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Babaji's Kriya Yoga
and more

        This page gives the foundational or fundamental teachings of kriya yoga, and more. It includes the seven major paths of yoga.

       The word yoga comes from the root word "yoke," which implies or means "union," so the primary goal of yoga is union with God or the ascension.

       So, in its highest understanding, yoga is a path of divine love, to achieve union with God, or our Individualized Presence of God. Most of us are practicing "yoga" in some form; however, often we do not know it or realize it. Anytime we do some spiritual practice in love, or the service of love, we are doing yoga. And, reading the Bible or any of the sacred scriptures is a type of yoga -- jnana yoga -- the study or learning about God or union with God. Especially reading books on yoga or studying yoga with a teacher can be considered jnana yoga. Studying this page on yoga is jnana yoga.      

       Whenever, we show love and adoration to God, no matter what religion we might belong to, that is yoga -- bhakti yoga.

        Anytime we serve others, love others, care for others, or show our kindness to others, that is yoga -- karma yoga.       

        There are seven major paths of yoga that will be explained as simply as possible, so that many may understand and hopefully practice yoga, although many are already practicing "yoga" in some ways and don't realize it. Again, they think that unless they are practicing some form of yoga exercises, they are not practicing yoga.

         Well, true yoga is all about love, and love is the only way to true union with God.  

         The are seven major paths of yoga which will be explained simply on this page. 

     These teachings are for all -- beginners to advanced -- and made relatively easy for the many.       

       All true yoga can be a path of ananda  or bliss, happiness, and joy.       

   The approach on this website is the 4 E's approach, that is, yoga made relatively easy, enjoyable, energizing, and effective. This yoga is also a path of enlightenment. So the approach here will be made as easy as possible, and hopefully will be as enjoyable, energizing and effective as possible. Yoga can be effective and practical, and it can really work for us. And it can truly be enlightening, so that we can have a greater knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

       The approach, here, is as much as possible, yoga for the many, approach. Part of it is a step-by-step and gradual approach. The approach here is for many people, and for all races and all religions.       

       I, William Star, have practiced hatha yoga exercises or postures since 1970. In 1973 I started learning Babaji's Kriya Yoga as taught by Yogi Ramaiah.  In 1975 I started teaching hatha yoga exercises, so I speak from experience in my practice and teaching of yoga. Moreover, I have studied and practiced all seven paths of yoga, and more. Moreover, I am a student of the teachings of the ascended masters, and a student or disciple of all of the major world's religions. And I am on the path of divine love.         

      When most people think of yoga, at least in America, they usually think of hatha yoga or yoga exercises, postures, or asanas. This is the yoga that is best known by most people, and that will surely be taught here, but all the seven paths will be taught, and more.            

       These yogic practices are universal and complement all faiths and religions. They help us to do what we are already doing, and better. Remember, things go better with yoga!


The Seven Major Paths of Yoga 

1. Bhakti Yoga or the Yoga of Love and Devotion to God

       Bhakti yoga is the practice of giving love and devotion to God. The practice of bhakti yoga is basically the same as the Great Commandment of Love as given by Jesus -- Thou shalt love God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, and with all soul.
       Bhakti yoga is generally practiced by doing some form of devotional chanting (kirtan), by giving bhajans (devotional songs), or singing and/or dancing. We may practice bhakti yoga by singing and/or dancing to any songs of true love and devotion. Here is an example of Yogananda chanting "O God Beautiful"  on YouTube with about 20 pictures of him:


We may also practice bhakti yoga by saying such affirmations or prayers such as the following:

O God, You are so magnificent, 
I AM, I AM, I AM adoring thee. 

Thank you, God. I love you

Most "spiritual practices", especially as given on this website, are types of bhakti yoga, that is, they are some form of love and devotion to God. On the navigation bar are a number of various spiritual practices. 

2. Karma Yoga or the Yoga of Love, Compassion, Selfless Action, or Service to Others. Karma yoga is the yoga of Good Works, 
       Karma yoga is selfless action or service to others through the love of our hearts. 
       The practice of karma yoga may work out part of our negative karma, and give us good karma, that is, if it is done out of selfless action or the love of the heart. 
       The practice of karma yoga is basically the same as the Second Commandment of Love as given by Jesus -- Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
       Also, greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life (in service) for his friends.(The Bible, the Book of John 15:13) 

       But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. (The Bible, Matthew 23:11)    

       From a Christian viewpoint, the practice of karma yoga is the practice of charity, that is, doing good works. 

