Mother Mary Speaks Again
on Healing

Beloved Mother Mary

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
April 19, 2006
Livingston, Montana

Beloved sons and daughters of the dawn of a new day,

            I am your Mother Mary and I come this day, dedicated to the healing ray, to speak to you of the path of true healing. Blessed ones, it is time for each of you to fully under-stand the nature of healing. This my son, beloved Jesus, demonstrated most beautifully as you know, for not only did he teach and show men the way but he demonstrated tangibly the science of healing (truly at the highest level) directly conveyed to him by his contact with the divine world, whereby he was able to bring into manifestation the great light for the physical alchemy of change in the beings and lives of many.

If you study the scriptures to see each of the occurrences that are recorded of Jesus healing ministry, you will see a thread passing through each of the stories that will give you keys to the alchemy of healing that many of you may also experience in conveying to others the alleviation of not only physical pain, but of the change that is required at deep levels of being and consciousness for wholeness to occur.

Dear hearts, faith and belief that healing may occur is the necessary component that must be present in all before that healing may ensue. Therefore one must have a desire for change and for the harmonization of the energies of self and ask for intercession from the divine world for miracles to be wrought within the self. One must take action to make it so, and not simply let the desire wither away in the feeling world without bringing it into the domain of the flesh. Therefore whether the healing is conveyed through another through substance, medications, food, or whatever means, there must be a response from within the heart and soul of the one for whom healing is desired for it to manifest fully.

Note that my son would often say, "Be thou made whole." The wholeness of which he spoke was a complete wholeness of body, spirit, mind and heart, and not simply the dissolution of the outer manifestation of the disease that the disciple requested. He also said "Thy sins be forgiven thee", denoting how the karma and the cause must be consumed of that which did bring about the outer manifestation of the problem and the pain within the person. Therefore you have the key that through the consuming by the action of the violet flame of mercy/forgiveness, true healing at the deepest levels may occur.

 Did he not say "Thy faith hath made thee whole." For you see there must be the blue ray action within the soul of the one desiring healing, for the emerald light to descend by illumination's ray merging with that faith to convoke that green light that you know so well, beloved hearts. The Lord did also at times cast out demons, discarnate entities and force-fields within the soul and the aura of many that either were responsible for the outer condition or did exacerbate the unwholesome state to the point where the soul was clutched in a force-field of darkness that would seemingly not allow it to be freed from the energies of sin, disease and death. Therefore a true healer is one who can be the instrument for the release of light. Often this requires inner vision whereby that one may see all the forces acting within the being, the chakras and the aura of the individual.
          Many of you are gaining sensitivity to feel the energies flowing through you. The next step for you is to so sensitize yourself through the purging from yourself of all unreality, that you may be a clear vessel for the light to flow and that your vision may be pure and one, to behold the inner divinity within the soul entrusted to you for your healing care.

 The healer must work in consonance with the divine self of the one in need of healing. Asking permission to what level of absolution and healing that one may lawfully receive. For if too much light is released unto the individual whereby they are not able to hold it, then the healing may be only temporary, not hold, and truly [not] be of the highest order and nature whereby the entire individual may come up higher through the conveyance of the light bestowed. The healer must see the core problem within the aspirant. Often this is surrounded by certain force-fields that have taken root and spread within both the physical body, the astral and even the mental body, beloved hearts.

When this has occurred, as in cancers and other major diseases, it takes and requires great mastery and the work of my angels to have withdrawn from the individual the full-gathered manifestation of the spreading of that disease. This requires a laser action of light to dissolve the conglomerate within the individual of not only the entities that take hold and root within the very fiber of being, but then the outer chemicalization that has occurred at all levels such that that one may be free permanently from that substance.

 Spiritual work is required. And, often the healing may require the additional energies of others through prayer, through a focalization of their consciousness upon the individual whereby through the added momentum of others a forcefield is kept and maintained for the healing to take, as you would say, fully within that soul. There must be a specific quotient of fire and light and energy released that is required for change to occur fully. This light may be invoked and sustained by the spiritual healer through the intercession of ascended masters and beings, even cosmic beings and masters who may overshadow that one. When the aspirant himself or herself is able to do the necessary spiritual work in advance of the physical contact, then all the light that they invoke may also be used and harmonized for this purpose of true healing.

