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    The following emails and letters were received from various individuals who gave statements or testimonials about this website, and various classes, that, I, William Star, teach, etc. Then the name of the author or individual is given after the letter or email.


       I commend your website! I celebrate your website! And I am thrilled to share it with the world!

Vixie Javier


I love you and God loves you!
Rainbow Ray Love, 
Vixie Javier

Thank you for beautifully embodying the higher octaves of Joy, Pure Love and Happiness. 


Dear William Star, 

       Aloha, Dear One of God! Thank you for s.m.i.l.e.--ing and for sending your infinite Love everywhere. My heart is so very happy and grateful to have a magical soul companion like you in my life. Thank you for your Divine Presence and for inspiring me with your Light. 

Vixie Javier


       An Open Door of Love website has really transformed my life upon discovering it last year. It has made me want to be a better person. I especially love the Love Affirmations; The Great Commission of Love, which is our commission of spreading the message to the world; learning about the spiritual and corporal works of mercy; and the Matt 6:33 - "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness - that we are supposed to seek, serve, share and spread and etc. the Kingdom of God, which is the Kingdom of love; and Lady Kristine's I AM prayer. There is a wealth of information to explore on the website, and I am so glad that I found it. The website and its creator, William Star, have been great blessings to me. My life has not been the same.



Hi, William.

       I appreciate everything that you have done for me in my life. I have learned so much from you, and you will never know how grateful I am to you.
       Thank you so much for everything that you do for me, God and the world. We are here to serve God, and you are doing a wonderful job.



Dearest William Star,               

My name is Kitty and I have been receiving divine guidance via angel numbers on clocks.. mostly. I have been communicating with them for nearly three years now. 

Recently I was led to your beautiful web site. ALL was immediately validated. For the first time in my life (45years) I found people that are similar to me.

I am beyond grateful for all the information accessible through this site.

I cried and cried tears of joy at finding my path after all these years. I also have a project I have  delayed starting and your Letter of Love this morning was just the Divine kick in the pants I needed to get to completing a collection of poetry, also in the works for about three years now. I wasn't even sure if I was  supposed to bother with trying to get it published or not...and after asking my angels about it specifically....you helped answer my question. I am studying and learning more each day...thanks to you and all that helped make this site possible.

Thank you for the Light.

Thank you for the path.

Praise be to I AM THAT I AM .               

Love and Light.                 

Kitty May


        William is a great teacher. He came into my life when I was fighting to get my authenticity back.  Having over-compromised in a relationship, I had even turned on myself. He was inspirational by leaps and bounds.  My emotional body was able to recover and thus I gained my spiritual power again.  He's truly a gem of a friend and a loving caring human being. An Open Door of Love reflects who he is and his unconditional love for mankind.

Linda LaRoche

from the Los Angeles, California area


The revered role of the dream interpreter amongst the people of yesteryear, combining art and science was a distinguished profession.  Although the practice has lost its appeal, every night we leave our physical bodies and journey to encounter the night language of our souls.  I have shared my dreams with William and he has acted as an impartial facilitator.  His assistance has helped me decipher and find meaning in my dreams gaining insight into my development while liberating my psyche.

Linda LaRoche

from the Los Angeles, California area


       You are always in my thoughts and prayers; and thank you so much for being a spiritual mentor and guide to me. Just knowing you has been such a tremendous blessing. It has made me want to be a better person. Thank you so much. I will talk to you soon,..., William, and pray that you have a blessed and wonderful week. Much love.

- De'Borah


Hello William. This is Han. I wanted to email you and say thank you again for your card. I'll be spending a couple days at the base of the mountain. After a that I would love to practice yoga. Meeting you at the library was illuminating. Your card answered many questions and opened many doors. Thank you again.



"Your emails are so sweet.
Thank you, Arietta"


Dear William,

         Thank you for a magnificent service! What a wonderful web site!!! I am so.o.o glad to have made contact w/ you!

Betsy Edwards


...I have been looking over your website, and find it to be quite amazing—even down to the translation page and a page with some nifty downloads.

I also like the way the site is organized; it is very intuitively arranged in the way the mind thinks. In this way it is easy and natural to go from one page to another. And it goes without saying that the site is chock full of everything the Masters would have the world know about the path to the ascension and all the things that are priorities of the Ascended Masters: the violet flame, decrees, etc. ... So it is a one-stop-shopping page for all those new to the path, and old-timers as well.