       Moreover, doing any good works, and that includes playing beautiful, devotional music, may be an act of karma yoga, that is, if it is done out of the love of the heart. The key is that we do our service or good works out of the love of the heart; otherwise, these "good works" may have little or no value, at least for the evolution of our soul.
     And the Golden Rule of Love is the compliment to the Second Commandment and is the primary rule of those of us who would practice karma yoga -- Do unto others as we would have them do unto us. 
       To see an example of the Golden Rule in most of the world religions, click here 

For more teachings on the second commandment, click here. 

To Understand the Use of the Violet Flame to Work Out Our Karma, Click on the Link below:
Understanding and Using the Violet Flame on this Website, An Open Door of Love

3. Dhyana Yoga or the Yoga of Meditation or Contemplation

Dhyana Yoga or Meditation


4. Breathing Exercises, Pranic Breathing, or Pranayama

The Scientific Art of Mastering the Breath

Pranayam(a) or Breathing Exercises 

5. Hatha Yoga

or Yoga Exercises, Postures, or Asanas

Made Relatively Easy For the Many 

Relatively Easy, Enjoyable, Energizing and Effective

Things Go Better with Yoga!

       This heart-centered hatha yoga is one of the greatest forms of spiritual-physical exercises.  

       I, William Star, learned basic hatha yoga in 1970, and then in 1973 learned Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga as taught by Yogi Ramaiah. I then started teaching Kriya Hatha Yoga in 1975, and consider myself a master teacher of this yoga. I am one of the few teachers in America that has learned to teach this particular Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga. I am glad to train anyone to do this yoga through this website, or in person when possible for free. I am also glad to train for free whoever wants to be a teacher of this yoga. 

Introduction to Hatha Yoga

Yoga Exercises, Postures, or Asanas             

       Interestingly enough, this hatha yoga can be taught in four different ways. Each of these ways are relatively easy, enjoyable, energizing and effective; that is, they work, especially if we just start with the first four foundational postures, and work up from there.

So here are the four ways of doing these postures:

1. Sitting yoga in a chair (without arms on the chair), or chair yoga. This way of doing hatha yoga is especially good for beginners and seniors; however, it is generally good for all. If you click on the link below, there is a written explanation of the first four postures. As soon as I able, I plan to have a written explanation of the rest of the postures, a series of still pictures, and/or moreover, a YouTube video of these postures.

It is generally done in a chair that has no arms, so that the arms of the body can move freely. 

Sitting Yoga in a Chair, or Chair Yoga

(Sitting Hatha Yoga or Chair Hatha Yoga)  

Spiritual-Physical Exercises

Heart-Centered Yoga

Yoga of Light and Love

Victory Yoga

2. Standing Hatha Yoga: especially good for beginners, seniors, and children, however it is generally good for all. 

Standing Yoga

(Standing Hatha Yoga)

Spiritual-Physical Exercises

Heart-Centered Yoga

Yoga of Light and Love

Victory Yoga

3. Floor Yoga (mostly): kneeling, sitting on the floor, and lying down hatha yoga, especially good for some beginners, some children, and those of an intermediate or advanced level.
       These "modified' postures are postures in which we come to a kneeling position, or remain on the floor between most postures, and not return to a standing position, which makes the postures a little easier to do, than in the standing to floor yoga that follows, the classical or traditional way or approach. As soon as I can, I plan to have a written explanation of these postures, a series of still pictures, and/or moreover, a video of these postures, at least the first four.

Floor Yoga (no link yet)

(Floor Hatha Yoga)

Spiritual-Physical Exercises

Heart-Centered Yoga

Yoga of Light and Love

Victory Yoga

4. Standing to Floor Yoga, and Back to Standing

(New Classical Hatha Yoga)

(Babaji's New Classical Kriya Hatha Yoga)

       These traditional or classical postures begin from a standing position, then generally go step by step in a forward order into the posture, generally on the floor, the posture is done and held, and then we relax, and then step by step we go in a reverse order to the standing position.

     This classical or traditional hatha yoga is Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga which has been modified to make it a little easier, with 4 steps or stages in most postures.

     The reason that these postures are excellent for most people, is that they are done in steps or stages, and each one of us does just the steps are stages we can do, so a goodly number of people can do a good part of this yoga.

       These postures are generally done in a certain order, starting with the "foundational four" postures. so it is relatively easy to learn them, do them, and remember them. Also, they are generally done in pose and counterpose, that is, in the pose the trunk of the body is bent forward; and in the counterpose, the trunk of the body is bent backwards; so we generally get the greatest benefit from the postures.

       Starting off with 2 or 4 of the postures can be plenty. Learning the "foundational four postures" can be a great start, and then you can progress from there, possibly adding two postures at a time. There are 18 postures in total. 

