, preferably facing the sun. This exercise may be combined with the prayers below. 

The New Day by Vesta and The Hymn to the Sun by Helios

Let us Realize Ourselves as Sons of God or Suns of God
       Let Us Realize that We Are a Solar Presence

We may use Natural Light and Full Spectrum Light Inside Our Homes

Solar Healing

The Mysteries of the Sun are many, and can be revealed to us, as we do these "sun-practices" above. 

The path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. 
(The Bible, the book of Proverbs 4:18)

Let us be shining suns -- the light and the love of the world. 

I AM the sun, I AM the sun, I hold the sacred rod,
I AM the sun, I AM the sun, a blazing son of God. 
(The Hearts Center)

The fire element is associated with the etheric or memory body, so all health or illness begins here, so we must outpicture good memories or etheric records of health for having healthy bodies. 

We have a higher etheric or memory body of the creation of ourselves with our twin flames, and far more in the planes of spirit; and we have a lower etheric body of the records of all that has happened in this life or in past lives. We have beautiful positive records to enjoy, and we have records that are important to clear by forgiving, forgetting and using the violet flame. If we have been wronged, let us know that it is the lower self of another doing it, or the dark forces working through another, so we let it go, do not take it personally, forgive and forget, and move on. 

2. Air Element or the Plane of Air
Mainly associated with the Intellectual, Mental, or Cognitive Body
Fresh Air, and Conscious Breathing, and Breathing Exercises

Take Care in the Air

The Importance of Fresh Air -- Preferably outside where there is relatively fresh air near trees, in a park, in a forest, etc. 

Breathing with Awareness and Breathing Exercises

3. Water Element or Plane of Water
Good Water and Other Liquids of Life

Mainly Associated with the Emotional, Feeling, or Desire Body 
Good Water for Every Son and Daughter

The Importance of Good Water and Its Benefits

Spring Water, Well Water, Rain Water, and Distilled Water -- 

Generally speaking, the best water is rain water that is collected while raining, although it is best to let it rain for about five minutes first to clean the atmosphere. 

Lemon Water Made with Fresh Lemon Juice -- A Good Way to Start the Day

Sun Water or Solar Water Made in the Sun in a Clear Glass Bottle -- Living Water

       With a "Sign" of Love, Light, and Life
       Holy Water - We Can Make Our Own 

Enhanced Water:

Flower Power or Flower Essence Water

With Crystals

With Essential Oils

With signs on the Bottle, such as:

       Love and Gratitude;

       Love, Light and Life;

       Healthy, Happy and Holy Water, etc.    

       Dr. B., M.D on Water Cure, The Miracles of Water to Cure Disease, "The Body's Many Cries for Water", -- http://www.watercure.com/
       The Wonders of Water, How to Heal Many Conditions with Water.

       Visualization is important because it converts our intent into a frequency overlay onto sound vibrations of our prayers, affirmation and mantras. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto photographed the results of the power of frequency and intent as it affects crystals of water. These can be viewed in his Messages from Water series of books. Polluted water formed distorted crystals as did water with negative words or phrases taped to the jar. After polluted water was prayed over, the crystals formed were beautiful, as were the crystals from water with positive words taped to the container. The same was true for water exposed to music. Harmonious classical music created lovely symmetrical crystals while the jagged rhythms of rock and pop music created displeasing crystals. This has profound implications when we consider that our bodies are about 70% water and that our food and drink are continually bombarded by the frequencies of popular music in supermarkets.by Josefine Stark from her book on Kuan Yin

Herb Teas 
       A Good Way to Make Tea
       Sun Tea or Solar Tea (for You and Me)

Liquid Chlorophyll and an Emerald Tincture
       Wheat Grass Juice and Vegetables

Rejuvelac or Cultured Grain Water

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices
       Some of the Best Juices
       Some of the Best Juicers

Using a Blender to Make Whole Vegetable and/or Fruit Drinks 

Fruit Smoothies

Your Body within 1 Hour of Drinking Soda

According to the Nutrition Research Center, this is what happens to your body within 1 hour of drinking a can of soda:
-10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system, which is 100 percent of your recommended daily intake. You'd normally ... from such an intake, but the phosphoric acid cuts the flavor.

-20 minutes: Your blood sugar skyrockets. Your liver attempts to maximize insulin production in order to turn high levels of sugar into fat.

-40 minutes: As your body finishes absorbing the caffeine, your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises, and your liver pumps more sugar into the bloodstream. Adenosine receptors in your brain are blocked preventing you from feeling how tired you may actually be.

-45 minutes: Your body increases dopamine production, causing you to feel pleasure and adding to the addictiveness of the beverage. This physical neuro-response works the same way as it would if we were consuming heroin.

