Beloved Lanello
Vol. 36 No. 19 -- May 9, 1993


How to Contact Angels–

Your Guides, Guardians and Friends


Prepare the Table in the Wilderness

Climb the Spiral Staircase:  Ascend to God

Your Crown Chakra–A Lamp to Lighten the Way

Ascension Day Address, Twentieth Anniversary
February 26, 1993

        Be nestled in my heart, beloved.  I receive you now, one and all who seek me as comforter and teacher of righteousness.

        I am your sponsor.  I have lived so recently among you that I yet have wife and children and grandchildren in your midst.  Just as I did climb, sometimes with ease and sometimes with difficulty, so you can also climb–yes, climb the spiral staircase, securing each step and level, defending your position and being defended by seraphims. EN1

        Oh yes, beloved, in this day and age souls are taking their leave of earth and they are ascending to God.  And when you see that ascension ritual with your inner sight, oh, what rejoicing!  For you shall say to yourself:

        O Lanello, I will be there on that day and date, the hour appointed for my ascension.  Whether in five or fifty or five hundred years, I will be there and I will be ready and I will have drunk the full cup of my life and purpose.

        Oh yes, Lanello, I know you and I promise you:  When the hour of my ascension comes I will be ready, wearing my Deathless Solar Body, my wedding garment.  I will have fulfilled all things to be one with my Lord.

        I will be there in gladness!

        I will be there in fierceness!

        I will be there!

        For I know that my ascension is the key to the ascension of every other Lightbearer in the earth who will hear the ringing of ascension's bells that shall ring for me; and they will know that the hour of fulfillment does come for each and every one.

        So, beloved, twenty years ago I took my leave of you, yet, spiritually speaking, I have never left you, no, not one of you–those who did not know me then and those who did.  I have known you all.  And I multiply myself, for this is the meaning of my mantra:  “Behold, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God!”

        If you make this mantra your own, you will quickly gain a new mastery.  Yes, this is the exclamation of the liberated one who discovers at the moment of the ascension that he has entered the universal Body of God in full God consciousness.  This is the meaning of the ascension for everyone who accepts it.

        In thus speaking to you of my ascension and yours, it is not my intent to lure you away from the earthly tasks that only you can accomplish.  On the contrary, I give you a vision of future possibility–the possibility of your soul's union with God at the conclusion of this life lived to the fullest.

        Thus, even while you engage in your day-to-day tasks, I urge you to set your sights on your ascension and make it your highest priority, for there is none higher.  And as you know, if you do not set a goal and then fit yourself for that goal in a program of goal-fittedness under the beloved El Morya, you may not achieve it.

        I urge you, then, to work toward your ascension by immersing yourself in the responsibilities of this world, the challenges, the necessities of life, the services which it is your dharma to render, the teaching that you must embody and teach by example and by exposition.  Let your life be an all-consuming life, all-consuming by the ruby fire of the Ruby Ray of the heart of the Holy Spirit, by the white fire of the purity of God.

        Yes, beloved, since you know you are on the path of victory and there is no turning back, give it your all!  Give it your best!  And leave those footprints, leave those books, leave that example, leave that fire of your heart as a record, that another and another might be saved.

        As you take from your heart and give to another, your fire is increased.  So go back to the Unfed Flame and know that if you maintain the Spirit of Love and are true to Love, you can yet escape the clutches of fallen angels who have controlled or attempted to control you for centuries.  Those to whom I speak know to whom I speak.  I say, then, leave off from the allure, yes, the allure of the fallen ones, and appreciate the simplicity of life in God–yes, the simplicity.

        Now then, beloved, you have heard a number of dictations exhorting you, cajoling you, and speaking to the most tender part of your soul, all intended to move you to a higher dimension of your being.  But I come as your father, if you would so call me, or as your brother or even as your long-lost uncle.  I am here as a Son of God and I am here to tell you that change will come.  Change must come, for who would want the earth to remain as it is today?

        Change will come in a number of ways–suddenly or gradually, as God intends it.  Be ready for change!  Move in advance of change!  Always be ahead of the wave of Light and the consciousness of Light and you will know a victory untold.  But if you are forever running after the wave after it has passed you by, you will never catch up, you will never be there on the cutting edge of change, you will not recognize the winds of change.  And I speak not of fads but of movements in the earth body, of karmic cycles, and cycles of opportunity, which, if not taken, will be lost.

        There must come upon the earth a universal change in consciousness.  Some are capable of rising with the rising tide of Aquarius.  Some will hold the line of that level of consciousness and others will not; these will simply pass under the bridge and out to sea with the receding tide.

        Yes, beloved, change as alchemy, change as transformation, change as progress–welcome all of these.  But recognize that karma brings the change of disintegration and death, and this, too, is a part of the change that must take place on earth–so that new life can begin.

