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Soul Mates and Twin Flames

       This page gives teachings on soul mates and twin flames.

       Each of us has a twin flame.

      Our twin flame, twin ray, or twin soul is the one we were created with. We have only one twin flame.

    A soul mate is one who has a similar attainment as ourselves, and a soul mate is similar to a "spiritual classmate". We may have a number of soul mates. Often a soul mate is one we will work with to accomplish a certain mission, project or goal; and in some cases, raise a family. 

       We can all say to our twin flame:

I AM the Presence of Love loving the Presence of Love in my twin flame.

I AM loving and adoring the Presence of Love in my twin flame and in myself.

My Beloved, I love you, I love you, I love you I do. Let the love of our hearts ever renew.

The following are some excellent videos on twin flames and soul mates:

Video on the Union of Twin Flames, Part 1, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on the Summit Lighthouse Website

Video on the Union of Twin Flames, Part 2, by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on the Summit Lighthouse Website

Question and Answer Session about Soul Mates and Twin Flames with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Soul Mates and Twin Flames on a Summit Lighthouse Teaching Center Website

DVD: A Valentine to All Who Love. 
A Teaching on Twin Flames and more by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


For an excellent, simplified summary of twin flames and soul mates, click here


       "When the heart lifts you beyond duality and you recognize the resonance of only Love as it is moving in this dance of pure ecstasy and endless and perfect expansion, then you realize as experience that every person whom your heart encounters is truly like that ray of sun light that is never and cannot be separate from the sun. Each person appearing as an individual truly is an aspect of God, truly is the outreach of Love.

       The question, beloved ones, that your heart can answer is what is Love bringing you as this person. What am I showing you in this communion of the heart and of the expression of the outreach and expansion of Love. The moment that you release the ego, release the little mind as that through which you live? In that moment there is only God before you. I Am appearing here, not only as you but as each magnificent vibrational package of the fullness of the expression of Love, that All That I Am may now be made fully conscious? and fully conscious, embrace the whole."

From the Messages from God

Circle of Light -- www.circleoflight.net


The chart of the Presence is one of the best ways to understand our self and our twin flame. If we put two of these charts together, side by side, they can represent us and our twin flame or twin ray. 

The Magic Presence of Love

The Mighty I AM Presence

Our Real Self, Our Divine Self,

Our Oversoul

The Chart of Your Divine Self -- the Mighty 'I AM' Presence (on the Summit Lighthouse Website)

Another beautiful chart of the 'I AM' Presence on the website, www.mariusfineart.com

Note: This chart or picture -- this Picture-Perfect Presence -- is one of the highest focuses or gliffs of light, and gifts of light, on this planet.

"In the fullness of the Presence, 

Is the Love that you require!

In the Fullness of the Presence 

Are the things that you desire"!

Saint Germain


"We each have a twin flame, and no other will ever share the same identical pattern that we share with our twin flame. In the beginning, we were created together…twin souls; mirror images formed from the same sphere of being.

But since we parted ways from our perfect union, we have wandered apart for eons, searching for the wholeness we once knew.

Is it possible to find and be reunited with our twin flame? Yes. But how do we recognize our twin flame?

What’s the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate?

Does falling in love mean we’ve found your twin flame?

And what roles do love, marriage, karma and sexuality play in the unfolding of our most meaningful relationships.

You see, the quest for love, for that perfect partner, is really a quest for wholeness.

Find out more about this fascinating topic of twin flames, soul mates and karmic partners, tune in this Tuesday and every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. Pacific and 2 p.m. Eastern for THE OPEN DOOR."

Marriage, Sexuality and Spirituality – Radio Show

Marriages can be divided into three types:
1. Marriage of twin flames or twin rays, 
2. Marriage of soul mates, 
3. Karmic marriages


       A beautiful song we may sing to our twin flame is "Somewhere My Love". There are four video versions below:

Video of "Somewhere My Love" -- Lara's Theme with Beautiful Pictures of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and More 

Video of "Somewhere My Love" -- Played by Andre Rieu with Marvelous Pictures from the Movie, Dr. Zhivago, and more

Video of "Somewhere My Love" sung by Ray Coniff and Singers

Video of "Somewhere My Love" sung by Lena Martell


I Love You and God Loves You

Whenever we meet someone, especially children and youth, it is generally good to tell them that we love them and God loves them. This is one of the best and simplest acts of love that we can do.

Simply say, "I love you, and God loves you." 

Or we can say: I love you, I love you, I love you, I do. Let the love of our hearts ever renew.