Standing to Floor Yoga

Babaji's New Classical Hatha Yoga or 

Spiritual-Physical Exercises

Heart-Centered Yoga

Yoga of Light and Love

Victory Yoga

       Most of the postures that are given on the link above, are "relatively easy for the many or somewhat easy for the many". The postures are done in steps or stages, and we only do the steps or stages we can reasonably do.


       It is believed by myself, William Star, that much of this hatha yoga is inspired by Babaji, one of the unascended masters of the Himalayas.


The Practice

Remember: Practice makes perfect.

Practice brings progress

Practice makes things easier and better.

Practice brings many benefits. 

The proof is in the practice. 


The four sitting postures are:

1. the simple crossed-legged posture.

2. the perfect posture with one foot between the opposite calf muscle and thigh muscle.

3. the half lotus with one foot on the opposite thigh, and

4. the full lotus with both feet on the opposite thighs.

Note: If needed, we may use a pillow, cushion, pad, or a folded blanket under the buttocks to help us to be more comfortable and to sit for a longer time. If we simply practice sitting in one of these crossed-legged postures each day, we may learn to be comfortable and relaxed.


Testimonial Letters

       Included below are four testimonial letters of people that have taken yoga classes with me, William Star. 

       1. "Thus far I have had 3 Yoga lessons instructed by Bill ... (William Star). Each one has been a true blessing, leaving one with a feeling of peace and greater balance. What really strikes me, is the flow of energy felt throughout the body, when doing these.
       His peacefulness and patience, desire to teach, and gentle compassion, is felt by all."

        Judith Heit

       2. "With great pleasure I write you of a wonderful event ... a wonderful class of Hatha Yoga every Sat. afternoon at the TC (Teaching center).

       I greatly enjoyed it and other attendees were grateful too. This yoga has Babaji's signature upon it and some of it was refreshingly new to me.

       Bill (William Star) was like a loving brother to each one attending, giving superlative examples of perfectly aligned postures done with grace and peace, a factor so needed by many of us. Bill's voice was so gentle one couldn't help but feel loved and appreciated, and the exercises unlocked hidden potential in our bodies of self mastery giving each attendee higher hope. From the wonderful results I'd love to take it (3X)(3 times) per week." 

Love, Jane (Guelich)

       3. "I have practiced yoga over the last 20 years, and recently began the system as taught by Babaji's disciples -- Babaji's Kriya Yoga. Having tried various systems and methods and having studied yoga teachings and texts, I feel this system of yoga provides me the most natural and profound approach available and is highly suited for all ages and physical capacities.

       I am most struck by the sense of balance and inner focus that comes as a result of the practice of this yoga. I would dearly like to see this yoga taught at Summit University and I have the highest regard for (William’s) approach which is ideally suited for those who are new or relatively new to hatha yoga.

       In my experience the removal of the sense of strain and unnecessary effort is a key element in yoga and this system provides that."

Most Sincerely, Bruce Marah

4. My experience of yoga with William has been quite extraordinary. As a rusty yoga student at 83, I needed help to regain flexibility, good posture, and smoother, relaxed breathing. 
       My joy in movement grows each week. Thank you William Star. 

Victoria Osborne, Emigrant, Montana

6. Mantra Yoga or Yoga Mantras (Mantrams), Prayers, Affirmations, etc.,

       An Understanding of Mantra Yoga and a List of Mantras, Prayers, and Affirmations

7. Jnana Yoga or the Yoga of Wisdom, Understanding, and Illumination
       Studying the teachings in this section on yoga is a course in jnana yoga, and moreover, studying the teachings on this website is a course in jnana yoga in a more general sense. 

8. Raja Yoga, Babaji's Kriya Yoga, Maha Yoga or Integral Yoga --

A Synthesis or Integration of the Seven Major Paths of Yoga

Note: Raja means royal or lord or king. Moreover, the integration of all seven major paths of yoga is considered the "royal or lord or king" of yogas, which I, William Star, generally agree with.

       A student or disciple of yoga may be called a yogin, and as the yogin progresses, he may become a yogi, a male who has a great mastery of yoga, or a yogini, a female who has a great mastery of yoga. The yogi and yogini may become teachers of yoga. The yogi and yogini may also become a yogi star or a yogini star -- stars of light and love.


Yoga and Love -- Heart Centered Yoga

       True yoga is all about love. (Babaji) 


Yoga and the World's Religions 
       Yoga, as given on this page, can be practiced as part of any world religion, and that surely includes Christianity and Judaism. Moreover, this yoga will generally enhance the practice of any religion and make it better. 


Yoga and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters

Who are the Ascended Masters and What Do the Ascended Masters Say About Yoga?

El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul --

Master Teachers of Yoga

       We will make yogis and yoginis out of you yet -- males and females who have a great mastery of yoga.


Yoga and the Sun -- Surya Yoga or Sun Yoga or Solar Yoga -- Union with the Sun. 

