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July 15, 2015

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An Open Door of Love

The Anastasia Books or

The Ringing Cedars Series Books

Back to Eden, Back to God, and Back to Mother Nature

The Birth of a New Earth -- Making the Earth a Paradise

The Making a Family Domain or a Kin's Domain or a Space of Love

The Making an Ecovillage or Self-Sustainable Community

About these extraordinary books

The Ringing Cedars Series, published by Ringing Cedars Press, is a nine or ten book collection by Siberian trader Vladimir Megré that chronicles the life of Anastasia, a mysteriously powerful woman who has inspired millions of readers worldwide to cast away their old lifestyles in pursuit of a purer existence.

These books have proven to be immensely, almost inexplicably popular. During the three-year period of translation (by John Woodsworth, research associate with the Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa), word-of-mouth demand resulted in sales of over 100,000 books. Since then a further 200,000 books have been sold across the English-speaking world. All told, the Ringing Cedars Series has sold well over 10 million copies worldwide!

Over 10 million copies sold with no advertisement!

Anastasia has been creating much excitement among people from all walks of life. The Ringing Cedars Series has been translated into over 20 languages and already sold over 10 million copies, with no advertising except word of mouth and various websites!

How did this story emerge?

Vladimir Megré, a Russian entrepreneur, documents his discovery of Anastasia in 1995 while he was plying the waters of the remote Ob River in Siberia. She escorted him back to her "homestead", a glade deep in the forest, and led Megré into a world of cosmic consciousness. He initially spent three days with Anastasia during which time she displayed such astounding knowledge, power and wisdom that he abandoned his trading business and, at her request, began writing these books that became known as The Ringing Cedars Series.

Anastasia told him she would encode his books with "an energy" that would lift readers' spirits and cause the books to sell in the millions. Despite his lack of writing experience, this is exactly what happened. With no advertisement other than word-of-mouth, books of the Ringing Cedars Series have sold over 10 million copies in Russia alone, and have since been translated into 20 languages, making Vladimir Megré one of Russia's most widely read authors.

Three of the main websites are below:

Ringing Cedars North America Official Website

Ringing Cedars of Russia Official Website -- with English Translation

The website above shows pictures of Anastasia.

Anastasia Foundation in Russia and in the Russian Language


Vladimir Megre -- The Author's Story and More

Vladimir Megre​ at the ​​Ringing Cedars of Russia Readers Conference, San Francisco, CA, USA

About Dr Leonid Sharashkin

Series Editor and Co-translator Founder of Ringing Cedars Press — the Publisher of the Ringing Cedars Series in English

You may click on the following to learn more about Leonid:

He has made some YouTube videos, Part 1 of which are below. Anastasia Returns Part 1

Note: There are about six parts to this series, which we may find on the same YouTube page as Part 1 above. To join their mailing list, to register or sign up for a Free Ebook called "Secrets of Cedar Products" by Dr Leonid Sharashkin, and more, you may click here:


From Russia with Love

Anastasia's Core Element of the Vision -- Basic Teaching Family Domain or Kin's Domain or Space of Love Eco-Villages -- Some Inspired by Anastasia

"A core element of the vision expressed in the books is that true democracy, abundance, and ecological resilience becomes possible as people return to the structure of what Anastasia calls a “Family Domain” — one hectare of land (2.5 acres) with woods, fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and a small pond — owned outright by a family and passed down through the generations. This hectare becomes a diverse garden – providing unique nourishment to those who live within its energetic boundaries, continuity and connection through the generations, and a base from which true security can be experienced. Further, a “Space of Love,” as the books assert, is created within such a one-hectare plot, and is part of the energy that helps to return people to right relationship with one another and with the natural world."

A "Space of Love" can be the answer to providing food and and a home for one's family, and maybe a friend or two, live in a relative abundance, have "employment" by selling surplus food, helping one's neighbors, etc.

Ecovillages Newsletter

Kin's domains of the Earth series. Eco-village Rodnoe or Rodnoye. Film 1 (Part 1 of at least 2 parts).

Vedic Russia revived in another Joyful Rodnoe Video

Kin's domains of the Earth series. Eco-village Slavnoye.

To learn more about ecovillages, just do a search on any search engine or YouTube on "ecovillages", "starting an ecovillage", or any other similar topic.

The website below is about a "Global Ecovillage Network"

Ecovillages: A Movement for Lived Sustainability -- By GEN Europe A good video on building ecovillages

Eco Village International Network is on Facebook. You can hopefully find it on Facebook.

Note: Each eco-village or community has or can have its own uniqueness, emphasis, creativity, flavor, organization, and more. We may join one or start our own.


Student Run Forest School in Russia

Kin School with Mikhail Shetinin, Visionary/Principal

Student-Run School?

YES - INSPIRING - Kin School - in Tekos, Russia was founded in 1994.

This school was talked about in Volume 3 of the Anastasia books, The Space of Love, Chapter 18.

Vladimir visited this school.

The following video is about the school.

Also, to learn more or to get a copy of the YouTube Video on DVD, go to

Note: There are many other "forest schools" that can be found by doing a search on one or more of the search engines or on YouTube.

The "Anastasia" books are wonderfully complementary to "forest schools".

To learn more about education -- the Montessori Method, the Glen Doman Method, and more, we may click on the link below:


New Earth Destiny - An Anastasia Inspired Documentary Film Note: The video above also includes footage about the school above. **********************************************************

Helmut Lotti - From Russia With Love - YouTube A beautiful song and marvelous ballet dancing.

Note: This has been included in this email because it is an inspiration and beautiful reflection on Russia.


The Celtic Gardens and Anastasia​

******************************************************** Two practices to complement the Anastasia Teachings


Permaculture is the "permanent culture or cultivation" of the land through natural means -- that naturally regrow each year like any natural area, forest or woodland. Permaculture may be done in our yards or almost any piece of property where plants are already growing. There are many websites and videos on permaculture that can be found by simply doing a search on any search engine or on YouTube. Also, there are many books today on permaculture.

Forest Gardening "Edible forest gardening, an aspect of Permaculture, is a sustainable low maintenance food producing method modeled after a young natural woodland, comprised of a multi storied network of edible and human useful plants and trees all growing within each other as we see in nature." Below is an excellent website on forest gardening that may be done in yards or any piece of property where things will grow naturally. Deborha d’Arms, A.A., B.A. is the author and creator of the website above. Her facebook page is above. She lives in the Mount Shasta area of California. If you sign up for her free newsletter, you will be sent an excellent, free ebook on her Forest Gardening Introductory Course. I, William Star, have already signed up and received her course. She has several other books which she has authored.


This email has been compiled or created for you by William Star of An Open Door of Love. I, William Star, live in the city of Mount Shasta, California.

You may communicate with me by email, or if you would like to talk on the phone and share your ideas or feedback, or ask questions, you may call me at 530 925 9655.

You are encouraged to share or send this email to all who might be interested.

Any one of us may start an Anastasia Study Group, Sharing and Caring Group, or we may call it what we want. Or we may join a local group if there is one.

I thank David Lewis, messenger of the Hearts Center, for being the main inspiration to inspire me to read the Anastasia books, which I have read about seven of the nine volumes so far. I find the books generally very good and inspiring.

The Hearts Center website is below:

On my website, An Open Door of Love, there are many teachings that are complementary to the teachings given in the Anastasia books -- The Ringing Cedar Series Books. You may see some of the links below.

Thank you and God bless you,
In the Spirit of Sharing and Caring, I AM,
William Star

Note: You are encouraged to, and welcome to forward this newsletter to all you think might be interested. Thank you.

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