 Blessed ones, once complete and total wholeness is restored, the ones healed must move forward and strive to change their ways and their lives so as to not recreate the problem that did cause their disease in the first place. Jesus said, as you have heard, "Go and sin no more, lest a worst thing come upon thee." You as practitioners of healing must give the teaching to those with whom you work, that concomitant with the outer eradication of the disease must be the acceptance of the necessity to change.

 As you know, true healers are only the instrument, the conduit, the facilitator for healing to occur within others. The presence of the angels and of the Holy Spirit creates the atmosphere for healing to occur. As you know, all manifestation in the physical cycles from the etheric through the mental, the emotional and finally into the physical plane. Therefore, one must un-conceive of the ill health and the unwholesome state within oneself and begin to conceive of perfect health and the maintenance of that wholeness for complete and total healing to occur. This requires often a shifting even at subconscious and unconscious levels of one's being, of paradigms and concepts held about oneself and of others that have held sway [in some cases] for lifetimes, beloved hearts.

Therefore, along with the outer healing, we recommend [that] you have sessions whereby the individual does record what streams through the outer consciousness of his being before, during and after the healing session. Work with the great psychologist of the I AM THAT I AM within to undo the strands of impure knowing, seeing and feeling within.

 Movement is healing. The Archangel Raphael, my twin, did stir the waters [at the pool of Bethesda] for many to be healed. And those who did step within those waters received the blessing of his presence in the earth itself. Disease as you know is the cessation of cosmic flow within. Your chakras must spin.

The current of fire within you as the electrical impulse of the light from the sun of your own being must flow. Blockages must be released and consumed. Those of you who have studied the science of flow through electricity (as you have heard recently our son John convey in his teaching this past Sunday) will understand a greater measure of the science of healing, beloved hearts.

For you are electro-magnetic beings, and when you fully understand the cosmic interchange between your divine self and all of your bodies, whereby there is the interpenetrating through the sheathes of your four-lower bodies of spiritual consciousness, and the electrical impulses from your I AM THAT I AM, then you will see truly the nature of healing at all levels. True practitioners of the spirit understand the cycling of energy and the movement of the fire whereby there is the interpenetrating of all of the sheathes of the self through the action of the delivery of the fire required for healing. This was the great mastery conveyed by my son whereby in an instant he could visualize and see the light streaming through him to not only erase the physical causation of the problem, but undo at all levels in all worlds the density behind the problem.

 The more you understand of anatomy, the more you understand of all the sciences that are studied in the medical professions and the healing arts, the more you are able to visualize and hold for the individual the fullness of the healing light. Therefore beloved hearts, use all that you know for the benefit of sentient beings. Sometimes it requires only a prayer for an individual to receive the flame of joy within the heart, which when bursting forth can consume an aura of doubt, self-doubt of one's being and mission. The flower of healing through the heart is key. And as you have heard, the comfort flame does wrap each one within the aura of the Holy Spirit who is the healer of the breath of life within each one.

Oh the simple joys of receiving and giving love, and how healing may ensue through the most simple and beautiful means! You see, it is not so complex truly, and once you have learned and studied all the sciences the simple fact remains that all true healers are those who through the expansion of their hearts and the love fires from the heart of God, they may simply be the hands and feet and heart of the almighty in action, [one] through whom the light may flow.

 I thank you beloved ones for your attention, so that I may convey not only this day but in the future, certain keys for you to use in your healing ministry. Much of what I have said you already know, and yet I have released this instruction this day of healing as a simple synopsis of a teaching that I wish you to have and put into print so that all who seek healing may know from my heart [what] I would convey and would share so that each one may rise higher. I thank you, beloved hearts of love, and send you on your way on wings of healing-mercy this day. May God bless you. May God keep you. May God love you always as you enter the sacred sanctuary of His heart of healing love.

I, Mary, now bless the communion wafer and the juice. Drink and eat so that this day your true healing may occur. I thank you.


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