Meta Speaks on Love

Ascended Lady Master Meta

David C. Lewis

January 27, 2005 9:09 - 9:44 pm

Livingston, Montana

Dearest hearts of living love,

           I come to you in the fullness of the healing ray which I bear on behalf of earth's evolutions. As many of you may know, when I served as Chohan of the fifth ray before your beloved Hilarion took that position in hierarchy, I anchored the light of healing and science and precipitation for all who are reaching up and out to become focal points for these qualities of the emerald ray. And so, as hierarchy progresses and more of you are trained in the healing sciences, we may also move higher on our path to serve at ever greater levels of cosmic consciousness, drawing you up in our wake to sustain the balance of light for greater numbers of souls whom we serve.

           I am a daughter of Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, and we did come to earth to impart to its evolutions a great light so that eventually they could sustain the balance for the planet themselves and win Earth's own liberation as Freedom's Star. When you conclude the age of Aquarius, a full round of the seven ages will have transpired, and therefore it is incumbent upon all to have fully mastered these seven rays and focused the Christ light on behalf of those who are following you in the evolutionary chain, dear hearts.

           Many of you entered earth before or during the time when the fifth root race was embodying. These souls are meant to gain and sustain the full mastery of the fifth ray of precipitation and of the science of higher truth. And so, those of you who resonate with the qualities of this ray are receiving in this day and age a greater knowledge of healing, a greater sensitivity to light and of the auric emanations which do outpicture what is truly transpiring within the very inner being of each lifestream. And so you are coming into an understanding of the higher way of healing that we as ascended beings focus for you and did practice even in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. You may call to me and to Leto and to Mother Mary and all the healing masters to give to the earth and its peoples ever greater understanding of healing and the science of the immaculate concept so that disease as you know it now shall be eradicated from the earth.

           Beloved, we are aghast at your current health care system, for it is not based on the higher principles of healing that we know, but upon the treatment of symptoms and of only the physical being of man and woman. Call to us to shake things up so that people will get the picture that true healing must come first from within and begin at the core of being and then move outward and not the other way around, beloved. Call to us to allow certain key leaders in the higher sciences to gain greater acceptance for their practices within the colleges and universities that teach medicine and healing. For if the current scenario continues, you will see greater and greater stress on your health care system and it may come crashing down or become so prohibitively expensive that only the elite will receive certain care that should be open and available to all.

           Beloved ones, our retreat over New England should be a resource for you where you may come to our classes and receive ever new teaching that you may remember when you awaken. Then at least you can make incisive calls and pray about those very measures that we would see implemented in the earth. And if you are in the medical or health professions then you must do something about the problems you see and the inequities that occur, speaking out to those who can influence policies and programs so that the quality of life of those you serve or who come after you is not compromised or made unbearable by the current practices in your field.

           We are practical masters and we will move heaven and earth if you remember to call to us. We can move in circles with the healing masters and angels where you cannot; and we can inspire and motivate and at times even physically intervene on behalf of children and those whose time is not yet come to pass on, often appearing to them and giving them very real and personal guidance to take back to earth to change the way things are done and to change lives, because they have experienced the very love of heaven and the intercession of the hosts of the Lord.

           I Am Meta. Sing to me. Pray to me. Meditate on what it means to be an angel of mercy and healing, for we truly need more of you to serve with the healing angels in practical ways on earth. Learn that First Aid and that CPR and other courses that will allow you to be angels of mercy and healing when needed, even if your primary service is on other rays. The life you save just may be a key soul that can change the course of civilization or may be your twin flame or that of a friend or loved one or may even be a Buddha or bodhisattva in disguise. Thus, you will have an opportunity to balance an ancient karma that has been a knotty trial for you for eons, requiring simply a little extra mercy and love on your part to balance that karma and to tip the scales toward your own ascension in the light.

           Dear hearts, I leave you with this thought. The Master Jesus had all the power of heaven and earth at his disposal and yet his greatest influence came through very simple acts of mercy, of kindness and of healing many souls at many levels, even though many of these acts have never been recorded in the scriptures. He is so revered now upon your planet because there is at the soul level of all of you the record of what he accomplished in that life, truly a wonderful life of service for all of humanity. And so, call also to the master Jesus to assist you in healing the very cores of conditions in your own world and in the lives of those whom you serve.

           Remember that if you would be the Christ that you must go and do likewise as this gracious master. Revere him through doing what he would do in every situation. Extend grace. Extend a helping hand. Extend kindness to anyone and everyone in distress; for when you do this you will receive the Lord's mantle of healing and thereby entertain angels. We would have you entertain us always, being conscious of our presence among you and no longer entertaining us in unknowingness, beloved.

           I am with you always when you seek to see the Christ in all, for when you do, you will see my eyes sparkling through that special one who comes to give you an opportunity to serve and to thereby receive my grace, my comfort and my healing love.

           I am Meta and I seal you in the Emerald Matrix of my immaculate heart this hour. I am with you always, even as the master Jesus is with you and the Holy Spirit does work his perfect work through you, each one.


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