The Importance of Sunshine and Its Benefits 

The Golden-Pink Glow Rays of the Sun -- The Love-Wisdom of the Sun

Getting the Right Amount of Sunlight -- in Balance or Moderation
               Generally, At Least 15 Minutes a Day
               Walking in the Sunshine and Fresh Air

Sun Gazing and Meditation at Sunrise, or Shortly thereafter, With Our Eyelids Open

Sun Gazing and Meditation Anytime with Our Eyelids Closed

Sun Gazing and Meditation Shortly Before, and at Sunset, With Our Eyelids Open

Solar Healing

The Mysteries of the Sun

The Sun Salutation or Adoration, or the Science of Sun Worship
       Done in a gentle sun facing the sun, when reasonable.

Hatha Yoga Exercises, Postures, or Asanas; including the Sun Salutation
      Done in a gentle sun facing the sun, when reasonable.

       The New Day by Vesta and The Hymn to the Sun by Helios

Note: Helios and Vesta are the Sun God and Goddess of Our Sun. Surya is another ascended being of light, and is associated with the God-star or God-sun, Sirius. This is why the Sun Salutation is often called Surya Namaskar. 

Let us Realize Ourselves as Sons of God or Suns of God
Let Us Realize that We Are a Solar Presence or Sun Presence

Surya Yoga as Taught by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhof
"Toward a Solar Civilization" -- a book by Omraam

Self-Healing Using the Sun within Our Cells 

Natural Light and Full Spectrum Light Inside Our Homes


Yoga -- A Path of Happiness, Bliss, or Ananda -- A Path of Joy 

Hasya Yoga -- The Yoga of Laughter, Joy, and Fun -- Comedic or Comedy Yoga

       You inhale particles of joy into your spiritual circuitry between each quick breath when you engage in hasya yoga or what we term divine laughter therapy.

(Jewel of Joy from the Hearts Center)

One Website on Laughter Yoga

There are many more websites if we just do a search on laughter yoga or hasya yoga. 


The Main Music of Yoga --

Bhajans or Kirtan or Devotional Songs

       There are excellent Bhajans by Guru Ma and her chelas or disciples from the Summit Lighthouse. We can listen to one of the bhajans by clicking here

       Dancing to the Bhajans -- Sometimes called kirtan

Note: Shiva is known as the Lord of Dance. And of course, Krishna is also a Lord of Dance. One way to eternal life is to sing and dance with Shiva and Krishna. 

Chanting by Yogananda and his disciples
(To be given as I am able to, and as time permits)

Short Video of Baba Nam Kevalam -- Love is all there is. Beautiful chanting and pictures. 

       Indian Ragas

       Tabla Lesson Basics

       Note: There are many other tabla lessons on You Tube or Google videos. 


Creating a Yoga Sanctuary and Altar 
A Focus for Our Spiritual or Devotional Practices, Our Sadhana, or Our Puja.

The Ashram
    A Place for the Practice of Yoga -- A Community of Practitioners of Yoga -- A Community of the Spirit of Yoga -- A Community of Love

The World Ashram 
       Introduction -- "The Ashram is ever present. It is a world order. There are many members, chelas, or disciples. They uphold the Ashramic consciousness; and the antahkarana (this web of light) has been abuilding for many years. For the understanding of the Ashram as the house of Light, the dwelling place of the Guru and the chela, gives comfort to all. It is the comfort flame midst the storm. It is the light in the cabin window that is seen afar off by the traveler through the night storm.
       The Ashram is the haven. It is the resting place. It is the special place that, wherever you find it, is the same as every other such place. Surcease from the struggle, entering in for the recharge, brothers and sisters of one mind and heart and purpose meeting here and there along life's way in our secluded outposts–such is the vision of the Ashram that I hold and that does exist. 

       The Ashram Notes were dictated between 1952 and 1958 by the Ascended Master El Morya to his amanuensis or messenger, Mark L. Prophet. The published volume includes 39 letters to chelas or disciples who compose the “Ashram” (The World Ashram), and six rituals to be given simultaneously around the world. In chapter 2 of Ashram Notes, El Morya explains, “Our principal reason for founding this Ashram is for the linking of hearts worldwide in a ritual of scheduled group meditations. Even though we are separated by time and space, we shall all meet in a union of consciousness, laboring and travailing together to give birth to our Ashram for God.”

The Six Ashram Rituals are: 
       1. The Unison Ritual; 

       2. Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World; 

       3. Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God's Holy Will;

       4. Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification; 

       5. Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work; and
       6. Sacred Ritual for Oneness. 

