The Teaching is for the Many
by Gautama Buddha

Beloved Gautama Buddha and Saint Germain -

Beloved Gautama Buddha and Saint Germain  -

Vol. 29  No. 21  -  May 25, 1986


Teachings from the Mystery School


“The Teaching Is for the Many”

New Year’s Eve Conclave at the Grand Teton

Saint Germain’s Burden Is Lifted


        ...It is, then, with great joy that I turn my attention to our center of Light, our Camelot. Let all who have gathered here at the Royal Teton Retreat now meditate profoundly upon the circle of Light as I reveal to you, O Lightbearers of earth who have assembled at the Grand Teton, how you are holding the candle of which I have spoken already earlier in my address—the single flame of Life whereby these whom you behold are called “Keepers of the Flame,” and their Mother and Messenger is with them in physical embodiment, even as you are graced this evening by the Messenger who has addressed you—your own Teacher, Lanello.

        Now we unveil Camelot to many thousands of Lightbearers who have gathered, selected and by invitation, escorted by seraphim to this New Year’s conclave of Light. For we have introduced you to the Path of the Ascension and the World Teachers and the Ascended Masters. Now you may see gathered in California and throughout the earth at their stations those Lightbearers who deem it the highest privilege—O bhikkhus, O beloved daughters and sons of the Buddhic Light, the path of the East and all world religions—to savor the cross and the circle of fire, to take it, then, from the heart and extend it to earth. And these who have come from every nation to our Camelot out of the East and West therefore savor above all things to enter into this decree momentum of the Word which I have already given to you to witness.

        Thus, beloved Keepers of the Flame, there have been watchmen and -women of the night who have observed the power of the spoken Word and the dissolution of entire pockets of the astral plane. And I have showed them what has been accomplished since Christmas Eve through the efforts of those assembled and the Masters’ dictations. And they have fully realized, by this dispensation from the heart of Sanat Kumara, exactly what is the science of sound,EN1 the science of the spoken Word.

        Their enlightenment has been that which could have taken thousands of years of pursuit in the physical octave. For Sanat Kumara sent his angels some weeks ago to prepare the souls and four lower bodies and chakras of those selected from the earth to attend tonight’s conclave here at the Grand Teton.

        Thus, their preparation has been to raise their ability to see and perceive through my own Electronic Presence—which this night they have received for a period in time and space, that they might see through my eyes and heart and being and know all that has been taught by the Messengers in this century.

        They have seen the violet flame. They have seen the bluelightning angels exorcise the most intense, the most insidious forms of entities and demons. They have watched how Astrea and how the Seven Archangels have gone after the darkest of conditions and especially those affecting the youth.

        They are eager, beloved ones, to be sure that when they return to their denser bodies they will have a memory of all that they have been taught at the Grand Teton, that they might also have some sign and contact. Their mentors have assured them again and again that they could find the books of the Teachings in the most prominent bookstores of this nation.

        Some have lamented that they will not find translations in their own countries. And thus, there is born in their hearts, for the first time in this embodiment, a keen desire to study English and to come to America, hopeful that they will make the connection on the outer to that which they have been given within.

        We have presented the vast panorama of the Great White Brotherhood. They have seen Mighty Victory and some of his legions of Light. They have stood present before the Lords of Karma, who have given to them angel secretaries to go over their private Book of Life with them.

        Beloved ones, these are truly the best of earth’s evolutions. Though not without karma, they are lovers of the Light, yet not in situations of having any advancement or prior outer knowledge of that which takes place at inner planes.

        This experiment which I have sponsored has been my answer to Saint Germain’s Stump to Europe and to the Messenger’s call. For the effort of this team and the delivery of the Word night after night has made a deeper and deeper etch in the crystal of Matter and in the souls of Light.

        It is truly an example of what we have taught you—that when the Word is spoken it reaches all upon earth of a similar wavelength and vibration. It is never limited to the immediate audience. And though without the amplification of satellite or modern systems of communication, yet the earth body itself records the Word, which is why the Word must be incarnate in you.

        In the physical sense the Messenger cannot be everywhere. But in the divine sense Lanello is everywhere. And you must be his instrument. Thus, at anytime, wherever you may be in life, you may come upon a soul who has attended this conclave and therefore who has the inner awareness of all of the Teaching and the Law and the specific vision of the work of the angels as they implement the calls of your very divine decrees.

        This dispensation has been made possible by many beings of Light. We have done all we could do for our part. Now we say, the particular call you may make is that these one hundred forty and four thousand and more be allowed to have the memory quickened in them of the inner planes’ experience and especially that you might encounter them and give to them even a wallet-size Chart or some portion of the Teaching or a poster or anything that you might prepare that would be appropriate, that they might be drawn to that which is now a part of the immediate inner awareness—not something covered over that they knew twelve thousand years ago on Atlantis, but something they have had immediate association with.

        Just as your calls have been answered with a fiery action throughout this conference, so, beloved, your calls may be answered to give help to these souls of Light.

        Now, then, you understand the audience who hears my message, and you are part of the world of inner beings who recognize the office of the Lord of the World which was bestowed upon me by Lord Sanat Kumara. I am indeed grateful to have such disciples as yourselves, to have so many positioned around the world who in the very outer knowledge of being place their attention upon me in this hour and therefore receive, whether waking or sleeping, a current from my heart for the healing, the stabilizing, the regulating of the heart and the four lower bodies and the functions thereof.

