Beautiful Affirmations from Members of the Hearts Center

I AM a crystal sun shining bright and amplifying my light.

I am a glowing flowing sun.

I am light feeling bright.

I am always us living love.

I AM the radiance of purity now.

I AM a sun all one with the One.

I AM healing mercy.

I AM Alpha and Omega in the white fire core of being extending through Cosmos.

I AM fiery being of light.

I AM all love in the Divine One.

I AM letting that mind be within me which was and is in Christ Jesus.

I AM a Cosmic Pulsar.

I AM gratitude in action.

I AM stillness.

I AM diamonds manifest from within the cube.

I AM a balanced threefold flame.

I AM three-in-one before the throne.

I AM returning to my true love.

I AM the warmth and glow of returning Home.

I AM a Cosmic Firefly.