A Master Matrix or Outline for Buddhism

      This master matrix or outline is "dedicated" to Buddhism to give a correct and accurate understanding of the teachings of Buddhism.

       My desire is to have about five dedicated disciples or followers from each Buddhism, or a dedicated group from Buddhism, preferably from each of the five continents, to fill out any part or all of this master matrix or outline below, so that I can post it on the website, with an acknowledgement of who wrote the teaching and where the person is located. I would prefer to have a dedicated disciple or group of disciples from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, but will accept that which is accurate and true no matter what continent one lives on. Also, I, William Star will probably fill out part of this master matrix or outline for each of the world's religions.

       Any individual or group may fill out any part of this master matrix or outline, that is, one or more topics, and send it to me.

       More information is given after the master matrix on what to do to fill it out and how to send it to myself, William Star.

A Master Matrix or Outline

A Short History of Buddhism
       Including the Meaning or Origin of the Name or Word "Buddhism"

The Name(s) of God Used by the Buddhism

The Main Symbol(s) Used by the Buddhism and An Explanation of Its Meaning

Main Founder(s), Teacher(s), Prophet(s), Buddha(s), etc.

Main Holy Books or Scriptures (With explanation of the divisions in the scriptures, such as, books, verses, etc.)
How to Get a Free Copy, or Buy the Holy Books or Scriptures
Websites that have the Holy Books or Scriptures (especially with search engines to search the scripture)
A Good Way or Some Good Ways to Study the Holy Books?
Other Important Books

Short Overview of Buddhism

Main Tenets or Commandments

Most Important Concepts and/or Terms, Explained, and/or Put in Glossary Form (approximately 10 to 30 concepts and/or terms)

Main Verses or Passages from the Holy Books or Scriptures on:
1. The Will of God, Will, the Power of God, Power, Constancy, Determination, etc.
       2. Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Learning etc.
       3. Divine Love, Charity, Compassion, Kindness, etc.
       4. Purity, Joy, Happiness, etc.
       5. Truth, Healing, Science, etc
       6. Peace, Service, Ministration, Doing the Works of God, etc.
       7. Forgiveness, Mercy, etc.
       8. Integration of Synthesis of the Teachings Above.

The Golden Rule(s) of Buddhism
(You may see the link on The Golden Rule near the end of this page.)

A General Understanding of the Community, Followers, Disciples, or Sangha, etc.

       The Culture
       Greetings and/or Farewells
       Teachings on Marriage
       Main Language(s) and How to Learn Them
       Common Diet and/or Dietary Habits
       Teachings on Fasting
       Other Important Understandings Regarding Culture

Main Prayers, Meditations, or Mantras and Guidelines for Practice



Some of the Best Artwork or Pictures from Buddhism

Names and Stories of Angels, if any, Given in the Holy Books or Scriptures

Names of Main Buildings or Places of Worship, that is, Churches, Monasteries, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues, etc., Including Books and Websites That Have Pictures of these Buildings or Places of Worship

Locations of Main or Primary Buildings or Centers of Worship

(A Calendar of) The Main Holy Days or Religious Celebration Days

Main Leaders, Teachers, or Prophets of Today

Teachings on a Deeper or Mystical Understanding -- An Esoteric Understanding

Places, Phone Numbers, or Websites to Get Our Questions Answered In America and Other Places

What is the Best Way to Become a Disciple, Practitioner, Follower, or Believer?

Any Other Important Teachings

A Summary of Buddhism

Some of the Best Websites on Buddhism (No more than 10 websites)

Some of the Best Books on Buddhism (No More than 10 Books)

Personal Testimonies or Witnesses from approximately Five Disciples, Followers, or Believers.

Are There Some Practices, Beliefs, or Behavior by Certain Followers of this Religion Which are Not Correct or Proper?


Guidelines for doing this Master Matrix:

       Underneath the wording for each of the major topics, the wording may be changed to fit the more common wording of the religion.

       The information of each of the topics should be no more than one page of computer text or typed text, preferably in 12 point and a Verdana font. The whole outline should not be more than forty pages.

       All information should be sent by regular email to William Star and in the subject line, please put, "Regarding Master Matrix or Outline for Buddhism" (Name of Religion)

       Click here if you would like to send an email to me.

       Do You Have Any Suggestions for Improving This Master Matrix or Outline?

       Do I have your permission to post this information on the website, www.anopendooroflove.org and other websites, to use this information in a book, or books, that I may compile on the world's religions, and to send in my newsletter, emails, etc.

       Credit will be generally be given to, but not necessarily so, to the authors or compilers of each master matrix or outline, or any part thereof, that I use on the website, or in a book on the world's religions, other books, emails, newsletter, etc.

       Suggestions for Anyone Giving Classes on the World's Religions or Comparative Religions:

        You may feel free to use this outline or any part of it in any good way that you like. It may be used for students to write papers or give talks on any or all of the topics. It may be used in discussion groups, etc.