       "I ask you, then, to seek another gift of God, the eighth. It is the new chelas, the new students of the Ascended Masters, Lightbearers the world around, who have never heard the message of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I ask you to seek them [out] by a number of avenues.

Ashram Notes (On the elmorya.org Summit Lighthouse Website)

       Also see the Pearl of Wisdom -- Vol. 33 No. 34 - Beloved El Morya - September 2, 1990

       The "Ashram Notes", is a book bound in golden-brown Kivar leatherette with gold foil stamping and contain all six rituals and far more. The rituals are also published in "Ashram Rituals", a 64-page booklet. For information on this book and booklet and/or to order one or both, you may call

The Summit Lighthouse at

1-800-245-5445 (in the USA) or 406 848 9500,

or go to the website, The Summit Lighthouse, 
or we may click here. 

       We can also do the "Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees" by El Morya by clicking here.

       You may ask the Summit Lighthouse about other teachings or books by El Morya

       El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul -- Ascended Master Teachers of yoga 


Babaji's Kriya Yoga

Babaji or Kriya Babaji Nagaraj or Shiva Goraksha Babaji -- One of the Unascended Masters of the Himalayas

Disciple Lahiri Mahasaya talking to his Guru Mahavatar Babaji about Kriya Yoga:

       "'Angelic guru, as you have already favored mankind by resurrecting the lost Kriya art, will you not increase that benefit by relaxing the strict requirements for discipleship?' I gazed beseechingly at Babaji. 'I pray that you permit me to communicate Kriya to all seekers, even though at first they cannot vow themselves to complete inner renunciation. The tortured men and women of the world, pursued by the threefold suffering, need special encouragement. They may never attempt the road to freedom if Kriya initiation be withheld from them.'       

       "'Be it so. The divine wish has been expressed through you.' With these simple words, the merciful guru banished the rigorous safeguards that for ages had hidden Kriya from the world. 'Give Kriya freely to all who humbly ask for help.'       

       "After a silence, Babaji added, 'Repeat to each of your disciples this majestic promise from the Bhagavad Gita: "Swalpamasya dharmasya, trayata mahato bhoyat" -- "Even a little bit of the practice of this religion will save you from dire fears and colossal sufferings."       

       "As I knelt the next morning at my guru's feet for his farewell blessing, he sensed my deep reluctance to leave him.       

       "'There is no separation for us, my beloved child.' He touched my shoulder affectionately. 'Wherever you are, whenever you call me, I shall be with you instantly.'

From Chapter 32 of Paramahansa Yogananda's "Autobiogaphy of a Yogi" 

The book, Autobiography of a Yogi, was written by Yogananda and is good for understanding some of the aspects of Kriya Yoga. Also, Yogananda's guru, Sri Yukteswar, wrote a book called, The Holy Science, and other books 

Important Note: All that is taught here on this page can be considered, or to a great extent is, "Kriya Yoga".


Three Organizations that Give

Yogananda's Teachings 

on the Unascended Master Babaji,

Kriya Yoga, Divine Love,

the Worlds Religions, and More

1. Ananda
       A community for sharing the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda through meditation, kriya yoga, communities, schools, and more. Ananda was founded by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Yogananda in 1968. The word "ananda" means bliss, joy, or happiness.Address:
14618 Tyler-Foote Rd.
Nevada City, CA 95959

Note: Nevada City is somewhat near Sacramento, the capitol of California. 

Telephone: 530 478 7560


Ananda -- http://www.ananda.org/index.html
       This website has nearly everything you want to know about the founding of Ananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda, Ananda School, spiritual communities, music, and more. This website has a free unedited version of the book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. 
       It also has other online books, which include The Path, A Place Called Ananda, and the first chapters of God is for Everyone by Swami Kriyananda. There are streaming video talks, meditation support, Clarity Online Magazine, and more. 

Email for Ananda

Expanding Light -- http://www.expandinglight.org
       This website gives a calendar for workshops and retreats, the program instructors, and guest responses to individual programs.

Online Ordering -- http://www.crystalclarity.com
       This website is for the online ordering of Ananda books, tapes, CD's and yoga videos.

Ananda University -- http://www.anandauniversity.org
       Ananda University includes Ananda Institute of Alternative Living and Yoga Institute of Living Wisdom
Email: for questions and a 16 page catalog and application packet

2. Self Realization Fellowship
       An organization founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda to teach scientific methods of meditation and principles of spiritual living.Address:
Self-Realization Fellowship
3880 San Rafael Avenue, Dept. 9W
Los Angeles, CA 90065-3298 USA

Telephone: 323 225 2471
9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time 
Fax: 323 225 5088

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple
17190 Sunset Boulevard
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Telephone: 310 454 4114


Self-Realization Fellowship -- http://www.selfrealizationfellowship.org/

Email: None was found.