       "And so I say to you: make this your intention. Let Me give to you the simple words that will dissolve the hold of the false perceptions of the little mind, the ego’s world that have become the veil before your heart. These words are “I LOVE YOU.”

       Can it possibly be this easy? Beloved ones, it can and is. The moment that you say these three words, the power of Love is completely self-evident. It aligns you to the resonance of the truth of your being, the grand “I,” the one “I,” the single “I” of “God I Am.” “I” followed by Love can only be one thing, the only power that exists.

       And so when you say “I love,” you are completely aligned with the truth of your being. You are open as the heart of God I Am. You are the conduit for the explosion of life. When you place specific intention, when you take the power of your focus and add it to this, you are bringing the true resonance of Real Love to bear on those things within you that are resonating with duality, resonating with less than the one power of Love and thus becoming your experience of the world.

       When your heart is open, as it instantly is when you say the words of power “I love,” than you become the conduit for the great forces of life. You become the entraining heart of God. By the power of the resonance of Love, the magnetic power of your open heart, you instantly and effortlessly return the world to its perfection, to the Vertical Life, to the Moment of Creation that is Love bursting forth."

The Power of Love, Words of Power -- Part of a Message from God, the Circle of Light.


       Sivan Garr has produced three healing videos, each about five minutes long, and they are delightful. We can watch and enjoy them by clicking on the link that follows. They are called "I Believe in You", "You are Beautiful", and "I Love You". Sivan tells an inspiring story of how the "I Love You" video was made. If we need some happiness, smiles, and joy in our lives, we can watch these delightful videos below. You may click on the link below to go directly to her website.

Before clicking on the link to her website, please read the following:
Important Note: You may click on the following link to learn how to get a better video flow, and prevent YouTube videos from stopping and starting.
You may click here.

Note: There is a four-arrow box at the bottom-right of the screen to change to full-screen, and then press "Esc" in the upper left-hand corner of the keyboard to return to small-screen.

You may watch the videos, smile, and enjoy them as I, William Star, did. 

Sivan Garr's Healing Videos 

Video of a Song by Divo and Celine Dion --         I Believe in You with Lyrics 


Studying teachings on love/divine love on this website can be very helpful in finding our twin flame or soul mate. Just scroll up to the navigation bar or menu bar and click on "Love / Divine Love".


Teaching on Ho'oponopona

or Ho'o pono pono

"Ho'oponopona originates in the Hawaiian tradition of conflict resolution where individuals or groups would come together to heal their differences."

The following statements are the essence of ho'oponopona:
I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Excellent teachings on ho'oponopona

On the website page above, there are nine videos of about nine minutes each, which we can watch and listen to.


Praise and Love

Praise is the power to raise life in love and joy.

Praise is a wonderful way to express love and joy.

Praise God and raise our life to the heights of love and joy.


The following story could be the story of twin flames, or soul mates, and indicates what could be done with the power of love, or you might say, "The Flour of Love". 

The Flour of Love

"I am come tonight to bring to you the fresh winds of the Zuider Zee; and I begin with a tale of the land of the dikes.

There lived by the sea a gentle soul who was a miller.  He and his wife served together to grind the grain for the people of their town.  And it came to pass that in all the land there were no communities where so much happiness reigned as there.  Their countrymen marveled and wondered, for they recognized that something unusual must have happened to make the members of this community so singularly wise and happy.  And although the townsfolk themselves were born, grew up, matured to adulthood and passed from the screen of life within the community, never in all of their living were they able to understand the mystery.

Tonight I shall draw aside the curtain and tell you what made the people of this community so happy and prosperous, so joyous and wise.

It was the service of the miller and his wife and the love which they put into the flour.  For this love was carried home in sacks of flour on the backs of those who patronized their mill and was then baked into their bread.  At every meal the regenerative power of love from the miller and his wife was radiated around the table and it entered their physical bodies as they partook of the bread.  Thus, like radioactive power, the energy of this vibrant love from the miller and his wife was spread throughout the community.

The neighbors did not know the reason for their happiness and none of the people were ever able to discover it.  For sometimes–although they live side by side–mankind are unable to pry the most simple secrets about one another.  And so the mysteries of divine love continue to defy probing by the human consciousness, but we of the Ascended Masters' octave occasionally choose to make them known to you by sharing these gems with you.

The instruction which I would bring to you tonight concerns physical properties and their power to retain the radiation of those who handle them.  The food which you eat, beloved ones, when prepared by hands charged with divine love, enters into your physical body and creates a much greater degree of spiritual happiness than mankind would at first realize.  Those who are wise will recognize the truth of what I am saying; and if they must partake of food from unknown sources, they will be certain that they have removed by the violet transmuting flame those undesirable momentums of human creation whose radiation can do no good to the individual who partakes thereof..."

