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The Healing Center
Good Samaritan Hospital

       The healing center or Good Samaritan Hospital is that center which may contain all avenues and ways for the healing of the mind, body and soul. It is also called the Center for the Disciplines of Wholeness.

Center for the Disciplines of Wholeness

City of Light and Healing

From the Pearls of Wisdom

 Vol. 27  No. 55  --  Beloved Sanat Kumara  --  November 18, 1984

A Study in Christhood by the Great Initiator

The Good Samaritan Hospital

  Mighty stones of the Masterbuilder are being placed in the Great Pyramid of Life. In earth there does crystallize, stone upon stone, hearts aflame. Builders in the temple of my God, I salute thee, the ancient of the Ancient of Days. You have called upon me and called again--Sanat Kumara. Aye, it is good. For once upon a time it was I who called and none answered; and therefore I knew that the candle had been extinguished on earth.

  Thus, I called. Thus, I came. Thus, I breathed upon life once again the breath--the sacred fire breath. And lo, hearts began to stir, hearts began to move! Life once again could perceive, though infinitesimally, the point of Light one day again to be ignited by the sacred fire, by the sacred breath. And once again, the creature became the living soul and the Spirit of God entered that form. And thus, spiritual evolution began again.

  Lo, I came. Lo, I have come to you--you who would finish with me, from the beginning unto the ending, the eternal life-spirals of earth and dedicate a lifewave and an evolution to that permanent God-identity, to the fiery coil, and to the drawing down into manifestation of the supernal Light of eternality that is each one’s God-identity!

  I AM the Eternal One. I have been called Karttikeya. EN1 I have been called The One. Thus, in the Light of the eternal Buddha of cosmos, Holy Kumaras with me, we come in response to thy heart and to the heart of Helios. We come to support and to sustain, to give vigor and life to the great pulse that did go forth in the very Heart of the Western Shamballa that has covered the earth with a mighty outpouring and a victory of the sacred fire. EN2

  Now come the Holy Kumaras once again. We come, therefore, for we are the sponsors of this healing Light externalized. We radiate through Jesus and Magda, Mary the Mother with Raphael--pillars, then, of the sustaining crystal chalice and the Emerald Matrix within it.

  Blessed hearts of living flame, it is the goal of the Holy Kumaras to restore the seven pathways of our God in manifestation--the ways unto the Sun that must be forged and won ere the five secret rays from within might also be intensified. Thus, the Light of Alpha and Omega, out of the East and unto the West returning again, moves by the figure-eight spiral around the earth as the garland of the crown of the Mother, as the power intertwining of the Kundalini fire, as the full force of the bestowal of Serapis Bey kindling the Light of the fourteen-month cycle once again--blazing forth the power of the mantle of the Mother, blazing forth eternal Light.

  O God, thou art the Magnificent One in my heart! Lo, I AM thy Sun Presence in the earth. Lo, I AM Sanat Kumara, now igniting hearts by the emerald crystal. By the power of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple, I release the sign of the jade. By the engendering power of El Morya, I release the power of the lapis lazuli for the Light of the Good Samaritan. By the blue-flame will of God, by the fire of the jade, by the purple flame, by the white of Serapis Bey!--so I radiate through all hearts of the hierarchy of the Sun who have determined with me, as below, so Above, to intensify the healing Light and the healing arts of the ancient science.

  Thus we come, thus we intensify, and thus we respond. And we shall respond measure for measure and no more--measure for measure according to the gift of the givers on earth. According to those who have the authority in the earth in all octaves to draw down the Light of the Buddha, to draw down the Light of the Mother--we come.

  We come to dedicate the land of the Royal Teton Ranch to the healing Light, to the healing center--to the healing center of the world where all may come and dip into the water of Life of the Mother and be cared for by the dedicated servants of Light moving on the highway of life and caring for all without discrimination, without prejudice, but serving the body of God as the body of God--as the body of the Mother, as the temple of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  We come, then, to deliver unto you measure for measure: as you raise up the mighty Kundalini fire, so we draw down the image and the blueprint of the etheric temple and the etheric city and the etheric centers of the healing arts.

  Beloved hearts, as you rise, so we descend, meeting at the point of the heart of the Buddha and the Mother. And thus, one day when you have accomplished this task of the raising of that Light, of the tutoring of the soul in the soul chakra in the ways of the divine art and the divine science of healing--when you have mastered the mighty power of the desire and the flow of water as the emotions of life, so we will come with our "Peace, be still!" We will descend another notch in the very cable of being by the power of the crystal cord entering your temple.

