An Understanding of Progressive Revelation

Progressive Revelation

(Let the Masters Speak for Themselves)

        The following teachings are some of the teachings from the Pearls of Wisdom CD ROM from the Summit Lighthouse on progressive revelation:

Vol. 5  No. 14  -  Beloved Jesus the Christ  -  April 6, 1962

When a church or a world religion no longer admits to that progressive revelation which truly is forthcoming, it blocks the direct interaction of the faithful with the ascended founder.  The open-minded and forward-moving disciples ought to be free to forgive the past errors of their teachers while still exalting the Light these teachers did indeed bring forth while in embodiment, albeit circumscribed by the then-established interpretations of Holy Writ.

One example of a major loss which occurred through just such a refusal of the clergy to move forward with Holy Truth is the present denial of or utter silence on the doctrine of reincarnation and the preexistence of the soul, taught both by me and my disciples and by Origen of Alexandria, which has been confirmed many times over in the direct experiences of the saints and just ordinary people.

If the embodied disciples of a living Ascended Master do not allow that Master to progress beyond his attainment at the conclusion of his final embodiment, then how can the disciples expect to move forward in the expanding Light of cosmos!  Progress as progressive revelation is the law of spiritual evolution.

Vol. 8  No. 36  -  Mother Mary  -  September 5, 1965

... Hence, beloved ones, progressive revelation is for the purpose of continuing the infinite release of the Word of God to men in each contemporary and succeeding generation—not in refutation of the old, but as an affirmation of the ever-new testament of God...

Because of the need for understanding, I proclaim my solid unity with Saint Germain as we seek to nurture the Messiah of progressive revelation whereby the curtain to the Holy of Holies, the veil in the temple of man's being, may be rent in twain by the great lightning of divine love EN4 that, in sweeping aside ancient traditions, reveals on the altar of each man's heart a living flame, the Paraclete beyond token, manifesting as the Presence of Life in all its immaculate wonder!

Your Mother of Infinite Love, Mary

Vol. 9  No. 10  -  Beloved Archangel Michael  -  March 6, 1966

The revelatory glimpses of John the Beloved are scarcely understood save by the few. 

The exposal of emotional ills of mind and being projected against the seekers draw parallels in Pilgrim's Progress and Dante's Inferno. Yet, a world steeped in dogma will often reject progressive revelation and the voice of God speaking in all ages through holy prophets.

Vol. 11  No. 42  -  God Meru  -  October 20, 1968

Often great compassion goes out from our temple for the people of this dark star of Earth because they have sunk so deeply into the oblivion of illusion.  Let us never forsake the deliverance of this blessed planet that God loves.  Let all stand with the ascended masters in seeking progressive revelation and the glories eternally released from the fount of wisdom for yourselves and your posterity.

Graciously, I AM      The God Meru

Vol. 14  No. 44  -  Pallas Athena  -  October 31, 1971

In matters of progressive revelation God continues to speak to man today, breaking the bread of the living Word.  If men are bound to the roots of error or even of stultifying dogma, refusing to build upon those fundamental precepts taught them as children, then they must remain children until they choose to become otherwise... EN10

Thus, let men understand Truth as the flower of the Christ, the Rose of Sharon unfolding its petals within the heart and mind–as a spiral of understanding that rises in the being and consciousness of man.  Let them also pray for guidance, that they may receive initiation into those steps of the Law which reveal Christ as the ever widening circle of the Mind of God.

Vol. 33  No. 49  -  Beloved Jesus Christ  -  December 16, 1990

Let the mechanization-man concept of religion tell you that Christ simply is and I will say that even the I AM THAT I AM is not simply that which is.  For the I AM THAT I AM is ever moving and even as I speak the Word, the I AM THAT I AM has transformed itself a million times and released all manner of Light rays [and spirals of the Mind of God].  There is nothing but progressive revelation and [progressive] realization of God where you are.

  Do not impede the process, beloved, and do not let yourself calcify in a certain mold from now until the hour of your victory. EN20 For if you do, beloved, you may not have the victory over Death and Hell; for calcification is the signal and the sign that you have sealed yourself at a certain level.  All who do this enter the spiral of mortality–of disintegration, disease and death.

  Therefore know this, that your challenge as a son of God, which you are, is to move on in the creative spirals of being every single day and to not accept the defeats of yesterday or its limitations as having any power over the sun at dawn, the sun of your Christ Self, which rises every day from dawn to the zenith of the heavens, whereupon you cry out:


          The fullness of thy Resurrection and thy Life

            within me this day!

          And I AM alive forevermore in Thee

          And in the Central Sun and in the earth!

          Behold, I AM with Lanello:

          Everywhere in the consciousness of God!

  I bid you a joyous Christ Mass, ever unfolding unto the fullness of the Christ in you, Amen.

Is there progressive revelation?  Jesus makes it very clear:

There is nothing but progressive revelation and [progressive] realization of God where you are.”

Always Victory and Always Love!


Always Progressive Revelation!


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