        You see much, but you do not see all.  We see all the threatening woes that are not publicized for fear of public reaction, for fear of the people themselves who should rise up and challenge their overlords if they but knew what was taking place in secret.

        It is well that you invoke the All-Seeing Eye of God, for there are some things that must be exposed ere they become a cancer throughout the earth body, overtaking many before all karmas come to resolution in the sacred fire of God.  For many this will be too late, for they will have missed the cycle when the alchemy of ordered change was an option.

        I recommend that you keep a prayer and decree vigil with the legions of the Fifth Ray so that at the point of your precipitation of that ray combined with the violet ray, you will be accurate in making decisions that will affect the rest of your life.  You will make decisions as to where you will position yourself in the earth and what you will do with the most tremendous opportunity that you will ever have had in all of your rounds of existence–the opportunity for self-mastery and victory to the glory of God!

        You know of the dispensation whereby you may be given your ascension when you have balanced 51 percent of your karma.  It is well, for this is a protection to souls who are pure in heart yet do not necessarily have the staying power nor the self-discipline to balance 100 percent of their karma in these flesh bodies or even to pass the initiations of personal Christhood required for “100 percent chelas.”

        By consequence, then, of this dispensation, those who do ascend with 51 percent of their karma balanced must balance the remaining 49 percent of their karma from inner levels after their ascension.  And they are the ones who most earnestly move among you to direct your course, to help you in a thousand ways to bear and balance your karma and to achieve success in all you do.  This they do both out of the love of their hearts and out of the pragmatic necessity of having to balance their remaining karma day by day as they vigorously support the cause of the Great White Brotherhood on earth.

        Now, I will tell you that those who ascend at the 51 percent mark know the regret, as I know the regret and as you may one day know it, of not having perfected the soul, of still having human flaws that ought not to have been.  For decidedly they opt to take their ascension without the full God-mastery they would have had if they had balanced 100 percent of their karma and then on top of that pursued their adeptship in physical embodiment.  Yet God in his mercy has taken up into the ascension coil those of us who accepted the grace of the 51 percent that we might live as ascended beings, one with our God Presence, to assist the many who need us and so that we might not lose our salvation by tarrying any longer than necessary in the treacherous waters of earth.

        So you see, beloved, we have not presented ourselves at the Court of the Sacred Fire with the full mastery of a Saint Germain, of a Gautama Buddha, of the ancients such as Sanat Kumara, Lord Krishna.  We have come lately, “Johnny-come-latelies,” as you say, yet no less fervent in our love because of it.  And we tell you, exceed us!  Go beyond our attainment!  Master the physical chemistry of your body and show the world an example of radiant health as the foundation of inner peace and joy and equanimity before all that would assail you.

        Be there!  Be there to help the many who need you, who are not prepared for changes small or great.  See how upset people can get when they have to deal with minor mishaps.  If you are a student of life, you can see how God in his mercy does prepare the soul, as well as the soul's intuitive faculties, at the level of the subconscious mind to face tragedy.  This he does by releasing to the conscious mind increments of soul knowing.

        On the other hand, in the case of the persecution of the Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina and of the peoples of other nations where life is horribly desecrated, the karma is so heavy that it bursts as a giant water balloon, releasing sudden destruction and death.  Souls both innocent and guilty are exposed to raw evil in all of its hideousness.  And the fires of hell are unleashed and the nations who could stop the holocaust stand by wringing their hands yet unwilling to take decisive action.

        Bit by bit, little by little, what is taking place in the earth is made known to you.  Yet much is hidden that is not revealed.  And although the gradual conditioning of the mind may preserve sanity for a season, the hosts of Light cannot entirely hold back the torrential descent of the karma of the Dark Cycle.  Thus there is a need for the strengthening of the national conscience and will to deal with the rising tide of violence, street gangs, murders, children killing children and, yes, the genocide of Bosnian Muslims.

        These things must be exposed!  The people must know.  The people must rally.  The people must say, “We will not stand for this a day longer!  We will take action.”  And the hearts that are softened by the Holy Spirit will come, by necessity, by emergency, to the place where they, too, will make the call and cry out to God and summon his hosts and demand Divine Justice where there has been such a desecration of life.

        All in all, I am for exposure.  Some of my friends on the Darjeeling Council are not necessarily entirely in favor of it, for reasons that may not be obvious to you.  But I have stated my case before the Darjeeling Council:  Let the people see and know how corrupt their leadership is.  Let us tear off the mask of hypocrisy that parades before them.  It has been good for the people of America to have certain members of Congress exposed.

