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The World Religions


of the Seven Major Religions


of the Seven Major World Religions

       The world religions is one of the four great paths that lead us Home to God. Most, if not all of these religions, teach a path of love or compassion, and that will be the emphasis here.

    The purpose of these teachings on these religions is to give us the true spirit of the religion and to help us understand our brothers and sisters who practice that religion. The teachings of these religions should help us to come into the kingdom or consciousness of God within.

    God can continually reveal Himself to us, so there can be continual progressive inspiration or revelation in each of the world religions. There can be continual progress and understanding in each of these religions.

   In a "higher understanding" of these religions, and a correct understanding of the laws and principles of God, there can be a "complementary and cooperative" agreement or effort between the religions, and an understanding of the mystical path of these religions.

      It is important to understand that there are four sacred freedoms, and they are:

1. freedom of religion,

2. freedom of speech,

3. freedom of the press, and

4. freedom of assembly.

      These "sacred freedoms" are our God-given rights, and all complement each other, and these freedoms should be given to all people unless they abuse these freedoms. With these freedoms comes responsibility, the responsibility to use them wisely, and not to harm others.

    Along with these four sacred freedoms, there is one more, and that is the right to own private property. This freedom is very important and complements the first four sacred freedoms.

   The first tenet of each of the worlds religions should be or could be: "Respect or acceptance for all of the worlds religions." God used various teachers and prophets to bring forth these religions and it is good for us respect them and find the good in them.

    There is one God, with many names, and there are many paths or religions to help us to know or understand that God. There is one God and there should be one family of God under heaven, and more and more we should have heaven on earth.

Let there be light! 

Let there be love! 

Let there be forgiveness! 

Let there be peace and harmony
among all nations and peoples!

(From The Hearts Center)

Let there be a Universal Spirit 

of Brotherhood and Sisterhood

The first step on understanding the mystical path of the worlds religions may be to understand the meaning of the words 'I AM' in order to understand the higher teachings of the Master Jesus.

The words 'I AM' mean "God in me is" or "the Presence of God in me is". So when Jesus used the words 'I AM' he was referring to the Presence of God in him, which is in all of us, and not to himself as the one and only son of God, for we are all sons and daughters of God.

       When he said: "I AM the open door which no man can shut," he meant for humanity to understand that he was referring to the "Great I AM," which is the life of every individual manifest in form. He did not wish to convey that the personal Jesus was the only one to whom this privilege was ordained or given. Each one of us are beloved children of God, sons and daughters of God, of the One Father-Mother God, and each one of us has the Presence of God within us, the Great 'I AM', which was in Jesus. This Great 'I AM' is how he achieved his final and eternal victory, and so can we.

    The kingdom of God is within us, the consciousness of God is within us, the Presence of God is within us or above us, that is, above our body temple.

       Once we understand that the words "I AM" means "God in me is" or "the Presence of God in me is," then we can have a higher understanding and respect for all great teachings, and the saints and sages that brought them forth.

    The second step to understanding the mystical path of the worlds religions may be to understand the following:

The Magic Presence of Love --

The Mighty I AM Presence --

Our Real Self, Divine Self or God Self

       Below are links to pictures or charts of this beautiful Presence of Love that we all are. These pictures or charts are some of the highest gliffs of light, or focuses of light, on the planet. We may click on one or more of the links below:

The Chart of Your Divine Self from the Summit Lighthouse website 

A Chart of the 'I AM' Presence from the Marius Fine Art website

The Buddha Nature Chart 

Chart of Your Divine Self with Jesus, Saint Germain, Kuthumi and El Morya from the Summit Lighthouse website

A Chart from Different World Religions from the My I AM Presence website
Important: We may click on the five boxes above the pictures with the names of the disciples of the various religions to actually see the charts and learn more about the charts.

Note: These charts or pictures of our divine self are our picture-perfect Presence. It is our pure, pristene Presence with us. It is our practical, precision presence with us.  

As above, I AM that Magic Presence of Love, 

So below, I AM that Magic Love everywhere I go, 

And as I AM that Magic Love everywhere I go, 

I will reap that Magic Love that I sow.

Note: There is an 'I AM' book called, The Magic Presence, and it is one of the best books that I, William Star, have ever read, and you may learn more about it, and may order it from the website, www.saintgermainpress.com.