        And if you will be attentive to that which the Messenger has taught you concerning your health in this class and all that is to come in our seminar, you will retain a great portion of this light—a light for the regulation, the regularity of all functions of the body system. This regulation is established by the intensity of the resurrection flame, the full power of the threefold flame.

        Almighty ones of Light I AM THAT I AM, now you understand that the Western Shamballa, sealed over the Heart of the Inner Retreat and extending for many miles radiating out therefrom, is a consecration of a shrine made holy by the footsteps of archangels long ago. Now you understand that the white-fire/blue-fire sun that has come in the establishment of the Retreat of the Divine Mother, with Lady Master Venus presiding over the Ranch, is also the polarity of that Western Shamballa. As you have heard, then, and understood, you can see that for aeons heaven has been banking upon this area as a place preserved, reserved, then, for evolutions who will come apart because they have been taken to the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.

        Now in this hour the Seven Chohans of the Rays bow before the Light and the altar of the Royal Teton Retreat where I am. They stand before me and they present their petitions to me before the Lords of Karma.

        It is their request, made formal but deliberated by us earlier, to open, then, universities of the Spirit in each of their etheric retreats where they might welcome not dozens or hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands of students who will diligently pursue the path of self-mastery on the seven rays systematically, mastering most especially the first and the seventh rays whereby they might establish the Alpha and the Omega of their identity, whereby they might establish the will of God, the divine blueprint, the inner plan for twin flames and immediately begin an action of personal and world transmutation.

        The plan, therefore, is for students to spend fourteen days in Darjeeling and fourteen days with Saint Germain at the Royal Teton Retreat and to alternate these fourteen days as they weave a balance and restore themselves to the commitment of the beginning and the ending of the cycles of life.

        Having successfully passed certain levels, albeit beginning levels, nevertheless strong levels of accomplishment in the use of these rays, they will have a turn also with Lord Lanto and Confucius here at the Royal Teton and Paul the Venetian, who prefers to use in this hour the Temple of the Sun of the Goddess of Liberty, who is the Divine Mother of beloved Paul, and to anchor that action in the Washington Monument, as it has already had anchored there a focus of the threefold flame from the Château de Liberté.EN2

        Beloved ones, this training, then, will be for the rounding out of the threefold flame in the wisdom of the Path and especially in the development of the path of the sacred heart, the expansion of love that they might rid themselves of fear and hardness of heart and records of death surrounding that heart.

        Then, you see, comes the path of ministration and service, which is the logical manifestation of love and a balanced threefold flame. Through ministration and service in the retreat of Nada in Arabia, they will find, then, a place where they can give the same dynamic decrees you give here for all those untoward conditions in the area of the Middle East. And this shall be their assignment at inner levels even as they study the true path of Jesus Christ on that sixth ray as it has never been taught to them before.

        Having come through these retreats, they are now ready to be washed in the purity of the sacred fires of the ascension temple for a beginner’s course and for the first baptism by water of the Divine Mother. Then they proceed to Crete with Paul the Apostle and there Hilarion shows them the Truth of all ages, and the science of Being is unfolded layer upon layer.

        Thus, having completed a round in all of these retreats—cycling fourteen-day cycles, some repeated in the same retreat, some interchanging—they will come again to second and third levels of training on those seven rays. It is desired that as quickly as possible through this training these may make outer contact with Summit University and attend its halls of learning at the Inner Retreat, as is our desire. For the expansion of Light and the increase of Light is far more possible there than in the dense areas and the low level at sea level here.

        Beloved ones, we therefore desire that the knowledge of Summit University as the Ascended Masters’ university shall be made known far and wide through every means possible and that the course contents will carefully be described according to the pattern set forth by the Seven Chohans.

        We desire the knowledge of the persons of the Seven Chohans to go forth and the many series they have dictated in several forms to be there in the bookstalls of the world, that those individuals who are taking these courses might have something whereby they can make contact in the outer with our bands and truly begin that action of the sevenfold flame of the sevenfold Elohim in physical embodiment—finally, therefore, at that level to begin in earnest to balance their karma and prepare themselves for that world service which is their divine calling and make their ascensions in this life from that very Heart of the Inner Retreat.

        This is our divine plan. This is our vision, the vision of Elohim and Great Silent Watchers of the City Foursquare to be builded there. We say, then, make haste to the mountain of God. For the summit beacon shining from those heights can be seen in the etheric octave as souls come and go to the Inner Retreat.

        And as they come and go to that Royal Teton Retreat in the Grand Teton each night and pass over, the angels will show them the beacon and give them pictures in their mind and memory of that physical location so that by and by, by the repetitive action of seeing the beacon of the Inner Retreat, they may come to an outer awareness at least of the desire to take a vacation at Jackson Hole or Yellowstone Park!

        And beloved ones, you must realize that you make things extremely difficult for our angels when you leave no outer signs of yourself in these areas. It is highly important that you understand that storefronts and signs and leaflets and individuals present to invite people to come to study the Teachings of the Masters—or whatever you may devise as films or situations that they may encounter along their journeys—are extremely important.

