El Morya's Fifteen Point Plan

To Chelas of the Chohans—Greetings

To Chelas of the Chohans—Greetings!

Swiftly fly the sands through the glass of the hour. Hierarchy ponders valiant assistance to mankind. Confused humanity raises hands of hope. A new year begins, and short is man's allotted span in which to rectify centuries-old errors.

Now come the chohans of the seven rays:  (1) power and faith, (2) wisdom and illumination, (3) love and beauty, (4) ascendancy and purity, (5) healing and supply, (6) ministration and service, (7) transmutation and diplomacy.EN1  The first seven weeks of the year, dedicated then to messages from each of the chohans of the rays, will set the tempo of hopeful progress for the coming days.  I begin.

In the name of Almighty God and by his loving hopes for each of his children, let us deal with general and specific matters of import in order that we together may accomplish great things in this year of transcendent service.  In the world of men who, it must be acknowledged, are all at varying degrees of attainment, one finds various motivations lying behind the desire to serve.  The divine thought must be examined in order that motives may be purified and then tied to divine sources of greatness and strength.  Thus the acts of many among men will move as God directs to form a union of cosmic effort that will prevent the energies of the children of God from being dissipated in many contradicting avenues of religious expression thereby—through error, personal idiosyncrasies and ambitions—minimizing the effectiveness of the power of God upon the planetary body.

Without a doubt, a great deal of good work that is done in the world is motivated in self-righteousness.  Because the self is the motivator, it is extremely difficult for the individual to separate himself from the desire or the need for the return of gratitude to himself for his service to life or to individuals.  Such expectancy, save when it is the expectancy of courtesy, is a hindrance in the accrual of good karma by the individual; for verily those who expect a reward from mankind have their reward, whereas those who do all things for the glory of God and without expectation of return deem it an act of divine grace that they may serve holy causes.EN2  These, then, trust that the return of virtue which they have sent out will be to the Godhead and for the magnification of good throughout the world and toward all humanity.

The phrase “Peace on earth, good will to men”EN3 is a fragment of infinite law which renders its own assurance to the disciple that in universal expression universal love is best served.  It is not that the hierarchy has aught against individual expressions of love to one's own closest associates or families. This is to be expected and not to be denied.  We are speaking now of world service and of cooperation with the cosmic hierarchy.

Who can deny the needs of this hour or of humanity?  Who should?  It is our earnest desire to render the following assistance to mankind individually and collectively as they are able to respond to the ministrations of the heavenly hosts:

1. To step up the level of individual service in order to provide for greater clarity of understanding to men of lesser comprehension;

2. To set forth in a most desirable manner the higher teachings of cosmic law for those who are able to grasp them;

3. To create more stable ties with the hierarchy through our cosmic outposts in the world of men;

4. To introduce new levels of integrity, justice, and faith in government and business and in religious, scientific, and artistic endeavors;

5. To assist those who have seen or experienced little of the heavenly kingdom by amplifying the power of Godly vision among men;

6. To develop the spiritual nature of all peoples in order that they may experience greater joy in carrying out the will of God wherever and whenever they are called upon to serve;

7. To sustain faith in those who yet must walk by it;

8. To meet the spiritual needs of mankind at all levels of consciousness;

9. To promote peace and understanding in order to accelerate the manifestation of cosmic purpose;

10. To utilize renewed interest in extrasensory perception and matters of the Spirit in order to direct the seeker toward the unfolding of his latent divinity rather than involvement in a search for the phenomenal;

11. To elucidate further to mankind upon the great story of the cosmic hierarchy;

12. To build mighty pools of reserve energies as reservoirs of spiritual power which can be used by the disciples of the ascended masters in their service to mankind and for the blessing of all life directly from the retreats of the ascended masters;

13. To secure new dispensations from the Karmic Board that will feed these energy pools and embodied individuals connected with the hierarchy with sufficient power and cosmic know-how to externalize the plan for the year;

14. To encourage all, even the downtrodden, to keep high their faith in the ultimate outpicturing of the glory of God right while perceiving the absolute necessity to counteract the ignorant manifestations of mankind involved in their excessive materialism, the use of psychedelic drugs, dissonant music and art forms, and vain pleasure-seeking to their own hurt; and

15. To integrate the whole man in accordance with the original divine plan.

My key recommendations then, which as chohan of the first ray I give to everyone in this new year of 1968, are (1) to cease absolutely from protruding the personal self as the acting power in spiritual service and (2) to surrender the personal self to the Holy Christ Presence and the mighty individualized I AM Presence, the divine image which God made for each man to be the only acting presence in the life of the individual.  Then, when individuals can understand that it is not themselves who act but God who acts through them, there will be less inclination or desire to seek for a reward or for recognition by mankind.  Thus the shadow of the self will not opaque the light that God desires to have shine as a city upon a hill EN4 from every individual upon the planet who has the capacity for this understanding.

