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Welcome to
A Story of Glory to God

The Life Story of William Victory Star

To God be the Glory

A Beginning

        I grew up in south Louisiana as a "typical country boy", a "good Catholic boy" and a "good altar boy". I used to ride my bike, play with the other boys, climb trees, go camping, go swimming, and so on. I grew up about 12 miles from the Mississippi River -- the Mighty Mississippi. it was quite the river, and in some places it was about a mile wide. Originally Mississippi came from an Indian word, meaning "Great River".

       For me these words come to mind when I think of the river:

As above, so below; I am that Cosmic Mother flow
So below, as above, I am that Cosmic Mother love.

       In Catholic families, there was somewhat of a tradition that one of the boys was to become "the priest of the family", and that "seemed" to be me.

       At some point in my life I learned that the word "catholic" means universal, so, for me, the Catholic Church was a beginning of a "universal path" to God; moreover, a "universal and triumphant path to God".

       The other part of my life is that in high school, I was generally a good academic student and was college material, so that is where I was headed -- to college. In high school I became an amateur radio operator and started learning electronics, so at a certain point it seemed that my destiny was to be an electrical engineer, especially since my older brother was studying to be a chemical engineer. I thought that I wanted to be an electrical engineer. Also, my mother wanted me to be an electrical engineer for she thought that would be the best thing for me to lead a "good life".

       After graduating from high school, I went into the Army National Guard for six months of active duty. To get started in college, I went one semester to a small college near my home, then I transferred to LSU (Louisiana State University) in Baton Rouge with the intent of becoming an electrical engineer.

       However, after about two years, I felt more and more that this was not for me. It was too technical, it was not very practical, and I wanted to learn more about myself and study psychology. I wanted to change my major to psychology; however, this was not what my mother wanted, so the "compromise" was that I could change my major to "industrial technology", which was at least more practical, where I could study about woodworking, gasoline engines, welding, shop management, and more. At least, industrial technology was working more with people and practical things.

       During that year in industrial technology, I met some Christians who had a "beautiful spirit" about them -- what I felt was a true Christ Spirit, and this inspired me to give the seminary a try. I found a "pre-seminary" house in New Orleans, the Holy Cross Fathers House of Studies, and the next school year in the fall of '68, I started living in the house to see if I wanted to be a "priest", although at the same time, part of me wanted to get married. In the Catholic Church at that time, you couldn't do both. As part of the pre-seminary house, I attended Loyola University and was able to switch my major to psychology, which suited me, and which I wanted. Furthermore, Loyola University was a co-ed university, where both boys and girls (young men and women) attended, which I liked. Furthermore, there was an all-girls Catholic College nearby.

       Part of what I learned from all of this is that we can change our "major" in life - can change our "course" in life, and that can be all part of God's plan, and it surely was for me.

       Well, while in the pre-seminary house in 1969, I received the thoughtform "The Great Synthesis" (The Great Integration), through direct inspiration. This concept came into my mind, and I don't believe that I had read anything about that before. At that time, I had an inner knowing there was a great synthesis of the world's religions, so I started writing a book called "The Great Synthesis of the World's Religions". All in all, the seminary house went well, however for certain reasons, I decided to leave the pre-seminary house after one year. I then went on for one more year at Loyola to finish my degree in psychology in the spring of 1970.

       Then in the fall of 1970 I got a job teaching in an all girls Catholic High School in New Orleans -- teaching math, science and psychology.

       Moreover, that year I started studying yoga, tai chi, and good nutrition, which have been very important to my life plan. Shortly after that, I started taking some metaphysics classes that helped to expand my consciousness even more. In 1973 I started studying a better path of yoga, Babaji's Kriya Yoga.

       Also, in 1973 I went to a Christian mystic, and she told me an interesting thing -- that I was led by the Great Brotherhood. I wasn't sure what that meant; however, now I know it is another name for the brotherhood/sisterhood of ascended masters, about six or seven of which are mentioned in the Bible -- Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph or Saint Germain, Elijah, Enoch, Melchizedech, and more. There are many more ascended masters who have ascended from the East.

       Many people are led by this Great Brotherhood; and some of the people know it, and some of the people don't know it. I had the good fortune or karma that I was specifically told that I was led by the Brotherhood. This Brotherhood of ascended masters have ascended from many races, and welcome all races into their teachings.

       This Great Brotherhood or Universal Brotherhood is another name for the ascended masters, or the saints and prophets who have made their ascension. The term "ascended masters" is the more common term. There have been "messengers" for the ascended masters who have brought forth various compilations of their teachings.