        We have already sent Lightbearers to the area and they have come home without an awareness of your presence. And, in some cases, they have come home well-fed by you at The Ranch Kitchen with no idea whatsoever that there was the Great White Brotherhood and the path of the Ascended Masters, because you are so meek in the sense of fearing what neighbors and others may think of you if you are direct in your approach.

        Beloved ones, you have to understand they have already formulated their opinions. And there is little that you can do about the obstinacy of human opinion but to let your Light so shine before men that they will see the Father’s good work in you.EN3 And those of the Light will glorify God and those not of the Light will condemn it, and it has ever been so. And therefore, be not concerned, for the mission moves on.

        Beloved ones, it is indeed a warfare of the dark ones against the entire cause of the Great White Brotherhood. And you must outsmart them and you must use every means available to reach people in the physical octave. Somehow the lie has been spread abroad that this Teaching is for the few. I tell you, the hour is come and now is when the Teaching is for the many who are called.

        The many indeed are called and for many reasons. If the few be chosen,EN4 the few may still number in the millions. And you ought to be ready for the influx, for the harvest could not be more whiteEN5 and the Light could not be greater.

        And therefore the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light, and the Goddess of Purity have come closer to earth than ever before. And they have determined that this light of the fiery ovoid described to you by the MessengerEN6—which was described to you simultaneously as they were addressing this company at the Royal Teton Retreat—shall become available to the pure in heart. This white fire, then, they bring to bear upon the auras of all candidates who have made known at inner levels and before the Seven Chohans that they are determined to regain the lost chord of their identity and to bring to bear on world events the full momentum of their causal bodies of Light.

        And as for Europe, we have only scratched the surface. Now the Keepers of the Flame there will bring the Stump message on video to every town and city and prepare the way for dispensations before the Lords of Karma by our request—dispensations in which we ask for the opportunity to hold conferences in city after city and finally to see such a ground swell of support that these conferences may be broadcast by satellite throughout the world, that none on earth who have access to the modern systems of communication may be without the opportunity to choose this day whom they will serve,EN7 to see manifesting clearly through the Messenger and yourselves the light of the angels, the angelic hosts, the legions of the Central Sun and know not only by the power of the Word but by their own inner sight that cosmic beings are addressing earth in this hour of her great peril and her greatest opportunity.

        Beloved ones, 1986 can and shall be an open door as we together determine that it shall be and as you in embodiment do ratify our calls for these dispensations. Thus, the Lords of Karma, and I with them, have already approved this petition of the Seven Chohans. And in this hour it is formally granted to them to establish these universities whereby they will assist and increase in a very intense manner all that is being done by yourselves on earth.

        Beloved ones, those who are in the great amphitheater surrounding the Grand Teton have stood to applaud this opportunity that is given to them in this hour. I bid you join them.

        [standing ovation]

        Beloved ones, I cannot even tell you the great joy of these hearts when they discovered the truth of this Cause and the presence of this activity. Less than one percent of those here had ever heard anything good or bad concerning this organization.

        Therefore, those of you who think that the output of information in either direction has in fact had any impact on the greater population of the planet, I tell you it has not. And you can far exceed the positive statements you have made and the publications you have sent forth. And as for the darkness and the dark ones and their media campaigns, they are surely dissolved this hour by the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light, and the Goddess of Purity.

        Beloved ones, while you are standing, I present to you in this hour our beloved Saint Germain, the seventh chohan, as he does come forward and stand singly before me while the other six stand behind, and Portia now standing with the Lords of Karma.

        Beloved ones, the hour has come, and it must come, whereby from our office we declare to you and all Lightbearers in all octaves that by the united effort of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood the burden complete of Saint Germain’s incurred karma is lifted, transmuted, and sent back to the Great Central Sun purified.EN8 [standing ovation]

        Beloved ones, the Messenger has known at inner levels, in consultation with us and in conclave here, that if she and you together could endure to this night of December 31, 1985—already become where you are January 1, 1986—that truly this dark burden would come to an end and Saint Germain would be free once again to champion his cause through her and through the chelas as never before has occurred in these recent centuries.

        Beloved ones, it is an immense relief to you, to the Messengers, in all levels of your four lower bodies. For truly you have borne sometimes ten times over the weight of karma of other lifestreams, whether from these decades of this dispensation or past dispensations through the centuries of those who have abandoned, betrayed, or misused the light of beloved Saint Germain.

        Thus, beloved ones, you can see a new day! For you are the chelas of Saint Germain and you have borne his burden. You have been with him in his trial. You have been with him through all things. And he, then, is free to stand before us, before Alpha and Omega and lay before the Lords of Karma his plan and the plan of Portia for the inauguration of this age in the thirty-three-year cycle now under way as well as in the century entire to come.

        Beloved ones, Saint Germain is brimming with hope and many plans that he has worked on for very long. He is beaming with a smile of joy and light. And I therefore give to him my place that he might address you in this hour.[applause]

        [The Messenger: Portia does step forth now before Saint Germain. She does kneel before him as before the Lord of the World. And she does place in the hand of Saint Germain that mighty jewel of light—his focus of sacred fire that he placed upon the altar on behalf of all students of the violet flame and all whom he has sponsored in these centuries. Saint Germain does receive it now. He places it within a pouch, places it within his pocket, and does prepare to address all.]




