The Holy Spirit Speaks
Words of Comfort, Love, and Healing

           The Holy Spirit is also called the Holy Comfortor. The Holy Spirit brings great words of comfort, wisdom, and healing, such as given below:

          This day I answer the call of Jesus, as the shepherd, to comfort the people of God upon earth. For many millennia you have dwelled in veils of darkness upon earth. Many of you have descended to earth to serve to set life free and have felt the burdens of living upon a dark star, whereby many do not understand your path, your heart, your motives. I say, blessed ones, that God understands all and would comfort you this day to know that the light at the end of the tunnel is blazing brightly. Each of you is so loved by God. And it is truly his intention to receive you, each one, as immortal beings at the conclusion of your life rounds upon this earth. Therefore, know the loveliness of the embrace of the Holy Spirit this day. Receive the intimations of God's heart in many ways, simple and profound. For life, as Saint Germain has said, should not be a struggle.

The Maha Chohan, July 1, 2006, The Hearts Center

Note: The Maha Chohan, the Great Lord, is one of the representatives of the Holy Spirit on Earth.