  Thus you see, beloved hearts, it is the conquering of light and the life-force in the lower chakras that enables you to center in your very heart center--the Great Central Sun Magnet--whereby we may descend, whereby you may comprehend that heaven and earth must meet as one in the etheric octave at the Royal Teton Ranch, which itself is in manifestation in the etheric octave even now. And those who ascend to that level of consciousness by the flame of the heart, by the flame of the breath--by the sacred fire breath--do understand the meaning of living in the physical octave and yet being one with the etheric octave and therefore making it physical. Beloved ones of Light, as you conquer Death and Hell, so we will bring down that full momentum for the City of Light and City of Healing. And therefore, let it be so. As the chelas bear the offering, so hierarchy is empowered and commanded by me this day by the authority of my office, Sanat Kumara, to deliver the full dispensations for that healing center of Light, containing all avenues and ways beneficial to those burdened by disease of the four lower bodies--disease of the mind, the soul, and the heart.

 Beloved ones of Light, we have envisioned for many aeons and prepared the messenger to this task: the lowering into manifestation of the totality of the science of wholeness, the study of the balance of karma, the bringing forward for adjudication of all past records and their dissolution in the seven rainbow rays of God by the power of the white light. Thus, beloved, this beginning seminar is the beginning; and yet for many who have already begun, it is a stepping-stone. Thus, we would increase Light. Thus, we would turn the cycles of cosmos and come into mighty being here and now.

  We would place before you the mighty blueprint of that Good Samaritan Hospital there at the Inner Retreat, presenting all ways of healing, enjoining practitioners of the healing arts--chelas who have prepared themselves and made themselves ready in the calling of the Divine Mother, who will be instruments of light and flow and the alchemy (so ably presented by so many in this very seminar) whereby matter itself of a certain molecular form and vibration and formula--charged by the power of the seven chakras and varying chakras, charged by the power of the crystal and the rainbow rays of God focused through the mighty crystal fire--might indeed now penetrate the body for the restoration, for the spinning of the chakras, for the healing of all systems.

  Beloved ones of Light, there is no limit to the path that you may walk on the fifth ray. For the fifth ray is sponsored by all hierarchs of Light as the instrumentation moving toward the Light of total freedom on planet Earth. There must be healing in all planes of being and the dissolution by the emerald ray of that which is incompatible with that fifth ray of Truth. Thus, all falsehood and falsity must be bound and the pure Light of the eternal Guru be found manifesting there!

  And chalices must be raised. And I tell you, as there is an Emerald Matrix, so there is the mighty emerald chalice. So understand the mighty meaning of this chalice. EN3 Understand, beloved hearts of Light, how it does indeed present the symbol of the Trinity, how the light and the power of Almighty God does illustrate the eternality of the Word.

  Thus, visualize thyself as a mighty chalice and realize that the curvature of the formation of this chalice bespeaks the cradle and also hands cupped in adoration. And the visualization of this light with the purple fire is the completion and complement of the Order of the Good Samaritan. Thus, take to your heart the sense of the chemical ray, which is the purple fire, and the sense of the healing Light that is wholly charged with blue for the reestablishment of that Emerald Matrix.

  O living flame of our witness, we desire to see the path of the ascended masters, the path of reunion with God--which I gave forth from the beginning-- open now to those who must seek because of karma, must seek because of the burdens of the four lower bodies. When they are beset with the aggravations in flesh of the distortions of mind and heart, and when all systems begin to fail and life is hanging by a thread and all hope has already gone in the minds of the practitioners of the healing arts, it is then that by seeking and by the call the contact is made between their hearts and the single Good Samaritan or the entire complex of this City of Light and Healing. Realize, beloved ones, that when they come to be healed, the whole man will be healed because you have already healed the whole man within yourself.

  Realize that this is the day of the opening of the door--one of the gates of the City Foursquare which is the Gate of Healing, Science, and Truth. It is the mighty power of the Emerald Matrix that does descend in this hour, beloved ones. Understand and know this true science, and realize that the twelve gates of the city must be opened ere you complete the requirements of your ascension. Each gate is an open door to a particular type of consciousness evolving here. Each gate is an open door to new teachers of the Light, to new disciples, and to those who seek divine fulfillment by the mastery of that ray of Light.