-60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine, which boosts your metabolism a bit further. High doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners compound this effect, increasing the urinary excretion of calcium. The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play. (You have to GO!) Your body will eliminate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was otherwise heading to your bones. And you will also flush out the sodium, electrolytes and water. Your body has eliminated the water that was in the soda. And in the process it was infused with nutrients and minerals your body would have otherwise used to hydrate your system or build body cells, bones, teeth.

-60+ plus minutes: The sugar crash begins. You may become irritable and/or sluggish. You start feeling like yuck. Time to grab another?

And they don't even mention the fact that it takes 4 hours for the body to replace the oxygen that is displaced from just one 12 oz bottle of soda!!!!!!!

And our kids and many adults are drinking this stuff instead of the water the body so needs.


Green Drinks
       Juice from Green Vegetables
       Wheatgrass Juice
       Some of the Best Juicers

Nut and Seed Milk --preferably made from raw or live nuts and seeds that have been soaked for approximately 3 to 24 hours. 

Grain Milks

Yogurt Milk and Kefir

Grain Coffee

Live or raw Vegetable Soup or Drinks, generally made in a blender.  

Blessing the Liquids of Life and The Blessings of the Liquids of Life

Liquids for Babies:
       Mother's Milk -- Breastfeeding is generally best.
   Yogurt Milk and Kefir Milk made by combining yogurt or kefir with water, approximately half and half.        

Most Liquids Listed in this Section

A Wash Cloth Bath and a Wash Cloth Massage or Dry Brush Massage

Healing Baths and Showers

Steam Rooms or Saunas

There are many wonderful YouTube Videos on water fountains or musical water fountains. 

4. Earth Element or Plane of Earth
Mainly Associated with the Physical Body 

Good Food - A Back to Eden Diet -- A Divine Love Diet
An Abundant Life Diet - Food for Life and Love

The Importance of Good Food and Its Benefits
       Food is the Best Medicine
       Let your food be your medicine; and let your medicine be your food. 

Let live foods and love juices be part of our daily diet or faire. 

Let us live better with live foods. 

Live foods give us life and health and healing. 

Natural, Organic Foods is the Ideal Way to Go
       Whole Foods Make Us Whole

Preferably a Vegetarian Diet or Vegan Diet

Intuitive Eating

A Low Mucus-Producing Diet

A High Fiber Diet

Understanding the Food Groups
       Whole Grains - the Golden Grains
              Brown Rice, Millet, Barley, Quinoia, Rye, Oats, Corn, Wheat, etc.


Garden Vegetables
              The Cruciferous Vegetables
              The Root Vegetables
              Other Vegetables
       Sea Vegetables
              Nori, Kelp, Dulse, Arame, Wakame, etc.
       Beans and Peas
       Nuts and Seeds
              Dry Roasted, Toasted, or Baked
       Squash and Pumpkins
       Natural Sweeteners
       Algae - Primary Food of Life
              Blue Green Algae, Spirulina, Chlorella, etc. 
       Vegetable Oils

Sprouts (from beans and seeds)
       How to Make Sprouts
       Ways to Use Sprouts
       The Sprout Man

A Food Pyramid

Food Preparation for Raw Foods
       Introduction to Raw Foods
     Advantages and Disadvantages of Raw Foods

       Fruit Salads
       Vegetable Salads
       Nut Butter and Seed Butter Sauces
       Making Our Own Salad Dressings
       Cultured Raw Foods

Note: Raw foods naturally contain enzymes, healthy phytochemicals, and beneficial acidophillus bacteria. 

Raw Food Websites that contain much Information:


Making Sandwiches

A Better Understanding of Cooked Foods
       Introduction to Cooked Foods
       Advantages and Disadvantages of Cooked Foods
       Solar Cooking or Sun Cooking 
       Cooking With Fire
       The Harm of Microwave Cooking
              If you "nuke" your foods, you will lose most of the nutrients. 