Man, then, will walk in the crowded places of life and the Spirit of Almighty God will shine through him.  His eyes will not be full of condemnation for himself or for his fellowman, but they will be centered upon the perfection of the almighty Presence of God in his life.  His eyes will perceive God and emanate his light unto all whom he meets because he will have developed through spiritual attunement that renewed sense of the immanence of Almighty God in his flesh form.

The form is only the vehicle through which the light of the Presence does shine, overflowing its precious essence into the world of men.  The abundance of the manifestation of the Presence can be stepped up as easily as one steps on the accelerator of an automobile, causing an increase in the speed of the motor; but each individual who uses this law must be careful to see to it that there is no sense whatsoever of the personal self as the doer.

When God alone is called into action by the disciple as the power of invisible (and therefore invincible) service to one's fellowmen, wherever he walks, the roses—in a spiritual sense—burst ‘round his feet and release their perfume into the atmosphere.  This is the perfume of infinite harmony—this is the spirit of cosmic tranquility and victory.  This is the immaculate concept in action.  And I tell you, there is no more valiant power that can be externalized in the world of form.  It is greater by far than the power of the atom, for it is the power behind the atom that as divine love in action flows from the Central Sun magnet into the chalice and forcefield of the individual and then out into the whole universe as the return current of that love which God foreknew from the beginning.

This is my message for the freedom and accomplishment of the divine will in self and among friends.

I AM your advocate of good will,

El Morya



(1)  The seven color rays are the natural division of the pure white light emanating from the heart of God as it descends through the prism of manifestation.  These are the subdivisions of the wholeness of Christ-manifestation into seven qualitative parts, as listed in the Pearl.  The corresponding electronic patterns of the qualities of God are keyed by the following rainbow rays which are a focalization of each of the respective attributes of the Deity: 1. power and faith--blue; 2. wisdom and illumination--yellow; 3. love and beauty--pink; 4. ascendancy and purity--white; 5. healing and supply--green; 6. ministration and service--purple and gold; 7. transmutation and diplomacy--violet.  The offices of the seven chohans (lords) of the rays are divinely appointed by the cosmic hierarchy. Selections are made from among the most qualified ascended beings who have arisen from earth's schools, having attained self-mastery and won the ascension (as Jesus, Elijah, Enoch, and Melchizedek did) by serving humanity "on" one or more of the seven rays through their embodiments in the world of form. Those who retain the office of chohan hold sovereign responsibility under divine ordination for the administration to mankind of all the qualitative aspects of their own specific ray while harmonizing their administration with the other six rays of the white light.  The chohans always obey cosmic law; yet they are given certain latitude in keeping with their manifest individual evolution, capacities, and special endowments to direct mankind in the most adroit manner, giving such loving assistance and spiritual direction as may be the requirement of the hour.  They retain in their service legions of angelic hosts and ascended brethren who carry out the plan of the Great White Brotherhood for the most complete expression of the seven rays that is possible among the mankind of earth.  Individuals are keyed to certain rays in order that they may perform a specific service to God and man.  The ray of service to which an individual is attuned may vary from one embodiment to the next, but the reward for service is cumulative.  And thus, powerful momentums may be retained from one's past services on several or all of the rays; a balance of the seven is a requirement for the ascension and the mark of the golden-age man.  Statesmen, leaders, and organizers are on the first ray under beloved El Morya; teachers, philosophers, and educators serve on the second ray under beloved Lanto; artists, designers, beauticians, and those of a creative nature serve on the third ray under beloved Paul the Venetian; architects, planners and those dedicated to the purity and discipline of any undertaking serve with beloved Serapis Bey on the fourth ray; doctors, scientists, healers, musicians, mathematicians, and those consecrated to truth serve on the fifth ray with beloved Hilarion; ministers, nurses, and all who administer to mankind's needs assist beloved Nada on the sixth ray; diplomats, priests of the sacred fire, actors, writers, and defenders of freedom serve with Saint Germain on the seventh ray.  If a student finds that he is lacking in any of the Godly attributes, he may make calls to his God Presence, his own Holy Christ Self, and the chohan of the ray which he desires to amplify in his world.  Great strides of spiritual progress can thus be made in a comparatively short time.

(2) Matt. 6:1-4.

(3) Luke 2:14.

(4) Matt. 5:14.


Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 11  No. 1  -  El Morya  -  January 7, 1968