Heros and Amora Speak on Love

Beloved Heros and Amora

David C. Lewis

March 14, 2005 8:18 8:55 am

Livingston, Montana

Heart friends on the Sacred Path of Love,

            We are come to infuse the earth with our presence of love. For love is the need of the hour and is the need of every hour, beloved. So be in and of the flame of love as we discourse with you on the greater need of God to work through you.

            Gods light is present everywhere in the vast stream of the cosmic flow of love. If you would be fully present within this confluent stream of radiance, you must know love in a higher expression than as a mortal being. Thus, you must meditate on God-Love as the highest outpicturing of free will. For love is Gods free-will offering to the creation and to all life expressive within the creation.

            Some meddle in the affairs of others rather than allowing love to be a bond that ties all together and yet allows freedom to manifest as supreme. So, when one part of life attempts to control others rather than seeing each one as a reflection of the divine, there is schism and division within the body of God. This breech must be healed through acceptance born of an understanding that the golden rule is the universal guide to all life and is paramount in delivering to mankind and womankind the freedom that they desire.

           Freedom is love, beloved, for when you let go and let Gods light act through you as well as let Gods light act through others free choices to be as they know God within their own spiritual and auric field, then the acceptance creates a blessing and a hallowed space whereby all may know a higher expression of God-Love.

            Oh why cannot all feel the impulses of heaven and of the angelic hosts who do, moment by moment, aspire to lift mankind out of the doldrums of a ho-hum existence to view the starry expressions of Gods light and to impress upon their consciousness the holiness of life and the sacredness of opportunity to be a part of the creative experience of life in harmony with God?

            We would raise you a little higher this day through our cosmic awareness of God as Love, for as Elohim of Love we bear the responsibility to pour love into all, to find ways and means whereby God-Love can become a greater experience for every lifestream and harmony can flow to and through all of the three kingdoms of Gods expression within the cosmic egg of universal manifestation.

            As you approach Eastertide when new life beckons and the springtime of resurrections fires begin to whirl and accelerate within all, will you please meditate on the concept of love as a renewable energy that is part and parcel of the tai chi flow of God that all need to experience? Will you allow us to take up our abode a little more within the recesses of your heart to inspire you to re-consecrate your days and your lifes work to manifesting a fuller expression of love to all? Will you allow God to act as a being of Love through you, and will you know that inner smile of Gods presence that simply is love in every situation, even amidst the taunting and daunting burdens that you feel?

           If you will invite us in, opening the door of your heart and giving us permission to use you as a vessel of kindness, compassion and mercy, we will be able to expand the expression of love to many and thereby raise the entire spiritual platform of earth in the process. Why you must become arbiters of love, expounders of love, students of love and knowers of Gods deepest musings of what love means, even unto the tiniest of creatures and unto the meanest of hardened criminals, beloved!

            You must begin to know love as the reason for life itself, for life cannot exist without love and love cannot exist outside the life that is God. Our love simply must become real to you ere you can become fully real, fully blest with immortality and fired as a permanent fixture in the ascended state. For love is the modus through which all communication between masters and cosmic beings occurs and is the platform upon which all continuing evolution manifests.

            This day we honor all who love. We raise all who are attempting to reach us through the unfolding rose of the expression of grace unto all. Seek us early and seek us late. Seek us ever and please dont wait. For we are always ready to receive your love and to then return it to you with a greater grant of fire for you to then shower it upon all. Become watering cans of God-Love this day, and we will fill you up each morning as you prepare to share all that you are with those who are ready to receive us, dear hearts.

            We are Heros and Amora. We subscribe to your Heartstreams. May you inscribe our permanent ink of love with the stylus of divine grace upon the hearts of every child of our heart upon earth. For love is the only way for that glorious inscription to speak of Gods desire to woo all back to His infinite heart of fire. Become our amanuenses of love, and thereby your names shall truly be written in the Book of Life as those who did love enough to win all the way home to God.

           Elohim Ahhh Elohim Ahhh Elohim Ahhh Aum (Chanted slowly)


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