Beloved Saint Germain


        Most beloved friends of freedom of all planes of cosmos, I send the love of my heart to each and every one of you who has stood with me these long centuries of our joint efforts to reach the souls of the Lightbearers of earth that they might carry a torch of the violet flame to those lesser endowed who must be kindled by some in embodiment with the flame of freedom in government, in science, and in the mystical orders of religion.

        I say to you one and all, our efforts have not been in vain. They have been costly indeed, and all have learned the meaning of paying the price—you keenly and I myself sometimes most painfully when I could not extend a hand until this tribulation, if you will call it that, was through. But, beloved ones, through it all, some have received the violet flame—not a few have ascended and are standing with me here tonight!

        The knowledge of the seventh ray is abroad in the earth. And now, with a new fervor and a new hope and wisdom, I trust gained from any past indiscretions, we may once again lay firmly the foundation of our divine plan to sow and sow again the jewels of light and yet to so safeguard our sowings that neither you nor I, neither cosmic beings nor unascended chelas nor elementals who love me dearly should ever again become so encumbered by the situation of the misuse of the sacred fire by earth’s evolutions once they have received the knowledge thereof.

        Therefore, I bid you with all my heart’s love a great and grand expression of gratitude. And I hurl to you now from my own being and aura, with beloved Portia, violets and lilacs and purple irises and all manner of wild and exotic flower that contains the violet and the purple spectrum. And to each and all who have ever favored me with a single kindness or a comforting word, I send this floral offering. And the fragrance descends. And you may know, beloved, that I am grateful.

        In the name of the Goddess of Liberty and the Lords of Karma, my own beloved Portia, I am grateful to you, Lord Gautama—to you, Lord Maitreya, my brother Jesus and Kuthumi, El Morya and Lanello, and so many, many whose names I now say with all of my being. And a million times a million names are pronounced in the ethers that the whole of cosmos may know all who have ever helped Saint Germain and the violet-flame angels and the cause of freedom!

        In this hour of rejoicing, I would address you, then. Most blessed hearts of Light, be seated in comfort and in our love.

        Beloved ones, to me the most obvious solution for the protection of the Light and the protection of the Teaching is to use in the physical earth the matrix already provided by Archangel Michael and the Darjeeling Council with Mother Mary and the Messengers. The matrix of the rosary of Archangel Michael may be used now for a very specific purpose. And that purpose is for the protection of the Teaching, that it might come to Lightbearers, and for the binding of all Serpents and their seed—the binding of the dark ones immediately when they take it to use on the left-handed path.

        I submit that the call to the archangels—directly to the heart of Archangel Michael through the decrees already written and this rosary for the protection of the path of the Great White Brotherhood, for the protection of the true souls of Light and the worthy and the instantaneous judgment of the usurpers of the Light—will go a long, long way in curtailing the advancement of abuses and therefore the incurring of karma for you and me and the increasing numbers of Ascended Masters who have come to join our cause of freedom from great heights of cosmos and the inner silence.

        I must say that we applaud and bow in great reverence before the beloved twin flame of Lord Maitreya, who is here this evening, and welcome her and her decision to descend to these levels for the assistance of the feminine ray of this blessed and mighty Buddha warrior of the spirit fire.

        And so, beloved ones, your knowledge and use of the tool of exorcism taught to you in the initial ruby-ray decrees given by Sanat Kumara is most valuable. Beloved ones, the Teaching and its practitioners and students must continually be protected. And immediately students must learn of these various forms of entities that beset them. And this army of Light must form, by the linking of arms, such a strength of union in the circle of fire that anyone who is burdened, who has been overcome by the dark powers, who is truly a son of Light, can be not only vindicated but swiftly cut free and protected.

        Thus, we see in the building and the strengthening of brotherhood in the earth, of a true oneness and a determination to help one another, that there will also come an awareness of the penetration, if any, of our circles of charityEN9 by alien forces that have no good intent but to spy upon our libertyEN10 and misuse our Teaching and turn our words again that they might rend us.

        Beloved ones, our students throughout the world have become very astute over the centuries. They have seen what the forces of Fascism and World Communism and the powers that be in every nation have done to undo the Lightbearers and the true freedom fighters and those who understand the path truly of peace with honor.

        Beloved ones, therefore we see that with the intense protection and the fourteen-month cycle of the blue-flame will of God, we, as it were, may pull out almost all of the stops and let the Teaching go forth and let it truly be the sower of Aquarius who does sow the Word.

        And where it is not on fallow ground, where it falls upon the rock and may be rejected,EN11 let other angels come and pick it up and let others take it. Beloved ones, let us not leave the seeds sown anywhere to be misused, but let us make the call that the Lightbearers will come and pick up the crumbs that have fallen from the Master’s table, that they will pick up the stone that was rejected,EN12 the book cast away.

        Therefore, the perpetual call to the seraphim is truly the key of Light taught to you by the Messenger. The seraphim come with swords and fiery auras recharged once in every seven days by the Central Sun itself. Thus they saturate those individuals who are of the Light with a mighty flame and perfume of roses. They lead them by the hand, they bind the demons—and where there is a will and a heart in those souls, they do indeed bring them to the fount of knowledge. But you, beloved, must establish those founts of knowledge, those places of availability and likelihood where many may pass in the marts of life.