  Thus, here we find in the twin flames of the purple fire and this emerald green that complementary nature once again of Alpha and Omega, components in the very process of healing--light and color that must be a part of the atmosphere and the environment of those who heal.

  Beloved ones, we are beginning, as it has been said, a bold, a new, a mighty adventure. For if one would heal, one must himself be healed. If one is to heal oneself, one must desire healing. Entities of the mind are bad habits of self-indulgence, moodiness, various types of psychological problems that also come from the imbalance in the endocrine system, that come from deviations, then, in the use of the sacred fire.

  Beloved hearts of eternal Light, this truly is the very testing in the physical octave. For the test is this: If you would truly be healer, then sacrifice by the purple fire all that is the falsity and the anti-healing matrix. You must give up that which would prevent you from being the instrument of God's wholeness to be a part of this calling. And so it begins with the individual, and only the individual can make this dream come true.

  I AM one. I AM an individual. And because I understood the Law of the One, earth and her evolutions now have opportunity, by the grace of Almighty God and only his grace, to return to heaven individually as kings and priests unto God. EN4

  Earth's evolutions know a new and a mighty Light in these days for the delivering of the Word of hierarchy, for the lowering of that Light into manifestation. Thus, we see the interdisciplinary arts of healing making friends with one another, coming into that union by the balm of Gilead, by the sacred oil of the Buddha. And thus, by comparison, by study there may be reached the consensus of many cures yet unknown on earth. And many who are troubled by diseases for which there are known cures may receive the correct treatment.

  Beloved ones, we do not disparage all of the fine efforts and the mighty achievements of all that has gone before on this earth, in America and through modern science. We seek to add unto this matrix in the Matter science the descending Light of Spirit that will not only quicken and bring harmony to the body but bring the sheaths of the other bodies into alignment. Thus, the sheath and the sheaf presents the understanding of the intertwining matrix and of the fire infolding itself. EN5

  When only the body is healed it does not necessarily add to the ascending Light or the ascension or the union with God. Thus, we must pursue the healing of the emotions and the mind. We must demand of those who are a part of this healing committee and this new-age Center for the Disciplines of Wholeness that they demand of themselves the perfecting of the inner garments and the inner chalice.

  I come with a Vision. I come that you might see that when such a center is established again (as these remained from the golden ages down to the hour of the sinking of continents) and the sacred fire tended in the center of the center, people will come from all over the world as pilgrims today go to Lourdes and Fatima. And I tell you, the prophecy will be fulfilled that many more pilgrims will come to this place of Light than have ever gone to any other. Such is our capacity and the dispensation of the Great Central Sun to endow it with Light.

  The Emerald Matrix, the etheric blueprint, is in place. This, however, is a question of the fifth-ray application of the divine science of East and West. It demands your pursuit of God-mastery within the temple. Thus, you have placed mighty stones in the base of this pyramid and yourselves as lively stones in the building. EN6 As that which is below comes to fruition, you will see the descent until the bowl and the flame in the center will be indivisible, and Alpha and Omega and Spirit and Matter will be the converging of worlds through the all-seeing eye of Elohim, through the ray of precipitation through thy heart.

  You will make of it what you will, for it is in your hands. Only your hands can be laid on the sick. Our hands will be one with yours, but if yours are not placed there, ours will not be. Your heart must be the vessel to serve the elixir, the special preparation. Your mind must perceive the wholeness and hold the matrix until the one who suffers can fill it in with your assistance.

  Beloved ones, this will never be a psychic manifestation. This must never be based upon psychicism or hypnotic spells or those things that come from the lower planes. It is the reading, I tell you, of the etheric blueprint of the soul from the hour of its conception in the Great Central Sun. It is the reading of perfection and the meditation of perfection. This is the key to healing.

  Many are fascinated with the reading of past lives. Many are glad to know the cause of knots of discord. But the mere knowledge of these is not the healing. It is the letting go by enlightenment that therefore brings, beloved hearts, that divine matrix from above.

  If you could once see yourselves as the divine being which you are, as I AM--one glimpse of your I AM Presence, one glimpse of yourself standing in the sun of Helios and Vesta with your twin flame or in the halls of light on Venus-- you would need no other vision! You would be whole! You would know who you are, who I AM THAT I AM is where you are. And this would be the power to transmit the sacred fire in the chalice emerald.

