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Virgo and Pelleur

Virgo and Pelleur

February 24, 2006


Beloved Virgo and Pelleur
David C. Lewis
February 24, 2006 7:45-8:10am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            We are Virgo and Pelleur and we come this day to stabilize the earth beneath your feet. Beloved hearts, sometimes you forget the presence of the elementals in your midst and the work that they accomplish for mankind. So we come to remind you of the work of the gnomes who love you so, and who have prepared not only the platform for your lives and the world of form, but who continue to work daily for the balance in the earth of the four cosmic forces and their contribution to the energy of earth, air, fire and water manifest in your world.

            The Archangel Michael has given you a warning and you have answered his call. And so the angels do work with the elementals when called upon. And the mastery of these two kingdoms and the beings of the elements and the beings of the angelic realm, when working in consonance, can truly bring forth a greater stabilization in the earth. For though we work with certain elemental forces, the angelic beings work with cosmic forces. And so in this hour we need and you need the blending of these two kingdoms and the energies of both for the introduction into the earth of the energies invoked and convoked by the angels.
            Dear hearts, we now send forth the call to the gnomes and also to the salamanders, the sylphs, and the undines, to come to the aid of mankind where that aid is justified through prayer and invocation and sacrifice. And so we direct the gnomes to bring forth a certain action of the stabilization around the San Andreas fault and in those specific areas where the gasses under the earth and the shifting of the plates has caused certain anomalies whereby there could be the release of the pressures that are quaking under your feet.

            The messenger [Rebecca] has received the word that there could be eight considerable earthquakes in the coming weeks and months if they are not mitigated through the efforts of lightbearers and through a certain action of sacrifice by mankind. Therefore we ask you to accelerate your calls to us [and] to the giving of your prayers to the elementals with the violet flame, and also adding the action of the blue flame for the stabilization of the earth under the middle and the northern areas of California through the northwest and even up into Canada and Alaska.

            There has been the release of certain pressures under the earth in Alaska in recent weeks and months as you have seen. But the fissures and the connection and the interconnections beneath the earth travels deep within the earth and extends even beyond the tip of Baja California and further south. Therefore there must be in your visualization a certain action, almost as a crescent energy, all the way from Alaska to the tip of Baja California. You may see the action of the violet and the blue as a woven spiral thrust down into the earth for one mile, for some of the pressures that must be released extend as I have said deep, deep, into the earth into caverns and cracks and fissures that you must see filled with violet flame and stabilized with the blue lightning from the angels.

            Therefore, there are certain angels who do extend the energies of their beings into the astral plane but there are also angels who extend them in answer to your calls deep within the earth, which is not the astral plane but the earth plane at a deeper level, you see. Therefore you may also play music that convokes energies at a very deep bass level, for this is the action that is required at these lower levels of the physical plane, as you would see on your piano the very lowest keys and the lowest notes. Therefore extend your reach into these levels through a conscious visualization. And call to the Buddha of the Ruby Ray to also extend the action of the ruby fire and the reinforcement of the Elohim's ruby bricks and rods and cones placed within the earth.

            The elementals are happy when invoked and they gleefully and joyfully work night and day to extend the opportunity for mankind to evolve and to grow in spirit and in love. And even though many among mankind ignore elemental life or only seek solace in the hills and in nature when the pressure of life does beset them [with] a great burden, yet the elementals are always available when called upon to serve mankind, for this is our responsibility and our great joy.

            Therefore call to us and to the hierarchs of the elemental kingdom to direct in very specific ways the action and work of the gnomes and the salamanders, the sylphs and the undines. For we work with Cuzco on a daily basis, reporting to him what we see and experience at all levels in the earth body itself and where certain actions of stabilization must occur, so that mankind do not receive the full brunt of the force of the release of the energies of their own karma in returning to them.

            If you knew all that we do, O mankind, you would be amazed at the work of the precious beings of the elements. And so call to us! Sing to us! Dance with us! For we as the nature spirits would see for the Earth a golden age dawning whereby the liquid crystal light that you invoke may be a permanent focus for all Earth's evolutions to experience. For you see, we have never left off of our desire to bring forth for mankind the perfected action of the light manifest in your domain in the Earth.

            You may call to the gnomes and give them your authority of your [Holy] Christ/Buddha Self, your threefold flame, to act as needed, when needed, where needed. You may give them the authority to prompt mankind and certain lightbearers to move from here to there for their protection. You may call to the gnomes for the action of the crystal ray, the ray that you invoked this day for the purification of the earth body itself at all levels. And see the sun of even pressure within the center of the Earth sending forth cosmic rays.

            Yes, [these are] cosmic rays which have been instilled in the very core of the earth by Alpha and Omega when Earth was conceived of in the mind of God. For you see, without the action of the cosmic rays within the Earth itself there could not be the perfect spinning of the Earth [on its axis] and its orbit around the sun. For these rays extend outward beyond the Earth just as cosmic rays extend from certain stellar worlds unto the Earth. This may be new teaching to you but we release it this day for your understanding of the principles of the sun within all life at the core.

            Therefore, you too, as a sunbeam, have at your center the action of a perfected matrix, a replica, of the sun of not only your own solar system and your I Am Presence but the heart of God in the Great Central Sun. And if you can determine to always manifest that sun Presence in your life then you too, with Saint Germain, can become a cosmic being, drawing forth those energies from within you to match those which extend unto you as grace from the sun Presence of all life.

            Therefore, call to the elementals and especially the gnomes to accelerate the sun Presence of love within all life. For when mankind know love then wars and hatreds and all that assails mankind as a densification of the earth itself may pale into nothingness and Earth may become Freedom's Star. We have seen it, we believe it and we ask you to believe that Earth may become a crystal star-fire diadem for Alpha and Omega within this solar system.

            We now extend our hands and deliver the action of the secret rays and the crystal ray deep within the Earth and Mighty Cosmos augments this action this day. And he asks that you augment the work of the giving of the violet flame and the blue fire with the secret rays, for he too will work with mankind and with us to deliver that stupendous light that will raise the Earth in sacred fire at all levels.

            We thank you for your determination, for your discrimination, for your discernment of truth, beloved hearts. Our love is with you always when you remember the love of all elemental life for mankind when you tune in to the love of nature's God and when you tune out all lesser human loves. Be love, know love and you shall win the Earth for a golden crystal age that is even now dawning within your aura, your heart, O friend of light. We seal you. We seal the Earth in crystal fire light this day.

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