Mother Mary Speaks
on the Sun and Our Sun Presence

Beloved Mother Mary

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
April 16th, 2006 7:46 - 8:05 am MST
Wellspring Retreat

            I greet you on this holy morn when my son did step forth from the tomb unannounced to each of us. And yet, we knew and felt the change in the earth through his new-found vibrancy as a resurrected being.
            His appearance unto us was the fulfillment of prophecy. And yet, his goal was always that each of us would be raised through his example that day. The burning of the fire within our hearts that Easter morn, and for many days ensuing, was a direct result of the glory that now flowed through his resurrected being, which each of us was witness to both at inner levels and in the upper room and as the Lord did appear here and there to each of us, smiling with a glory of the sun 'round about him.
            You have heard in this reading this morning how important it is to understand the radiance of the sun presence of your system, Helios and Vesta, and all the beings who inhabit that solar sphere of fire.
            As the woman clothed with the sun, I give to you also the understanding that this sun radiance that you should meditate upon is also the sun of you own divine Presence, ever present with you, and the radiance within the heart of your own being. For, by correspondence, when you see the sun each morn and allow the streaming fires of cosmic energy to enter your being, you may also experience the fullness of your God Presence as the sun of your own self, also radiating forth those rays of fire always to you.
            Blessed ones, though the sun may only be visible outwardly to you for half of the twenty-four hour cycle of the earth's journey in spinning around its axis, yet your own God Presence never wanes in its God-reality above you, around you, if you so desire to tune in, [to] be observant and [to] allow its light to flow.
            Some of you have discerned how, in this hour, through accepting that sun within your heart and seeing yourself centered in the sun of your own God Presence right where you are, then you may truly be a sun-center to all life. This is the fulfillment and the next step in the teaching given by blessed Omraam that I give to you this day. For, blessed ones, many of you are coming to that point where through your meditation upon the I AM THAT I AM you are merging not only with your Christ Self, but the Buddha Self, which is truly within the I AM THAT I AM, you see.
            Therefore, the original chart of the Presence through the I AM Activity, not showing the mediator, is still a representation of your relationship to your divine God Presence. The Christ came simply because many among mankind had left off of communing with their God Self. And therefore, that intermediary was needed to reestablish the contact. Once the contact is made, beloved hearts, then drawing down the fire from your own God Self will be a most simple process, not so complicated because you have fully embraced your own Christ Consciousness within the heart, your Buddha Consciousness within the crown. And then the sun may reside where you are, even in the here and now.
            Therefore, although you have a new chart of your Buddha Nature, as you fly higher, you may see the three figures compressed into one-you. For having merged fully with your own God-identity, there is no longer any separation of your consciousness of the lower self with the higher. You are simply the God Self. This is your goal. This is the true acceptance of your divinity that all must one day come to know fully. And though you may still struggle at times to enter into the fullness of this cosmic knowing, I share this message with you today, Easter Sunday. For you see, Jesus, my son, having entered into the resurrection spiral, was truly in that hour merged fully with his divinity and did radiate forth those cosmic rays from his own God Presence physically where he walked upon earth.
            You have heard that the requirement of a golden age is that a majority of mankind must fully enter into and become their Christ Consciousness. This is the minimum requirement, blessed ones. Can you imagine what this age will look like when all will not only merge with their own Christ being, but fully become the sun of their own God Self? This is what is required for earth itself to become a star. For the sustaining of the golden light of the sunlight of eternal promise will manifest as each son and daughter of God upon earth comes into that cosmic realization of the eternality of the spirit within the chalice of self, the heart in the now.
            So you see that this movement of light that has aptly been named The Hearts Center is one where each one does become a hearts center in the earth. You are the hearts Center. You are the one sent. When you realize that no longer may you relegate to my son the approbation of being the [only] one sent, but you also are that one, then truly, blessed ones, you shall see a new age dawning upon earth.
            I am the woman clothed with the sun. For, you see, I have desired to have the sun's garment clothing me always, surrounding me, enveloping me. You can be a man clothed with the sun. And each of you as women also join me in this title when you understand fully the principles and precepts of being all light, all God. This is the meaning of Easter morn that I would bring to you; that though you have the example of my blessed one, Jesus, I hold for each one of you, as he does, the image of your perfected being as a sun Presence to all of life.
            Take heart, O children of the sun. You are entering in now as adults, no longer children of God, but fully having grown up and become the fullness of who you are. I AM the Ma Ray of eternal love, manifest to all sons and daughters of the one. Drink me now. Drink in the rays of the Mother light. And when you return in your devotions for the coming of my son later in this day, may you receive him truly not only as my son but as your friend, a brother of the sun, even as I am your mother. For in this holy union of our family-hood, there is the building of a new community of the Holy Spirit worldwide, brotherhood, sisterhood of those who have become the son, the daughter of the one God.
            I thank you for your devotion, for your hearts of fire. And I seal you with a kiss of hope, for the new day is here. Yes, it is here this day. Remember to be the sun, not only on Sunday, but every day.

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