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Welcome to
The Love of the Child

        This area of the website will be dedicated to the love of the child, and teaching will be posted to help the children of the earth and their parents.

"Learn to love to do well, and you shall."

Casimir Poseidon


Examples of Children and Youth with Talent

Alma Deutscher  Website    YouTube Channel

Child/Youth Composer, Violinist, and Pianist

Beautiful Savior - Easter Hymn by Claire Ryann at 4-Years-Old #PrinceOfPeace

Note: More examples will be given as time permits.


       Here is an excellent blog, and far more, called "Spiritual Parenting Made Easy" on The Hearts Center website:

Spiritual Parenting Made Easy Beautiful teachings, videos, music and more

Spirituality 4 Kids

A New Opportunity to Reach Out

to Our Children!

      Lightbearers of the world! Are you concerned with our children’s education? If you desire to teach your kids, your grandkids or the kids in your care a spiritual perspective on life, here is a new offering you may be interested in. Spirituality 4 Kids is a fun book for kids ages 7-13. It includes many funny photos and cartoons, kid’s activities and is written for kids…but, it’s all about the ascended masters and their teachings!

The following description is taken from Amazon:

-Deepens kid’s self-esteem through revealing their own divine nature.

-Enhances their sense of purpose through understanding their life plan and mission. 

-Fosters personal responsibility and accountability through an awareness of karma and reincarnation.

-Promotes a healthy body image that is based on a spiritual perspective.

-Provides a spiritual perspective on music choices.

-Helps prepare kids for facing peer pressure as they grow up.

-Suggests ways to connect with the Divine.

-Provides an overview of the ascended masters and how we are destined to ascend to God.

       You can find a copy here or a free PDF copy here. If perchance you have no kids but desire to help other kids by getting the word out you can write a review on Amazon and in that case you can email the author for a free electronic copy at Spirituality4Kids@HeartsCenter.org.


        Here is an excellent website on the family: 

The Family (Pathway for Families) -- associated with the Summit Lighthouse.


Education in the New Age  The Montessori Method, the Glen and Janet Doman Method, the Socratic Method, and more.


The Celestial Order of the Child

A Body Including Legislators, Rulers, Directors of Culture, and Citizens Embracing the Embodied Principles:   (date today)

There is conferred upon the one whose name is written below, the title of Advocate. 

______________________________________________ (You may print this out and write your own name above, if you can, or do it in "Spirit". Print out and post by your desk if you can.)

       My signature above (at least, in "Spirit") signifies that I am willing to conform in heart and mind to the sacred precepts of the Order of the Child, spending the required time of one minute daily in contemplation and thought before the precepts below written, also submitting major decisions to these same precepts. 

IN REMEMBRANCE of His (Jesus') Words...  Whosoever shall receive any such little child in my name receiveth me. Of such is the kingdom of heaven. Woe unto him who shall hurt one of these little ones. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me...

       I desire that my heart shall ever make me aware of the little child, who is always without in the concourse of time and space and who is affected by my decisions and my acts. In knowledge of the fact that my acts combined with others’ do affect the destiny of my country, the human race, and our common future, I do enter wholeheartedly into the below pledge, realizing whether I make the pledge or not, I am still held fully accountable for every act. I unite therefore with others, that we may make a bond for good, that our common purpose before God, our common heart and mind, will shine forth a golden ray of Light to establish the greatest civilization ever on earth. Knowing also that if these principles be not adhered to it is possible and imminent that this great civilization, like that of ancient Rome and others, may fall, decay, and decline, I should therefore work for our future without bias.

PLEDGE  --  BEFORE THE GOD of the universe, I promise to be ever aware of the interests of mankind, as an "All", and of all who dwell in my country, rather than the few. I shall seek better government of the people, by the people, and for the people. As I act toward the least of humanity, I have acted toward the greatest. My thoughts shall be ever mindful of the little child of the future -- every little child in whom is the breath of Life. If ever I cannot act accordingly, I shall resign my authority over others. Conferring upon each advocate of the child of the future a portion of the wisdom of Solomon, who received wisdom of God, may your wisdom be like unto your sincerity, increasing unto the full light of divine wisdom, sufficient unto this day.