        You must become, indeed, the greatest salesmen in the world.EN13 You must realize that you do have already the most salable item. It is the Teaching itself. The Messenger long ago realized this when torn and pulled and almost sawn asunder by those forces that determined to draw her into outer activities involving commerce and money.

        Beloved ones, all of this is the lie that we have not provided you and this organization with sufficient material to create such an abundance, such a release of Light to the co-workers as for the building of the entire Inner Retreat.

        The gold mine is here. It does not have to be sought and found. There is no need for merchandising in the marts of the world. There is a need for intense practicality in the presentation and packaging of the most interesting information and subjects and lectures and sermons that are going forth on the planetary body at this time.

        And, beloved ones, had there not been so much opposition and such a weight of karma to be borne, you would have seen many, many more people taking the message for the message’s sake itself. And wherever the voice of the Messenger is heard, people stop and listen. Yet they are told by many babbling voices, from their families to their ministers to their civic leaders, not to go after anything that is out of the norm of their established tradition. Tradition, you know, is a god in society, but no longer. For we are in the vanguard and we are at last free.

        Therefore, beloved, I say to you—not by way of announcing a specific action at this time but by way of saying to you—may you propose what you will do and may we then bring your proposals before the Lords of Karma. And may we then state what is our request, based on the realism of the hour and your positioning of yourselves, as to what we will take as our responsibility.

        We proceed with joy and the caution of experience that we must ask for those things of the Solar Logoi and the Elohim of which we may be certain there will be a fulfillment and a victory and therefore not result in a situation of the costliness of karma that does therefore affect the next and the next opportunity for our service.

        We would rather that you yourselves be the daring ones, that you go forth and see what you will do and let us be the ones who respond. This is as it should be, for the Wise One, Lord Sanat Kumara, has said to me this very week,

        “Saint Germain, you have been the champion. And when you have been in physical embodiment, those who are now a part of our activity on earth were benefited by your service and were advanced in their learning. Saint Germain, let them now come to center stage with the same courage that you had. Let them take on the responsibilities which you were so willing to take on when you were in physical incarnation and when you were the Wonderman of Europe, as you indeed are today the Wonderman of this world.”

        Beloved hearts, he said to me that I must let you play your part and that I must add to it and multiply it and must have, as they say, from you “money in the bank” by way of the assuring of the loan that I would then secure from the cosmic bank. Beloved ones, this is to say that there is a tremendous quantity of light that is available to me now in the great treasury of the Central Sun—a quantity of light that has been abuilding by cosmic beings proportionately as you have called the violet flame for the balancing of this accumulated karma.

        Therefore, the substance of light is there. It is there on demand. And I am instructed to demand it as you present and show the most effective, workable, and successful programs for delivering this message to the world and for the building of the Inner Retreat.

        In anticipation of the Light going forth, we have designated the Inner Retreat as a place that must be secure, must be the highest focus in the earth. For, you see, when the light goes forth it cannot be fully predicted what the response will be from the world and humanity. If these responses are an aggravation and a reaction creating a planetary chemistry that results in some world changes, it is necessary that the equivalent of the Great Central Sun Magnet be somewhere on earth.

        And you know where that somewhere is. The eye of the Inner Retreat is the Grand Teton, and you are the body thereof. And that Great Central Sun Magnet can only be composed of your light bodies in physical manifestation.

        As you already have understood, it will take great ingenuity to maintain the supply and the income in this area of the world. But, beloved ones, no one ever said that you could not go out and come in again, that you could not establish your base there and spend a major part of your year in those enterprising activities that promote both the Teaching and your own personal welfare, supplying you the needs of the hour for the blessings you desire to bestow upon your family and loved ones as well as upon this organization.

        Thus, beloved ones, it is a question of the base. It is a question of having a retreat to retreat to and to go out from. This has always been the way of the Great White Brotherhood. Thus, you can expand your horizons and seek that place where you may also plant and reap a harvest essential to your God mastery in all planes.

        I say to you, then, that in this hour of rejoicing and in this hour of the conclave, I am grateful to have been able to have shared with you the thoughts of my heart, the communications of the mighty ones, and certain parameters of our looking to the New Day.

        My first actions will be to see to it that this activity is secure in every way and that the plans move forward according to the resolve of the Darjeeling Council and the Lords of Karma. I trust, then, you will seek a tidy conclusion to all those things that must be completed at the Ranch, made known to you and to be discussed later today.EN14

        Beloved ones, having this activity secure is like the sealing of Noah’s ark. We must know that our Lightbearers who have supported us in all ages will indeed survive to make their ascension in this life. And I tell you, beloved ones, I cannot guarantee that ascension but I can tell you that the Path itself and your following of it does guarantee it.

        Keep on keeping on and do not avoid the eye of, or the encounter with, the Messenger. For you will find the surest incisive action of the violet flame keeping you moving toward the center of Being and your perfect Love.

        Beloved ones, I have much to attend to, for there are many areas of the world that need my help. I will go forth confident that as you know exactly what these areas are, you will be mindful that I also need the action of Archangel Michael’s Rosary that that which can be done for the government of this nation and all nations might be secured and that the fallen ones and the spies and the enemies of Truth and Life be bound, that they might not move in and take the dispensations that I am able to give of light and action toward a more perfect world, a world of union and understanding and the universality of Being and the entering in to the very nature of God.

        Thus, beloved, in great love and deference to the Lord of the World, I return you to his heart of hearts that he may deliver now the conclusion of his message.

