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An Open Letter of Light and Love -- The Four Great Paths
June 19, 2018
Beloved Friends,

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An Open Door of Love


From what I understand, there are four great paths to God, and they are:

1. the path of divine love,
2. the path of the world's religions,
3. the path of the teachings of the ascended masters, and
4. the path of yoga

Note: Each of the paths above is also a link which you may click on, or you may finish reading the newsletter and then come back to click on one or more of the links.

       About 2004, I started building a website called, An Open Door of Love,, or the Great Synthesis, which includes about 40 to 60 major topics, links to many other websites, links to beautiful YouTube music, and far more. If you choose to go to this website, you may find many topics that compliment whatever path you are on, or whatever church you may go to or belong to.

you may click here to go to the site

       Around 2005 I started advertising or promoting on my website that I would be sending out a newsletter called "An Open Letter of Love" and now after about seven years, it is finally happening. So part of the reason I tell you this, is that if you have a certain "work or project" to do, and it is a "challenging" project -- don't give up, be determined, and keep on keeping on until it is done, even if it takes seven years or more.

       Furthermore, one of the teachings of the ascended masters is: What one can do, all can do.

       So if you want to start a newsletter, build a website, and then gradually make a newsletter happen.

       Shortly after I started promoting the newsletter on the website, a lady sent me an email which contained the following:

"Hello William,

This is a brilliant idea. We needed something like that for a long time. I sent your letter to everyone I know. You will get a few subscribers. I can hardly wait for your newsletter.

God bless you,

Love and always Victory,


       I then decided to post this beautiful encouragement on the newsletter page, and that is why it is there.

Newsletter Page

       So you might ask of me the two-fold question: Why didn't you send out this newsletter for seven years, and will that help me in any way?

My answer -- I didn't start sending out the newsletter for seven years because I found it much easier to work on the website pages -- to improve them and to make new pages. Furthermore, I found it challenging to master all the details of sending out a newsletter. However, I didn't give up - and finally it is here - it is started, and has been going out for some years now. So is that of any benefit to you that the newsletter has been delayed? Yes, you will now get a better quality newsletter - with better quality teachings. And now if you go to the website you will find better quality teachings, far more teachings, links to beautiful music, and far more topics -- so much more than you would have found some years ago.

        So I hope and pray that you will enjoy and benefit by this newsletter, An Open Letter of Love, and by the website, An Open Door of Love,

Thank you and God bless you,
In the Spirit of Sharing and Caring, I AM,
William Star

Furthermore, my soul has rejoiced in the progress on the website, and looks forward to a greater progress in the weeks, months, and years to come - for a Grand Master Plan is unfolding.

Remember - The only way to go is up!

We were spinning and winning from the beginning, and,
We will win again in the end, my friend.

Note: You are encouraged to, and welcome to forward this newsletter to all you think might be interested. Thank you.

To go to the website of An Open Door of Love, and see and learn a lot more, and listen to beautiful music, please click on the link below,

An Open Door of Love

Note: The website may be easily translated into more than 100 languages with about an 80% to 98% readability or accuracy.


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This newsletter, An Open Letter of Love, can help you in many ways, including the fulfilling of your divine plan, having a far greater enlightenment, having better health, greater abundance, and far more. This newsletter can help you understand better the path of love / divine love, the world's religions, the teachings of the ascended masters, yoga, Tai chi (Taiji), Chi kung (Qi gong), spiritual practices, spiritual organizations, the rainbow rays, music, dance, health and healing, abundance and supply, and far more. This newsletter is a great opportunity for you. It is dedicated and devoted to you.

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Thanks and God bless you.

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