Daily Inspiration

Quotes for Today Monday, May 29, 2006

           As you meditate each day on the vastness of the cosmos see the stars, the nebulae and the forces of cosmic love that created the universe drawn down into the field of your aura--as Saint Germain has directed--so that a portion of our energy may become permanently ensconced in your being as an electrode of the Elohim and the Manus who outpicture our light in this world. Once you begin this process, you can nevermore look upon yourself as human again, at least in the sense of sin and the helplessness of the child cut off from his divine parents. But you will ever know us as your true parents who dote on you, nurture you in the flame and care for the elements of your Solar awareness which we would return to you in due time and space for your ultimate victory.

Himalaya, June 24, 2004

Ascended Master Dispensation/Reminder for today

      When you seek stillness, you may invite me to meditate with you...The Kali Mother has called me also, for she has seen your plight. And only through an acceleration of illumination and understanding may mankind rise into the golden light and the aura of Maitreya's coming. The cosmic surgery has been initiated and may continue in you so long as you maintain your peace throughout the day, throughout the night. And tomorrow you will awaken in a new body, a new light body, more rarified, a new mind to outfox those who would destroy the movement of the stream of your cosmic awareness into the infinite.

Buddha from out the Pleiades, May 22, 2006

Morya's quip for today:

Prove your Self-worth through action. September 10, 2005

Quotes for Today Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ascended Master Dispensation/Reminder for today:

The Summit was not formed to become another mainstream church led by a priesthood who claim a certain exclusive right to preach, to teach and heal! It was envisioned as a Wayshower to the common man and woman of the new age and to allow for a sacred path of oneness with the ascended masters--the right of each lifestream--under his or her own vine and fig tree--to become our chelas and students according to a simple but profound path of balance in body, mind and spirit! Lanello, September 2, 2004

Morya's quip for today: Intention is not action, but it's a good warm up. September 10, 2005

Inspiration for Saturday, May 27

      We would have you regularly and jointly conduct group alchemical experiments, using all the techniques of the science of the spoken word, meditation, the Ritual of the Cloud and visualizations to enact specific change on the world scene. Those of you with artistic and graphic expertise can create thoughtforms and images for meditation that, when used in greater numbers, can literally transform the earth, the people and the culture of the entire civilization. I assign you first and foremost to create visuals that will change the very culture of music on the world scene. For the decadent beat and the rhythms of hell are wreaking havoc at many levels, and must be reversed and replaced with the higher vibrations of Aquarius. Utilize music, images and rhythms in consonance to create a model for what you desire to manifest, and then collectively utilize this matrix weekly as a powerful practice until you see results both in the media and in your communities. Lanello, September 27, 2004

Morya's quip for today: Create a new you daily and you won't be dissatisfied with what you see in the mirror. September 10, 2005

Quotes for Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ascended Master Quote for today

      When you meditate upon the higher thoughtforms, images and icons of holiness, you draw forth those spiritual forces which utilize divine symbology, sacred sounds and radiant energy to illumine all within your sphere of influence. Thus, the light is kept on, so to speak, within every avenue of your consciousness-both your higher mind and your brain functions-so you are more sensitive to light in all its gradations. Thus you begin to know when you are receiving inspiration from ascended beings, from the angelic realm, from your own higher self or from the higher selves of others. Sensitization is the key, just as it is in the photographic process, and so your mind can be a receiving station for many frequencies. Thus, you learn to tune into the specific frequency of a particular master by praying to that one, studying his or her dictations and lives and calling for the electronic presence. This presence is the key, for when you make the call and feel that particular presence, you become familiar with the specific vibration, mind, feeling and even the scent of that master. And once you have the gift of vision, you will also begin to see that one, often first as a sphere or ovoid of fire and then eventually taking the form and countenance of that one. Jophiel and Christine, December 6, 2004

Ascended Master Dispensation/Reminder for today

      Beloved ones, pray for the upturning of hearts to God to listen to the cries of the children. Expose and call for the exposure of those who are behind all manner of evil outplayed through the media and the internet. And call for the swift removal from this planet of those kingpins on the astral plane who are behind the continuing debasing of the light of both the little children and those who are responsible for the ongoing scourge of abortion at all levels. We of the Karmic Board call upon the Supreme Court of this land to undo the injustice that occurred in 1973 in the decision of the Court at that time (in Roe vs. Wade.) And we give you three months to deliberate as to how this may come forth! If it is not forthcoming, then woe to the evolutions of this planet. Beloved hearts, we have waited for a long time for a Supreme Court that we could rely on to undo the injustice and the evil that has been upon this nation and many nations. Kuan Yin, March 19, 2006

Morya's quip for today

      Bringing a smile to a child in need brings eons of hope to the angels. August 30, 2005