SRF Bookstore to order "Autobiography of a Yogi" and other books

SRF offers lessons that are excellent and are the teachings of Yogananda. Lessons for Home Study

An Interesting Book -- The Yoga of Jesus: Understanding the Hidden Teachings of the Gospels by Paramahansa Yogananda.The Self-Realization Fellowship

3. Center for Spiritual Awareness
       The spiritual director is Roy Eugene Davis, a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. The following information will acquaint you with their philosophical teaching emphasis and the various services they provide. It is their pleasure to be of service to you and provide for you:Information about Center for Spiritual Awareness 
Kriya yoga philosophy and lifestyle practices and more.

Center for Spiritual Awareness
P.O. Box 7
Lakemont, Georgia 30552-0001

Note: The international headquarters is located in the low mountain region of northeast Georgia, U.S.A.

Phone: 706 782 4723
Weekdays 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Fax: 706 7824560

Website: http:www.csa-davis.org/ -- Center for Spiritual Awareness -- Davis

Email: Center for Spiritual Awareness -- Davis

Dictations or Teachings by Babaji

       In the Summit Lighthouse, the messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gave two dictations or teachings by Babaji, one in 1979, and the other, about 1994. Elizabeth Clare Prophet is also known as Guru Ma. 

       In the Hearts Center, David Lewis, the messenger gave about five or six dictations by Babaji which may be found on their website. www.heartscenter.org. In one dictation, Babaji began with this teaching, "True yoga is all about love." I, William Star, really like this concept or thought, which coincides with me beginning the seven paths of yoga with bhakti yoga, love and devotion to God; and karma yoga, love, devotion, and service to our fellow men and women. 


"The Highest Yoga and You"

by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

       Interestingly enough, the book, The Masters and the Spiritual Path, the second book in the Climb the Highest Mountain series, has about 77 pages on yoga in the first section in the book called "The Highest Yoga: You and God." It is excellent and discusses about 29 topics including Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Agni Yoga, and far more. If interested, call Summit Lighthouse Customer Service to order. (406) 848-9500 or 1 800 245 5445.       Elizabeth Clare Prophet has been given the mantle or title of Guru Ma. The main website that gives the teachings of Guru Ma, that is, the teaching of the ascended masters is:
The Summit Lighthouse. 

Christian Yoga -- Yoga and Christianity
       An Interesting Book -- The Yoga of Jesus: Understanding the Hidden Teachings of the Gospels by Paramahansa Yogananda. The Self-Realization Fellowship


The Meaning of the Words "I AM"

     One of the most important things for achieving union with God is the correct understanding of the words 'I AM'.       

       'I AM' means 'God in me is,' or 'the Presence of God in me is.' An understanding of the Presence will follow. 

The Magic Presence of Love --

The Beloved Presence of Love --

The Mighty I AM Presence --

Our Real Self --

Our Divine Self --

Our Oversoul

       To see pictures or charts of this beautiful Presence of Love that we all are, you may click on the link below:

The I AM Presence

Note: This chart of the Presence -- this Picture-Perfect Presence -- is one of the highest focuses or gliffs of light, and gifts of light on this planet.

As above, I AM that Magic Presence of Love, 

So below, I AM that Magic Love everywhere I go, 

And as I AM that Magic Love everywhere I go, 

I will reap that Magic Love that I sow.

Note: There is an 'I AM' book called, The Magic Presence, and it is one of the best books that I, William Star, have ever read.

       It is important to understand the meaning of the words 'I AM' in order to understand the higher teachings of the Master Jesus. The words 'I AM' mean "God in me is" or "the Presence of God in me is". So when Jesus used the words 'I AM' he was referring to the Presence of God in him, which is in all of us, and not to himself as the one and only son of God, for we are all sons and daughters of God.       

       When he said: "I AM the open door which no man can shut," he meant for humanity to understand that he was referring to the "Great I AM," which is the life of every individual manifest in form. He did not wish to convey that the personal Jesus was the only one to whom this privilege was ordained or given. Each one of us are beloved children of God, sons and daughters of God, of the One Father-Mother God, and each one of us has the Presence of God within us, the Great 'I AM', which was in Jesus. This Great 'I AM' is how he achieved his final and eternal victory, and so can we.Note: This chart or picture -- this Picture-Perfect Presence -- is one of the highest focuses or gliffs of light, and gifts of light on this planet. 

The Meaning of the Words 'I AM'       

The kingdom of God is within us, the consciousness of God is within us, the Presence of God is within us or above us, that is, above our body temple. Once we understand that the words "I AM" means "God in me is" or "the Presence of God in me is," then we can have a higher understanding and respect for all great teachings, and the saints and sages that brought them forth.