        My beloved Gautama Buddha, it is my great joy to receive this honor and new freedom in your presence this New Year’s Day. And I bow before you. For by your keeping of the flame for me and these Lightbearers, our Keepers of the Flame Fraternity has indeed been established and its members wax strong as the stars of your heart.

        [standing ovation]



Beloved Gautama Buddha


        Most gracious and beloved knights and ladies of the flame, Lightbearers of the world, I bid you once again be seated in our rings of light.

        There comes to me an angel of the Keeper of the Scrolls. There comes an angel descending from the heart of Sanat Kumara, from the heart of the Central Sun. And the Solar Logoi have sent, therefore sealed, the thoughtform for this year, 1986.

        I unroll the scroll of light, and oh, what a fiery scroll it is, beloved! Upon this scroll is inscribed the full outpicturing of the Mighty Blue Eagle—the angel formation of the legions of the God Star Sirius. This blue eagle takes the form, for this action for this planetary body, of the bald eagle of the United States of America. Yet it is blue, and when you study its components you will see that every feather and part is a blue-flame angel. And it is a vast formation that fills the starry heavens.

        Beloved, the true and royal form of the flag of the I AM Race is the background of this eagle. It is the banner of Light. It is the Old Glory that has become America’s flag. And yet it contains the secret within it of new developments within this nation which are to unfold.

        The starry field represents initiates, and therefore its numbers may not be counted according to the outer. And the thirteen tribes are represented in this flag in the ruby and white, for it is [the red stripes are] not yet represented as the gold.EN15 The ruby, therefore, has the filigree line of gold on either side of the stripe separating it from the white, thus signifying the path of the ruby ray and of the Body and Blood of Christ for the attainment of the ascension through those stars which I cannot number, for it is not lawful for me to reveal it.

        These stars represent not only states but tribes of the nations. They represent compartments of root races. They represent the seed of Christ, the archetypal blueprint of all those who may ascend under the canopy of the Central Sun, its focus in the God Star, assisted by the protection of the Mighty Blue Eagle formation of angels.

        Beloved, behind this there is a unique map of the earth. Laid out in spherical design, this map is translucent. And by means of adjustment electronically, one can look at the earth in this and past ages, going back as long as evolutions of Light have been on it and showing in those periods the various land masses, how the seas and landed areas were formed and how they are in this present era.

        That which is center, beneath the heart of the Mighty Blue Eagle, is that portion of the earth that is indeed represented as the Western Hemisphere. Above that, the banner of the I AM Race.

        Beloved ones, the sign of the thoughtform of the year is this: to restore in this hemisphere, specifically in the United States and in Canada (if her people and Keepers of the Flame do will it so), the return to the founding principles of freedom, the return by revolution of the Spirit—by education and enlightenment, by the path of the ruby and the gold and the white and the stars in the field of the blue-flame will of God—to the original divine design which Saint Germain held in his heart for this nation to be the instrument of the return of Lightbearers to the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth and to their own ascension in the Light, that they may walk the earth once again as ascended beings to be the teachers of those not yet ascended and to bring this earth back to that point of that golden-age civilization seventy thousand years ago and in some cases millions of years ago.

        Thus, beloved, this great thoughtform, which is large in dimension, does also retain at the very top the paintings of Saint Germain and Jesus, originally done by Charles Sindelar, and the Chart of the I AM Presence. When all of this is seen together in the grandeur of dimension, you can see that it fits very well on this giant tapestry.

        This tapestry of the thoughtform of the year woven by angels will hang in the Grand Teton Retreat for all to see. It shows that America shall return, deserving to be, then, the nation sponsored by Saint Germain, her people going forth to transfer his science, his economy, his religion, his way of life, which represents that of the entire Great White Brotherhood, to every nation.

        It shows that there is a key, and the key is that America must come to her original purpose and fulfill it. She has ever been established and sponsored by Saint Germain as the guru nation. Thus, though the chelas of Saint Germain and of America throughout the world may have in some areas perfected and gone beyond the disciplines of the people in this nation, yet the mantle has not yet been taken from them to restore the earth to the place of peace and freedom.

        Thus, in the lower portion of the tapestry one can see the multitudes, and they come from every nation and they represent every tribe and race and people and color and evolution. And as these multitudes approach from the south this map of North America, there is in the center the dove of the Holy Spirit, the dove of peace. In anticipation of the presentation of this thoughtform at this hour, Lightbearers have been coming for decades and centuries from around the world that they or their progeny could be here in the hour of the renewal of the flame of the Spirit of Liberty.

        Beloved ones, in the tapestry that proceeds out from around the maps there is a portrayal of major shrines of liberty of the earth, most notable that of the Goddess of Liberty on the right and the Grand Teton on the left.

        Thus, beloved, it is an endless story that is woven into this tapestry, and it shows that the people of earth must bend the knee and confess the eternal Christ in the heart of Jesus, in the heart of Saint Germain, and in the heart of their own I AM Presence. And these brothers of the favorite son, Joseph, and of his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh*—these other tribes must come to that point of recognizing that the Father has a right to have a favorite son and to bless him. For that favor is not unjust or unequal but it is the favor accorded as the blessing of attainment. (Gen. 37:3-36; 41:50-52; 48; 49:1-29)

        Thus, Joseph, as you know, was the beloved Jesus. And this is what you find—that the hatred of Joseph has become the hatred of America. America is the source of the Teachings, of the I AM THAT I AM sponsored by Saint Germain. And therefore he has sponsored this language of this people as the language of the Great White Brotherhood in this age. Therefore, there must be an acceptance of this and a bending of the knee also and not the constant quarreling by the other tribes—“Why are we not equal?”