And moreover, you may order the first three I AM Books, Unveiled MysteriesThe Magic Presence, and The I AM Discourses.

Note: This chart or picture -- this Picture-Perfect Presence -- is one of the highest focuses or gliffs of light, and gifts of light on this planet.  

"Yearning for God's love draws your presence near, but sharing his love keeps the flow and grace of your presence ever near." (Lady Kristene)

An Invocation for the The Tube of Light:

(as shown in the Chart)

I AM calling forth the tube of light around me now,                

and the violet fire within that tube of light.

(3 times or 4 times)

We can go heart-to-heart with an understanding of this chart.

Our first service is to give praise and adoration of Our Presence.

I AM praising and adoring the Presence of God within me now (and the Presence of God within my twin flame).

O God, You are so magnificent! (3X means 3 Times)
I AM, I AM, I AM adoring Thee! (3X)

Praise the Lord, I AM THAT I AM, the Mighty I AM Presence

Holiness unto the Lord (3X and more)

The Science of the Immaculate Concept 
for Ourselves and for Others

We are created in the image and likeness of God (of Love)

We are conceived in original bliss and love of God.

We were conceived as twin flames or twin rays in love. 

Ye (We) are temples of the Holy Spirit.

I AM an eternal youth.

I AM an immortal youth.

I AM perfect health and healing.

Ye (We) are gods. 

Be still and know that I AM God (within each of us).

I AM the Mind of God and the Mind of Christ.

    "Keep your attention upon your Mighty I AM Presence, for that upon which you place your attention... you shall become.

     The first sin is to take one's attention from one's God, to let go the strength of that bond and to desire another."

    Why not let the Mighty God within take full charge and handle every human condition. Let the power of the Mighty God within know no domination.

    Lo, the I AM THAT I AM is God in me where I AM, and naught else has any power this day! Thou the All, I the nothing. 

(Teaching from the Summit Lighthouse)


I AM keeping my attention upon my Mighty I AM Presence, and becoming that Mighty I AM Presence. 

I AM the strength that bonds me to my Mighty I AM Presence, and I desire only this Presence. 

I AM the Mighty God within taking full charge and handling every human condition.

Lo, the I AM THAT I AM is God in me where I AM, and naught else has any power this day!
Thou the All, I the nothing.

"Every major religion of the world has similar ideas of love, the same goal of benefiting humanity through spiritual practice, and the same effect of making their followers into better human beings." 

The Dalai Lama

Another Dalai Lama wrote to Juliet Hollister of The Temple of Understanding and said,           "I appreciate any organization or individual people who sincerely make an effort to promote harmony between humanity, and particularly harmony between the various religions. I consider it very sacred work and very important work."

The following is a prophecy by Peter Deunov: 

       "A new culture will see the light of day, it will rest on three principal foundations: the elevation of woman, the elevation of the meek and humble, and the protection of the rights of man.

The light, the good, and justice will triumph; it is just a question of time. The religions should be purified. Each contains a particle of the Teaching of the Masters of Light, but obscured by the incessant supply of human deviation. All the believers will have to unite and to put themselves in agreement with one principal, that of placing Love as the base of all belief, whatever it may be. Love and Fraternity that is the common base!"

A Master Matrix or Outline will be given for each of the world religions. Also, a Great Synthesis Chart, or Great Unification Chart, will be given for the seven major world's religions.

       It is interesting to note that almost all of the world's religions have a Golden Rule and we may click on the following link to see the Golden Rule for many of the world's religions: The Golden Rule

The four higher octaves of thought. 

All the world's religions should help us to get into these higher octaves and to stay there. These higher octaves are:

1. Toleration,

2. Joy,

3. Pure love,

4. Perfect happiness. 


       "To turn men to the way of peace and the way of wisdom is, then, the united goal of every ministering servant, every preacher of righteousness, no matter what exoteric or esoteric school he calls his alma mater." 

Jesus Christ and Kuthumi, Vol. 3, No. 15, Pearls of Wisdom, April 8, 1960


The Seven Major World Religions

       The following is a list of the seven major world religions. Some teaching may be given on these religions, but, mostly links will be given to websites on these religions, and gradually more and more links will be added.