        So let the exposés go forth from the altar once again!  And let the disciples of the Ascended Masters carry the banner for Truth, for Reality concerning what is actually coming upon the earth.  This way the preparation of the minds of the people can begin.  This way you fortify yourselves for the victory.  This way you are prepared.

        “Be prepared!”–the message and motto of Saint Germain.  Carry it in your heart.  Be prepared for any eventuality and then you will be free to be creative, for you will have set the parameters of your life and you will have thought through what you will do if and when, God forbid, there is a time of social upheaval.

        As you become accustomed, however, to increasing levels of crime and warfare in the streets and chaos and insanity and the aberration of minds through drugs, there is the danger that you will become too accustomed to the rising tide of Darkness–that you will accommodate your thinking to each new level and disconnect your smoke alarm.  And for this reason, and also because people might enter new lows of discouragement because they allow themselves to become overwhelmed with national problems and thus lose all hope, some members of the Council have suggested that not all be revealed.

        But in the final analysis, we have determined that with a body of Truth-bearers such as you, who will give the calls on the Fifth Ray for Truth to be revealed, for the healing of hearts and nations, for clear seeing, for the abundant life, for supply–who will hold the balance of sanity in dark days of insanity and life's many injustices and hold that balance in fearlessness' flame–the world may yet be able to deal with that which it knows at subconscious levels but is terrified to admit consciously.

        Think for a moment now how delicate is the balance in the cities of any nation and how earth changes or riots or terrorism suddenly turn a scene of calm into one of chaos.  By my speaking these very words to you, I am preparing you psychologically for any challenge you may have to meet in this life as part of your karma-balancing act and the means to your 100 percent victory in your ascension.  This is my motive and one of my purposes in coming to you tonight.  I openly declare it.

        So make your peace with Reality, espouse Reality but know that there is a plane of actualities in the earth that simply must be reckoned with.* When you reckon with those actualities, when you teach your children rules of safety in case of fire and procedures to be followed in time of civil unrest, when all are ready and know the role they must play in an emergency, then there is calm in the home and you can get on with taking advantage of that window of opportunity El Morya has given you, get on with your creative projects, get on with the development of your skills and the refinement of your hearts.

        Let not your hearts be dense or hard.  For I come to conclude this seminar with a message for the refinement of the heart and I ask you to seek it by a physical and spiritual purification.  I ask you to develop sensitivity of heart as well as sensitivity to the physical and spiritual needs of your heart.  And I ask you to develop the discriminating faculty of the heart by the power of decrees and through devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  For the heart is not only the seat of your threefold flame, it is the repository of all knowledge, past, present and future.

        Systematically, deliberately, sacrificially, then, prepare the table in the wilderness.  You bring the feast to the table.  You prepare it for those who will come and say to you:  “Have you any fruits?  Have you any meats for us?  What will you feed us? We cry out for spiritual bread and the wine of the Spirit.  We are hungry.  We are hungry to the depths of our souls.”

        Yes, prepare the table in the wilderness–the wilderness of dead religion, brittle education and soul-barrenness, yet a wilderness where so many, many hearts cry out echoing John the Baptist.  They are voices crying in the wilderness to know the way of repentance through understanding and a return to sanity, to honor and to the innocence of bygone yesterdays, before the hellions were unleashed on a world and made their way to establish a culture of drugs and Death and Hell mimicking the music of Satan.

        So, beloved, there is a highway of Light.  Get on track and stay on track!  Do not wander off the highway of Light and fall into the pits that lead to the depths of hell.  Stay on the highway as servitors of God and you will arrive at your destination at the hour appointed for your ascension.

        I laud every effort that you make to contact another soul and another, for that is the way a universe is born–Light conducting Light through chakras opened, Light enhancing, Light opening the crown chakra.

        Now comes the crowning by angels of Light, the legions of Justinius and Victory.  Now they come for the activation of your crown chakra.  Some of you already know the tingling sensation in the crown.  I ask you to place your left hand over your heart (thumb and first two fingers of your left hand at the center of the chest, parallel to the heart) and take your right hand to the crown and press (thumb and first two fingers of your right hand at the point of the fontanel), if you will, and press again, as though knocking on the door of the mind.

        Now speak to the mind and the Mind of God in you:

        O Mind of God in the mind of man:

        Be opened this day!

        Be opened!  Be opened as a chalice of yellow fire.

        O thousand-petaled lotus flame,

        I come to bow before the Light of God.

        O lotus flame of my crown: 

        Increase, intensify wisdom's Light!

        Thousand-petaled flame of Light, be the chalice of the Mind of God that I might leave a lasting tribute to my Lanello, to my angels, to my Masters, to my God.  Yes, a lasting tribute, for I will carry the Buddhic essence in my crown chakra, I will nourish it every day with Buddhic mantras and I will water it by raising up the Light of the Mother.  I will carry that Light in my crown and therefore the earth shall not be in Darkness.

