Progressive Revelation
by John the Beloved

John the Beloved

John the Beloved

David C. Lewis

June 17, 2005   7:40 - 8:08 a.m. MDT

Livingston, Montana

Dear Students of Progressive Revelation,

I am come this day to give you an understanding of the importance of why and how God does continue to issue forth ongoing revelation of truth to lightbearers across the galaxies.  This teaching is important in light of the claims of some within various religious organizations that there will be no more messengers under the auspices of the Great White Brotherhood or that the chapter is closed even on the revelation of Jesus Christ to his disciples worldwide.

As you know, as an apostle and close chela of the Lord Jesus Christ, I had the opportunity to witness many of his miracles as well as to sit at his side while he was delivering innumerable discourses on the inner teachings of the mystics as well as those parables and teachings that many in the world were able to receive.  I was often astounded at the continuous flow of divine revelation that poured forth through his consciousness, and yet, later in life I came to understand more fully the process by which my master was able to both receive and deliver his teachings.

As one becomes more fully attuned to the inner Christ light and purifies one's soul to the point where there is a greater weight of positive karma within the being than the negative, that one may begin to receive a more powerful stream of radiant energy from his own God source.  So, because Jesus had fully balanced his karma before his final incarnation, he was wholly pure and able to receive directly from both his teacher, Maitreya, and his own higher self many beautiful teachings and powerful inspirations that have truly changed the course of civilization ever since.

Jesus always challenged us to come up higher, and so we understood very early on in his ministry that we were not simply meant to be bystanders in hearing the wisdom teaching he brought but that we were also meant to inculcate within us the same purity of consciousness so that we, too, could one day be a clear vessel to teach and to preach the Gospel.  So, our Lord knew our weaknesses as well as our strengths, and he was always chiding us to put aside those elements of self that were a block to our own outpicturing of the highest Christ ideal in our own lives.

Beloved, revelation is simply the unveiling or revealing of the truth as it needs to be conveyed to a particular soul or to a group of souls or a people in order for those ones to rise higher and to return to their own divine source.  Revelation can thus be very personal for each individual or it can be made available to a wider audience based on the needs and collective consciousness of that group.  So some receive private revelation but others receive teaching and direction that is meant to raise the entire race consciousness of mankind across the globe, thus qualifying their words as those from the World Teachers themselves.

Divine revelation never stops, and so God sends his emissaries, messengers, amanuenses and prophets throughout history and in various climes and cultures to assist the ongoing evolution of all lifewaves on a given planet and even within solar systems and galaxies.  It is foolish to think that God cannot raise up one or more teachers and representatives whenever He chooses based on the needs of His children everywhere.  For He hears the prayers and cries of His people and answers those calls with the most current instruction that will meet the needs of every one who does approach Him with a humble and open heart.

Only those whose hearts are hardened come to the conclusion that ongoing revelation has stopped or that no more emissaries or messengers will come forth.  When you step back and look at this state of consciousness for what it is, it is one of utter futility and a lack of hope in the ongoingness of creation and the spirit of giving that is the very nature of God Himself.  Thus, those who do not want to hear more stop up their ears because they simply do not want more of what God has to offer; it is as simple as that, beloved!

Therefore, you should not look to those who have said that all that is necessary for you to know has already been given, for we desire you to know more and more each day, beloved!  As your elder brothers and ascended teachers, we DO desire to teach you more and more, and so we use who we can to send you new revelation and higher understanding that will help you in meeting the very real and personal needs that you have today, not five or ten years or lifetimes ago!

Beloved ones, the very nature of truth is that it is both constant and changing at the same time.  Yes, there are principles and cosmic laws that cannot be breached or abrogated, but there is also an ongoing stream of light that is constantly emitted by the sun itself and also by the Great Central Sun which causes all life to continually evolve, grow and flourish.  If this were not the case, then God would have wrapped up the entire universe and brought it back unto Himself in a drastic act of desperation, but He has not!

So, listen to those who receive our teaching and direct revelation which you know to be true because it already resides within your heart of hearts and within the seed of God that has always been at the core of your being.  Listen to those who claim not to know or see all, and so they are always ready to receive from us and then deliver to you the next step on your path so that you, like the saints of old, may also have your direct contact with God and come into a greater personal communion with us daily.  For the goal has always been that each child of God's heart would fully enter into the one-on-one relationship with the Father-Mother God and know that divine presence at all times.

I am John the Revelator.  Know the inner mysteries through first coming into that deep love and reverence for all that is holy within your own being and within the body of all lightbearers throughout the world.  For only in true unity of purpose may the greater works that will bring many back to the table of the Lord be accomplished.  I seal you in my heart of gold, which is always one with the heart of my Lord Jesus.




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