        You can be equal, but you must proceed under Joseph with his coat of many colors and under the prophet Samuel. You must go to their Promised Land. You must accept the Teaching and the Path and strive with these holy ones of God to perfect a Union long endowed. For sometime, somewhere the evolutions of other continents of Saint Germain have truly rejected him. And that karma is not removed from those nations, though it is removed from Saint Germain and the Lightbearers who have borne that world karma so long—especially the Messengers themselves.

        Beloved hearts, the people of this nation have an endowment and a protection from the Master. Therefore, we make it known that for the integration of the Word and the entering into the universal age and an international unity of nations and peoples, it is truly a requirement that English be taught in the very lower schools to the littlest children of every nation upon earth. For this you must decree. For, beloved, how can they choose a path and a Master whose language and writings and entire dispensations and initiations are in a language that is foreign to them? Whether for commerce or education or the arts or brotherhood, there are manifold reasons why this, the language so rich in its incorporation of many other languages, should be the common knowledge of every schoolchild throughout the planet.

        Thus, the thoughtform for the year may appear complex, but then the organization, the Path, and even the awareness of the average chela has also become complex in a nuclear and space age—an age of computers and technology accelerating the capacity of the mind to know Truth in every area of learning.

        Thus, I say to you, beloved, that the complexity of your understanding of the Path can always be reduced to the simple simplicity of the Law of the One. When you study and know what we have taught through our many representatives, the Ascended Masters, you are the more able to feed my sheep.

        Therefore, some of you will identify yourselves as a part of the body of the Mighty Blue Eagle, some of you as a part of those who minister at the altar of the I AM Presence and Saint Germain and Jesus. Others will see yourselves feeding and caring for the multitudes; others, the building of the Inner Retreat; others, the dealing with the nations and bringing them to the proper chord of response to our message. This tapestry, then, establishes an outline—whether within or without, whether in the maps of the earth in the ancient ages—of the Path for everyone who is to ascend through this dispensation and thoughtform.

        Now the hour has come, beloved, for me to send you to rest. For we desire you to come now, straight as an arrow, to the Grand Teton mountain where you will be received, and the door in the mountain will be opened and you may enter for further instruction and initiation from Lord Maitreya which will be sealed in the concluding day of your conference when you return tomorrow, being this very day at Camelot.

        In the blessed peace of the Buddha whom I represent, in the peace of Sanat Kumara, who has brought me to this office, I, Gautama, say to you, I am above all most grateful in this hour for the chelas of the will of God and Morya’s diligence in bringing you to this point of keen receptivity to our heart.

        May God bless you forever, my beloved. I am never apart from you, for our hearts are one in the heartbeat of the Ancient of Days.




”The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation was delivered New Year’s Eve, 12:05 a.m., January 1, 1986.

* Jacob accepted Ephraim and Manasseh as his own sons, making each one the head of a tribe equal to the other eleven.

1. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Liberating Power of the Word: Album I (6 cassettes), “Seven Steps to Precipitation by the Command of the Word,”; Album II (4 cassettes, 111 color slides), “The Science of Sound.”  Also, “Sound: Life’s Integrating Phenomenon,” in The Coming Revolution:  A Magazine for Higher Consciousness (Spring 1981), pp. 24-33, 54.