  Do you see, beloved ones? In actuality, such psychic readings into the past are a dalliance and a delay. For as long as you visualize yourself in those untoward conditions of the past, how can you see and believe that ye are gods? EN7 Leave the lower levels of the psychic, leave the astral plane, and leave those who insist upon healing by this manner!

  We deliver the Emerald Matrix. We deliver it to you by initiation, by transfer of Light. And those of you who have received the physical touch of the ruby ray of Helios' blessing have a change in your electronic structure that will remain and can become strengthened for the physical outpicturing if you will change your diet and emotions.

  You must know what is the meaning of that transfer of Light. You must understand, beloved hearts, that I AM Sanat Kumara. I know the way of healing. I AM the way of healing. I have delivered the way of healing to the ancient ones, and I stand again to deliver it to hearts who are not tempted away from the Light of the I AM Presence.

            Beloved ones, let the dead bury their dead. EN8 Put behind you the past. And if you know it and have learned from it, all well and good; these lessons are necessary. But you cannot forever believe that you will be angry all of your life because you have been angry in your last ten embodiments! It cannot be so. You must not rest your case and nail the nails of your coffin by affirming what you were in the vale of tears, then endowing it with power and making it your god. By free will you set those laws in motion, and the carnal mind staunchly upholds those laws until you open your eyes and slay the dragon and raise the sacred fire and live in new octaves of Light.

  The ascending path is the way and the exercise of letting go and being free. You must still the mind once a day and disassociate yourself from everything and everyone of your environment--even for ten minutes of meditation in absolute concentration on the Light of the One, using your favorite mantra of Light, consciously letting go of this circumstance and all previous lives and tasting the existence that you already enjoy in higher octaves. Therefore, healing is but the descending Light of what you already are.

  Healing is a descending Light! Therefore, do not accept that which ascends up out of the morass of unreality of former existence, but rather, beloved hearts, know that true Life is from above and not from beneath. EN9

  There is a time for the consideration of karma; there is a time for karma yoga. And there is a time for the yoga of the sacred fire and the divine union. The Light and the path of sacred fire is our way. We lead and you must follow. Understand, then, that we take you through the planes of Matter. The planes of karma are like the planes of earth: the records have been made, the records can be dissolved by the violet flame, by the love of your heart--and there is no time and space. And therefore, the arresting of the spirals comes through the heart of the Great Divine Director. Sin is only real as long as you conceive it and perceive it. You may dissolve it where you are, and you may serve to set all life free from the prior imposition of that matrix.

  Dear hearts of living flame, it is necessary to serve, it is necessary to give the dynamic decree, but you may live [as though you were] at that point where it is already done and base your decisions upon the given fact that, the necessary footsteps taken, you shall be free. Therefore, why not enjoy freedom now?

  When you want money, you go to the bank and borrow it and you use it and you enjoy it. You enjoy the new house or the new car, and then you pay it off in the next twelve years or five years. So you borrow Light from the bank of Life, and you enjoy the Light now, you become the Light now, but you remember the debt is to be paid. It is not necessary to suffer in the sense of weight and sin and guilt while paying the debt. It is lawful to borrow from the cosmic bank account as long as you are trustworthy and faithful to pay back the dispensation, for heaven is exact and exacting in the Law.

  Some have discovered they could borrow Light from the universe or from the holy innocents, and they take this Light and use it with nonaccountability, having no intention of paying it back. And thus they preach a metaphysical religion that says, "As soon as I unthink sin, sin is not real." And thus it becomes a game of the emperor’s new clothes. This is not the true path of responsibility. Thus, service is the key.

  Conceive of Light and become it! Know it is thine own inheritance--yours to claim here and now. Thus, act the part and enjoy the part of wholeness even while you proceed systematically on the path of rejuvenation and regeneration in your temple.

  Past, present, and future thus become a sliding scale of consciousness. You may go back, then, to the ancient healing temples of Atlantis prior to the descent and misuse of the sacred fire. You may remember Lemuria and you may step on the marble steps of the Temple of Healing of the Mother (as I am there and this messenger is there in this moment as physical as we are here) and you may study and learn from the ritual and the archives of the ancient science, and you may take it into your causal body. This is not being burdened by the past. This is the recognition that that which is good and holy and true is a part of the inheritance of Light.

