Saint Germain Speaks
at the Retreat at the Tetons

Beloved Saint Germain through Marsha E. Covington,

January 24, 2005, 8:18 AM to 9:18 AM,

Chicago, Illinois

[Note: I was called by Saint Germain this morning to attend a meeting at the Ascended Master retreat over the Teton mountain range in Wyoming in the United States of America. The meeting was held in one of the large rooms in the retreat. When I arrived everyone else was already seated. The room was filled with ascended masters on all sides, with the platform, which was slightly raised, in the center of the room. I was seated in the first row of seats on one side of the platform. I was acting like a “court stenographer” as I recorded the words of Saint Germain, who was the only speaker for the opening session of the meeting, and I did not stay for any other deliberations.

Saint Germain began by briefly addressing us, chelas of the ascended masters, before moving on to address the ascended masters for whom his message was intended.]

Saint Germain addresses the chelas: Greetings, chelas of my heart. I am addressing you today from the Grand Teton retreat, the great meeting hall where many ascended masters are gathered to deliberate the fate of our dear Mother Earth, whom we have come to save. Our deliberations are centered today on you, each one of you whom we cherish and need so desperately in this hour; for we are facing the most urgent situations, both on the earth and in the planes of consciousness and even among our own chelas. And so I am addressing the conclave of ascended masters and you as I give my opening address this morning.

Saint Germain addresses the ascended masters present: My dear friends and associates, I come today to warn all nations that war is on the rise everywhere and that it must be stopped if we are to enter a Golden Age by year 2032, as has been predicted and is our plan. In order for us to reach this milestone, we must have laid the foundations of peace and freedom among nations and in the hearts of men during these early years, at least as guidelines for the age to come. We must have taught the people of earth well enough about the principles of a free society, such as respect for each one’s contribution, the ability to disagree on major points and still maintain integrity and cohesion among factions, the ability to put the good of the whole above the needs of a few individuals, the respect for the grandeur of the divine plan and the human dimensions of the plan of hierarchy in our time. They must know that our hearts, as ascended masters, are pure and free of criticism toward anyone or any ideology unless it be that which is the antithesis of the movement of freedom and would destroy that movement altogether.

These things we hold sacred: the honoring of the free will of the individual to pursue his or her destiny and to experiment with truth and justice and with the laws of creation as long as it does not bring ultimate harm to that one or another, the yearning for freedom in the breast that is the signet of the soul as she climbs her way up the ladder of wisdom to the top of the Summit of Self, and the right of each person, group, community and nation to pursue its own destiny as long as it is not interfering with the divine rights of others. These things that we cherish we must teach to those on the earth planes ere this decade is through or we will not be able to lay the foundation for the new age as it needs to be laid.

My concern is that, in order for us to cause the people of earth to understand these concepts, we need exemplars of this type of thinking who are willing to outpicture it. Everywhere we see good people who are enjoining various aspects of this philosophy but nowhere do we see our chelas expressing it fully. Our chelas in the earth, though they surely know better because we have taught them this for over a century, have forgotten that, to truly make this happen in the earth, they themselves must live this philosophy; that no one single nation on earth will be able to push through to manifesting this philosophy, which is the foundation for Aquarian thought and action, unless the highest, most advanced chelas are willing to lay down their arms against one another and turn them into plowshares for the tilling of the soil of humility and brotherly love.

These ambassadors, who came here from Venus and other spheres, are now part of the problem, for they cannot see fit to forgive one another and the Brotherhood of Light in general for all that has transpired during the long night in which we have been absent from The Summit Lighthouse.

Therefore we come again to renew dedication to original purpose and to teach once again the divine principles of love for one’s neighbor, for one’s self, for one’s community and even for those with whom one disagrees; to become the example of the “city set on a hill” where the light of true illumination can shine because the hearts of the people have been cleared of the debris of this earth, which consists of warring and fighting and the darkness of hearts un-unified and uncooperative with one another.

We open a new page of opportunity with this new movement [Lanello’s New Dispensation called “The Hearts Center], which I started several years ago* but which has just now been given a grant of light from the Solar Logoi to touch the hearts of these, our best servants, once again with the truth that ONLY THEY CAN SAVE THIS PLANET AND ONLY THROUGH LOVE IN ALL ITS ASPECTS.