1. Christianity

Online Study Bibles

A Beautiful Christian Website

Magnificent Sculptured Needle Painting Embroidery and a Magnificent Story of Healing 
To Mother Mary and Jesus

A List of Websites to Mother Mary

(to be given as time permits)

A Website for College Students and Others, with Similar Sites in about 28 Languages.

Similar Sites in about 28 Languages -- http://everystudent.com/menus/intl.html

Welcome to BibleGateway.com, a free service for reading and researching Scripture online

       All in the language or translation of your choice! We provide advanced tools you can use to search the Bible by keywords or verse, as well as other tools to enhance your study of the Bible.

The Love of God

Bible Study Lessons Online

Christianity by the Free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia

A Comparative Analysis of the Major Worlds Religions from a Christian Perspective 

Interesting Books on Jesus, Christianity, etc:

The Imitation of Christ 

by Thomas à Kempis

The Lost Years of Jesus 

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Lost Teachings of Jesus the Christ 

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Prince of the House of David 

by Rev. J. H. Ingraham

All the Scenes and Wonderful Incidents in the Life of Jesus of Nazareth

Letters from Adina -- eyewitness to Jesus' ministry.

For a free, PDF copy.

"Women of the Bible" -- A Comprehensive Book of the Women of the Bible.


The Full Online Text of "The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus the Christ" by Levi S. Dowling

Conversations with Jesus -- Two books by Alexis Eldridge

An Intimate Journey -- Book 1, and

An Invitation to Dance -- Book 2

2. Buddhism

     The Buddha Nature Chart 

       The Chakras, The Four Noble Truths, and the Eightfold Path of Gautama Buddha as taught by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

       Gautama Buddha Meditation - Musical Meditation

       A Video on how to Become the Buddha by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

       An Introduction to Buddhism. Explores the history of Buddhism and its basic tenets. 

       The Basics of Buddhism on The Basics of Buddhism Website

       BuddhaNet - Worldwide Buddhist Information and Education Network

       Dharma Realm Buddhist Association

      Dharma Realm Buddhist Association Branches or Monasteries

       List of Many Zen Buddhist Centers in America on the Zen Mountain Center Website

       "To abstain from all evil, to cultivate the good, and to purify one's mind -- this is the teaching of the Buddhas."

3. Hinduism

What You Need to Know about Hinduism

Hinduism Today

Teachings on Hinduism from the free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia

30 Video Episodes of the Mahabharat -- One of the World's Greatest Epics

4. Islam

Islam and the Global Muslim eCommunity

Why Islam -- An excellent informative website 

The Encyclopedia Wikipedia's Teaching on Islam

Sufisim -- Mystical Islam -- http://wahiduddin.net/

5. Judaism

Judaism and Jewish Resources -- http://shamash.org/trb/judaism.html

All About Judaism -- http://www.chabad.org/

6. Taoism

All About Taoism

7. Confucianism

The Spiritual Sanctuary Celebrates Confucianism

Note: I, William Star, am gradually posting about five or more links to the some of the best websites on each of the world's religions. If you have any other suggestions for websites, you mail email us by clicking here

       Also, the synthesis of these, plus other higher teachings, will be given as The Universal Religion or The Great Synthesis of the World's Religions.

The following websites give teachings on three or more of the world religions:

  The Mystical Paths of the World's Religions -- A Website that has Video and Audio Teachings by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Becoming God: The Path of the Christian Mystic is Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s third book in her Mystical Paths of the World’s Religions series. Previous books in the series are Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power, #269183 and The Buddhic Essence, #4499.

Om Sakthi Spiritual Movement Teaches about the World's Religions

The Parliament of the World's Religions

The Temple of Understanding in New York City, New York, the United States of America

United Religions Initiative -- A Cooperative Effort of Disciples of the World's Religions

Religion Gateway -- World's Religions -- Religious Studies -- Comparative Religions

Allrefer.com -- Philosophy and Religion Encyclopedia

Teachings on Most of the World's Religions on the Questia Website


Also, the following may be considered some of the minor religions of the world: 


Note by William Star: The Baha'i religion is placed here first because of its openness to all world religions and to some extent, an interfaith religion in itself. 