Best Pots for Cooking
              Glass, Enamel, Stainless Steel
       Cooking in an Oven, especially an Electric Convection Oven

Making Soups
       Cooking Grains
       Cooking Beans and Peas
       Bread Making -- Baking Breads, Biscuits, Crackers, etc.
       Making Our Own Salad Dressings
       Making Our Own Vegetarian Sauces

Eat Better for Less Money

A Good Guideline: Eat After Sunrise and Before Sunset

Culinary Herbs, Kitchen Herbs, or Herbs for Salads and Cooking

Cooking for Men

Cooking for Women

Cooking for Children

Cooking for the Family

Food for Babies

Some of the Best Cooking Schools or Culinary Schools

Food is Our Best Medicine
       "Let Our Food be Our Medicine, and Let Our Medicine by Our Food." Hippocrates 

Meals That Heal

Super Foods or Most Beneficial Foods
       Whole Grains
       Garden and Sea Vegetables
       Most Fruits, Especially Apples

Beautiful Food Blessings and Why They are Important
       It is Best to Bless Our Food

How to Get Two to Ten Times More Nutrition From Our Food
       A Relaxation-Meditation Meal
       Eating with Enjoyment, Appreciation, and Gratitude

Healing, The Chart and the Chakras

Balance for Wholesome Living 


The following story could be the story of twin flames, or soul mates, and indicates what could be done with the power of love, or you might say, "The Flour of Love". 

The Flour of Love

"I am come tonight to bring to you the fresh winds of the Zuider Zee; and I begin with a tale of the land of the dikes.

There lived by the sea a gentle soul who was a miller.  He and his wife served together to grind the grain for the people of their town.  And it came to pass that in all the land there were no communities where so much happiness reigned as there.  Their countrymen marveled and wondered, for they recognized that something unusual must have happened to make the members of this community so singularly wise and happy.  And although the townsfolk themselves were born, grew up, matured to adulthood and passed from the screen of life within the community, never in all of their living were they able to understand the mystery.

Tonight I shall draw aside the curtain and tell you what made the people of this community so happy and prosperous, so joyous and wise.

It was the service of the miller and his wife and the love which they put into the flour.  For this love was carried home in sacks of flour on the backs of those who patronized their mill and was then baked into their bread.  At every meal the regenerative power of love from the miller and his wife was radiated around the table and it entered their physical bodies as they partook of the bread.  Thus, like radioactive power, the energy of this vibrant love from the miller and his wife was spread throughout the community.

The neighbors did not know the reason for their happiness and none of the people were ever able to discover it.  For sometimes–although they live side by side–mankind are unable to pry the most simple secrets about one another.  And so the mysteries of divine love continue to defy probing by the human consciousness, but we of the Ascended Masters' octave occasionally choose to make them known to you by sharing these gems with you.

The instruction which I would bring to you tonight concerns physical properties and their power to retain the radiation of those who handle them.  The food which you eat, beloved ones, when prepared by hands charged with divine love, enters into your physical body and creates a much greater degree of spiritual happiness than mankind would at first realize.  Those who are wise will recognize the truth of what I am saying; and if they must partake of food from unknown sources, they will be certain that they have removed by the violet transmuting flame those undesirable momentums of human creation whose radiation can do no good to the individual who partakes thereof..."

Pearl of Wisdom from the Summit Lighthouse, Vol. 15,  No. 15,  April 9, 1972


Colon Cleansing and Reculturing


An Understanding of Salt
      Most salt is an inorganic substance and may not be good for the body. We may simply learn to eat our foods without salt or replace with Braggs liquid aminos, some natural tamaris, real natural soy sauce, etc.

      Although some people believe that sea salt, Himalayan salt and other salts may be good for the body. 

    Regarding salt: use your good judgement and intuition. 


Whole Food Supplements

   There are many good whole food supplements on the market, and the following is just two of them:
       Dr. Schultz's Super Food Plus
       Juice Plus


Elimination of Junk Foods or Fractionated Foods Fractionated Foods Make us a Fraction

   Reducing or Eliminating Refined or Fractionated Foods 

Guidelines for Good Food-Combining

The Balance of Foods Produces Balance in Our Bodies

    The Balance of Raw Foods and Cooked Foods

     Acid-Alkaline Balance
              Alkalize for Health Website With Much Valuable Information

     For four, excellent Acid-Alkaline Charts, please click here. 

       Yin-Yang or Yang-Yin Balance

The Six Tastes:

1. Sweet (honey, fruit, sweet vegetables, rice, etc.),

2. Salty (salt, tamari, kelp, etc.),

3. Sour (lemons, yogurt, cheese, etc.),

4. Pungent or Hot (onions, radish, chili. etc.),

5. Bitter (dandelion root, rhubarb, fenugreek, etc.) and

6. Astringent (pomegranate, myrrh, goldenseal, turmeric, etc.)


The Ayurvedic Diet

The Macrobiotic Diet

       Steven Acuff's website -- On Macrobiotics and More

       Macrobiotics Guide and More

Natural Weight Loss
       Eat Great, Lose Weight

Natural Weight Gain

The Many Uses of Vegetable Oils and Essential Oils

The Importance of Vegetable Oils and Their Benefits, preferably cold-pressed or expeller pressed.