  You may study the architecture. You may listen. Listen now to the sound of the AUM and the ancient mantras of Lemuria. Listen to them, beloved hearts, for thereby you will also lower into physical manifestation the temple that is to be. For we will call those priests and priestesses of the sacred fire of the healing arts who did not leave off the worship of the Divine Mother, and we will cause them to return. And some have embodied here and some have come here. And others who have received the restoration from their going forth away from the temple are also gathering. EN10 For they, as you know, have received the lamp of mercy burning, the lamp that is carried everywhere on earth by beloved Kuan Yin--Kuan Yin, the eternal White Goddess who walks across the earth offering the lamp of forgiveness.

  And this, beloved, is another testing of the psychology of the soul for those who want their diseases in order to manipulate others, in order to have an excuse not to give the allness of God within. They reject mercy. For all know at inner levels that mercy is a flame that is the gift of God’s resourcefulness--the violet fire of the sacred priesthood of God, the violet fire of freedom.

  And when you receive it, the karma-causative factors of disease are set aside. And these karmas therefore being set aside by the law of mercy enables you to be healed, enables you to serve, and then of course increasing responsibility and the necessity of demanding strength from God to fulfill your office, no longer having the excuse of a malady (and the word malady comes from evil EN11), no longer having the excuse to be out of the center of God’s holy purpose.

  Thus, many diseases are psychological. In fact, there is no disease that can puncture the virgin's veil of innocence around thy soul, of the Deathless Solar Body. No disease may penetrate unless the seed be within thy soul.

  Thus, you see, we come to the stark and naked reality. But be free, beloved ones. Be free as I tell you that freedom is a flame that now bursts forth in your heart. Freedom is a flame that I give to you for your liberation from the false belief of sin and sickness and death. I bid you to the high and holy calling of proving scientifically, in Spirit and in Matter, that they are not real--that Death and Hell are no longer real on planet Earth, that sin is no longer real, that disease is no longer real.

  I compel you to the fiery vortex of my heart, to the perception of this truth, that you may begin each new day alike--centered in God, conscious of His reality, seeing the mighty fire infolding itself around you and as a mighty whirlwind, beloved hearts, taking from you the debris of centuries.

  Live in the consciousness of Light! Light! Light! and only Light shall manifest where thou art! Light, then, as formula of sacred fire, becomes crystallized in Matter through the herbs, through the plants, through the medications and concoctions that have been handed down from the ancients. Thus understand specific matter as a specific chalice for Light, and desire to study heaven’s pharmacopoeia—the pharmacopoeia of Light.

  Intelligence. Mind. You are the manifestation of Mind--the mind of the ancient Manus, the Lawgivers of earth. Mind is thy identity: eternal Mind of God. Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus EN12--Christ Maitreya, Christ Gautama, Christ Sanat Kumara, your own Holy Christ Self that is the one-ness of God.

  New consciousness, new life, new dimension, new revolution in higher consciousness! This is what we compel, this is what we command, this is the higher Light.

  Understand that if you want change, you must change. Come to a new dimension! This is why the physical land is at the high altitude. Come away from all of this. You do not know how much you have become enslaved by all of the wrong things of civilization--addicted, dependent, and out of sorts when life becomes frustrating. If you want change, you must change. This remember. If you want healing, which is always change, you must change.

  Thus, I ask all who have borne the burden of some continuing malady of the flesh or the mind or a habit of ignorance to truly say: "Do I have the courage to overcome the cowardice, to banish this, to remove this from my life? Do I want God and healing enough to change?" Thus, sacrifice and surrender to the love of humanity is the door we open, the door to the City Foursquare. May you seek to be the watchman of the LORD and to be the porter who may open that door to life and happiness.

  There is only one way to succeed and that is to visualize yourself as the beggar at the gate, as the one sick or maimed--to get into the heart of the one who fears, who trembles, who knocks. And then go to the other side, open the door, and say, "Friend, thou art welcome here! Enter and I will give thee sup."

  Thus, heart to heart, deliver my comfort. For this is a dispensation of a certain time and space on earth whereby we might deliver once again, and finally for many, the opportunity to become who they really are. For this cause we have sent Saint Germain, El Morya, Jesus, Lanto, Kuthumi, many sons and daughters of heaven. We have sent, and they have sent in turn, the messengers and the chelas.

  Thus, the activity is a dispensation to change world consciousness and to permanently anchor the synthesis of East and West, Alpha and Omega, as an ongoing, endowed establishment for all who will come after you, even when you shall have earned your ascension in the Light.

