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Sharing and Caring from An Open Letter of Love, Issue 120331 --
November 02, 2013

Welcome to An Open Door of Love

Website: Location: Mt Shasta, California. Phone: 530 925 9655

A spiritual organization for helping others with our heart, head and hands. An organization of “sharing and caring” individuals, groups and communities -- for friendship and fellowship (in formation, in the making)

Working and serving together in: a cooperative and complimentary way, a supportive and promotive way, a sensitive and respectful way; a fun and friendly way; a joyous and jubilant way, a happy and helpful way; and a love and light way.

Working and serving together on the four great paths to God: 1. the path of divine love, 2. the world’s religions, 3. the teachings of the ascended masters, and 4. yoga / tai chi / chi kung or qi gong. (and working with all constructive and inspirational paths, teachings, etc.)

An Open Door of Love is: A Great Synthesis or Integration of the four great paths (above), the three kingdoms, many spiritual organizations, spiritual practices, music, dance, the rainbow rays, etc. A Mission of Love, Light and Life, A Vision of the Golden Crystal Age, A Vision of the Temple Beautiful, City Foursquare and a Healing Center, A Foundation of Love, a Trust in God, and a Ministry, A Place for the Real Stars, the Love Stars of Earth, hopefully you and me, A Place of Great Encounters -- of Union, Reunion and Communion, A Place of the Great Gathering or Reunion of Lightbearers.

William Star – Friend, Disciple, and Director Phone: 530 925 9655 Email:

How can we work and serve together to: 1. develop and use our talents, abilities, and skills? 2. fulfill our divine plan or mission in life? 3. do specific, practical projects, such as buildings, gardens, food preparation, childcare, new age schools, classes, etc? 4. to have a greater meaning, purpose, or fulfillment in life? 5. to have a greater abundance, supply, and prosperity for ourselves and for the community, both spiritually and materially? 6. have success and victory in everything we do? 7. develop master-mindrelationships, or master heart-mind relationships? 8. develop “sharing and caring” groups and communities?

How can we be practical on the path of love, interactive with each other to know and learn about love, and be experiential to experience love? How can we help each other find or reunite with our twin flame (the one we were created with), or a soul mate, if this is what we want or desire. Testimonials: “An Open Door of Love website has really transformed my life upon discovering it last year. It has made me want to be a better person.” De'Borah “Thank you for a magnificent service! What a wonderful web site!!! I am so.o.o glad to have made contact w/ you!” Betsy Edwards Benefits, Value and Worth of An Open Door of Love: 1. Can help us to fulfill our divine plan. 2. Can help us to have a greater meaning and purpose in life. 3. Can help us to have better friendships and relationships with others. 4. Can help us to have greater toleration, joy, pure love and perfect happiness. 5. Can help us to have a greater love for God, our Mighty I AM Presence, our neighbors and friends, co-workers, and more.

We welcome the knock, we welcome the phone, We speak the word, welcome home. Visitors welcome in Mount Shasta. Just call first, and see what we can arrange. Our work and service are offered as a community service and a glad free gift of love. We are about Our Father’s Business and prosperity for the people. William Star – Friend, Disciple, and Director Phone: 530 925 9655 Email:

Feel free to share with us your thoughts or comments.

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