       An Introduction to the Baha'i Faith in the Words of Its Prophet Founder

       The Bahai Faith Index -- Search Engine, Directory, News, Photos, and More

       The Bahá'í World -- official online presence of the Baha'i Faith by the Baha'i International Community.

       Bahai.com. Maintained by an individual Bahai with good basic links to other resources. 




Native American Religions or the First Nations


What God Really Wants You to Know

by C. David Lundberg

In his new book, What God Really Wants You to Know, C. David Lundberg identifies 33 key principles common to the world's major religions including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Each principle is affirmed by two or more quotations from the sacred texts of each of seven world religions.

       BOOK AWARDS RECEIVED: Winner of the National Indie Excellence Book Award and the New England Book Festival Award in the spirituality category. Also winner of the USA Book News National Best Books Award in the category of comparative religion. ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist in the religion category. Also Winner of a Silver Nautilus Book Award.

       Lundberg says, "It is only natural that God would give all people simple universal principles for living life, which if followed, would lead to peace, fulfillment and joy. It comes as no surprise that these powerful laws can be found commonly held within the sacred texts of the world's religions."

       This well-researched and groundbreaking book demonstrates that the commonly held teachings of every major faith are the real story, and they have the power to bring us all together. Through a systematic exploration of over 800 key excerpts from the world's sacred texts, the author distills thirty-three essential principles, common to all world religions, which comprise the foundation of love, wisdom, personal power and abundant life. These principles resonate within every human heart, as they form the foundation and the heart of spirituality and religion and are one with our true divine and eternal nature.

       The life-changing principles in the book can empower readers to be fully tuned into God, find true love in life, enhance experiences of peace and joy, achieve success, improve relationships, and rediscover a zest for life. The book covers the meaning and purpose of life, who we really are, Who and What God Is, and principles for loving living. Detailed source notes, glossary, and index. A comparative religion analysis blended seamlessly into a self-help and empowerment guide, What God Really Wants You to Know is as scholarly researched as it is reader-friendly. In a world of violence between and within religions, it couldn't come at a better time.

List $19.95 Trade Soft Cover, 448 pages 

Publisher: Heavenlight Press; first edition (February 2, 2009)


An excellent website on teaching values 


The Great Synthesis Chart 
or The Great Unification Chart

A Chart to Promote a Greater Understanding 
of the Seven Major World's Religions

Note: This chart is in the process of being developed, and more information is given below on how it will be developed.

A Master Matrix or Outline

for Each of the World Religions

      This master matrix or outline is "dedicated" to each of the world religions to give a correct and accurate understanding of the teachings of that religion. These matrices or outlines will be combined to form The Great Synthesis Chart.

       My desire is to have about five dedicated disciples or followers of each religion, or a dedicated group from each of the world's religions, preferably from each of the five continents, to fill out this master matrix or outline below, or any part thereof, so that I can post it on the website. I would like to have a dedicated disciple or group of disciples from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

        Also, I, William Star also plan to fill out this master matrix or outline for each of the world's religions.

       Any individual or group may fill out any part of this master matrix or outline, that is, one or more topics, and send it to me; and/or make up their own chart.

       More information is given after the master matrix on what to do to fill it out and to send it to me, William Star.

A Master Matrix or Outline

A Short History or Overview of ___________ (the Religion)
Including the Meaning or Origin of the Name of the Religion

The Name(s) of God Used by the Religion

The Main Symbol(s) Used by the Religion and An Explanation of Its Meaning

Main Founder(s), Teacher(s), Prophet(s), Buddha(s), etc.

Main Holy Books or Scriptures (With explanation of the divisions in the scriptures, such as, books, verses, etc.)

How to Get a Free Copy, or How to Buy the Holy Books or Scriptures

Websites that have the Holy Books or Scriptures (especially with search engines to search the scripture)

A Good Way or Some Good Ways to Study the Holy Books?

Other Important Books

Main Tenets or Commandments

Main Spiritual Practices

A Glossary of Common Words or Concepts used in the Religion

Main Verses or Passages from the Holy Books or Scriptures on:

1. The Will of God, the Power of God, Power, Constancy, Determination, etc.

2. Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Learning etc. 

