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Welcome to Five Wonderful Organizations and ​Their ​Websites
February 19, 2016
Beloved and Precious Friends,

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An Open Door of Love

Welcome to Five Wonderful Organizations and ​Their ​Websites

1. The Summit Lighthouse

The Lighthouse of Love

Started by Mark Prophet in 1958 and joined by Elizabeth around 1960. They married and became Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The Summit Lighthouse, The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity, Summit University, and Church Universal and Triumphant are a four-fold organization. This organization has teaching centers and study groups all over the world. Address: The Summit Lighthouse, 63 Summit Way Gardiner, MT 59030 United States

Their main center or Royal Teton Ranch is seven miles north of Yellowstone Park or Gardiner, Montana; and 45 miles south of Livingston, Montana

Telephone from within the USA: 1-800-245-5445 Telephone from outside the USA: 1-406-848-9500


2. The Hearts Center Community -- Experience the Masters Daily

What Is The Hearts Center? The Hearts Center movement is composed of many heartfriends whose mission is to sustain the balance of light upon the earth by first realizing personal enlightenment through one’s own God-source or Presence. With the ascended masters

​ ​as our elder brothers and sisters on the path​​and as godly examples of selfless living, each of us has an opportunity to advance in personal discipleship toward the goal of the ascension through advanced studies of the wisdom teachings​​​​ ​and in service to life through loving acts of mercy and compassion. We are a dynamic movement. We meditate and pray. Address: The Hearts Center P.O. Box 277 Livingston, MT (Montana) 59047 USA Telephone: 630-894-4410 Website:

A large number of dictations (heartstreams) are posted on the website.

They are free and open to all. We may look under "Teachings and Blogs" on the navigation bar, then "Heartstreams and Discourses".


3. The I AM Activity or The I AM Movement

The Saint Germain Foundation

Started by Godfre and Lotus Ray King (Guy and Edna Ballard) around 1930.

The movement has​​ ​temples all over the world. The organization gives the teachings of Saint Germain, Jesus, and many other ascended masters. Address: Saint Germain Foundation 1120 Stonehedge Drive Schaumburg, IL (Illinois) 60194 USA

Telephone from within the U.S.A: 1 800 662 2800: ext. 322 or 0 Telephone from outside the U.S.A: 1 847-882-7400

Website for Saint Germain Foundation: Saint Germain Foundation --

Website for Saint Germain Press: Saint Germain Press --


4. An Open Door of Love

A Rainbow Rays Website.

This website contains the following:

A Beautiful, Inspiring Home Page, An Overview of the Website

This website is a Grand Central Station of the Nations, and a Great Synthesis or Great Integration of the many paths to the One God; in particular; The Four Great Paths of divine love, the world's religions, the teachings of the ​a​scended ​m​asters, and ​y​oga.


5. Lightbearers Worldwide

Lightbearers Worldwide now hosts a number of sites, one of which is given below:

​At the very bottom of the page on the site is a list of the other websites and it says:

"Visit Our others websites"


The Website
"An Open Door of Love"
is Bigger, Better, Brighter, and More Beautiful

The website, An Open Door of Love, is bigger, better, brighter, and more beautiful.

There are more pictures, and more topics, and more links to YouTube videos.

The website is more inspirational and more motivational.

To go to the website of An Open Door of Love, and see and learn a lot more, and listen to beautiful music, please click on the link below,

An Open Door of Love

Note: The website may be easily translated into about 90 languages with about an 80% to 98% readability or accuracy.


To go to the "Welcome Center" of the website, please click on the link below,

Welcome Center

1. the path of divine love,
2. the path of the world's religions,
3. the path of the teachings of the ascended masters, and
4. the path of yoga / tai chi / chi kung or qi gong.

Note: Each of the paths above is also a link which you may click on, or you may finish reading the newsletter and then come back to click on one or more of the links.

You may email us by clicking on the link below:

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A Testimonial Regarding the Newsletter -- An Open Letter of Love

       Shortly after I, William Star, started promoting the newsletter on the website, a lady sent me an email which contained the following:

"Hello William,

This is a brilliant idea. We needed something like that for a long time. I sent your letter to everyone I know. You will get a few subscribers. I can hardly wait for your newsletter.

God bless you,

Love and always Victory,


Remember - The only way to go is up!

We were spinning and winning from the beginning, and,
We will win again in the end, my friend.


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This newsletter, An Open Letter of Love, can help you in many ways, including the fulfilling of your divine plan, having a far greater enlightenment, having better health, greater abundance, and far more. This newsletter can help you understand better the path of love / divine love, the world's religions, the teachings of the ascended masters, yoga, Tai chi (Taiji), Chi kung (Qi gong), spiritual practices, spiritual organizations, the rainbow rays, music, dance, health and healing, abundance and supply, and far more. This newsletter is a great opportunity for you. It is dedicated and devoted to you.

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So please be patient and stay subscribed.
Thanks and God bless you.

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