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Welcome to the Love
of Education
in the Golden Age
Life-Long Learning

     Education in the Golden Age is about the education of the mind, heart, and soul. Moreover, it is developing the Mind of God and the Mind of Christ. It is remembering who we are and fulfilling our divine plans. "The spiritual education of its citizens is the wisest investment any civilization can make." (Lanto) 


     True education is "drawing out what we already know", or "remembering what we already know", and "remembering who we truly are and why we came to this earth". True education is about following our own heart and soul. 

    True education knows that God's laws, teaching, and understanding is in our own hearts.

          Know Ourselves! Know God! Know the Laws of Our Being!


The Chart of the Presence

          This is one of the most important things we can learn and share with others, including children. 

The Chart of the Presence


The "Three R's".

(reading, "riting" and "rithmetic")

       "Thus, know and know it well that you must be able to teach not only reading by the phonics method but basic arithmetic and writing.  Reading, writing and arithmetic must be solidly in the hand and the heart and the mind of those children entrusted to your care, those in your neighborhoods, all whom you can reach, ..."  Sponsors of Youth from out the Great Central Sun  -  Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 35  No. 59  -  December 2, 1992

       One of the greatest gifts that we can give anyone is the ability to read, especially the ability to read inspirational, motivational, and spiritual books, and websites, such as this one.


      "Learn to love to do well, and you shall. (Casimir Poseidon)


    Know that: "Example is the best teacher." The way we live our lives is the best teacher.


Educational Methods

      Here are some of main methods of education:

The Montessori Method or

Montessori Education

     There is a tremendous amount of information on the Internet about the Montessori Method or Montessori Education. We may click on one or more of the websites below or we may do a search on any of the following topics that follow the links, and we can find a wealth of information.

A Few of the Montessori Websites:

Introduction to the Montessori Method Plus, other videos (Vimeos)


Montessori The International Montessori Index

Caspari Montessori Education



We may search for:

Montessori Education

Montessori Method

Montessori Materials
Montessori Schools
Maria Montessori
Montessori Philosophy
Montessori Teaching Method
Montessori Directory
American Montessori Society
Montessori Math
Montessori Training

Another complimentary website is:
Mother Caspari -- http://www.mothercaspari.com 

that celebrates Mother Caspari's spiritual heritage, and that of her mentor, Maria Montessori. Mother Caspari studied with Maria Montessori.


Glenn Doman Method and

(Janet Doman Method)

and the Institutes for Achievement of Human Potential

The Institutes are a nonprofit educational organization that serves children by introducing parents to the field of early child development. Parents learn how to enhance significantly the development of their children physically, intellectually and socially in a joyous and sensible way.

Websites on the Glen Doman Method
or Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential:




       "The Socratic Method, whereby the master elicits from you your own inner wisdom, is the way of Aquarius. We will draw out of you your own inner genius, for it must be forthcoming in this age. We will magnetize and, where necessary, sterilize that which flows through your aura for the highest purpose of your soul: to know and experience God. 

       I have been waiting for you to become who you are for a long time. Isn't it time you listen and obey the inner voice once and for all, and know your Self and awaken fully to your Buddha nature?"

Saint Germain, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, page xxii


Educational Program Based on the Golden Rule

       In correcting ingrained social errors and initiating a new and better way of life upon the moving screen of civilization, I am urging that there be established a new program of carefully planned education for the children of the world. This program should accentuate the attitude of noblesse oblige, engender dignity of self, and incorporate a soundly revealed faith in universal purpose, such teleological concepts quite naturally being dispensed through the manifold religions of the world with the understandable addendum of sectarian slants. Let the scholastic curricula of the public educational systems of the world place greater emphasis upon the ethical training and exercises in courtesy as the natural expression of kindness and a thoughtful regard and respect for others. As a rule of behavior in all types of relations between individuals and political units, the golden rule remains the guide to positive acts that infuse the moral structure of society with the vitality which makes for a responsible citizenry.

El Morya from Encyclical on World Good Will


A Golden Pathway of Education

       The teachings on this page are "A Golden Pathway of Education" and it is highly recommended as a primary source of teachings or education that can compliment or enhance any other means or method of education. Two of the primary methods of education for children and youth are the Montessori Method and the Glenn Doman method (as given above), which you may do a search for and find much information. Also, the Anastasia books or the Ringing Cedar Series books are excellent books to help to give us a greater Edenic Consciousness, and Back to Nature and Back to God Consciousness. 