Lynne Monds of California


Aloha Dear William, 

       Thank you so much for letting me know of ... The world has been blessed by her Presence and now her teachings will continue to bless humanity through her students.

       Your website is a one of those blessings. Thank you, Dear One, for your wonderful contribution.

With love and blessings without end,

Sharon Rose


Beloved William star,

My Name Zereuwa from Nigeria. I saw your good work through the internet and would want to appreciate you for what the Lord is doing through you.

i came from a poor family, and have no father or even a helper, and i always hope on God for my needs. I must testify that the Lord has always been gracious to me, mostly when my condition compels me to dine in tears.

On a special note, from what i read from your website, you are really doing a wonderful job, and I pray the Lord to strength and reward your efforts.

My heartfelt regards,

Zereuwa Beneth


Regarding an email that I sent out on "Musical Keynotes", Amore wrote the following:

Dear William:

This is AMAZING!
Thank you so much for your love, energy and time put into this stupendous collection that you put together for our soul's uplifting and our heart's delight.

In love and light, 



On Tue, Dec 27, 2011, Marie Wilson sent the following in an email:


You must have spent years putting all of this together.

I will spend more time as days go by as there is so much information there and it’s all worth reading.

Love and many blessings to you – have a wonder-filled new year,



William was an incredible host. I had an amazing time with him that changed my life entirely out of reverence to this great man and teacher. 
He provided for whatever was needed and made me feel comfortable and welcome. 
He is a true angel and master yogi.

ofer nahmani 

Nes Ziyyona, Central district, Israel


William Star's note to Ofer, who gave the testimonial above:

I thank you for the very nice testimonial.

I thought that you did very well when you stayed at my place, and I thought that our yoga practice or training sessions went very well. 


       Included below are four testimonial letters of people that have taken yoga classes with me, William Star. 

       1. "Thus far I have had 3 Yoga lessons instructed by Bill ... (William Star). Each one has been a true blessing, leaving one with a feeling of peace and greater balance. What really strikes me, is the flow of energy felt throughout the body, when doing these.
       His peacefulness and patience, desire to teach, and gentle compassion, is felt by all."

        Judith Heit

       2. "With great pleasure I write you of a wonderful event ... a wonderful class of Hatha Yoga every Sat. afternoon at the TC (Teaching center).

       I greatly enjoyed it and other attendees were grateful too. This yoga has Babaji's signature upon it and some of it was refreshingly new to me.

       Bill (William Star) was like a loving brother to each one attending, giving superlative examples of perfectly aligned postures done with grace and peace, a factor so needed by many of us. Bill's voice was so gentle one couldn't help but feel loved and appreciated, and the exercises unlocked hidden potential in our bodies of self mastery giving each attendee higher hope. From the wonderful results I'd love to take it (3X)(3 times) per week." 

       Love, Jane (Guelich)

       3. "I have practiced yoga over the last 20 years, and recently began the system as taught by Babaji's disciples -- Babaji's Kriya Yoga. Having tried various systems and methods and having studied yoga teachings and texts, I feel this system of yoga provides me the most natural and profound approach available and is highly suited for all ages and physical capacities.

       I am most struck by the sense of balance and inner focus that comes as a result of the practice of this yoga. I would dearly like to see this yoga taught at Summit University and I have the highest regard for (William’s) approach which is ideally suited for those who are new or relatively new to hatha yoga.

       In my experience the removal of the sense of strain and unnecessary effort is a key element in yoga and this system provides that."

       Most Sincerely, Bruce Marah

       4. My experience of yoga with William has been quite extraordinary. As a rusty yoga student at 83, I needed help to regain flexibility, good posture, and smoother, relaxed breathing. 
       My joy in movement grows each week. Thank you William Star. 

       Victoria Osborne, Emigrant, Montana


Here is a testimonial from one of my students at Laguna Creek Tennis and Racquet Club exactly as she sent it to me in an email: 



       Great website, William! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Seems that you are following your passion.

Love, Kristine Monroe in Santa Rosa, CA


Note by William Star:

I AM grateful for all those who have given testimonials.
If you would like to give a testimonial:

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Thank you and God bless you,

William Star -- Friend, Disciple, and Director of An Open Door of Love

Humble Heart, Head, and Hands of the Heavenly Hierarchy

Working with the Ascended Lady Master RaeLynn
(Each one of us may call to RaeLynn's Presence for her help, her light, and her love.)

Let God be magnified! Let God be glorified!


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