  The masters of the Himalayas salute you, beloved hearts, for you have understood the meaning of their science.

  I come now to touch each and every one with the violet, the purple-green jade. I will place it on your forehead through the messenger, and whatever piece of jade you touch to your forehead this day will receive that charge of this focus of light. Thus, you may have your own or secure that which is available, and you may know that this is my gift.

  Thus, you will take now communion served by ministering servants. And when you have taken it, come to me and I will touch the brow, which is the first of blessings unto the one who would carry the flame of the Good Samaritan in his heart and, I trust, respond to the call to carry the identification card of the Good Samaritan in his pocket, thus consecrating--as Above and below--the witness to the Eternal Servant that I AM. EN13

  I AM Sanat Kumara. I appear in all faces and climes and cities. I speak through the unexpected voice. I teach through one who is not a teacher. I sing through one who has never sung. I deliver the art to the soul who has rung the mighty crystal bell that signifies:

  Lord, I AM ready. Lord, I must have Thee. Let the crystal bell ring in heaven and let the angels come! For now in this hour, Sanat Kumara, I AM thy servant. As below--as I am worthy, as I commit--so as Above, be Thou to me, and more, as I am to Thee. And let me be, O Sanat Kumara, thy reward for all Thou hast done for earth.

  Sanat Kumara, I AM thy witness. I AM thy Mother Light in earth. I AM thyself. I will show Thee before my God my gratitude for thy appearing and for my wholeness Thou hast revealed. I am that wholeness and I am its bliss. Forever in the heart of the Mother, I AM. Amen.


"The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O'er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom."

The dictation above, by Sanat Kumara was delivered through the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 14, 1984, during Healing through the Emerald Matrix--a 10-day seminar on how to heal yourself--at Camelot.

1. Karttikeya: Hindu divinity of War, often represented as having twelve arms holding weapons. Legends vary regarding his origin. According to some, he was the firstborn son of Shiva and Parvati. In other tales, he was fostered by the six visible stars of the Pleiades in the constellation Taurus and thus is depicted with six heads.

2. The momentous dictation of beloved Helios, given July 4, 1984, in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, is published on the 16-cassette Freedom class album The Flame of Freedom Speaks (A84120); dictation available on single cassette B84128.

3. A chela gave an offering of an emerald crystal chalice which was placed on the altar of the Holy Grail by the messenger.

4. Rev. 1:5, 6; 5:9, 10; 20:6.

5. Ezek. 1:4.

6. I Pet. 2:5.

7. Pss. 82:6; John 10:34.

8. Matt. 8:22; Luke 9:60.

9. John 8:23.

10. On Good Friday, April 20, 1984, Archangel Gabriel delivered a dictation in which he announced the restoration of the priestesses of Lemuria. See "The Joy of the Path," Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 27, no. 30, pp. 235-36.

11. The prefix mal is derived from the Latin malus, meaning "bad" or "evil."

12. Phil. 2:5.

13. On October 15, 1984, at the conclusion of the 10-day seminar Healing through the Emerald Matrix, 46 Keepers of the Flame were initiated into the Order of the Good Samaritan. Requirements for membership in the order include the successful completion of the Red Cross Multimedia First Aid, Red Cross Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and the Good Samaritan Foot Reflexology courses. During the seminar, those aspiring to be Good Samaritans also studied the disciplines presented in Summit University Forum interviews with: preeminent homeopath Dr. Bill Gray; renowned Austrian herbalist Maria Treben; president of Wachters' Organic Sea Products Corporation, Dr. Joseph Wachter, and his wife, Ann Marie Wachter, specialist in sea-plant skin-care applications; Jess Stearn, author of Edgar Cayce--The Sleeping Prophet, with Drs. William and Gladys McGarey, noted authorities on the Edgar Cayce cures; Dr. and Mrs. Peter Theiss, experts in the therapeutic application of herbs and ancient herbal remedies; and Dr. Vasant Lad, foremost exponent of Ayurvedic (Hindu) medicine in the United States. (The above interviews, conducted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, are available on audiocassettes and Summit University Forum albums.) On December 10, 1984, 29 new members were initiated into the Order of the Good Samaritan at the conclusion of Fall Quarter of Summit University. During the seminar and Fall Quarter, an additional 248 students completed the Good Samaritan Foot Reflexology course.

The dictation above and the excerpts of dictations below are Copyright © The Summit Lighthouse.


