A Child's Question:
How Does Saint Germain Feel
About Doing His Job?

Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age.

      He is a master of God-Love.

      In a previous life, he was embodied as Joseph, the father of Jesus. At the end of a later life, around 1654, he ascended and took the name Saint Germain, which means "Holy Brother."    

      David Lewis, one of the messengers of the ascended masters had a question and answer period during the Hearts Center Freedom Conference, 2006. A young girl named Sophie came to the microphone and asked, "My question is that how does Saint Germain feel about working and doing his job?"

      The answer that came through David was the following:

      He (Saint Germain) wants you to sit on his lap (David's lap) while he answers.

      "I have the most wonderful job in the Universe for I get to bless people every day with my purple fiery heart, to forgive them for anything that they have ever done that they have regretted, to love them, for you know that one of my titles is a Master of God-Love, and just as you now sit on my lap, so I held Jesus many many times, and imparted to him many things, but most importantly, my love and support for his mission.

      This day, I give you, Sophie, my love and support for your mission, and no matter where you go in this world, no matter what you do, if you even just say my name as a whisper, or think of me, I will be there to help you. OK? Thank you."