        O my Jesus, thou hast said:

“As long as I AM in the world, I AM the Light of the world.” EN2

        Now you, as followers of our Lord, so say the same:

        [Congregation affirms with Lanello:]

As long as I AM in the world

I AM the Light of the world!

        My message to you this day, then, is that your crown chakra can be as the torch of the Goddess of Liberty, even the torch of your Christhood–a lamp to lighten the way and to enlighten souls.  Nourish your crown chakra with Love's wisdom.  Be the Light of the world as long as you are in the world, and many will follow you until the day when they too shall say, “As long as I AM in the world, [congregation joins Lanello:] I AM the Light of the world!”

        Therefore, now centered in this mighty amphitheater composed of light bodies of seraphim and angels of Victory, I, Lanello, start a chain reaction–a chain reaction whose sign and symbol is the mighty sunflower.

        Think of the sunflower; then think of your crown chakra.

        Think of the many sunflower seeds.

        Think of the thousand-petaled lotus.

        Did not Nature and gentle gnomes and devas bring forth the sunflower, who follows the sun and smiles at his rising and his setting, to remind you all of the crown chakra?

        A chain reaction, then.

        I come to crown you, as it were, with the crown of your own Christhood.  You must enter into this ritual by pulling down the crown of your Christ Self that I may be, according to the love of Jesus and his direction to me today, the facilitator of your anchoring the Light of your crown chakra until you are that Light of the world.

        I bid you, then, be that Light of the world by illumination's flame!  And we direct you, one and all, in your centers throughout the earth, to use Lord Lanto's Second Ray tape of songs and decrees EN3 from time to time as your Sunday morning ritual.  By so doing you may activate the crown of your Christ Self as well as your crown chakra and the crown chakras of your children and all Lightbearers of the world.  And thereby you will be assisting Jophiel's legions and their reinforcements to rescue the youth and enlighten the people of the world. EN4 Through such rituals you prepare the way for the day when the light you have raised up may be the only light that men see and see by.

        Remember, then, not to neglect the rituals of the sacred fire we have taught you.  For the admonishment of Jesus to you is the same today as it was then:  “Work while ye have the Light, for the night cometh when no man can work.” EN5 You see, you are preparing the mighty crown chakra to illumine a world and carry it through its dark night–the dark night of the soul and the Dark Night of the Spirit.

        Come out on the other side of the dark night and be a lamp unto your God!  Then pass that torch.

        To whom will you pass it?

        To your own pupils, to those whom you tutor, to those whom you enflame to imitate your particular profile of Christhood.

        Yes, a chain reaction I begin this day in Chicago, rejoicing with beloved Godfre and Lotus and all who have ever served as Messengers of God in all ages.  For it is our message to you–and our rallying point–that the golden flame of illumination should be for you that torch of Mother Liberty so that nevermore should Light go out in the earth.

        Now beings of great Light pass that torch of the crown and the torch of Liberty to each one.  Seize it, maintain it, do not let the lamp go out!  And we will see a civilization restored.  We will see the skimming off of the dross by the Great Alchemist.  And one day the Lightbearers shall be in the majority and shall inherit the earth.  And beyond that may you inherit the kingdom.

        In all love of my golden pink glow-ray, I seal you now in Victory's Star.  Forever and forever and forever I AM your Lanello.

        [34-second standing ovation.  Congregation gives the salutation:]

        Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello!

        Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello! Hail, Lanello!




This dictation by beloved Lanello was delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, February 28, 1993, in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the ascension of the Messenger Mark L. Prophet on February 26, 1973.  The dictation was delivered during a weekend seminar, How to Contact Angels–Your Guides, Guardians and Friends Part 2, held at the Skokie North Shore Hilton, Chicago, Illinois. [N.B. This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under Lanello's direction.]

*As the Ascended Masters use the word Reality with a capital R, it is a synonym for God.  They use it to refer to the constancy of absolute God-Reality in contrast to the ebb and flow of events on earth.  The word actualities refers to things as they are, in flux at any moment.  The rise and fall of the human consciousness in the undulations of its positive and negative karma produces the “actualities in the earth.”

1. seraphims is an alternate plural form of seraphim. (See Isa.  6:2, 6, KJV.)

2. John 9:5.

3. Lanto, Lord of the Second Ray:  Dynamic Decrees with Prayers and New Age Songs for Chelas of the Wisdom of God 1. 94-min.  audiocassette with accompanying booklet, B89052.

4) Jophiel's legions and their reinforcements.  See vol. 36, no. 10, pp. 115, 123 n. 1.

5. John 9:4; 12:35.




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