What Are the best Vegetable Oils?
       Flax, coconut, sesame, sunflower, olive, almond, walnut, etc. 

The Many Uses of Vegetable Oils

The Best Extraction Process
       Expeller-pressed or cold-pressed is best. 
       Heat-extracted and/or chemical-extracted is not very good.

A Healing Emulsion Using Four Oils --

Walnut Oil, Cedar or deodar oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Rose Oil;

Plus Three Other Ingredients -- Almond Milk, Bran (Rice, Oat, or Wheat), and Valerian (herb or tincture)

Teachings on Castor Oil (by Edgar Cayce and others)

Essential Oils
       Essential oils or Etheric oils are the essence of love of the plant.

The Importance of Exercise

The Importance of Exercise and Its Benefits
       Helps us to look and feel better. 
       Improves our heart, circulation, muscle tone, flexibility, strength, etc. 
       Helps slow down or reverse the aging process. 

Breathing with Awareness and Breathing Exercises

The Four Basic Stretches

Neck and Back Exercises

Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Running
       Remember to "walk" with the Lord each day. 
       Also, kneel and be healed. 

Rebounding or Lymphasizing -- Bounce, Jog or Jump for Joy

Alternate Kicking or Marching (in place)

Skipping (in place)

Biking or Bicycling 

Jumping Rope

Eye Exercises

Relaxation-Rejuvenation Exercises

Dance for a Delightful Exercise
       Waltzing, Polkas, Folk-Dancing, Square-dancing, Contra-Dancing, Ballet, Indian (India) Dancing, Dances of Universal Peace, etc. 

Yoga Exercises

Tai Chi / Chi Kung Exercises

Note: The yoga and Tai chi exercises above are some of the greatest forms of spiritual-physical exercises. 

Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, etc. 



Gardening and Yard Work

Note: The best exercise is the exercise that we are willing to do.
       Let's do something and be healthier every day.

Remember to "walk" with the Lord each day. 

Also, kneel and be healed. 

The Importance of Good Posture

Rest, Relaxation, and Recreation 

Keep Holy the Sabbath Day
       Rest, Relax, Re-Create One Day a Week (Preferably on the Sabbath)

Daily Rest, Relaxation, and Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep

An Hourly Break 

The Relaxation Response

Relaxation-Meditation to Relax, Rest, and Re-Create

Fasting -- To Cleanse and Heal the Body

The Importance of Fasting and Its Benefits
       Cleansing, Detoxification, and Purification
       Feel Good, Look Good, Have More Energy and Strength
       Helps Heal Almost Any Disease or Health Problem
       Helps Heal Toothaches and Other Problems With the Teeth
       May Help Improve Brain Function and Memory

Scroll Down to "Fasting: The Ultimate Diet" --Excellent, Inspiring, Wonderful Quotes and Teachings on the Importance and Purpose of Fasting

Fasting and the World Religions

Important: Caution, Carefulness, and Common Sense must be used when fasting. "Safety first" is the rule. A gradual and gentle approach is generally best. A balanced approach of love, wisdom and understanding, and correct will is important. Generally speaking, fasting is relatively safe and our blood sugar will stay relatively normal, but our blood sugar may decrease or drop and there is danger of dizziness, fainting, or falling. Generally speaking, it is best to fast on days when we are not working at a regular job, and we are at home and have time to get extra rest. Drinking a goodly amount of liquids when fasting is most important for safety. Also, toxins may be released which may cause a problem, so if we combine colon cleansing with fasting, this may help to cleanse the toxins and help to make fasting safer. 

Important: To Know, To Dare, To Do, and To Be Silent (when appropriate except for a possible fasting partner or support person)

How to Fast
       Partial Fasts and Full Fasts

Length of Fasting:
       An Overnight Fast or about a 12 Hour Fast -- Breaking the Fast at Breakfast or "Break fast" the next day
       An 18 Hour Fast -- Overnight and Breaking the Fast at the Noon Meal the Next Day
       A 24 Hour Fast -- Overnight and Breaking the Fast at the Evening Meal the next day
       A 36 Hour Fast -- Overnight, all the next day, and breaking the fast at breakfast on the second day
       A 3 Day Fast, a 7 Day Fast, etc. 