Mark L. Prophet  --  Servant of Advocates

Note: Each person who would like to become an advocate for the child is encouraged to print out the document above, or write a short version of it, date it, sign it, and do what it asks. Thanks


Prayer for the Holy Children

“Beloved hearts, truly, each of you is an angel of mercy who, on both inner and outer levels, does represent 10,000 legions of angels for us.

In the name of the Holy Child, we raise our prayer to the heart of the Divine Father/Mother God and we say:

Each child is special and precious to us and worth the life that God bestows. None should be shunned, none should be unwanted, none should be left in the streets to fend for themselves; but each one should truly be honored as the Christ Child. For the same light that was beating within the breast of our Jesus beats within the heart of every child of God.

Let mankind understand this concept whereby every soul has meaning, every soul has a divine plan, every soul is truly worshiped by the angels. For the angels do tend the fires of the heart of every child from birth onward. So we pray that children not lose their sensitivity to receive the inspiration of the angels. For throughout the cultures of this world many have lost their innocence.

We receive the light of the child and thereby receive the light of the Christ. We call for the flame of beloved Jesus to burn more brightly within the hearts of children. O Jesus, increase your flame of the resurrection and the ascension. Burn more brightly within our hearts. Burn brightly, O flame of freedom from the heart of my Father. Burn more brightly within your servants. O God, help the children in this hour.

We accept the reinforcements sent by God for the protection of the Holy Child in the womb and up to the age of 12, that age of puberty. We say, seal them in holy innocence. Seal them in the protection of all the archangels and their retinue, O God. Protect them from the bombardments of rock music all that assails their hearts, their minds and their very beings.

O Jesus, as you held the little children on your lap when they came to you on the Mount of Olives and as some did try to shoo them away, we say, we will receive them. O my Lord, we will receive the lost ones, those without families, those without homes and those without hope. O God, send them to us. O God, heal them, bless them, nourish them. For we are truly your servitors and we would save all sentient life, first and foremost the little ones.

O my God, we thank you for hearing our prayer. We thank you, O God, for bestowing your grace upon all life.

Note: This prayer is from The Hearts Center, but changes were made to make it more acceptable on this website.

Copyright © 2005 The Hearts Center™  Released September 17, 2005 rev. 11-1-05 4.001 (cont.) Prayer for the Holy Children


A Counsel for Parents

       "I counsel you that when as parents or teachers you make life too easy for children and their studies too easy and [you] do not give them hurdles [so that they might] develop levels of excellence and a sense of accomplishment in the mastery of self, you fail to prepare them for the reality of the rigors of the true path of Life."

       "Children love a good struggle and a hearty accomplishment. Give them the freedom, then, to have this experience and they will easily walk in the footprints of Jesus or a Saint Francis or one of the many saints and they will move on. When they exercise and build their lungs and their bodies and develop strength in sports as well as in hard work, they will not consider the Path arduous but simply the next challenge to be encountered."

Ernon, Rai of Suerne, in a dictation through the Summit Lighthouse. 


Some of the Organizations that Support Life

National Right to Life

You may see on the website above where the candidates for President of the United States stood on life in the 2016 election. 

40 Days for Life


Pro-Life Movement


Note:  Please feel free to use the teachings on this page in any good way. You may print it out and share it with others, email it to others, put this teaching on your website, put it in a book or flyer, etc. Or you may change it in any good way. In particular this teaching may be given to pregnant women who may be considering abortion. Also, please put this teaching on bulletin boards or billboards, tape it to windows and walls when appropriate. Put it in laundry mats or use it in your pro-life campaigns.

God Bless You, and may God be with you!

From www.anopendooroflove.org.


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A YouTube Video Song by Sissel


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A YouTube Video Song by Sissel

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