        In 1975 I had the good karma to attend a conference on the teachings of the Brotherhood, which I like to call "the universal and triumphant brotherhood/sister of light". So since 1975 I have been studying these teachings and have found great fulfillment and a "confirmation" that my primary mission is to bring forth the "Great Synthesis"; that is, The Great Integration or Compilation of some of the highest and best teachings, music, and more. At the same time the teachings are being made relatively easy for the many to understand.

From what I understand, there are four great paths to God, and they are: 

1. the path of divine love,
2. the path of the world's religions,
3. the path of the teachings of the ascended masters, and
4. the path of yoga / tai chi / chi kung or qi gong.

Note: Each of the paths above is also a link which you may click on, or you may finish reading the newsletter and then come back to click on one or more of the links. 

       About 2004, I started building a website called, An Open Door of Love, www.anopendooroflove.org, or the Great Synthesis, which includes about 40 to 60 major topics, links to many other websites, links to beautiful YouTube music, and far more. If you choose to go to this website, you may find many topics that compliment whatever path you are on, or whatever church you may go to or belong to.

       Around 2005 I started advertising or promoting on my website that I would be sending out a newsletter called "An Open Letter of Love" and now after about seven years, it is finally happening. So part of the reason I tell you this, is that if you have a certain "work or project" to do, and it is a "challenging" project -- don't give up, be determined, and keep on keeping on until it is done, even if it takes seven years or more.

       Furthermore, one of the teachings of the ascended masters is: What one can do, all can do.

       So if you want to start a newsletter, build a website, start a class, or anything else - be determined until it happens.

       Shortly after I started promoting the newsletter on the website, a lady sent me an email which contained the following:

"Hello William,

This is a brilliant idea. We needed something like that for a long time. I sent your letter to everyone I know. You will get a few subscribers. I can hardly wait for your newsletter.

God bless you,

Love and always Victory,


       I then decided to post this beautiful encouragement on the newsletter page, and that is why it is there.

Newsletter Page

       So you might ask of me the two-fold question: Why haven't you been sending out this newsletter for seven years, and will that help me in any way, since it has not been sent out before?

       My answer -- I didn't start sending out the newsletter for seven years because I found it much easier to work on the website pages -- to improve them and to make new pages. Furthermore, I found it challenging to master all the details of sending out a newsletter. However, I didn't give up - and finally it is here - it is started. So is that of any benefit to you that the newsletter has been delayed? Yes, you will now get a better quality newsletter in every way - with "personal letters" instead of just teachings. And now if you go to the website you will find better quality teachings, far more teachings, links to beautiful music, and far more topics -- so much more than you would have found seven years ago.

        So I hope and pray that you will enjoy and benefit by this newsletter, An Open Letter of Love, and by the website, An Open Door of Love, www.anopendooroflove.org.

Thank you and God bless you, 
In the Spirit of Sharing and Caring, I AM,
William Star

PS: Did I ever get married? Am I still meant to be a priest or a minister? Can I be a priest and get married too? Can a woman be a priestess? Do I practice a certain religion, or more than one religion? Where has my path with the ascended masters led me? What has yoga and tai chi done for me? What yoga and tai chi do I practice? Are they easy to practice? Can yoga be done all sitting or standing? Am I fulfilling my divine plan? Where do I live now? 

These questions and more will be answered in the upcoming issues of the newsletters. At this time I will simply say that the path has been interesting and rewarding, and gets more interesting and rewarding all the time. 

Furthermore, my soul has rejoiced in the progress on the website, and looks forward to a greater progress in the weeks, months, and years to come - for a Grand Master Plan is unfolding.

Remember - The only way to go is up!

We were spinning and winning from the beginning, and,
We will win again in the end, my friend.

To God be the Glory by Sissel (My Tribute)


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To God be the Glory

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Winning from the Beginning

We were winning from the beginning, and 
We will win again in the end, my friend!

Let us keep on keeping on!

God bless you, we thank you!

In God's Service, I AM,

William Victory Star -- 

friend, disciple, and director

The will of the 'I AM' is that each one of us is a Star. 

The Mighty 'I AM' Presence within us is a Great Love Star. 

Victory Star -- which we all are. 

I AM a helpful heart and a Good Samaritan.

I AM the humble heart, head, and hands of the heavenly hierarchy.


Love is the way -- Love is the key!

Always Love and Always Victory

Come Home, my Beloved,

to the Heart of Everlasting Love.

(Paul the Venetian)

Adieu, my Love,

until you are in my arms forevermore.

(The Divine Mother)


       With all of our love we support you unto the Victory, beloved. And when it is won, you will know that it is your victory -- yes, by the grace of God, your victory, your staying power, your determination, your having said in your heart, "There is no other cause. For this cause alone shall I give my life in this world and in the next, that this Great Synthesis of Love, An Open Door of Love, might endure until every little one of this planet and system and galaxy and beyond shall know the LORD and ascend to God whence he came.


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