Possible Timing of the Fast:
       Nightly -- An Overnight or 12 Hour Fast
       Once a Week -- An 18, 24, or 36 Hour Fast
       Once a Month -- A Three Day Fast 
       Once a Quarter or Three Months -- A Seven Day Fast or Ten Day Fast

Types of Fasts:
       Water Fast
       Lemon Water, and/or Lemon-ade with Maple Syrup or Honey Fast
              (May include ginger, preferably fresh grated; and cayenne pepper)
       Herb Tea Fast
              Especially, Roasted Bancha Tea
       Vegetable or Fruit Juice, Preferably Fresh Juice Fast
              Especially Carrot Juice and/or Apple Juice
       Fruit Fast 
              Any and all fruits
              Melon Fast
              Apple Fast
       Vegetable Soup Broth Fast
       Brown Rice Fast
              Especially with Roasted Bancha Tea
       Whole Grain Bread Fast
       A Combination Fast of Any of the Types Above, or any other fast that works for us

Kidney Cleanse Using Fasting

Gallbladder Cleanse Using Fasting

Liver Cleanse Using Fasting

Breaking the Fast With a Light and Sensible Meal

Using Colon Cleansing in Conjunction with the Fast

Important: Caution, Carefulness, and Common Sense must be used when fasting. "Safety first" is the rule. A gradual and gentle approach is generally best. A balanced approach of love, wisdom and understanding, and correct will is important. Generally speaking, fasting is relatively safe and our blood sugar will stay relatively normal, but our blood sugar may decrease or drop and there is danger of dizziness, fainting, or falling. Generally speaking, it is best to fast on days when we are not working at a regular job, and we are at home and have time to get extra rest. Drinking a goodly amount of liquids when fasting is most important for safety. Also, toxins may be released which may cause a problem, so if we combine colon cleansing with fasting, this may help to cleanse the toxins and help to make fasting safer. 

Important: To Know, To Dare, To Do, and To Be Silent (when appropriate except for a possible fasting partner or support person)

Improving Our Intestinal Culture with Yogurt or an Acidophillus Product or Probiotic

My Experience with Fasting by William Star

Colon Care and Cleansing

The Pure in Heart (and Body) Shall See God (Shall Experience God).(The Bible)

The Importance of Colon Care and Good Elimination
       A Vegetarian Diet or High Fiber Diet
       Exercise can really help, especially the yoga and Tai chi / Chi Kung that is taught on this website.

The Importance of Colon Cleansing and Its Benefits -- The Same as Fasting
       Cleansing, Detoxification, and Purification
       Feel Good, Look Good, Have More Energy
       Helps Heal Almost Any Disease or Health Problem
       Helps Heal Toothaches and Other Problems With the Teeth
       Helps Us to Get 2 to 10 Times More Nutrition from Our Food

Reculturing with Beneficial Bacteria or Probiotics,
       Most Vegetarian Foods Naturally Contain Good Flora or Bacteria, that is, Acidophillus.
       Natural Yogurt as a good Source of Acidophillus

The Harm of Medical Antibiotics

Colon Cleansing Programs
       Oral Programs
       Anal or Rectal Methods

Colon Cleansing Using Enema Bags, Buckets, Boards, or a Shower Hose

Liver and Gall-bladder Cleansing

Cleansing or Surgery

Understanding Parasites and How to Eliminate Them

Being in Nature - Spending Time in Nature

The importance of spending time in nature, at least going to a local park, river, garden, etc.

Summary of the Benefits of Sunshine, Fresh Air, Good Water, Good Food, Exercise, and More.

Important Note: With Mother Nature's Healers above, and all that follows, we can slow down or even reverse the aging process, cure almost any disease, and live indefinitely. It is a question of doing enough of the right things enough of the time. It is important to understand that aging is not natural, but becoming an eternal youth is, and becoming an eternal youth is our divine destiny and True Nature.

Using Mother Nature's Healers

Keeping a Journal of Using Mother Nature's Healers

Mother Nature's Way to Eliminate Pain, Suffering, and Disease

Your Sharing and Caring -- Your Response or Feedback

Sprouting and Gardening

Window Gardening

Indoor Gardening or Container Gardening

Outdoor Gardening

There are many wonderful books on gardening and permaculture. Permaculture is permanently culturing the earth in a natural and organic way to produce all that we need for food, shelter and clothing. Here are some good books:

Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway

The Elves of Lilly Hill Farm by Penny Kelly 

The Smart Way to plan Your Garden with Excellent Software and Free Trial:
You may click here to see this site and software.

Organic Gardening
An Excellent Website for Understanding Much Regarding Organics, and the Harm Being Done by Monsanto, etc.         Organic Consumers

The ideal is organic, heirloom seeds. One place to get them is Survival Seed Bank. They plant up to one acre per package. They are packaged to store for 20 years

       Survival Seed Bank -- http://www.survivalseedbank.com/ 

       For excellent heirloom seeds, click here

From Lawn to Lunch, Eat Your Vegetables, Party with Your Preserves, Glean Those Fields Clean, Shop Outside of Supermarkets, Start a Community Garden We may click here for http://www.yesmagazine.org

UN Report Says:

Small-Scale Organic Farming Only Way to Feed the World

Anastasia's way of planting seeds. 