Note: Yearning for God's love draws your presence near, but sharing his love keeps the flow and grace of your presence ever near. 

(Lady Kristene)

Our First Service -- Praise and Adoration of Our Presence
       I AM praising and adoring the Presence of God within me now (and the Presence of God within my twin flame).

       O God, You are so magnificent! (3X)
       I AM, I AM, I AM adoring Thee! (3X )

       Praise the Lord, I AM THAT I AM, the Mighty I AM Presence

       Holiness unto the Lord (3X and more)

The Science of the Immaculate Concept 
for Ourselves and for Others

We are created in the image and likeness of God (of Love).

We are conceived in original bliss

Ye (We) are temples of the Holy Spirit

I AM an eternal youth

I AM an immortal youth

I AM perfect health and fitness

Ye (We) are gods. 

Be still and know that I AM God.

(within each of us).

I AM the Mind of God and the Mind of Christ

       "Keep your attention upon your Mighty I AM Presence, for that upon which you place your attention... you shall become.    The first sin is to take one's attention from one's God, to let go the strength of that bond and to desire another."               Why not let the Mighty God within take full charge and handle every human condition. Let the power of the Mighty God within know no domination.  

        Lo, the I AM THAT I AM is God in me where I AM, and naught else has any power this day! Thou the All, I the nothing. 

(Teaching from the Summit Lighthouse)


I AM keeping my attention upon my Mighty I AM Presence, and becoming that Mighty I AM Presence. 

I AM the strength that bonds me to my Mighty I AM Presence, and I desire only this Presence. 

I AM the Mighty God within taking full charge and handling every human condition.

Lo, the I AM THAT I AM is God in me where I AM, and naught else has any power this day! Thou the All, I the nothing.

Yoga and the Seven Chakras or Energy Centers

The Seven Chakras

Name, Color, Qualities, Visualization

of the Chakras

Crown, Gold, Wisdom, Understanding, Sphere

Third Eye, Green, Truth, Healing, Sphere

Throat, Blue, Power, Will, Determination, Sphere

Heart, Pink, Love, Compassion, Sphere

Solar Plexus, Purple, Peace, Service, Sphere, 

Seat of the Soul, Navel, Violet, Mercy, Sphere

Base of the Spine, White, Purity, Sphere

Note: Most people believe that the colors of the chakras as red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet; from the base of the spine to the crown. These are the correct colors of the "physical" spectrum, but not the correct colors of the chakras as taught by the ascended masters. The colors in the chart above are the correct colors when the chakras are pure. 

Yoga and the Violet Flame

       "Yes, beloved ones, we rejoice that the Western yogis and yoginis are pursuing the path of the violet flame. It is an action ray which, when coupled with the ruby fire that I bear and the white light, will bring immense change in the earth!

       Now, change needs to come quickly, yet not so quickly as to be a scorching fire that destroys in the process of the change. The violet flame will bring it about gently. I can tell you, in these days deep changes are taking place gently by transmutation." Let there be a cleansing in the earth without major cataclysm! This is our goal. To this we call you! Saint Germain has called you in the past and many of you have responded, giving day after day your calls to the violet flame...

       I ask you to consider again, as the cycles are turning in this decade, how you will multiply the mantras of the violet flame by the Ruby Ray, and the Ruby Ray by the power of the mantras to Shiva, to Lord Krishna, and see what you can do to clear the minds, clear the opposition, clear those conditions that you hear about in the media.

       Let there be a cleansing in the earth without major cataclysm! This is our goal. To this we call you!

       Saint Germain has called you in the past and many of you have responded, giving day after day your calls to the violet flame.

       I ask you to consider again, as the cycles are turning in this decade, how you will multiply the mantras of the violet flame by the Ruby Ray, and the Ruby Ray by the power of the mantras to Shiva, to Lord Krishna, and see what you can do to clear the minds, clear the opposition, clear those conditions that you hear about in the media."

Words spoken by Shiva through the messenger of the Summit Lighthouse

       Learn More About the Violet Transmuting Flame -- A Joyous Way of Working Out Karma

Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
        And their feminine compliments, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvathi

Lord Shiva -- Lord of Yogis and Yoginis
       Lord Shiva -- Nataraja
       Lord Shiva is also a Lord of Dance

Agni Yoga -- The Yoga of Fire -- Sacred Fire
       And the Agni Yoga Society

       Nicholas and Helena Roerich

       Artwork -- Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich

      Artwork -- Madonna Oriflamma by Nicholas Roerich

There is a Wonderful Website called International Memorial Roerich Trust that had wonderful pictures of the Roerich Family, their Home, Artwork, the Kullu Valley, and far more.

