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Welcome to the Love of Spiritual Preparedness
October 10, 2017
Beloved Friends,

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An Open Door of Love

Welcome to the Love
of Spiritual Preparedness

There are basically two types of preparedness:
1. Spiritual preparedness,
2. Physical preparedness.

The emphasis in this email is on spiritual preparedness. Physical preparedness will probably follow in two or four weeks.

It is wise and prudent to be prepared for anything and everything that could happen at any time. The Scout Motto is "Be prepared!" Or at the very least, do what we can do.

Note: The ascended masters, through various messengers and organizations, have warned us since about 1988 to “Be prepared!” We may take a gentle and gradual approach to preparedness; however it is also good to be determined and to make it happen. At the same time it is good to “Put our house in order.”

Part 1: Spiritual Preparedness

Spiritual preparedness is first of all being in alignment with our divine plan to the best of our ability, and being in the best place to fulfill our divine plan. There are two calls or prayers further on down this page that can help us to fulfill our divine plans.
Spiritual preparedness, generally speaking, is also the result of spiritual practices, generally on a regular or daily basis. We can make or create our own spiritual practice, or use the teaching and examples further on down this page:

Spiritual practices may include prayer, meditation, calls, invocations, chanting, mantras, etc. Sacred singing and sacred dancing can also be “spiritual practices”.

One of the main practices that is given to us by the ascended masters is invoking The Tube of Light, and the violet fire. Then we may follow this by other calls, prayers, and affirmations given below, or we may use whatever works best for us.

Calls, Prayers, and Affirmations for Greater Light and Love

The Tube of Light

I AM calling forth the tube of light around me now, and the violet fire within that tube of light. (3 times, or 4 or more times)
Note: The tube of light comes down from the I AM Presence, and may be visualized about 18 feet in diameter, with the violet fire within it.
To understand better, and see a picture of the I AM Presence, and the Tube of Light, you may click on the link below:

Invoking the Violet Fire

I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.

I AM a being of violet fire; blazing higher, blazing higher, blazing higher.

Violet fire, violet fire, violet fire; take me higher, take me higher, take me higher.

Love for Saint Germain and the Violet Flame

I love you Saint Germain,
I love your violet flame,
I love your sacred name,
Beloved Saint Germain

The Law of Forgiveness

I call upon the law of forgiveness, mercy and transmutation.
I AM the law of forgiveness, mercy and transmutation.

Asking for God’s Help

O God, give us Thy divine direction and protection. O God, help us to do Thy will and Thy work and fulfill our divine plans. Archangel Michael, help us, help us, help us.

Note: It is important to understand that God has given up free will and respects that free will. And, generally speaking, if we want God's help, Heaven's help, or the help of the heavenly hierarchy, we must ask for it, otherwise they may not help us in a personal way. So, now you may understand better why it is important to ask for God's help, and the help of Archangel Michael, and anyone of the hosts of heaven or ascended masters we would like to call to such as Jesus, Mother Mary and Saint Germain.

Affirmations of Light and Love

I AM God light. I AM pure light. I AM all light. I AM in light. I do love light.

I AM God love. I AM pure love. I AM all love. I AM in love. I do love love.

I AM emanating, radiating light and love to the world.
I AM the light of the world. I AM the love of the world.
I love you, I love you, I love you I do, let the love of our hearts ever renew.
I AM a beautiful smile, and I AM sending my infinite love everywhere.
I AM smiling, and I am sending my infinite love everywhere.
Note: The letters in the word “smile” can mean: sending my infinite love everywhere.

Here are two important Rhyming Affirmations below:
I AM sharing and caring in God's love.
I AM able, stable, and capable in God's love.


So, to sum up "spiritual preparedness", it is important to be in alignment with our divine plan, at least to the best of our ability, and striving to do this more and more each day. We may ask for God's help on a daily basis, and strive to do better day by day. Also, it is important that we be in the best place we can to fulfill our divine plan, and then do the spiritual work and practices that assist in fulfilling our divine plan.

However; along with spiritual preparedness, it is generally wise to prepare our houses or homes in these three ways:

1. Clear the clutter, any and all things that are not needed or used -- give them away, throw them away, or sell them. And this can include clearing our yards, if we have one.

2. Clean the house; cleanliness is next to Godliness. Give the house a good cleaning.

3. Put thy house in order, or a better order


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