Here is a list of various kinds of rosaries:

       1. Mother Mary's Rosaries,

       2. Kuan Yin Rosaries,

       3. Golden Buddha Rosary, and the

       4. Rosary to the Seven Archeiai -- The Seven Feminine Archangels.


My Personal Story or Testimonial on this Page or Subject: To be given later as time permits.

Putting These Teachings Into Practice, or Moreover, a Greater Practice
       We may meditate on this teaching and see if and how we are to put it into practice, or a greater practice, to help fulfill our divine plan.
       To Know, To Dare, To Do, and To Be Silent (when appropriate),
       To Share or Speak Out (when appropriate)
       Affirmation: I AM able to put these teachings into practice, or a greater practice, because, with God all things are possible.

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The Importance of Good Discernment or Good Discretion
       The Discernment of the Holy Spirit
       The Discernment of Our Holy Christ Self or Holy Christ Buddha Mind
              The Selective and Discriminative Intelligence Within Us
       Affirmation: I AM the Pure Mind of God and the Mind of Christ in me (or us).

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