3. Divine Love, Charity, Compassion, Kindness, etc.

4. Purity, Joy, Happiness, etc.

5. Truth, Healing, Science, etc

6. Peace, Service, Ministration, Doing the Works of God, etc.

7. Forgiveness, Mercy, etc. 

8. Integration of Synthesis of the Teachings Above.

The Golden Rule(s) of the Religion
(You may see the link to teachings on The Golden Rule near the end of this page.)

A General Understanding of the Community, Followers, Disciples, or Sangha, etc.

       The Culture
       Greetings and/or Farewells
       Teachings on Marriage
       Main Language(s) and How to Learn Them
       Common Diet and/or Dietary Habits
       Teachings on Fasting
      Other Important Understandings Regarding Culture



Some of the Best Artwork or Pictures from the Religion, If Appropriate

Names and Stories of Angels, if any, Given in the Holy Books or Scriptures

Names of Main Buildings or Places of Worship, that is, Churches, Monasteries, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues, etc., Including Books and Websites That Have Pictures of these Buildings or Places of Worship

Locations of Main or Primary Buildings or Centers of Worship

Main Holy Days or Religious Celebration Days 

Main Leaders, Teachers, or Prophets of Today

Teachings on a Deeper or Mystical Understanding -- An Esoteric Understanding

Places, Phone Numbers, or Websites to Get Our Questions Answered In the United States of America

What is the Best Way to Become a Disciple, Practitioner, Follower, or Believer?

Any Other Important Teachings

A Summary of ______________ (the Religion)

Some of the Best Websites on the Religion

(No more than 10 websites)

Some of the Best Books on the Religion

(No More than 10 Books)

Personal Testimonies or Witnesses from approximately Five Disciples, Followers, or Believers. In other words, what has this religion done for you? How have you benefited by this religion?


Guidelines for Doing this Master Matrix, or Any Part Thereof:

       Underneath the wording for each of the major topics, the wording may be changed to fit the more common wording of the religion.

       The information of each of the topics should be no more than one page of computer text or typed text, preferably in 12 point and a Verdana font. The whole outline should not be more than forty pages.

       All information should be sent by regular email us and in the subject line, please put, "Regarding Master Matrix or Outline for ___________" (Name of Religion)

       Click here if you would like to send an email to me, William Star. 

       Do You Have Any Suggestions for Improving This Master Matrix or Outline?

       Do I have your permission to post this information on the website, www.anopendooroflove.org and other websites, to use this information in a book, or books, that I may compile on the world's religions, and to send in my newsletter, emails, etc.

       Credit will be generally be given to, but not necessarily so, to the authors or compilers of each master matrix or outline, or any part thereof, that I use on the website, or in a book on the world's religions, other books, emails, newsletter, etc.

       Suggestions for Anyone Giving Classes on the World's Religions or Comparative Religions:

        You may feel free to use this outline or any part of it in any good way that you like. It may be used for students to write papers or give talks on any or all of the topics. It may be used in discussion groups, etc.


Glossary of Terms Used in the World Religions

A Glossary of Religious Terms in the Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia

Love, Compassion, or Charity as the Essence or Core of Every Religion

This is a list of various religions and their effective statistics.
Note: Statistics include when the religion began, its founder, status, demographics, and other facts. 

Great Saints and Sages of the World Religions


Four Sacred Freedoms, Plus One

Let us all work together from every nation to have and to keep the four sacred freedoms:

freedom of the press,

freedom of speech,

freedom of assembly,

and freedom of religion.

And a fifth sacred freedom is the freedom or right to own private property.

Teachings of the Ascended Masters on the Worlds Religions

How Accurate is the Teachings of the Worlds Religions?

The Worlds Religions and the Seven Rays

Cooperation and Unity Among the Worlds Religions 

Loving Communication, Compassionate Communication, or Non-Violent Communication between the Worlds Religions

The Golden Rule and the World's Religions

Prayers for Peace from Saint Francis and the Various World's Religions

Teach Peace Foundation -- Education for a More Peaceful World

Karma and Reincarnation, Codes of Conduct, etc.

How to Become a Minister, including an Interfaith Minister or Ambassador

       Study this website and learn as much as you can. Study, serve, and practice enough that you become your own God-ordained minister. 

