The 3rd Ray -- Pink

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The 3rd Ray -- The Pink Ray

The 3rd Ray Department

Some of the qualities of the 3rd ray or pink ray are:
love, compassion, charity, and adoration.

Some of the subjects associated with the ray are:
art, drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, theatrical arts, etc.

Some of the main crystals that are associated with the ray are:
diamond, garnet, rose quartz, pink beryl, and ruby.

Monday is the day of the week it is magnified, or the main day of the pink ray.

Paul the Venetian is the lord or chohan of the 3rd ray.

An excerpts of a dictations given by Paul the Venetian is:

       "Beloved heart friends, children of the Infinite God whose capacities to appreciate the eternal beauty are expanded in accordance with your adoration to your own God Presence -– I greet you one and all with the infinite love of the eternal Father.

       I ask that the pulsations of the liberty flame be expanded throughout your nation and throughout this hemisphere. I ask that you, making yourselves a committee of one, will attune wherever possible with me daily in the adoration to your Presence and the humble gratitude for all of the blessings which life has bestowed on you and will bestow on you as you make the necessary attunement to bring forth in your personal world all of the victory which God intends you to have and to share."

Vol. 25, No. 53, Beloved Paul the Venetian, December 29, 1982

Paul the Venetian's retreat is the Chateau de Liberte in southern France, and works with the Goddess of Liberty in the Temple of the Sun over New York City, New York, USA.

Archangels Chamuel and Charity are the archangels of the 3rd ray.

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The Importance of Good Discernment or Good Discretion
       The Discernment of the Holy Spirit
       The Discernment of Our Holy Christ Self or Holy Christ, Buddha Mind
              The Selective and Discriminative Intelligence Within Us
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I AM the Victory of Love, and I AM the Love of Victory!

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Always Victory and Always Love!

Love is the way -- Love is the key!

Come Home, my Beloved,
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(Paul the Venetian)

Adieu, my Love,
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(Omega -- Our Mother God)

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