For more information on healing, we may listen to the album or seminar on cassette tape or CD or MP3, "The Emerald Matrix," (Healing Through the Emerald Matrix), the ten-day healing seminar given at Camelot in California during the October Conference of 1984. During this seminar, Sanat Kumara gave the dictation above, and it was published about a month later in the Pearls of Wisdom. Also it is recommended that we listen to "The Order of the Good Samaritan," given 10-7-84, in which both Jesus and El Morya gave a dictation.

We may order these by calling the Summit Lighthouse at Customer Service Monday through Friday between 9:30 am-12 noon and 1:00pm-5:00pm Mountain Time. Local Montana: 848-9500, USA: 1-800-245-5445, International: 1-406-848-9500. To compare USA Mountain Time with your local time, visit www.timezoneconverter.com

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The Healing Center

The Good Samaritan Hospital

Center for the Disciplines of Wholeness 

by William Star

        The Healing Center or Good Samaritan Hospital can be a small City of Light and Healing, containing all avenues and ways for the healing of the four lower bodies--the mind, the soul, and the heart. This center was originally destined to be at the Royal Teton Ranch, but I, William Star, now believe that this Healing Center, or versions of this healing center may be built in many places, and should be built in many places. In fact, every city could have one or more of these Healing Centers. And every spiritual organization or group could build a version of this healing center.


In the original Master Plan given for Camelot at California, Portia says, "This center will open the door for the healing sciences practiced on Lemuria to come to the fore once again, whereby the energies of both Spirit and Matter focused in perfect balance will one day be used to heal every manner of disease, disintegration, and death."


In the dictation called "My Vision for the Victory of Aquarius, "Saint Germain says, "I envision an age when life in its wholeness can truly be lived, for the practitioners in health may deliver what God designed to be the answer to all physical burdens and problems. This has been blocked for so very long, beloved, by an establishment of materia medica that I tell you, if you were to (be able to) determine the course of life upon earth, you yourself would say that the only way there is to deal with it is to break it and to break its stronghold and break its matrix that does further disease rather than heal it."

So, the goal today is to bring forth natural means of healing and cleansing the four lower bodies without the use of toxic medications. Please see the excerpt of Kuan Yin's dictation below.

Vol. 36  No. 24  --  Beloved Kuan Yin  -- June 13, 1993

If you are able to give Jesus' Watch and then build on that profound foundation which is laid by the Lord himself, by his father, Saint Germain, and by his mother, Mary, you, I say, will have the reinforcement of millions upon millions of angels at your altars everywhere in the world.  In answer to your call, these will challenge those who serve the public health unlawfully and unscrupulously and control the medications that are dispensed to the people of earth, many of which are toxic and ought not to be given to anyone.


I, William Star, have made a design for the Healing Center. It is based on Sanat Kumaras words, "We come, then, to deliver unto you measure for measure: as you raise up the mighty Kundalini fire, so we draw down the image and the blueprint of the etheric temple and the etheric city and the etheric centers of the healing arts." It should be noticed that he says "the" etheric temple, which means one etheric temple that is probably to be made physical in the center of the Healing Center. Sanat Kumara gives the understanding of this temple and the name of the temple -- The Temple of Healing of the Mother. In my design, I included this temple as the main temple in the center.

Then Sanat Kumara says "etheric centers of the healing arts," so I have placed four or eight centers of the healing arts, one or two for each of the four quadrants or lower bodies around the healing temple. 

Of course in this "small city" there will be housing and many other facilities around the centers of the healing arts. Anyone who can improve on this design, is welcome to do so, and moreover, anyone who can do the architectural plans is extremely welcome to do so. 

  Sanat Kumara also says: "Past, present, and future thus become a sliding scale of consciousness. You may go back, then, to the ancient healing temples of Atlantis prior to the descent and misuse of the sacred fire. You may remember Lemuria and you may step on the marble steps of the Temple of Healing of the Mother (as I am there and this messenger is there in this moment as physical as we are here) and you may study and learn from the ritual and the archives of the ancient science, and you may take it into your causal body. This is not being burdened by the past. This is the recognition that that which is good and holy and true is a part of the inheritance of Light.

  You may study the architecture. You may listen. Listen now to the sound of the AUM and the ancient mantras of Lemuria. Listen to them, beloved hearts, for thereby you will also lower into physical manifestation the temple that is to be."


