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October 23, 2014

Welcome to

An Open Door of Love


The Many Paths to the One God

The Mystery, The Magic, and The Miracle

An Open Door of Love is a spiritual organization, activity, movement, and community in the making -- in development.

It complements other organizations such as the “I AM Activity”, the Bridge to Freedom, the Summit Lighthouse, the Hearts Center, Lightbearers Worldwide, and more. And it is to be a sovereign, successful, solar, and self-sustainable community in the making.

Each one of our hearts can be an open door of love. This is a developing organization for “sharing and caring” individuals and groups -- for families, friendship and fellowship -- for walking the spiritual path together.

This organization is for people serving together on the four great paths to God:

1. the path of divine love,

2. the world’s religions (seven major world’s religions, and more),

3. the teachings of the ascended masters, (seven major rays or paths, and more),

4. yoga / tai chi / chi kung or qi gong (made relatively easy for the many).

(and for people serving together in any and all constructive and inspirational paths, teachings, etc.)

An Open Door of Love is:

1. “A Great Synthesis or Integration” of the four great paths to God (above), many teachings, spiritual practices, music, dance, art, and more.

2. “A Grand Central Station of the Nations” -- that links to other websites, movements, organizations, and communities. Much of the website can be easily translated into each of more than seventy languages. The translators are at the top of most pages.

3. “A Great Gathering Place” for the 144,000 and all Lightbearers and Lightworkers, and for twin flames and soul mates in love. “A Heaven on Earth” and Place of Homecoming.

4. A website that is a “A Masterpiece in the Making” and has a Tremendous Master Plan.

5. Also “A Grand Master Plan” to build the Temple Beautiful, City Foursquare or Holy City, a Health and Healing Center or Wellness Center, and Mighty Victory’s Temple,

6. A Universal and Triumphant Ascended Master University and School for all levels of education and understanding. Free teachings and classes on the website. “A Universal Library” based on the Rainbow Rays Organization System is also in the making.

Note: This university complements Summit University of the Summit Lighthouse, Meru University of the Hearts Center and other Universities.

7. “Camelot Come Again” for the gathering of Knights and Ladies of the Round Table.

We can work and serve together in:

a cooperative and complimentary way,

co-equal and co-creative way,

a supportive and promotive way,

a sensitive and respectful way; a fun and friendly way;

a joyous and jubilant way,

a happy and helpful way; and a loving and light-hearted way.

We can work and serve together:

1. to develop and use our talents, skills, and abilities,

2. to fulfill our divine plan or mission in life,

3. to do specific, practical projects, such as buildings, gardens, food preparation, childcare, new age schools, an ascended master university, etc,

4. to have a greater meaning, purpose, or fulfillment in life,

5. to have a greater abundance, supply, and prosperity for ourselves and for the community, both spiritually and materially,

6. to have success and victory in the things we do,

7. to develop master-mind relationships, or master heart-mind relationships,

8. to develop “sharing and caring” groups and communities, and

9. to offer classes, courses, music performances, spiritual dances, etc.

10. to have a Garden of Eden, Paradise of Love, and a Golden Age.


“An Open Door of Love website has really transformed my life upon discovering it last year. It has made me want to be a better person.” De'Borah

“Thank you for a magnificent service! What a wonderful web site!!! I am so.o.o glad to have made contact w/ you!” Betsy Edwards

Benefits, Value and Worth of An Open Door of Love:

1. It can help us to fulfill our divine plan.

2. It can help us to have a greater meaning and purpose in life.

3. It can help us to have better friendships and relationships with others.

4. It can help us to have greater toleration, joy, love and happiness.

5. It can help us to have a greater love for God, our Mighty I AM Presence, our neighbors and friends, co-workers, and more.

More on An Open Door of Love:

An Open Door of Love is a non-profit organization in California.

Our mission is to live, to love, to laugh, and to light up the world.

Our work and service are offered as a community service and a glad free gift of love; however donations or love offerings are gratefully accepted.

We welcome the knock, we welcome the phone. We speak the word, welcome home.

The Mystery:

On the website you may learn about many mysteries that are unveiled or shared with you. And you may learn about the book, or be reminded of the book, “Unveiled Mysteries” by Godfre Ray King.

The Magic:

On the website you can learn about the magic of love and the “Magic Presence of Love” and learn about the book, or be reminded of the book, “The Magic Presence” by Godfre Ray King.

The Miracle:

On the website you may learn to “work miracles” and have a “miracle life" by reading “The I AM Discourses” by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, by doing affirmations, and far more. It is a “Course in Miracles”.

To learn more about The Mystery, The Magic, The Miracle, and the books you click here:

An Open Door of Love Chart of the Presence


We are about Our Father and Mother’s Business and Prosperity for the People.

William Star – friend, disciple, and director

Phone: 530 925 9655

Post office address: An Open Door of Love, P.O. Box 338, Mt Shasta, CA 96067

You are welcome to go to the website, call us, email us, write us, or visit us.

Note: In July of 2014, the website had about 4,481 new visitors, about 9,034 visits of new and returned people, and these people looked at about 18,763 pages or topics.

Note: You are encouraged to, and welcome to forward this newsletter to all you think might be interested. Thank you.

To go to the website of An Open Door of Love, and see and learn a lot more, and listen to beautiful music, please click on the link below,

An Open Door of Love

Note: Many pages, and possibly most pages of this website may be easily translated into more than 60 languages with a readability or accuracy of about 80% to 98%.


To go to the "Welcome Center" of the website, please click on the link below,

Welcome Center


To go to one or more of The Four Great Paths to God, click on one or more of the links below:

1. The Path of Divine love,

2. The Path of the World's Religions,

3. The Path of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, and

4. The Path of Yoga / Tai Chi / Chi Kung or Qi Gong.

Note: Each of the paths above is also a link which you may click on, or you may finish reading the newsletter and then come back to click on one or more of the links.

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