Prayers to Victory

Mighty Victory

Mighty Victory

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

Lo! I AM come, a son, a daughter of Victory, to manifest

God-victory in the earth!

I AM centered in the heart fires that mighty Victory and Justina

now seal around me to quell the forces that assail me; and in the name

of mighty Victory I say, They have no power!

Victory is my name and I will not accept anything less than the

total and permanent God-victory of love in the earth!

I accept victory as the full manifestation of my path of oneness.

And the opposition is not only cleared, it is nowhere to be found!

I AM rising to a new level of oneness that is above the ken

and the touch of the forces of anti-victory.

As I imbibe the love fire of Lady Venus, I know that nothing can

stand in the way of divine love and its manifest action within my

heart. And because I truly know love, I truly know victory.

I AM become that God-love fully outpictured in my life that

is true victory.

O Sanat Kumara, Holy Kumaras, mighty Victory, I AM grateful

for your steadfast focus of the victory flame on planet earth, and

I pledge once again to work with you, to be that victory flame in

action that earth might indeed become Freedom’s Star.

I AM invoking and working with legions of mighty Victory

to direct those lost in the sea of samsara to the crystal cities of the

etheric retreats where they can learn practical ways to win the

victory on earth.

Defeat is not in my lexicon. I accept only the total and absolute

victory of my spirit, my soul and my heart.

I AM surrendering to a higher purpose. I AM making that

higher purpose the prime directive of my life.

I AM remembering my holy vows, and I rise with joy to greet the

sun of my Presence.

I AM donning my spiritual armor and taking up the sacred

calling to do the work of the Lord.


In the name of beloved mighty Victory, I command the dispelling

of darkness and I summon all of heaven to bind and remove from the

paths of the lightbearers every force and vestige of anti-victory!

I know that only victory is the answer to every dilemma that

I experience.

I AM answering Victory’s call to action.

I AM the voice of Victory.

I give my love to mighty Victory and I AM grateful that because

of the love we share he can and does act for me.

I AM Victory! By his flame, in his name, I am sailing high and

free from the impositions of those who would delude me and keep me

trudging the slow march of death and despair.

I AM a conquering one who only knows victory!

I AM up and waltzing in that 3/4 time and charging in that

4/4 march time that is the keynote of Victory’s conquering sons and


I AM calling to mighty Victory to charge the earth with violet

fire and the five secret rays this hour!

Victory, come forth to charge the earth with that quotient of

cosmic energy that increases the spin of this planet ever so slightly so

that all will notice a newfound vibrancy and lightness that is the joy of


I AM accepting the love fires of Victory resident within my heart,

and I AM holding this immaculate concept for all lightbearers on


I AM beloved of Victory!

I know who I AM!

I AM remembering my vow to save the earth and I AM fulfilling

it here and now!

I AM raising the earth to be Freedom’s Star.

I AM a missionary of Victory.

I AM an exemplar of love.

By the excitement of my eyes, by the glow in my aura and my

smile of victory, the sons and daughters of earth will know their own

true reality and will see their own God-flame within.

I don the cape of victory and I accept my immortal birthright

this hour!

I AM making it happen for God on earth.

I AM a conquering hero in Victory’s battalion of light.

I AM a beloved chela of His mighty heart.

I AM taking my place at the feast table of the Lord which mighty

Victory has lovingly prepared for me.

For here and now on earth I AM Love’s Victory!

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

Copyright © 2006 The Hearts Center. All rights reserved. Released March 15, 2005. Rev. 6-1-06.

Always and Only Victory

for Taiwan and Planet Earth!

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

In the name I AM THAT I AM, my beloved Holy Christ/Buddha

Self and Holy Christ/Buddha Selves of all lightbearers throughout

cosmos, I call now to the heart of the Great Central Sun and I say:

Mighty Victory, (3x) send forth your ray of victory unto earth in

this hour! Victory is the only option for this planetary home. We

invoke the infiltration of light into every recess of darkness upon

earth. In the name of the mighty God-flame within our hearts, we

command you to stand in defense of our beloved messengers and

all lightbearers, moment by moment, as they fulfill their mission to

deliver the word of God for the raising of earth in freedom’s holy light.

I AM Victory! Come forth with your legions and stand arm in

arm, wing in wing, encircling planet earth and all lightbearers this day.

Blaze forth from our crowns, from our heart and throat chakras

your momentum of God-victory into the lives of the lightbearers of


Blaze the light of victory for the transmutation of all depression

of the souls of the lightbearers.

I AM giving the earth a spin in the fullness of cosmic joy.

I AM sealed in the indomitable spirit of victory.

I AM the joy of victory seen upon every countenance.

I AM greeting all with the fiat: *Always only victory! (9x)

Now that spirit of Victory does descend upon those who put aside

all self-concern and all anti-wisdom energies to serve the light.

I AM here and now serving the holy cause of freedom.

I AM standing with Victory’s legions upon the island of Taiwan

for the energizing of electrodes placed there by the legions of light.

I AM taking my place among the hosts of the Lord at that

greatest point of freedom upon that island nation.

In the name of mighty Victory, I say to those from the mainland

of China who would infiltrate Taiwan, who would destroy this mighty


You have no power! (3x) except that which God does give you for

a season. Victory is already won for the lightbearers. If you would

encroach upon this holy people, then I say, Watch out! Many more

legions of Victory are coming from far-off worlds to defend this holy

people. I invoke a greater force of light on this planetary home in the

battle of Armageddon than has ever been seen in any previous age.

Legions of Archangel Michael and legions of all the seven archangels

and of the eighth ray, come with your ruby action and glowing swords

of fire to consume the darkness that has been put upon this people.

Legions of Victory, stand now upon Taiwan from this day


Create a barrier of fire, a cosmic forcefield, around Taiwan and

all its lightbearers. You fallen ones may not pass!

I AM sending forth the call for many more lightbearers to come

into their sanctuaries during these hours of crisis to decree and pray in

unison for the victory of light upon Terra.

I AM the joy of Victory, who is always with me as his legions

come in answer to my calls.

I AM the conquering of subconscious fear in the worlds of all


I AM making my calling and election sure. For I, too, have come

to earth to save those who have lost the way, and I will not lose the way


I AM the golden light of victory upon every brow each and every

day. Yes, always and only victory is the way for the conquering heroes

to come into the domain of the flesh and into the domain of consciousness

for personal victory, for planetary victory, and for the victory of

every lightbearer whose time has come to ascend back to the very

heart of God.

Beloved mighty Victory, I AM with you and your legions in the

earth, raising the sword of golden fire which you have placed in my

hands this day. And I say, mighty Victory, charge forth the light into

this planetary home! Charge forth the light into Taiwan! Charge forth

the light into China! Charge forth the light into every nation that is

bereft of the four sacred freedoms! Freedom must reign upon this

planetary body. Victory must reign upon this planetary body! And it

will manifest because I AM choosing the higher path!

I AM standing with you, beloved Victory. And by my fiats and

prayers, I claim your flame of victory and freedom and glory and

honor this day! And I AM grateful that you have cleared the way.

Protect all servitors of light in the sacred light of victory!

Always only victory! (3x)

In the fullness of your cosmic joy, we accept this prayer manifest

here and now with full love, wisdom and power, anchored in the earth,

air, fire, water and ether and tangibly manifest in our lives and in the

lives of all evolutions of light throughout cosmos!

Om Mani Padme Hum AUM

Copyright © 2005 The Hearts Center. All rights reserved. Rev. 6-1-06.

Note: The Prayers above are from the Prayer Book of the Hearts Center.