On this auspicious day in January, 2005, while the winds of Aquarius are beginning to blow upon this land America, I would plead with every member of this Council of Elders from the races of men to focus your attention in your classes and deliberations with these chelas personally, as much as you deem appropriate, on the need to sense love and the tones of love in all that we do and to draw down that love in all that they do.

Love is such a mystery, and they have yet to understand what Marsha, my amanuensis, has recorded of my thoughts on love in her little book “Love is the Alchemical Key.” What I was teaching her and all of them in my discourses on this subject is that love is not just the pink aspects of our nature—the kindness and appreciation and opening of the heart when we near one another. Love is also the incredible power of the thoughts and feelings and the creative force itself by which we create this universe. Every thought, every feeling and every desire DOES MANIFEST that which is the intent behind it, and this is truly what love is. Love is the tripartite aspect of creativity. All that is created in this universe, as you all well know, is created with the fires of love, for there is no other unit of energy in this cosmos. But many of our best chelas do not know this, as evidenced by the fact that they do not try to outpicture the right use of love. This is the great dilemma that we face today.

I implore you to teach this teaching to all lightbearers, all with whom you work because if we do not begin to see some remnant come out of The Summit who can begin to live this understanding in the here and now, we will not be able to penetrate with this message into the rest of the cultures of earth.

They think they understand this. They think they know the law and have not, therefore, the need to study the law. But these fundamental truths are not being outpictured in their worlds on a day-to-day basis. They believe that their practice of their religion, which they suppose to be a new age religion—in fact, our religion—justifies their regular condemnation of one another and those outside of their religion. Justification is the bane of the chelas, for by thinking they are righteous in their non-righteousness, they fail the first test of humility. And by holding up even one person in disrespect or in condemning another—often without doing any research at all into the allegations they hear in the gossip that goes around—they fail the test of love. And their creations, as we have all noted, are horrendous to look upon.

And these are our best chelas. These are the “cream of the crop” of our efforts over the last 130 years.


What are we to do about this mess we are in today—even the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood? My suggestion is that we, each of us, initiate teaching programs that address this matter squarely and that we communicate to our chelas that unless this situation is corrected within a fortnight (in this case I mean fourteen months), we will see war on the soil of the United States of America, for this vile spewing of disdain, when entered into by those spiritually trained, can lead only to a cataclysm of the worst kind. This is not what I fought for all my lives, to finally see the destruction of all we have worked for because of the inability of a few to lay down their constant criticism of themselves and others and learn the way of peace and harmony.

Gentlemen and Ladies of our bands, I leave you with this sober reminder that our efforts will come to naught if we do not find resonance within our best servants for the actualities of love in the real lives of real people of earth. If we do not, we are doomed to failure—and it is just beyond the brink, even as we sit here today.

I know each one of you will take and run with this message of the need to wake up and sense the danger to an entire planet with every unkind word, every expression of distaste for another, every reaction of pride and each cutting remark about another lightbearer or another walking on his or her own path in the earth. All of this must stop or, as I showed in a vision to my beloved chela yesterday**, there will be war on the soil of this nation where we meet today, and no force –except the force of love—will be able to turn it back.

I leave you to deliberate among yourselves ways in which we can swiftly infuse this understanding into our chelas and friends on earth.

I thank you.

*MC: As some of you know, in August of 2001, Saint Germain said to me, “I am starting a new activity in Chicago.” After this, for several months and even through the years, Saint Germain has given me much teaching and explanation of what a new Aquarian movement should look like. Most of this I published in the book entitled “Saint Germain on Creating Golden Age Communities.” Saint Germain indicated to me the day before making this address (above) that this statement in 2001 represented the beginning of what he has called a “new movement.” What is new about the ascended master’s recently announced activity (The Hearts Center) is the new dispensation that Lanello was able to procure from the Solar Logoi for the masters to once again be able to speak to those who are or were once a part of The Summit Lighthouse activity, and the authorization of David Lewis to act as amanuensis/messenger-in-training so that the entire Brotherhood may now address their chelas in the physical.

**MC: Yesterday, Sunday, January 23, I was given a vision. I saw the nation of America. On the northwest side of the country I saw smoke very large and tall over the states of Washington and Oregon. I saw what looked like Chinese soldiers crossing the nation from that direction. Saint Germain spoke these words to me as I watched this scene: “War on our soil.” This is all I saw, but I was reminded of a video [“Cry of the Snow Lion”] I watched just before Thanksgiving about the Chinese Communist invasion of Tibet and the results thereof. Then Saint Germain said to me, “This could happen here.”