Sanat Kumara said, "...that healing center of Light, containing all avenues and ways beneficial to those burdened by disease of the four lower bodies-- disease of the mind, the soul, and the heart."

 To understand better what is meant by "all avenues and ways" to heal the body, click here:


    It is important to realize that anyone of us may start our own “Good Samaritan Healing Arts Center or Services.” (Call it what we want.) We can start with foot reflexology or anything else. We can start by volunteering our services or asking for love-offerings, etc.  We may also go and get some formal training in one of the healing arts.

Here is just one example of a modern day 

Healing Center or Good Samaritan Hospital

however, the healing center that is given by Sanat Kumara would generally focus on more natural healing or holistic healing. 



Additional Teachings on 

Topics Related to the Healing Center

from the Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 35  No. 33  --  Beloved Alpha  --  August 16, 1992

I Bring You an Elixir of the Waters of Everlasting Life

For though they seek to take from you the geothermal waters of the Divine Mother in the earth, I tell you, they shall never take from you the waters of everlasting Life, which I bring this day and which my angelic hosts now offer you as the cup of cold water in Christ's name, and more--as the elixir that you might quaff and know that I am urging on the points of light and cells in your body to move toward the ascension in the Light!  (27-second standing ovation)

  Now stand very still and receive the beloved seraph who loves you, who knows you, who attended your birth in the Great Central Sun.  Can you imagine (that there is) such a seraph who has known you since first you opened your eyes and saw the Beloved and saw your God?

  So that one, that precious one, now hands to you each one this cup of the elixir.  Drink, then, beloved ones. It is sparkling and ready. (22-second pause) Every Lightbearer in embodiment upon earth who has raised himself or herself to a certain level, with or without this Teaching, shall also be served this drink during the hours of rest.  Now then, beloved, be seated for the assimilation of the elixir and my word.

Affirmation by William Star: I AM drinking the elixir of the waters of everlasting life given to me by the seraph who attended my birth in the Great Central Sun.

Vol. 38  No. 9 -- Beloved Lanello -- February 26, 1995

Seek and Find from the Holy Spirit

the Gift of Discernment of Spirits

Thus, each of the sefirot does mark a step in the internalization of the profound mysteries that are behind the Ten Commandments.  And this Tree of Life is, in effect, the immortal Adam Kadmon. EN2  It is the androgynous archetype of all who would return to God, stepping out of garments of mortality and into garments of immortality.

Thus I have returned to my original position of grace, by grace.  For God has sent me from the Beginning unto the Ending to bear the pattern of Adam Kadmon that each one in his season might shed the rags of mortality and enter into the perfected robes of his divinity.

Vol.   38  No. 39 -- Beloved El Morya -- September 10, 1995 Be Thou Made Whole!

  Saint Germain, who smiles upon you now, has much to say to you. I have much to say to you also, beloved.  But to state my thoughts in brief, I would simply give the fiat of the Lord of the First Ray: Be thou made whole!

  Wilt thou be made whole, beloved?

   (Congregation responds:  "Yes!")

  I raise my hand and to you and to all who are connected to this conference by telephone patch and to you who are attuned with me in heart or in spirit and to all on the planet who know me and are one with me--I, El Morya, flash to you the blueprint of Adam Kadmon.  I place that blueprint over you.  I place the blueprints of the ten sefirot over you.  And I say, if you can accept this dispensation, then know that in this moment you are made whole.

  And if sometimes your thoughts stray and you think to yourself, "I am not whole," erase that thought and affirm your wholeness aloud, saying "I AM whole!"

  For you are made in the image and likeness of God.  You are made in the image and likeness of Adam Kadmon.  And you, beloved, have that original blueprint stamped on your etheric body.  And all else that you may have superimposed upon that blueprint that is holding you back is only an overlay.  It is not the reality.  It is not the reality of your being!


The call and the affirmation by William Star: I call forth the blueprint of Adam Kadmon over myself (and my twin flame, and all twin flames in love), and I affirm: I AM whole! (We are whole!) (I AM well, I AM happy, I AM whole) (We are well, we are happy, we are whole.)




Always Victory and Always Love!

I AM the Victory of Love, and I AM the Love of Victory!

As above, I AM that Magic Presence of Love,
So below, I AM that Magic Love everywhere I go,

And as I AM that Magic Love everywhere I go,
I will reap the Magic Love that I sow.

God Bless You


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