International Memorial Roerich Trust

For the Agni Yoga books online that may be downloaded for free unto our computer, and may also be printed out

Note: The books are in English, Russian, and Icelandic; and some of the books are in Spanish, Italian, and French.

       Read or download the Agni Yoga books onto our computers or print them out.

       Search one or all the books online.

       Learn More about Agni Yoga.

       A dictation or teaching by the ascended master Nicholas Roerich. The dictation is called "Perfect Your Art" from the Summit Lighthouse. 

Note: In dictations from the Summit Lighthouse, Jesus and Kuthumi recommended that we read the Agni Yoga book, Heart.

  Nicholas Roerich also gave a dictation through the messenger, David Lewis of The Hearts Center on January 15, 2007. It is called "Create a New Culture of Love: Be An Artisan of the Spirit of God".

       Another excellent website on Agni Yoga with some beautiful pictures

       The Nicholas Roerich Museum

       For many pages of Nicholas Roerich's artwork, click on the two links below:

Much of Roerich's Artwork 

Agni Yoga Glossary on the Agni Yoga Website


International Yoga Day -- India TV

193 Countries Stretch for the first 

International Yoga Day

as "New Era of Peace"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Performs Yoga 


Yoga and Ramakrishna and His Disciples

Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras

       Understanding Patanjali

       Introduction to the Yoga Sutras 

The Synthesis of Yoga as taught by Aurobindo and the Mother


Wai Lana Yoga

Namaste by Wai Lana


The Law of Karma
       The Law of Love -- The Law of Sowing and Reaping 

Reincarnation or Reembodiment

What is the Kundalini and How Do We Raise It?

Yoga Diet and Health

Yoga and Pilates

A Teaching for the Yogin, the Earnest Student of Yoga

Main Yoga Greeting and Practices
       Main Greeting: Bow and Say Namaste with the Palms Together at the Heart. 

Yamas and Niyamas

       Yoga Practices and Refrains

       Ethical precepts that allow us to be at peace with ourselves, our family, and our community.

A Simple Explanation of the following terms:

Dharma -- duty or obligation in life, our life's calling, our responsibility in life

Darshan -- communion with, or being in the presence of, the master, guru, or teacher

Dhyana -- meditation or contemplation

Dharana -- concentration, in particular, during meditation

Yoga Teachers, Organizations, and Paths

Yoga Training for Teachers

Yoga Therapy or Healing

       Everything that is given on this page can be used for "yoga therapy" or in the healing of our mind, body and soul.

The Goals of Yoga 

Work Out One's Karma

Attain Union with God by Attaining Samadhi, Nirvana, or the Ascension

Liberation from Rebirth (the Wheel of Rebirth) , that is, from Having to Reembody Again

Make One's Ascension or Become an Ascended Master

Remain as an Unascended Master, such as Babaji (Kriya Babaji Nagaraj)

Incredible India, Holy India, Exotic India, and More 

       Holy Indian Cities

       Exotic India

      Seeing Spiritual India -- Beautiful Photographs of Many Spiritual Places in India

       Mystic India -- A Marvelous Film of India 
       An Incredible Journey of Inspiration -- 7 Years -- 8000 Miles -- Barefoot -- An 11-year old child yogi, Neelkanth, who took an extraordinary journey through the wonders of mystic India.

       A Marvelous Opportunity for Teachers to Teach Others about Mystic India

       Asha Goes to India -- A Beautiful Film
       A beautiful film about one woman's spiritual journey through India. With breathtaking cinematography and soulful music, it will take you on a visual adventure through India- from the Ganges river, to the Himalayan mountains, to the temples, ashrams, and sacred sites that have enticed travelers and spiritual seekers for centuries.

Yoga Glossaries

Glossary of Terms 

Agni Yoga Glossary on the Agni Yoga Website

A Treasury of Terms and Thoughts from the Agni Yoga Teachings on the Agni Yoga Website

Questions and Answers About Yoga
       To be given as time permits.

We May Become Yogis and Yoginis
       Yogis and yoginis are males and females who have a good mastery of yoga, and who can generally teach yoga. 

Books About Yoga

Yoga Magazines

Yoga Websites and Complimentary Websites

Encyclopedia Wikipedia on Yoga with an Excellent Picture of Shiva

My Story, Practice, and Teaching of Yoga

by William Star

to be given as I am able. 

Om Bound -- There is No Place Like Om! -- Take a Yoga Retreat or a Yoga Vacation

A Greater Understanding of How to Put Yoga Into Practice -- How to Make It Part of Our Daily Lives 


This material is being compiled and continuously expanded by:

William Star -- Master Teacher of Yoga

Thank you and God Bless You. 

Namaste (I give salutation to the divinity within you -- to the Presence of God, the Presence of Love, within you.)


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