Healing by Beloved Hilarion


       The ascended master Hilarion is a great master on the emerald ray of healing and truth. He was embodied as Saint Paul, the disciple of Jesus, but did not ascend in that lifetime. His final embodiment was as Hilarion, who is described as the founder of monasticism in Palestine and a miraculous healer. During this lifetime, Hilarion was besieged by those in need of healing. They followed him wherever he went and since he had such a gift, many were restored, some miraculously. Hilarion’s retreat, called the Temple of Truth, is over Crete, Greece and sponsors healers, teachers of truth, scientists and others.

       This excerpt, from Beloved Hilarion, is from May 1, 2005. “Love is the key to all healing, my friends. And so, without love healing may not take hold permanently within your being. And so, learn the art of the nourishment of not only the body but the spirit through the impartation of healing love.

       "The circle of fire that must surround all healing, true healing, is only manifest when you are one with God. And so, many know a science that does bring about the temporary easing of pain and suffering, but we of the ascended host would bring true healing to your souls at deep levels, beloved. And so, I stand to impart to you, soul to soul, true healing fire. And I penetrate now the deepest recesses of your souls, healing the schisms, healing those cracks, healing on behalf of the angels of healing, elements of self that have been out of alignment with your true purpose for many an eon.

        "Beloved, to learn the art of healing is no small task. For when you stand before another to impart the emerald ray, you must [get] out of the way and allow the spirit to flow. So, when the action of healing is ready to manifest through your charkas, heart to heart, hand to hand, soul to soul, mind to mind, third eye to third eye, solar plexus to solar plexus and base to base, you must know that it is only by God's grace, by God's mercy, that that soul would receive the divine unguent of fire.”

This teaching is from the Hearts Center given by David Lewis
Website: www.theheartscenter.org

Putting These Teachings Into Practice
       To Know, To Dare, To Do, and To Be Silent (when appropriate), and To Speak Out (when appropriate)


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