Bee Products May be A Key to Our Healing
Bee Pollen -- a super food containing all 22 amino acids, and almost every known vitamin and mineral; considered a nectar of the Gods, ascended master candy, a focus of love-wisdom, and possibly, the violet flame. 



Anastasia's way of making beehives. 

How to have more honeybees in your garden or yard. 
Mason bees.

Pray for the divine direction and protection of the bees.

Beautiful waltz music and other classical music can help the bees, can help them attune to Venus. 

"Queen of the Sun: What the Bees Are Telling Us" a marvelous documentary film that is very important to understand the bees and the art of beekeeping and the preserving of our plant life. 

Special Teachings on Healing
The Importance of a Smile -- Smile a Smile of Love

A Positive Mental Attitude

Wearing Natural Clothing and Positive Colors
       Cotton, Linen, and Silk
       Wearing the Colors of the Higher or Spiritual Rainbow Rays -- The Seven Rays

The Health and Healing Benefits of the Sabbath Day of Rest

A Day of Rest and Re-creation
       It can be of great benefit to our health, healing, and spiritual evolution if we do not work at least one day a week, and take time for God, and really benefit thereby. Also, this can be a wonderful day to take time for our families and friends. 

Health and Healingby Confession, Forgiving, and Forgetting
       Forgiveness is the first step of the unlimited potential of mercy. Let us be merciful with ourselves and others. 

Admit or Confess Our Sins or Transgressions

Forgive, Forget, Let Go, Let God, Be Healed, and Be Healthy

Forgive and forget the transgressions, the hurt, or harm of others against us.

Let God be their judge, and not us, but at the same time we may invoke God's judgment on them, and qualifying that invocation according to God's will. 

Mother Nature's Therapies or Healing Arts

Music and Dance Therapy

Arts and Crafts Therapy

Speech Therapy

Sacred Touch Using Washing of the Feet, Foot Reflexology, Foot Zonology, Massage, Accupressure, and more 

Washing the Feet

Foot Therapy
       Foot Rub or Massage
       Foot Reflexology
       Foot Zone Therapy or Foot Zonology

Body Massage


Kinesiology, Kalos, etc. 

Mother's Touch or Jin Shin Jitsu, Shiatsu, Bowen Therapy, etc

Holistic Health Services

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) integrates elements of many effective psychotherapies in structured protocols.

The NEWSTART lifestyle change program. 
NEWSTART is an acronym for the eight natural health laws:
proper nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, rest, and trust in Divine power.

You may click here to learn more about NEWSTART


Emergency Preparedness

First Aid and CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Training)

Emergency Medical Training

Training to Stop a Person from Choking

Training to Recognize a Stroke

The Order of the Good Samaritan

UBI Therapy

Holistic (Wholistic) Medicine

Chiropractic (Doctor) Practices

Naturopathic (Doctor) Practices

Oriental Diagnosis: How to Evaluate Your Health

Natural Dentistry

Medicinal Herbs
       Ginseng, Gota Cola, Fo ti tieng 
              Herbal compliment of the three-fold flame of power, wisdom, and love. 

Crystallography -- Healing with Crystals
       Green Stones or Gems for Health and Wealth
              Jade and Emerald

       Click Here to See An Amazing Article and Pictures of Giant Crystals, The Largest Known Crystals in the World 

       Teaching from the Hearts Center by Buddha of the Emerald Ray given August, 2006

A Healing Emulsion from the Agni Yoga Society

Understanding Fever

Brain Gym®

Marriage and Family Living 

Natural Childbirth

Spiritual and Psychological Counseling, Co-counseling®

Reiki (www.reiki.org)

Health and Healing

By Reading Holy Books or Sacred Scriptures

By Reading Inspirational and Motivational Books

By Reading Psychology Books and "Inner Child" Books

By Reading Health Books and Finding the Keys to Health

By Studying and Meditating on The Teachings on Health and Healing on this Website

I Love You and God Loves You

       Whenever we meet someone, especially children and youth, it is generally good to tell them that we love them and God loves them. This is one of the best and simplest acts of love that we can do.

       Simply say, "I love you, and God loves you." 

Five More Healers

Spiritual Practices

1. Prayer
       O God, help us. 
       O God, help us to do Thy will and Thy work. Help us to fulfill our divine plans.
       O God, give us Your divine direction and protection.
       O God, heal our minds, bodies, and souls. 
       O God, help me to change and do better so that I may be healthier and happier. 
       O God, help me to learn and do those things that I need to heal my mind, body, and soul. Help me to develop good habits of health and healing.

