Mother Mary Speaks on Healing

Beloved Mother Mary

Beloved Mother Mary
David C. Lewis
March 26, 2006 7:38 - 8:16 am MST
Livingston, Montana
Blessed children of grace,

            I am come to initiate spirals of healing wisdom within you. As you know, the healing ray of green contains the blue of protection and the yellow of illumination. And on this day of the release of wisdom's fire I choose to extend my hands of healing love to you to raise you higher in an understanding of true healing.
            Beloved ones, many seek healing, but few are willing to make the necessary changes in their lives to accommodate true wholeness. This requires that the individual see clearly what is acting within and then to determine to change aspects of the self and one's reasoning and interactions with others to allow the emerald ray to be fully employed and activated for permanent healing.
            It is one thing for us to release light to quicken your chakras and to expand your consciousness to receive greater energy from your own God source. It is another for you to change your perspective and paradigm to then act from a new level of awareness whereby you no longer make the old choices to act in a human, selfish way.
            You have heard of the proverbial "blind spot" or schetoma wherein one cannot see one's own foibles because one simply cannot see from an objective 360-degree range all of what is acting through one's consciousness. It is important at times for our students to be awakened to these blind spots by our bringing them to your outer attention through a challenge or initiation whereby you are temporarily displaced from your normal view of yourself and receive input from others who are very well aware of the limitations or pecadillos that you at times allow entre to your world.
            Dear hearts, this is the action of healing through illumination that allows you to grow and to stretch forth out of old ways of thinking and feeling. For example, if you are used to eating a certain food which heretofore you did not know was harmful to your body, it may come to your attention through someone or some publication or article that this substance may contain elements which are detrimental to your optimal health. Once you have this knowledge, it is up to you to make the choice to refrain from ingesting this food. And this is the point where many fall short of the mark to rise higher.
            Once a certain truth is revealed to you, you must digest the full meaning of this truth through a process of introspection and meditation upon that truth. If you simply hear our words but those words do not find resonance within you, then they can do nothing to bring about the alchemy of change that we or you desire. Therefore, I suggest that you consider studying our worded releases with a greater determination to see what are those seed concepts that need to be inculcated into your being and consciousness so you may move higher in both your words and in your deeds.
            Not all may fully embrace all that we say, so we convey our releases in various ways and means and from different angles in order to reach our students at levels that they may be able to receive. Thus much of what we give you is repetitious and may not seem new, though many of you will, in the process of reviewing the words, come to a certain point of possible change where, if you embrace our light, you will be transformed at a deeper level than before.
            So, we rarely perform miracle healings whereby the individual receives a complete outer transformation in an instant, for if that outer grace is not fully allowed to be enfired within as a change of motive and feeling, then one may repeat the same mistakes that led to the challenging condition in which one has abided.
            Therefore, beloved, be content that your true healing is occurring day by day through the gradual shifting of your world into a new, slightly higher gear where your inner motor begins to hum in greater harmony and you have more energy to do the work of the Lord each hour. Seek to change your view to allow for the transformative, alchemical fires of healing to penetrate the stream of your consciousness at ever subtler levels so that ancient paradigms that have held sway over you in many embodiments give way to a higher vision of yourself and your world.
            I am healing one specific pattern within you this day that has been a bane to you for eons. My angels now enter your aura as you give your consent and they extract a certain poison that has flowed through the fluids of your subtle bodies, causing blind spots, lack of perfect vision and pure seeing. This is the grace that you have earned through the giving of your daily rosary prayers with me, beloved ones.
            Receive now, our love. Receive now this healing illumination. And determine to change this day and to become who you really are in God's sight.
            My love is always with you, O my children. I remain your Mother Mary.



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