Mother's Birthday Message
(Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

Mother's Birthday Celebration

Mother's Birthday Celebration
April 8, 1989
King Arthur's Court, Royal Teton Ranch

It is most certainly the greatest thrill of my life and lifetime to be reunited with the souls of light of all ages, of all mystery schools, of all the periods that we have been through -- the history of this planet, some of which we know and some of which we don't -- for such a long, long time. And for many embodiments we suffered and served alone, and God has brought us together to be victorious together.

I have very specific memories of all of this and therefore my gratitude is extremely profound. You yourselves may have the awakening to these memories and realize just how far you have walked, how many thousands of miles you have come, to be reunited with your brothers and sisters. And there is nothing more precious in the whole universe than love and the love we have for one another. And one thing that the years add up to is many long friendships, many long loves, deepening loves, many experiences together, many experiences of bearing one another's burdens, of seeing one another through many difficult periods, of growing in wisdom and getting stronger and stronger, and seeing how the organization has reflected the individual strength of its members.

So life has become extremely rich for me in knowing every one of you. Every one of you I cherish so dearly. And if I have any pain, it is that I cannot spend moments and hours speaking with you on an individual basis, because my heart is so much a part of each and every one of you. This is the meaning of community to me. I simply thank you with all of my heart for your presence and for your knowingness that sustains your presence here.

I wanted to say to you that the example of chelas that are in the community--and that includes staff, those who live throughout this state and keepers of the flame throughout the world, you are all community--and the reason you have staying power in this organization is because you come to the levels of chelaship and you decide to put down the element of the human pride or the human ego and choose the light and the reality of your Christhood. Otherwise, you would not be here this evening. You would not be serving with the Brotherhood.

And that divides the Light from the Darkness, the chela from the nonchela, and that is why the standards are high. That is why you’ve been picked over, and you’re the best strawberries in the batch. These same tests many have decided are not for them, and they leave and they go their way. And that is what El Morya wants. That's what the masters want. They don't want any excess. They prune the rose bush every spring or fall, whenever it's supposed to be pruned. And they say, "We only want the best because our service is for the saving of a planet.”

So you are here because you will to be here. And I know who isn't here and I know where each one left off the path. It was that point of pride, that point of rebellion that they knew better.

So I can't thank you enough, our beloved staff, my beloved family. It's simply a wonderful day to celebrate another half a century coming up.


***********************************************************       I, William Star, would like to express my gratitude for Elizabeth Clare Prophet for being my primary teacher in this life, and I am eternally grateful. She truly was an excellent teacher, and I truly marvel at what she accomplished. Without her, this website would probably not have come to pass, or if it would have, it would be a small fraction of what it is.

      God Bless "Mother," as we her chelas, her students, know her personally, and this is one chela who is eternally grateful for what she has done.