The following website is an excellent website with many links on world religions and spirituality.
Hartley Film Foundation Links on World Religions and Spirituality

The following is a list of churches on the Internet that give free or low cost ordination for ministers: 

Rose Ministries -- http://www.openordination.org/

Universal Life Church Free Online Ordination -- http://www.themonastery.org/?destination=ordination

Become an Ordained Christian Minister Online -- http://www.christianharvestchurch.com/

Everything You Need to Start a Church or Ministry -- http://www.startchurch.com/index.asp

Become a Unity Minister or Similar Minister.

International Society of Interfaith Ambassadors

The Order of Priests and Priestesses of Melchizedech
       Melchizedech in the Bible and in other Teachings and Scriptures
       Jesus was a Priest after (in) the Order of Melchizedech

Interfaith Education Links from the Temple of Understanding


A Meeting of Ministers, Monks, Nuns, Priests, Priestesses, Imams, Rabbis,etc. 

       In our own towns and cities in America and the world, we may have a meeting of, first of all, a gathering of our own faith, that is from the various churches, temples, mosques or communities, such as various Christian and Catholic Faiths. Then the next step would be to have a meeting of all faiths -- an Interfaith Meeting of all religions. More and more there can be a sharing between all faiths, all religions, and a cooperative and complimentary effort -- a universal understanding and respect.


An Important Related Website -- Sacred Destinations -- Many Possibilities


The Battle of Armageddon -- The Battle of Light and Darkness

The Battle Victorious for the Sons and Daughters of God


George Washington's Words in His Farewell Address, Sept. 17, 1796:

"Do not let any one claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove religion from politics." 

And I, William Star, might add: Do not let any one claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove The Ten Commandments from politics. 

William Star's Words

"Do not let anyone claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove prayer and The Ten Commandments from our schools."


All for One, and One for All!

Love is the Way! Love is the Key!



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       This newsletter, An Open Letter of Love, can help us in many ways, including the fulfilling our divine plan, having a far greater enlightenment, having better health, greater abundance, and far more. This newsletter can help us understand better the path of divine love, the world religions, the teachings of the ascended masters, yoga, Chi kung (Qi gong) (Energy exercises), music, dance, spiritual practices, the rainbow rays, health and healing, and far more. This newsletter is a great opportunity for you. It is dedicated and devoted to you. It can come to you free to your email address.

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As above,

I AM that Magic Presence of Love,

So below,

I AM that Magic Love everywhere I go.

As I AM that Magic Love

Everywhere I go,

I will reap that Magic Love

That I sow.


Winning from the Beginning

We were winning from the beginning, and 
We will win again in the end, my friend!

Let us keep on keeping on!

God bless you, we thank you!

In God's Service, I AM,

William Victory Star -- 

friend, disciple, and director

The will of the 'I AM' is that each one of us is a Star. 

The Mighty 'I AM' Presence within us is a Great Love Star. 

Victory Star -- which we all are. 

I AM a helpful heart and a Good Samaritan.

I AM the humble heart, head, and hands of the heavenly hierarchy.


Love is the way -- Love is the key!

Always Love and Always Victory

Come Home, my Beloved,

to the Heart of Everlasting Love.

(Paul the Venetian)

Adieu, my Love,

until you are in my arms forevermore.

(The Divine Mother)


       With all of our love we support you unto the Victory, beloved. And when it is won, you will know that it is your victory -- yes, by the grace of God, your victory, your staying power, your determination, your having said in your heart, "There is no other cause. For this cause alone shall I give my life in this world and in the next, that this Great Synthesis of Love, An Open Door of Love, might endure until every little one of this planet and system and galaxy and beyond shall know the LORD and ascend to God whence he came.


Note: You are encouraged to bookmark this page, or save it as a favorite place, and then return to it often. 

You are encouraged to make good karma and share this website, www.anopendooroflove.org with as many people as possible. It can be a great gift for them to help them fulfill their divine plan or mission in life.

       The are two ways we can feed people (including ourselves) -- physically with good food, and spiritually with good teachings, as found on this website. 
       One of the greatest ways we can feed people is by telling them about this website, or sending this website out to our email list, putting a link on a Facebook page, etc., for truly this website is one of the greatest opportunities we can have to come into a greater understanding, fulfill our divine plan, and ascend back to God. 

God bless you. Thank you.

I love you and God loves you. 

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