Pearl of Wisdom from the Summit Lighthouse, Vol. 15,  No. 15,  April 9, 1972


An excellent article on Soul Mates and Twin Flames by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

The Journey of the Soul in the 21st Century


The following organizations are some of the best organizations that give teachings on twin flames or twin rays, and soul mates:

The Summit Lighthouse

       Started by Mark Prophet in 1958 and joined by Elizabeth around 1960. They married and became Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
The Summit Lighthouse, The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, Summit University, and Church Universal and Triumphant are a four-fold organization. This organization has teaching centers and study groups all over the world. 


The Summit Lighthouse
63 Summit Way 
Gardiner, MT 59030 United States

       Their main center or Royal Teton Ranch is seven miles north of Yellowstone Park or Gardiner, Montana; and 45 miles south of Livingston, Montana

Telephone from within the USA:


Telephone from outside the USA:


Fax in the USA: 1-800-221-8307
Fax outside the USA: 1-406-848-9555 


Main Websites and Complimentary Websites:

An Introductory Summit Lighthouse Website

Note: Please click on the pictures to the left and the four categories of:
"Site Contents", "Spiritual Tools for Families", "About Us", and "More" to see the full contents of this website. 

The Summit Lighthouse YouTube Channel 

A More Advanced Summit Lighthouse Website
In Español | Français | Português 

The Messengers of the Summit Lighthouse -- Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Another Website Dedicated to Our Beloved Messengers, 
Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and for the Victory of Our Planet

       Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a mystic, prophet, teacher, author, lecturer and world-renown spiritual leader. She has brought to humanity a great and living lesson in joyful and selfless dedication. 

Mother's Birthday Message (Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

An Understanding of Progressive Revelation, Progressive Inspiration, or Progressive Understanding

Rose of Light Speaks on The Call to the Practice of Love

The Summit Lighthouse Books

We may translate the Summit Lighthouse website into more than 50 other languages.
Just scroll down to the Google Translator or other translators, click on the translator link, and type in the appropriate information in the boxes. Use "http://www.tsl.org" for the URL or website address. 

Ascended Master Glossary of Terms 

A Beautiful Website on Sanat Kumara -- sanatkumara.info

Return to God through the Flame of the Mother
A wonderful website on various manifestations of the Divine Mother.

The Spiritual Transformation Network! 
For practical exercises of the light and the violet flame. 


Four wonderful books:

Recommended books about the messengers that may be purchased from Amazon.com:

In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic On Fire for God - Adventures on the Mystical Path with Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Wind of the Spirit by E. Gene Vosseler. From modest beginnings, Elizabeth Clare Prophet rose to become one of the world's most compelling, charismatic and controversial spiritual leaders. Her life and accomplishments have been chronicled by others. But never,... Read more 

On Fire for God - Adventures on the Mystical Path with Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Alex M Reichardt 

All for the Love of God (Life with Mark Prophet, a Modern Day Mystic) by Alex Reichardt with Margaret Reichardt

The Mystical Path of the World Religions as taught by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Secrets of Prosperity -- The Laws of Abundance

The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity is a non-denominational spiritual fraternity for men and women in the tradition of ancient spiritual orders.
For more understanding.

Understanding Your Cosmic Clock

We may translate the Summit Lighthouse website into more than 50 other languages, with about a 85% to 99% accuracy. 
Just scroll down to the Google Translator or other translators, click on the translator link, and type in the appropriate information in the boxes. Use "http://www.tsl.org" for the URL or website address. 

Teachings from the Summit Lighthouse:

I AM come this day to set you free! to set you free! and to bring forth the activity of the Diamond Shining Mind of God within this Heart Center and within your heart center! And where you stand for the light of God, there I stand with you. And the center of the cosmic cross is at the spiritual heart center of your temple where your heart is a flaming sun center of devotion unto God. In the fiery vortex of the cosmic cross, there do I place my heart center that we may be one for the elevation of worlds. (Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 16 No. 37 - Beloved Archangel Michael - September 16, 1973)

Lightbearers of the World Unite! 
May you pass every test!
Always Victory! 
Love is the Key! 

Learn to love to do well, and you shall.


The Hearts Center Community

Experience the Masters Daily

What Is The Hearts Center?