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8. The sponsorship of Saint Germain. After his ascension in 1684, Saint Germain was given the dispensation by the Lords of Karma to return to earth and manifest in a physical body. The Comte de Saint Germain appeared throughout the 18th-century courts as the “Wonderman of Europe.” His goal: to prevent the French Revolution and establish a United States of Europe. Though the royalty admired his miraculous accomplishments and were always willing to be entertained by him, they were not easily prodded to relinquish their power and move with the winds of republican change. They and their jealous ministers ignored his counsel, and the French Revolution ensued. In a final attempt to unite Europe, Saint Germain backed Napoleon, who misused the Master’s power to his own demise. The opportunity to set aside the retribution due an age had thus passed and Saint Germain was forced to withdraw. Of his experiment on the continent, Saint Germain once said: “Having failed in securing the attention of the Court of France and others of the crowned heads of Europe, I turned myself to the perfectionment of mankind at large, and I recognized that there were many who, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, would indeed be filled with the concept of a perfect union which would inspire them to take dominion over the New World and create a Union among the sovereign states. Thus the United States was born as a child of my heart and the American Revolution was the means of bringing freedom in all of its glory into manifestation from the East unto the West.” Saint Germain stood by George Washington throughout the Revolution and during the long winter at Valley Forge. He inspired and directed the writing of the Constitution and anointed Washington first president of the United States. In the latter 19th century, he assisted the Masters M. (El Morya), K.H. (Koot Hoomi), and Serapis Bey in the founding of the Theosophical Society. In this century, Saint Germain went before the Lords of Karma to plead the cause of freedom for and on behalf of earth’s evolutions. He offered the momentum of the violet flame garnered within his heart chakra and causal body as a momentum of light energy to be given mankind that they might experiment with the alchemy of self-transformation through the sacred fire. Though the knowledge of the violet flame had never been given outside the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, the Lords of Karma agreed to release it to a certain nucleus of devotees, and if the experiment proved successful they would illumine the masses as to its use. In the early 1930s, Saint Germain contacted his “general in the field,” the reembodied George Washington, Guy W. Ballard, whom he trained as his Messenger. Through Guy and Edna Ballard, he founded the I AM movement and released the dispensation of the violet flame. When mankind en masse failed to respond, the Lords of Karma told Saint Germain they would not give him “another allotment of energy for mankind to take and to dissipate and to waste.” In Saint Germain’s own words, “after seventy thousand years of sponsoring various endeavors for the enlightenment and the freedom of wings were clipped. And I had but to stand and hope that some other hierarch would come forth to implore a dispensation of Light for humanity, for souls of Light.” In 1958, El Morya, on Saint Germain’s behalf, founded The Summit Lighthouse for the release and publication of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and the establishment of the Community of the Holy Spirit in the Aquarian age. Saint Germain anointed Mark and Elizabeth Prophet as his Messengers and sponsored the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. Mark L. Prophet ascended Feb. 26, 1973, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet remained as the embodied Messenger. On Sept. 3, 1973, Saint Germain announced: “As a result of the swelling of the Lightbearers and the swelling of the ranks of students of Light united in this activity, as a result of the expansion of the Mother flame through the Ascended Master University [Summit University] and the Community of the Holy Spirit and these endeavors in which you are jointly engaged for the victory of the Light, I have been given again a dispensation from the Lords of Karma! Thus I may once again step forth and pledge to you the energies of my causal body for the freedom and the victory of the Light in this age!” On Jan. 1, 1981, mindful of Saint Germain’s long-standing desire for a stronghold of Light in Europe, Archangel Jophiel and Christine announced a dispensation for the reversing of cataclysm and war there. July 29 to Aug. 1, 1981, the Messenger conducted a conference in Ellecom, Holland, once again anchoring physically in Europe the causal body and flame of the Master, who extended to devotees of freedom in Europe a final opportunity “to form a ring of light, a union indivisible, indispensable to our Cause.” (See also: dictations given in Flevohof, Holland, 1986 Pearls of Wisdom, nos. 1-4.) On July 1, 1984, Arcturus and Victoria announced the beginning of a 72-week vigil to “create anew an original leaven, a momentum of freedom which will give to Saint Germain the balance for all of those endeavors for which he has secured grants from the Karmic Board in the last 400 years....That culmination of your service in the 72 weeks for planet earth can lay before the Lords of Karma, through the violet flame, through your invocations, the paying of the last farthing of all that has become the debt of Saint Germain,” who therefore will “once again be permitted to go before not only the Lords of Karma but the Great Central Sun for a brand-new dispensation of Light.” In February-March 1985, the Messenger and her Stump Team carried Saint Germain’s message for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness to Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii. On Oct. 13, 1985, two days before the Messenger’s departure for her Stump to Europe, Canada, and New York, Saint Germain blessed the Team and said: “If you so multiply my Presence as I would and as I have taught you, so you shall earn for me the return of that jewel which I long ago laid upon the altar of God in behalf of Europe. Thus having that jewel returned, I may act once again with greater dominion in the physical octave because it is your will that I might intercede....” Beloved Portia then announced: “The Lords of Karma and the Goddess of Liberty this day do give to Saint Germain from the Cosmic Council that which is unexpected unto him. That mantle he has sought to earn by this mission, we give in advance that he might have the wherewithal to do greater works through you. And so we respond to the dedication of the European Keepers of the Flame and those of the Isles. Blessed ones, Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst place this purple robe upon Saint Germain in the gratitude of all of cosmos for his service untiring and for your response to that service and for his movement through the earth.” The Stump concluded in New York on Nov. 17, 1985, the final day of the 72-week vigil. The Messenger delivered a dictation by the Goddess of Liberty, who announced that the last vestiges of the untransmuted burdens of Saint Germain were “swiftly passing into the flame” but asked that we continue the vigil, intensifying it in the coming fortnight “to immerse the planet in violet flame.” In a dictation given at 1:00 a.m. on Dec. 31, 1985, Arcturus and Victoria told us, regarding our mutual responsibility “taken on in the name of the God of Freedom,” that there was “yet time to give that action of the violet flame to complete all that the Lords of Karma require.” The Messenger invited all to join in a violet-flame vigil, which began immediately following the dictation and continued for 23 hours until the beginning of Gautama Buddha’s New Year’s Eve address at 12:05 a.m., January 1. Gautama’s joyous announcement of the complete balancing of Saint Germain’s debt is the capstone of a long series of initiations given to Saint Germain and his chelas during the last 400 years.

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15. Golden-age flag. The inner design of the flag of America as it will appear in the golden age has gold stripes in place of the red, representing enlightenment and the gold of the Blood of Christ—the Life-essence of Spirit (Alpha). The white stripes represent the path of initiation and the ascension, the purity of the Mother (Omega). The thirteen bands symbolize the return of the twelve tribes and the thirteenth, the Melchizedekian priesthood—the order of Christed Ones in the service of the Lightbearers.