Mother Mary Speaks

Beloved Mother Mary David C. Lewis November 15, 2006 7:49-8:03 am MDT Wellspring Retreat Emigrant, Montana

Intimations of God's heart I bring to you this morning, my beloved friends. Have you thought on what it means to abide within the very heartbeat of the great Beloved, your own God Presence? Have you meditated not only upon but within that which is the sacred spot of holiness within you, blessed ones? You have heard that the holiest place upon earth is within the womb of the Mother. And I say this is true. But also that holy space within your heart wherein the great heartbeat of God does continue within all His creation is that which is that space in which, when you abide, may be for you a sanctuary of light from a world gone mad in this hour. As you enter into a greater depth of meditation daily, the angels that accompany you at your beck and call, both here and within your own sanctuaries but most especially in the sanctuary of your heart, can afford you that stillness and space of holiness that will allow you to gain great strides in attuning to the highest vibration of your God-source, blessed ones. You see, when John said that I held all these things in my heart-meaning all that transpired in the life of my son Jesus as well as all my children-it is true that in my meditation upon God, all that I saw, all that I experienced, even the rapture of my soul at times being taken high above the earth to see the souls of those to whom my Lord, my son, would bring a great light, allowed me to wrap these events, these happenings, within the swaddling garment, within the crche of my heart such that all experience would be a testament of what can come to a soul attuned to that heartbeat of the one God. Day by day as you experience more of your Godhood in holy moments of peace and tranquility as well as in all of the challenges that you experience in your service to life, in your families and communities, see each event, each occurrence as the outpicturing of the great stream of God's heart and cradle those holy moments within your own sanctuary such that when the tempests and the winds come to pull you from that which is the mooring of your soul to the great ship of Maitreya, you will have deep within your own heart that sacred testament of your oneness in moments past that will allow you not to be moved from the point of reality that you are in God. For many centuries I have come to warn mankind of the consequences of their decisions consciously not to abide within the heart of God. And so you see in the world, darkness coming, peoples divided, nations at war, children being dishonored, families being split apart. This is not the way of the Lord. But the Lord has provided a way out through the sanctuary of your heart. And the door is always ajar for you to speak to that Holy One who abides eternally not only in the heavens but in the heavenly estate or consciousness within you. Maintaining a sense of humility, steadfastness, patience in your walk allows you to, blessed hearts, maintain that sacred tie. Therefore, although you see yourselves as lightbearers, even a spiritual elite upon earth, be careful that in this sense of spiritual pride you do not daily kneel in prayer within your own sacred sanctuary, calling on the law of forgiveness for past transgressions, seeing your soul truly as that bride of Christ and Buddha wherein, through obeisance to the One and through a greater devotion, gaining an understanding of peoples and even yourself, you may move forward into the light and put behind you all past occurrences where you have not always been within the very heartbeat of God in your consciousness, in your doings, in your words. I am a reminder to mankind of what can be for each one a pathway into the very heart of God. For through my immaculate heart you have access, blessed ones, to the sacred heartbeat of the Lord. Hold my hand now and know surcease from your struggle, your pain, your anxiety in this hour. God is real where you are. And true healing comes to each one who simply allows the breath and the heartbeat of the Lord to abide within. I am your Mother Mary. I bring peace to earth's children at the behest of my son. Peace be still, O ye who have displayed your armaments and your ways of evil. Peace be still, O ye whose minds have been taken over by the mindless ones who would wreak havoc upon earth. Peace be still, O children of men, and know the I AM light within that is the key to your salvation. May holiness reign through the saints robed in white who now grace the earth with their presence in this hour. May holiness be your byword in your meditation, O my children, O my blessed hearts. I thank you.

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