       The Hearts Center movement is composed of many heartfriends whose mission is to sustain the balance of light upon the earth by first realizing personal enlightenment through one’s own God-source or Presence. With the ascended masters as our elder brothers and sisters on the path and as godly examples of selfless living, each of us has an opportunity to advance in personal discipleship toward the goal of the ascension through advanced studies of the wisdom teachings and in service to life through loving acts of mercy and compassion. We are a dynamic movement. We meditate and pray. We breathe spiritual fire. We dance and sing. We gaze at the morning sun and feel its radiance. We live for the light. Our services, prayer sessions and Meru University classes are never staid or wanting of inspiration. Everyone contributes in some way. We are a worldwide community of heartfriends, tied together by our love for God and the God-flame within each one. As a messenger, I, David Lewis, have a job to do, and that is to bring up-to-the-minute teaching, directives and inspiration from the masters to their students—supercharged with their cosmic energy which is always impelling us higher. Although the masters have a plan, they never seem to reveal too much in advance. This is to keep us on our toes but also because, by free will, we may choose to fulfill their assignments and projects or we may not, based on our availability, resources and desire.


The Hearts Center
P.O. Box 277
Livingston, MT (Montana) 59047 USA 

Telephone: 630-894-4410

Website: The Hearts Center


A large number of dictations (heartstreams) are posted on the website. They are free and open to all. We may look under "Heartstreams" on the navigation bar. 

There is a large amount of prayers and music that is free and open to all. We may look on the navigation bar under "Media Center", then "Prayers and Songs"

There are free Internet broadcast services most mornings and evenings. The morning services usually start at 7 AM Mountain Time, and go to about 9 or 9:30 AM Mountain time. They are free and open to all. There is usually a "broadcast box" to click on the right side of the homepage during the time for services, although we may have to scroll down to see it. Then we may have to click on various things about three more times. If we need help, call the number above, although help may not be available right away, so we can leave a message.

Teachings from The Hearts Center:

Beloved ones, there is always new thought, new understanding, and new wisdom.

May the Buddha be with you.
"Love is the requirement of the hour -- love in many manifestations, dear hearts. For there must be the expression of love through the particular flame that you are and that you bear, if earth is to see a Golden Age. When the golden rule is embodied and practiced fully by a majority of earth's evolutions, you will see the dawn of eternal joy. And God's joy will be reflected through the aperture of self of you as you become God through oneness, through acceptance and through that love that springs eternal as the flame within."
We may translate the Hearts Center website into more than 50 other languages, with about a 85% to 99% accuracy.
Just scroll down to the Google Translator or other translators, click on the translator link, and type in the appropriate information in the boxes. Use "http://www.heartscenter.org" for the URL or website address. Important Note: The menu bar at the top of the page may not work, but the "menu bar" at the bottom of the page may work.

A Complimentary Website -- The Meru Learning Center

Saint Germain Speaks on the Hearts Center

El Morya Speaks on the Hearts Center

Progressive Revelation by John the Beloved

Mother Mary Speaks on Healing

Mother Mary Speaks on Healing Again

Mother Mary Speaks on the Sun and Our Sun Presence of Love

Prayers, Mantras, and Songs of the Hearts Center

"Beyond 2012" Video on "You Tube" -- A Vision of the Golden Age of Aquarius with Art and Music


The I AM Activity or The I AM Movement

The Saint Germain Foundation

Started by Godfre and Lotus Ray King (Guy and Edna Ballard) around 1930. They have temples all over the world. The organization gives the teachings of Saint Germain, Jesus, and many other ascended masters.


Saint Germain Foundation
1120 Stonehedge Drive
Schaumburg, IL (Illinois) 60194 USA

Telephone from within the U.S.A: 1 800 662 2800: ext. 322 or 0
Telephone from outside the U.S.A: 1 847-882-7400
Fax: Within the U.S.A: 847 882 1117

Website for Saint Germain Foundation: 
Saint Germain Foundation -- http://www.saintgermainfoundation.org

Website for Saint Germain Press: 
Saint Germain Press -- http://www.saintgermainpress.com

Saint Germain Press is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint Germain Foundation, and was founded in 1934 as a publisher for the I AM Activity and the Ascended Masters' Instruction.

Approximately 20 main books are published by the Saint Germain Press. The first three are "Unveiled Mysteries", "The Magic Presence", and "The I AM Discourses" (Volume 3). These first "I AM" three books are some of the most important books that we can read and reread. 

        The book, The Magic Presence, is one of the best books there is on the meeting of about six pairs of twin rays or twin flames. 

Here is another website where we can buy the Saint Germain Books. 

Two of the main temples are in Chicago, Illinois, and Mount Shasta, California, and there are many other temples all over the world. There is also an important center or retreat near Mount Shasta called Shasta Springs.



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A YouTube Video Song by Sissel


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A YouTube Video Song by Sissel

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