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Welcome to an

Ascended Master University

A Free Online University

       Ascended Master University is a free online university with seven major departments and an eighth ray department. 

    A very basic understanding of the departments of this Ascended Master University is given below. It is based on the The Rainbow Rays Organization System and a teaching by Saint Germain from the book, "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfre Ray King.

1. The 1st Ray (Department)

For the will of the Flame and Government.
The Blue Ray -- Government, Law, Business or Commerce, etc.,

2. The 2nd Ray (Department)

For Wisdom and Education.
The Yellow or Gold Ray -- Education, Educational Methods, Study Methods, Research, etc., 

3. The 3rd Ray (Department)

For the Arts and the Threefold Flame.
The Pink Ray -- Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Performing Arts, Graphic Arts, etc.

4. The 4th Ray (Department)

For the Ascension Flame. 
The White Ray -- Architecture, Building or Construction, Technology, The Internet, Manufacturing, etc. 

Note: A light green font was used for a white font since a white font will not show up on a white background.

5. The 5th Ray (Department)

For Science and Healing. 
The Green Ray -- Abundance and Prosperity; Gardening, Farming and Agriculture; Health and HealingMusic Dance, etc.

6. The 6th Ray (Department) 
The Purple Ray -- The Family, Marriage, Childbirth, Rearing Children, Etiquette, etc. 

7. The 7th Ray (Department)
The Violet Ray -- Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Alchemy, Diplomacy, etc.

8. The 8th Ray (Department)

The 8th Ray of Integration
The Ruby Ray -- The World's Religions,

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters,


Spiritual Practices,

Encyclopedias (that include all subjects),

Library Science (The Rainbow Rays Organization System), etc.

Note: This department is to some extent a compilation, synthesis, or integration of the first seven departments. 


A Committee for Child Guidance may also be included as part of this university. 


A Teaching by Saint Germain

from the book, "Unveiled Mysteries".

    This system of departments above, is correlated with, and complemented with the teaching of Saint Germain from the Book Unveiled Mysteries. The teaching is about the Golden Age Civilization in the Sahara. The teaching is given below:

      "At the time of this former civilization, the whole empire was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity. The King-emperor was a "Master of the Ancient Wisdom", and a "Real Cupbearer of the Light." He ruled by that "Light" -- and his empire was the living example of Perfection.

    "For hundreds of years," Saint Germain continued, "this Perfection was maintained without army or navy of any kind. The control of the people was vested in the care of fourteen Ascended Masters of Light, two working on each of the Seven Rays. They thus formed points of focus for the Mighty God Activity to be made visible. Under these fourteen Luminous Beings were fourteen lesser Masters, who formed the heads of seven departments, controlling the activities of science, industry and art. Each of the department heads guided the work under his care by conscious and direct contact with the God in himself. Hence, direct from their Source did all direction and instruction come for those under them. Thus, Divine Perfection was constantly flowing through without any interference from the human.

   "This form of government was most remarkable, successful, and satisfactory in every way. There has never been anything on earth since that time which has even approached such heights. In the ancient records, that have come down to the present day, this former civilization is always referred to as the Golden Age, and so it was in every activity of Life.

       "In your beloved America in the not so far distant future will come forth a similar recognition of the Real Inner Self, and this her people will express in high attainment. She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth brilliant as the sun at noonday among the nations of the earth. She was a Land of Great Light ages ago and will again come into her spiritual heritage for nothing can prevent it. She is strong within her own mind and body, stronger than you think, and that strength she will exert to rise out of and throw off from border to border all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time.

       "America has a destiny of great import to the other nations of the earth and Those who have watched over her for centuries, still watch. Through Their protection and love, she shall fulfill that destiny. America! We, the Ascended Host of Light -- love and guard you. America! We love you.

       "A similar form of perfect government will come at a later period, when you have cast off certain activities... Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low. Everyone of them shall show you its golden lining. Back of the cloud that seems to threaten, is the 'Crystal Pure Light of God and His Messengers, the Ascended Masters of Love and Perfection' watching over America, the government, and her people. Again I say, 'America, we love you.'

       "One by one, great awakened souls are coming forth who will become clearly conscious of their own mighty, inherent God-Power, and such as these will be placed in all official positions of the government. They will be more interested in the welfare of America than in their own personal ambitions and private fortunes. Thus, will another Golden Age reign upon earth, and will be maintained for an aeon."

Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King, pgs. 41-44 


A Golden Age Must Happen

on Each of the Seven Rays

       Blessed hearts, a golden age must happen on each of the seven rays—each of the avenues of soul development. The golden-age consciousness of Gautama Buddha and of the Cosmic Christ and of the bodhisattvas and all anointed ones of God must infuse every area of culture with the expanded spherical consciousness of God.

       We have come for the release of certain momentums of light preceding and preordaining the great golden age that is to come. Blessed hearts, this is a great moment! And this is why the Class of the Archangels was convoked: that we might release, through the etheric plane into the etheric bodies of our students, certain grids and forcefields and momentums of light that will be the foundation of the golden age—if there is a responsive chord from myriad hearts and more and more among the people come into the use of the science of the spoken Word.

       This pre-dawn light is that which is a promise. It is a rainbow of a hundred thousand years ago that comes now to that point of precipitation. And therefore, with expectancy, go before the people of this planet and wait upon, with tender vigil, the oncoming light of a golden age truly descending out of the heart of Helios and Vesta. For the divine plan of a golden age upon earth does come forth out of the Great Central Sun, out of Helios and Vesta! And this is a moment and a cosmic hour of cycles turning when this light—even as a filigree veil, as a net of cosmos—can unveil inner blueprint and light.

       Blessed hearts, now understand that in each of the avenues of the precipitation of the rainbow of the archangels' causal bodies, there must be a balance of receptive hearts. The seven rays must be represented that a golden-age culture might manifest. Thus we look to the community of the Holy Spirit and to that Inner Retreat as the place for the development of these faint gleams of the morning light—the development of the golden-age consciousness in our chelas (disciples or students).

       By the magnet of the heart, by the magnet of the sun, by initiation on the path of the seventh ray, you can forge and win an intensification of light on each of the seven rays. Understand, then, that in order for a golden age to appear, we together—ascended masters and archangels, Elohim, and unascended chelas ...

Pearls of Wisdom from the Summit Lighthouse, Vol. 24, No. 6, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, February 8, 1981


What is the Curriculum?

What are the Courses or Classes

offered at Ascended Master University?

      The curriculum of Ascended Master University is the teachings on this website and the teachings on other websites that this site links to. 

      The courses or classes offered are primarily the pages or topics on the navigation bar or the menu bar of this website. 

       This university is a university "for all ages". It is for all levels of ability and education.

       Where does one begin? It is suggested that you look at the navigation bar or menu bar and pick a topic or subject that interests you, study that, and then you may go on from there.

       Or for a greater understanding we may study each of the rays and the associated subjects given on the navigation or menu bar.

       Hopefully, one day this university will also be in physical manifestation offering classes for free or for a donation or love-offering. 


Two Other Ascended Master Universities

Summit University

Note: Summit University was originally called Ascended Master University. 

Meru University


Universities of the Spirit

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