2. Meditation
       Click here for Teachings on the Practice of Meditation or Contemplation

3. Affirmations

       An Introduction to Affirmations

I AM well, I AM happy, I AM whole.
I AM healthy, I AM happy, I AM holy. 
I AM an ascended master youth.
I AM the perfect body, eternally youthful, beautiful, strong, perfect, and free from every limitation.
Note: Aging is not natural, but being an eternal youth is. Aging is caused by doing unnatural things and thinking unnatural thoughts, and not realizing that we are eternal youthful beings. 

I AM Temple of the Most High Living God.
I AM the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

I AM the mighty electronic energy (of love) flowing through, filling and renewing very cell of my mind and body right now.

I AM the Mighty Presence of this alert radiant energy surging through my mind and body, dismissing everything unlike itself. I take my stand in this alert, radiant, energy and joy for all time. 

I AM living on Light and Love. 

Saint Germain's Beauty Affirmation from the 'I AM' Discourses

Beautiful Affirmations of Love

I AM Lord's Prayer and Transfiguring Affirmations

4. Mantras 

5. The Violet Transmuting Flame

The Healing of the Four Lower Bodies

1. The Etheric or Memory Body
2. The Mental or Intellectual Body
3. The Emotional or Feeling Body
4. The Physical or Soma Body

Balance for Wholesome Living 

Earn a Natural Health Diploma or Nutrition Degree from Home! Global College of Natural Medicine 

Yoga and Tai Chi Made Relatively Easy for the ManyTwo of the Greatest Forms of Spiritual-Physical ExercisesExcellent for Healing 
and Slowing or Reversing the Aging Process

Look on the navigation bar. 

The Healing of the Four Lower Bodies by Nada

Change as a Major Key to Healing

       Changing Our Ways 

       Changing Our Habits 

       Changing Our Diet, Sleeping Habits, and Many Other Things

Healing and Clearance with Archangel Michael
and other Angels

Introduction to Archangel Michael and What He Can Do to Heal Ourselves and Others

The Healing Angels

The Seraphim -- Angels of Purity

Health and Healing
and the Four Main Paths to God

       There is one God, and four great paths to the One God, which are:
1. the path of divine love (the balance of love, wisdom, and power),
2. the world's religions, 
3. the teachings of the ascended masters given through various messengers or prophets, and 
4. yoga and Tai chi / chi kung made relatively easy for the many.

Karma and Reincarnationand How They Relate to Health and Healing

Understanding karma and reincarnation and how they relate to health and healing.

The Seven Rays of Healing and the Eighth Ray of Integration

The Seven Paths to Wholeness

The Seven Rays of Highly Effective People

1st Ray - The Blue Ray -- The path or way of divine power, will, and determination -- doing God's will and fulfilling our divine plan. God power is the power to do things right. 

2nd Ray - The Yellow or Gold Ray - The path or way of wisdom, understanding, and illumination through right study of scripture, inspiring books, these teachings on health, etc. Getting wisdom and understanding through meditation, prayer, etc. Getting the right education or training to fulfill our divine plan.

3rd Ray - The Pink Ray - The path or way or love, compassion and adoration -- caring, and sharing with others -- helping others -- being a Good Samaritan -- devotion to God. 

4th Ray - The White Ray -- The path or way of purity, wholeness, and integration. The path of joy.

5th Ray - The Green Ray -- The path or way of truth, healing, and precipitation. The path of abundance, supply, science, and music.

6th Ray - The Purple Ray -- The path or way of peace, service, and ministration; especially to our families and communities. 

7th Ray - The Violet Ray -- The path or way of mercy, forgiveness, and transmutation. The path of changing or transmuting our misqualified energies back into positive energies of God using the violet transmuting flame. The path of change. 

Note: See Inner Perspectives, Chapter 19

Making Our Homes a Health and Healing Center

Dedicating Our Homes to God (As a Health and Healing Center)

Having Windows and Skylights for Natural Light

Using Full-Spectrum Bulbs

Using the Colors of the Seven Rays in the Painting of the Rooms

Using Natural Cleaning Products

Using Natural Plants

Using Beautiful Artwork or Pictures

Using Beautiful Music

Using Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations, Decrees, and the Violet Flame

Having a Chapel, or Prayer and Meditation Room in Our House

Our Yards, and Hopefully a Garden

The Fountain of Youth

       The Mighty I AM Presence or the Magic Presence of Love is the Fountain of Youth With Us (Above Us). It is also the Fountain of Light, Life, and Love. It is also the Fountain of Health, Happiness, and Healing

       'I AM' means 'God in me is' or 'the Individualized Presence of God in me is', so we may affirm:

       I AM a fountain of youth.
       I AM an eternal youth.
       I AM an ascended master youth.
       I AM eternal.
       I AM immortal. 
       I AM an eternal, immortal youth (being) of God. 
       I AM ageless.
       I AM reversing the aging process in my body. 