Student Run Forest School in Russia with Mikhail Shetinin, Visionary/Principal

Student-Run School?

YES - INSPIRING - Kin School - in Tekos, Russia was founded in 1994.


Also, to learn more or to get a copy of this DVD, go to www.tekos.org

Note: There are many other "forest schools" that can be found by doing a search on one or more of the search engines or on YouTube.

The "Anastasia" books are wonderfully complementary to "forest schools".


Accelerated Learning

       Accelerated learning is a combination of many techniques and methods to accelerate our ability to learn. Accelerated learning can be helpful to us to do better and realize more of our potential.

An Accelerated Learning Website:


Here are four more websites that could be helpful:


Photo Reading

Subdyn Subliminal Dynamics

Learning Strategies

Note: My son, Mariah, shared the four websites above with me, William Star.

We may do a search for "accelerated learning" to find a lot more. There are many books on accelerated learning, speed reading, etc. 


Balance for Wholesome Living

Balance for Wholesome Living


       All of us may start our own Study Groups or "Sharing and Caring" Groups or "Friendship Groups". We may organize them or facilitate them in any way we want -- in particular a "circular" or "Round Table Approach" generally works well. 


Brain Gym - Educational Kinesiology

A worldwide network dedicated to enhancing living and learning through the science of movement. For more than 30 years and in over 80 countries, Brain Gym have been helping children, adults, and seniors to:
Learn ANYTHING faster and more easily,
Perform better at sports, 
Be more focused and organized, 
Start and finish projects with ease, 
Overcome learning challenges, and 
Reach new levels of excellence

Websites: http://www.braingym.org


The Four Great Paths

        The four great paths, as given on this website, is the four golden pathways of education.


Spiritual Universities

Meru University

Summit University

Ascended Master University


Universities of the Spirit 

Universities of the Spirit


Other Things to Learn and Teach Others,

Including Young Children

Sprouting, Growing Microgreens, God-Gardening, Victory Gardening, Elemental Gardening (Nature Spirit Gardening), Forest Gardening, Permaculture, Foraging for our own food, etc. 


Other Resources or Topics We May Study


"Wiki" (pronounced [ˈwiki]) is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick"




Learning Languages

Anastasia Books or The Ringing Cedar Series


Progressive Revelation

  Beloved Jesus Christ  

Vol. 33  No. 49  -  December 16, 1990

        Let the mechanization-man concept of religion tell you that Christ simply is and I will say that even the I AM THAT I AM is not simply that which is.  For the I AM THAT I AM is ever moving and even as I speak the Word, the I AM THAT I AM has transformed itself a million times and released all manner of Light rays [and spirals of the Mind of God].  There is nothing but progressive revelation and [progressive] realization of God where you are.


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In God's love and light

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God bless you, and we thank you,

William Victory Star -- friend, disciple, and director

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The will of the 'I AM' is that each one of us is a Star --  a Victory Star. 

The Mighty 'I AM' Presence within us is a Great Love Star. 

Victory Star -- which we all are. 

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To God be the Glory

A YouTube Video Song by Sissel


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Winning from the Beginning

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In God's Service, I AM,

William Victory Star -- 

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The will of the 'I AM' is that each one of us is a Star. 

The Mighty 'I AM' Presence within us is a Great Love Star. 

Victory Star -- which we all are. 

I AM a helpful heart and a Good Samaritan.

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Love is the way -- Love is the key!

Always Love and Always Victory

Come Home, my Beloved,

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(Paul the Venetian)

Adieu, my Love,

until you are in my arms forevermore.

(The Divine Mother)


       With all of our love we support you unto the Victory, beloved. And when it is won, you will know that it is your victory -- yes, by the grace of God, your victory, your staying power, your determination, your having said in your heart, "There is no other cause. For this cause alone shall I give my life in this world and in the next, that this Great Synthesis of Love, An Open Door of Love, might endure until every little one of this planet and system and galaxy and beyond shall know the LORD and ascend to God whence he came.


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