Important note: God is never "so many years old." God is an "eternal youth," so if we say, "I AM so many years old," that is not correct. Most people partly cause their own aging by "programming" themselves to age. They say, "I am so many years old, or I am getting older. Or they say, "I am over the hill." Instead, we can affirm that we are an "eternal youth," which is the eternal truth. So, with doing enough of the right things enough of the time, we can outpicture in our physical bodies "eternal youth." Our body "believes" what we say, so we can program our bodies to age, or to affirm the fact that we are an eternal youth and can even immortalize our physical bodies, as Babaji and other yoga masters and individuals have done.

If people ask "our age", the ideal is to give them this teaching. And if we have to, we may say that I have been on this planet for so many years, or that I was born in _____ (year) or took incarnation or embodied in ____ (year). 

The Science of the Immaculate Concept 
for Ourselves and for Others

Created in the Image and Likeness of God (of Love)

Conceived in Original Bliss

Ye are temples of the Holy Spirit

An Eternal Youth

An Immortal Youth

In Perfect Health and Fitness

Ye are gods. 

Be Still and Know that I AM God (within you).

I AM a Son of God. 
I AM a Daughter of God.

We shall be called the sons of God. I AM a son of God. I AM a daughter of God. 

The kingdom of God is within you. The consciousness of God is within you. I AM the kingdom of God. I AM the consciousness of God. 

Ye are gods. The Presence of God is within me. I AM the Presence of God.

The works that I do shall ye do also... I AM able to do the works that Jesus did because I AM the son (daughter) of God also.

I AM able to all things in Christ, which strengtheneth me. 

I AM light of the world. Be ye the light of the world. Yes, I AM (God in me is) the light of the world. 

I AM worthy (God in me is worthy) to receive God's light, love, mercy and forgiveness.

How to Have Radiant Health and Beauty

By following as Many of the Teachings Above as We Can

Saint Germain's Teachings on Beauty

Give Glory to God

Know that God is Radiant Health and Beauty

Affirm: I AM (God in me is) radiant health and beauty.

Living on Light

A Natural and Gradual Approach

A Natural Approach by using these teachings on health and healing, by using other teachings on this website, and any other teachings that are helpful. 

Living on Less Food; Especially by Developing a Greater Mastery of Fasting and Good Colon Health, and by Practicing the Teaching on "How to Get 2 to 10 Times More Nutrition From Our Food".

The Human Aura

Book called "The Human Aura" by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul from the Summit Lighthouse

Other Important Teachings

The Healing Center or Good Samaritan Hospital

Teachings on Health from the 'I AM' Discourses

The True Nature of Healing

Lady Kristene's Chrisms on Health and Healing

The Nature Spirits -- Elemental Life of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth; including our Body Elemental

Four Important Teachings on Healing

A Teaching on Ingesting Natural Foods and More by Amaryllia 11/17/06
       Walking in Nature 
       Walking Barefoot in Green Grass
       Walking on Sunbaked Sand

A Teaching from the Hearts Center given August, 30, 2006 (See text) by the Buddha of the Emerald Ray

The Healing Thoughtform and the Emerald Matrix

Healing Affirmations from the Hearts Center

The Blueprint of Adam Kadmon and His Beloved - Archetypal Man and Woman

We Can be, and to Some Extent, are Health Practitioners, Healers, Miracle Workers, and Alchemists in this hour. 
       We can be and are Health Ministers

Healing Light, Healing Love

A List of Good Books on Health:

A List of Websites on Good Health:
       Holistic Health: Testimonials of Healing Naturally -- Amazing personal accounts of folks who have achieved natural health for themselves, their children and their pets with self help alternative, holistic and preventative medicine such as nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, etc. Click Here.

       An Excellent Website on Many Topics of Health and Healing Called Wholesome Balance

My Story of Health, and My Testimony by William Star

Putting These Teachings Into Practice
       To Know, To Dare, To Do, and To Be Silent (when appropriate), and To Speak Out When Appropriate


A Healthy Thing to Do -- Turn Off the TV Set Most of the Time

Regarding Most Medications:
       Most Medications are Toxic, 
       Have Unnatural Side Effects, 
       May Relieve Symptoms, but Not Truly Heal, 
       and May Do More Harm Than Good


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